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Film Theory: How To WIN The Purge
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  • Rfs 103181
    Rfs 103181 7 giây trước

    Alderaan was just a gender reveal party for baby yoda. It’s a girl!!!!

  • Jon Bennett
    Jon Bennett 35 giây trước

    Here we go with this evolution crap......

  • Stephen Shaun Kelly
    Stephen Shaun Kelly 35 giây trước

    yooooo MatPat the uk and others can not watch Star Wars: The Mandalorian until some point in the next year

  • Gra .ciexoxo
    Gra .ciexoxo Phút trước

    3:01 Unless you do a Katniss and start a revolution

  • colby warkentin
    colby warkentin Phút trước

    Please no

  • CodeguruX
    CodeguruX 2 phút trước

    This is mostly why psychology is seen as a pseudo science. In the same way that the human mind acts in predicable behavior patterns, and those patterns given a stock name and labeled for all to see and know, you use it to second guess those that are beyond you. In the same way regular psychology is not applied to people with genetic mental disorders, because they can't accurately predict their behavior. Only in this manner, those born with a genetic aberration allowing for more comprehensive thought process and enhanced mental capacity are very similar, and yet those with lower understanding use regular psychology to attempt to second guess their actions and motives which lead to those actions. As simply put by Rick as a pickle, the reason someone would turn themselves into a pickle, is because they can. Ultimately revealed to be a convoluted method of avoiding family therapy brings it back into scope for the normal human mind. Oh yeah, he just did that because *insert something I can relate to here*. Why does a bird fly, because it doesn't like to awkwardly hop-walk to where it's going? Psychology itself is a bid for control over others. A rather mundane approach at it, but it is none-the-less. By explaining away motives with established mental disorders that have authoritative backing, they can pretty much see themselves as being on par with a real avenue of intellect. When in reality, any good businessman or influential person practices psychological control in an effortless manner. And I would say those two categories of people are the first targets to be scrutinized by any psychological study. Why do this person's actions result in success, when the person analyzing the question is not remotely as successful? Short and sweet, you're blindfolded and throwing darts at a wall without a target.

  • Ian B
    Ian B 3 phút trước

    Is the hunger games real because if it is I want in!!!!!

  • Noha noha
    Noha noha 3 phút trước

  • ClimaxClaw123
    ClimaxClaw123 5 phút trước

    MatPat is on one or two NSA watchlists.

  • Kenneth Kolano
    Kenneth Kolano 6 phút trước

    WTF is "Highly evolved", everything is equally evolved, just enough to survive. Evolution isn't an arrow, it's a random walk.

  • DamnDarryn
    DamnDarryn 6 phút trước

    Baby Yodo is most likely made of pure FORCE. The force is like sauce. It lasts way longer than juice.

  • Kari Krummi
    Kari Krummi 7 phút trước

    Haha, yeah. I’m so evolved that I can’t procreate.

    KIGU RUMI 7 phút trước

    Excuse me MatPat please do not phrase that you have a child by saying “I own a kid” because WOOF I THOUGHT YOU BOUGHT YOURSELF A BABY OML

  • ZomPaul
    ZomPaul 7 phút trước

    What about Tom Bombadil?...

  • matt Edwards
    matt Edwards 7 phút trước

    Where is hiimmarymary

  • Efrain Cruz
    Efrain Cruz 8 phút trước

    Big problem/question: they are not human, but are they mammals?

  • Xlord 123
    Xlord 123 8 phút trước

    Ha America you don’t get toys r us but we do

  • Birb Kert
    Birb Kert 8 phút trước

    Can you do a theory on the dad channel its some good stuff

  • Jonny B. Animations/Tutorials

    Oh crap,my names Jonathan........

  • freyss freyss
    freyss freyss 9 phút trước

    Ok ok ok... lets say Mr. Poopybutthole is a Morty but why on earth would he propose to himself? 15:22

  • \\ Emo Nerd //
    \\ Emo Nerd // 9 phút trước

    Baby yoda , baby baby yoda

  • Kari Krummi
    Kari Krummi 10 phút trước

    a tridactyl just sounds like a dinosaur.

  • Tomato Tomoto
    Tomato Tomoto 13 phút trước

    Yo my 1 year old nephew was born in 2018 and also named Oliver! Woah

  • Renew Crew
    Renew Crew 13 phút trước

    50 year old creature ain’t no baby. Your all abunch of dumbasses

  • Drew D
    Drew D 13 phút trước

    Or Mr PBH is the result of an experiment or adventure where Rick took the large crap he often goes on about and it turns out he crapped out a sentient poop containing some of his own DNA. The most family-like bonding experience that Rick is ever going to have due to the fact that, unlike clones, MR PBH came about from an almost a birthing experience. Then, his name is also his origin story.

  • Thomas W
    Thomas W 13 phút trước

    Dont ever baby shark anything ever again please

  • KiKYO
    KiKYO 14 phút trước

    Alternate Title: MatPat shows off cute photos of Ollie

  • Terézia Marková
    Terézia Marková 14 phút trước

    Okay, but that's not how evolution works?!?!?! It's not a one-way street, some trends can just stop when they don't provide any more reproductive advantage, since the reproductive advantage is what kept them going in the first place. In other words, in modern humans, there's no more point in becoming more and more neotenic, so we aren't (unless you give me some data that prove otherwise). With that said, I guess I can see your point with tridactyles. Modern galapagos tortoises mature even later than humans (20-40 years), and they are able to handle that (or at least they were before, y'know, humans came) because they live on remote islands where there are no animals capable of hurting an adult tortoise. Like, we can theorize about tridactyles evolving somewhere peaceful, where adults are practically invincible, and then coming to contact with the dangers of other planets and galaxies... But that's your job I guess.

  • KidzPlay
    KidzPlay 14 phút trước

    Me: regrets not saying thank you to a person who held the door open Look-see: *aggressively yeets towards me*

  • What the truck?!
    What the truck?! 14 phút trước

    I wish every plague and evil upon you for that baby shark parody intro...

  • Bardic_Knowledge
    Bardic_Knowledge 14 phút trước

    I was waiting for an episode of Film Theory I would watch to bring this up, but I had an idea for one a couple weeks back, and I want to see if MatPat's conclusion matches mine: That theory is about the origin of the Steven Universe gem species. Because they're clearly an artificial life form, and they therefore can't happen naturally.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 15 phút trước

    This video was just an excuse to show off his baby

  • SuperBuu17
    SuperBuu17 16 phút trước

    This episode was the perfect excuse to add baby Pat pics amirite MATPAT

  • Delaney Ives
    Delaney Ives 16 phút trước

    Matpat: says john, paul, ringo Me: OMg YES I LOVE THEM

  • Jeff Will
    Jeff Will 16 phút trước

    the micky mouse smeels like chsesses :D

  • Kari Krummi
    Kari Krummi 20 phút trước

    shut your mouth

  • Jcvals
    Jcvals 21 phút trước

    Intro is the best

  • VanQ76
    VanQ76 21 phút trước

    7:20 "one of the first animals to walk on 2 legs" i think Velociraptor whould Not agree 🦖

  • that one guy
    that one guy 21 phút trước

    F#$! He know I'm called peter I'm Peter pot

  • boardonfire4
    boardonfire4 21 phút trước

    depressed donkey looks alot like bukakke donkey

  • Lauren Henley
    Lauren Henley 21 phút trước

    "I currently *own* a toddler" lmfao

  • Derpy Penguin
    Derpy Penguin 21 phút trước

    coincidentally i am watching this exactly 1 year after it was posted..

  • KoaFid CZ
    KoaFid CZ 21 phút trước

    Getting older isn't linear in same way for every species, for example dogs get in 6 years to like human 60s, and than it slows down rapidly... So Yoda species can in 60-70 become adult and stay like that until 450, than 100 to turn to the Yoda, and then whatever...

  • Alannah Brasher
    Alannah Brasher 22 phút trước

    lol that introo and NO NO NO HES TO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iansoul
    iansoul 23 phút trước

    Part 2 pleaseeeee

  • Lauren Henley
    Lauren Henley 23 phút trước

    why did I laugh when Darth Vader started wiggling in the intro I hate myself

  • Sg6squ
    Sg6squ 24 phút trước

    That opening: Yes this is what I’m here for

  • boardonfire4
    boardonfire4 24 phút trước

    is shrek really a franchise?

  • Scott Zabawczuk
    Scott Zabawczuk 25 phút trước

    welp that intro is 38 seconds of my life ill never get back

  • Barrack O lama
    Barrack O lama 25 phút trước

    Imagine a tiny kid tapping on this video because it has a cute bunny in the thumbnail and then finding out about crack and cocaine

  • luis contreras
    luis contreras 25 phút trước

    I think the baby babies and 50 but I had a certain time they grow real fast I don’t think they last long living that’s why Yoda was Old maybe they have a lifespan like cats when your equal seven years not saying that is seven maybe when it hits the hundreds it Will grow faster

  • Realmart
    Realmart 25 phút trước

    3:00 Me: oh boy here we go again

  • Dorothy Bandell
    Dorothy Bandell 26 phút trước

    Good thing evolution is a theory.

  • Aaron Fangheart
    Aaron Fangheart 26 phút trước

    Looks like somebody had baby shark stuck in his head

  • Flamefiends
    Flamefiends 26 phút trước

    I think Oliver might be making MatPat go insane. Just a little bit

  • ElzariusUnity
    ElzariusUnity 26 phút trước

    Never watched a single Paul video. Viewed like 100 videos about their videos.

  • Sultan salah ud din
    Sultan salah ud din 27 phút trước

    Geez thanks for giving me nightmares

  • Tristyn Russelo
    Tristyn Russelo 30 phút trước

    Ha... Click Bait for next vid....

  • TeKno
    TeKno 31 phút trước

    Oh yeah it's big brain time

  • Odira Loner
    Odira Loner 31 phút trước

    But didn't Elsa get her power from her dad because hes right hand had power??? I am pretty sure that they mentioned it in the movie

  • KoaFid CZ
    KoaFid CZ 31 phút trước

    First thoughts when I opened this video was on newest South Park episodes with Mandalorian :D

  • Max The Ocean Guy
    Max The Ocean Guy 31 phút trước

    Guys why don’t we make a religion out of Baby YodA he’s literally a god

  • Mike Messmer
    Mike Messmer 31 phút trước

    your baby shark was awful my friend

  • Hannah Sumner
    Hannah Sumner 32 phút trước

    Is bill syfer connected to Rick and morty's would. _. 😱😱😱😳😳😳

  • john doe
    john doe 32 phút trước

    That is not true

  • Collin Foster
    Collin Foster 32 phút trước

    Idk how much it would effect the theory, but yoda must have actually been much older than 900 as he says he trained Jedi for 900 years, and apparently is still a useless baby by 50.

  • Shauna Smith
    Shauna Smith 33 phút trước

    The Yoda thing reminds me of the Vegeta bit from abridged.

  • Shuichi Saihara
    Shuichi Saihara 34 phút trước

    0:00 hears baldi slapping

  • Sakuyamon
    Sakuyamon 34 phút trước

    But... Wasnt Yodas species sort of conceived through the force itself? I thought I heard someone say that the species dont procreate on their own but they just sort of pop up from nowhere... so if the force is unbalanced that would affect the yoda races births...

  • DreGGor
    DreGGor 34 phút trước

    first 30s , dislike

  • Dissonance Paradiddle
    Dissonance Paradiddle 35 phút trước

    Glad for my mother's sake we lay eggs. Cuz our head to body ratio is massive.

  • Gowan Kommando
    Gowan Kommando 35 phút trước

    My question is where did baby Yoda come from besides two other tridactyl that love each other very much

  • Nathan Carrille
    Nathan Carrille 35 phút trước

    "Why are humans born so useless" Well I'm 23 and i'm still useless

  • poisonivystar4
    poisonivystar4 36 phút trước

    I can't wait for the next one! (Just please, no baby shark...)

  • King songs
    King songs 37 phút trước

    Do Cinderella next

  • BradRange
    BradRange 38 phút trước

    Fun video, and BABY MATPAT! Cute kid.

  • Almighty Kue
    Almighty Kue 39 phút trước

    What if the reason for Beth and Rick being so affectionate was because they knew she was leaving. The clone could be growing in the lab as they eat dinner. Beth wanting to spend dinner with her family before she heads off into the universe.

  • s2meister
    s2meister 39 phút trước

    He is a toddler... hence ToYoda.....

  • Netrodude Dude
    Netrodude Dude 40 phút trước

    Yes I get bullied because my iq is 103

  • Bert
    Bert 41 phút trước

    This video is Stoopid. Wish I could have back 5 minutes of my life.

  • TholKrothu
    TholKrothu 43 phút trước

    One for all works by passing quirks to another person. That's literally all it does on it's own. Its literally the opposite of One for All, that steals quirks. Each time a user passed it on, their innate quirk goes with it. That's how it grows. It the series, almight is given a hard time because he chose a quirkless successor.

  • Gaunter O'Dimm
    Gaunter O'Dimm 43 phút trước

    I literally said nope and physically closed the browser when I heard the first 3 seconds. Sorry. I couldn’t take it.

    ARRAF PLAYZ 44 phút trước

    I was never into jake paul he is soooo boring

  • Le YTP di Pooperman
    Le YTP di Pooperman 45 phút trước

    Maybe in Mr.Poopy Butthole’s dimension time was measured differently. Maybe there was no Jesus, maybe the year 0 was based on someone else’s birth year. Maybe his 24th century is our 21st century.

  • Tyler Dune
    Tyler Dune 45 phút trước

    No one: Darth Varder: Move like a snake 🐍

  • SolDeSaBelle
    SolDeSaBelle 46 phút trước

    Sooo... like the pandas. Clone them!

  • Jake Sommer
    Jake Sommer 47 phút trước

    I've started to assume that the tridactyl age 1 year of development for our every ten. Cause baby Yoda is basically a five year old minus no talking while Yoda died at 900 which would be like a 90 year old man.

  • Alberto Guardado
    Alberto Guardado 48 phút trước

    Was watching Empire Strikes Back yesterday, and noticed that Yoda says that he's been training Jedi for 800 years. That really throws a wrench into the Yoda development timeline. It means that in the next 50 years of Baby Yoda's life, he'll grow into maturity and even have a very long adulthood.

  • Archons
    Archons 48 phút trước

    Baby yoda carry this show hard

  • Emalie Kamin
    Emalie Kamin 48 phút trước

    "I currently own a toddler" Matt I don't think you phrased that right.

  • Renaud Be
    Renaud Be 49 phút trước

    Mandalorian S@X 👠👞🎩👑🌂

  • Darke Exelbirth
    Darke Exelbirth 50 phút trước

    Actually, Baby Yoda would be part of the Boomer generation. The youngest Silent generation member is in their 70s.

  • Conner O'Neill
    Conner O'Neill 50 phút trước

    This is the most normie video ever. Gross.

  • Ewan Ayres
    Ewan Ayres 50 phút trước

    Do a theory on dearth jar jar

  • SoapyTheMonkey
    SoapyTheMonkey 50 phút trước

    What's with the Luftwaffe aircraft with the Silent Generation? WW2 is Greatest Generation.

  • Li Nezz
    Li Nezz 51 phút trước

    Please make the intro song a literal song!!!!!

  • Snipez 6936
    Snipez 6936 52 phút trước

    The intro makes me want to die

  • Wesley Warren
    Wesley Warren 52 phút trước

    How is this trending?

  • saucemasterflex
    saucemasterflex 53 phút trước

    as soon as he started speakin is as soon as i stopped listening

  • Leah Elliott
    Leah Elliott 53 phút trước

    Thank you dark overload