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Football in Hotel!
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Taking 90 Year Old To The Club!
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Not My Best Idea...
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Breaking Stuff At Frat Houses!
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Loose Tooth vs Nerf Gun!
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Offensive Interview Prank!
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90 Year Old Lights Off Fireworks!
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Loser Sleeps In The Barn!
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Surprising Best Friend with a New Tesla!
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Falling With 40,000 Pennies!
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Making Random Baby Stop Crying!
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Road Trip To The City With No Laws!
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Chase Your Dreams!
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Crashing Golf Carts!
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Extreme Tubing Behind Car!
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I Bought Every Watermelon! ($1300 worth)
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Landing A Helicopter In My Backyard!
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He Wanted To Fight!
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Jumping Bike Off A Bridge!
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Would you do this for $5,000?
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I Love My Job!
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Paying Teenager To Quit His Job!
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DJ Khaled Prank in Beverly Hills!
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Road Trip in a Tesla! (Part 2)
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Road Trip in a Tesla! (Part 1)
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Burying My Friend Alive!
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Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!
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Danny Duncan x JuJu Smith-Schuster Meet Up!
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Surprising Friend with Travis Scott Tickets!
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Airsoft Battle Royale!
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Triplets Buy Whatever They Want!
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My Car Caught On Fire!
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Putting Horns On My Tesla!
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Putting My Car On The Roof!
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Changing A Young Man’s Life!
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Broken Sunglasses Prank!
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Surprising My Manager with a New Car!
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Danny Duncan | Best of 2018
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I Didn’t Make It!
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Last to leave circle wins $100,000!
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Can’t Believe He Did This!
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Can You Open This?
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Hitting Dingers Off Girls!
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My Favorite Thing To Do!
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Home Remodeling with Danny Duncan!
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Falling on Roller Blades Prank!
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Security Guard Prank At UCLA!
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Extreme Man Doing Extreme Stunts!
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Mowing a Cemetery!
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I Finally Got it!
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Danny Duncan’s Cross Country Race!
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i couldn't think of a title.
lượt xem 1,8 TrNăm trước
Paying Friend To Quit His Job!
lượt xem 2,9 TrNăm trước
Don’t Spill the Spaghetti Challenge!
lượt xem 1,3 TrNăm trước
Throwing Slugs at People!
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lượt xem 2 TrNăm trước
Grocery Shopping with Homeless Lady!
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Boxing in Public!
lượt xem 3,1 TrNăm trước
Being an Asshole!
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4th Of July With Danny Duncan!
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Meet My New Puppy!
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Fortnite Employee Hates Me!
lượt xem 2,6 TrNăm trước
Kid at mall wants to fight!
lượt xem 4,1 TrNăm trước
Picking Up Girls with Komodo Dragon!
lượt xem 1,4 TrNăm trước
Visiting New York City!
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Surprising Grandpa with Strippers Prank!
lượt xem 1,1 TrNăm trước
Urban Surfing in Public!
lượt xem 1,2 TrNăm trước
Kissing moms in Idaho!
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Virginity Rocks On The News!
lượt xem 1,3 TrNăm trước
We Crashed The Car!
lượt xem 1,5 TrNăm trước
Hot Tub Drive Thru Prank!
lượt xem 2,9 TrNăm trước
Driving Scooter Into Store!
lượt xem 2,5 TrNăm trước
Teaching a Jetski How to Swim!
lượt xem 1,9 TrNăm trước
Road Trip To Las Vegas!
lượt xem 2,1 TrNăm trước
Taped To The Wall Prank!
lượt xem 1,5 TrNăm trước
Strongest Dwarf In The World!
lượt xem 1,8 TrNăm trước
lượt xem 1 TrNăm trước
Climbing The Hollywood Sign!
lượt xem 1,6 TrNăm trước
Feeding People Corn!
lượt xem 1,5 TrNăm trước
Grocery Shopping with Danny Duncan 5
lượt xem 3,6 TrNăm trước
She's Always On Top!
lượt xem 1,9 TrNăm trước
Cops Were Pissed!
lượt xem 3 TrNăm trước
Crazy Homeless Man vs. Danny Duncan!
lượt xem 3 TrNăm trước
Hanging out with Shaun White!
lượt xem 1,5 TrNăm trước
Jumping On One Car In Traffic!
lượt xem 2,3 TrNăm trước
Dirt Bike Jump with Two People!
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Making Kids Cry!
lượt xem 1,2 TrNăm trước
Safari Animals In My Car!
lượt xem 1,5 TrNăm trước
Flipping Trucks for Fun!
lượt xem 1,1 TrNăm trước
I Can't Believe He Ate This!
lượt xem 1,9 TrNăm trước
Launching My New Truck!
lượt xem 1,4 TrNăm trước
My Mom Flipped Her Car
lượt xem 2,3 TrNăm trước
Lighting Fireworks Inside My House!
lượt xem 1,6 TrNăm trước
Danny Duncan | Best Of 2017
lượt xem 3,4 TrNăm trước
Surprising My Mom With A New House!
lượt xem 2,3 TrNăm trước
Crashing My New Car!
lượt xem 1,4 TrNăm trước
Fuck Around Friday | Paintball
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    STATUS BBS 38 giây trước

    Petition to remove "DJ Khaled" from the videos.

  • Yeeyee
    Yeeyee 3 phút trước

    Usually your not actually being a dick head but this video you were being kind of a dick

  • Virgin_ Sunburn
    Virgin_ Sunburn 5 phút trước

    BRUH vnclip.net/video/Qz91KAx2hW0/video.html

  • Logan Luster
    Logan Luster 9 phút trước

    Hella people at my school rock “Virginity rocks” hoodies😂 plus me

  • vyper
    vyper 9 phút trước

    0:33 the phone dropping lol

  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    *This Is How Many Times Danny Said Alien* 👇

  • NoPanicRazzor
    NoPanicRazzor 10 phút trước

    I bought a virginity rocks shirt today

  • Jj Gg
    Jj Gg 10 phút trước

    My principal loves my verginity rocks jacket 😂

  • Bulov
    Bulov 11 phút trước

    Am I the only one who noticed that kid losing his/her phone at 0:34 ?

  • Samuel Bailey
    Samuel Bailey 12 phút trước

    Feels bad for the person loosing their phone when Danny fell down 0:33

  • Lifeless
    Lifeless 12 phút trước

    who else seen at 0:30 danny smack someones phone outta there hand lmao

  • Tyweg
    Tyweg 13 phút trước

    I know self promotion is shamed upon but it would mean the world if you could check out my latest vid. 5+ hours to make it and is great content anyways enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Hans Zuerner
    Hans Zuerner 13 phút trước

    Not gonna lie those pictures where majestic af 🤣

  • yordi vallecillo
    yordi vallecillo 13 phút trước

    The DJ khaled dude I’m happy for him and what you do for him bro. Danny you’re the best.

  • Yoboy Bigsexy
    Yoboy Bigsexy 15 phút trước

    Damn idk he went to Pontiac I would of went

  • Cade Price
    Cade Price 16 phút trước

    That ending reminds of the Tinker v. des Moines. It was a case where some students wore armbands to promote peace or something and they were suspended because it was deemed a "distraction". The students made it to the supreme court and actually won the case.

  • King Crowns
    King Crowns 16 phút trước

    Why his videos suck now and short as fuck?

  • The Asian Beast
    The Asian Beast 16 phút trước


  • Austin Mersmann
    Austin Mersmann 16 phút trước

    When he trust fell someone’s phone went flying rip

  • James Galloway
    James Galloway 17 phút trước

    soooo promoting not to have sex, to kids is now bad?

  • Ethan clarke
    Ethan clarke 18 phút trước

    Great mother

  • NE MTB
    NE MTB 19 phút trước

    Funny as shit bro

  • jettelo
    jettelo 19 phút trước

    Dumb af

  • Nsn_Clapped121
    Nsn_Clapped121 21 phút trước

    You should come to houston

  • Max Priest
    Max Priest 23 phút trước

    1:53 that’s the face Danny makes whenever he gets in trouble lmao

    SAM STRECKER 23 phút trước

    Chetek lol. I know this dude

  • Dude Man
    Dude Man 25 phút trước

    I can’t wait till he breaks a fire sprinkler head and causes tens of thousands of dollars in minutes

    • C J
      C J 10 phút trước

      Shit be funny asl n it goin to happen one day

  • Mason Lance
    Mason Lance 26 phút trước

    Dude should’ve said he was Gary

  • Isaac Alvarez
    Isaac Alvarez 28 phút trước

    When he threw himself some ones phone got Thrown

  • Aidan Perry
    Aidan Perry 29 phút trước

    Rip to the phone at 0:34

  • bigboy toxic
    bigboy toxic 30 phút trước

    Honestly my school doesnt even care about tshirt graphics

  • Schlump Raiden
    Schlump Raiden 33 phút trước

    He didn’t put the LA world tour on😭😞💀lol he shaved my head

  • Benjamin Gonzales
    Benjamin Gonzales 34 phút trước

    5:05 looks like the goat wants to kill them

  • Nope Never
    Nope Never 35 phút trước

    how passionate that mom is towards virginity rocks is amazing

  • KilleRaVeN51
    KilleRaVeN51 35 phút trước

    *VNclip star Danny Duncan*

  • SiiN Mini
    SiiN Mini 36 phút trước

    Why did I feel so bad for that kid Danny was talking to. Lol the kid was so confused😂😂😂

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson 37 phút trước

    Lady at the end after the bag

  • Imagine Gamez
    Imagine Gamez 37 phút trước

    Im so fucking sadddd, you came to my city and i was in fucken school

  • Dalton English
    Dalton English 38 phút trước

    My bracelet just broke while I was watching this! Wanna hit me up with one?😂

  • Chris Dwyer
    Chris Dwyer 39 phút trước

    Hhahaha being a prick is funny hahahaha

  • RT Fishing
    RT Fishing 40 phút trước

    Gay pride

  • no skin killer
    no skin killer 40 phút trước

    15k a month for rent lmao no wonder everybody gets rich in Cali from real estate

  • SurrenderUrBeer
    SurrenderUrBeer 41 phút trước

    I got your fets luck hoodie and they told me today that it’s inappropriate for school like wtf can u read

  • Pablo Chavarria
    Pablo Chavarria 42 phút trước

    Not the Xbox 😞

  • Heintz Ketchup
    Heintz Ketchup 43 phút trước

    Like if Danny should do fuck around Fridays

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones 43 phút trước

    😩 Danny stop fucking around like that in hotels. There’s a certain point where you’re just being a dumbass and being funny

  • Jupitzr
    Jupitzr 44 phút trước

    Danny fets luck

  • Logan Crews
    Logan Crews 45 phút trước

    More Aron BITCH

  • Xavier Morales
    Xavier Morales 46 phút trước

    get a house u can do crazy shit in

  • Zovah
    Zovah 47 phút trước

    0:33 someone phone will never be found

  • Jesse Racicot
    Jesse Racicot 47 phút trước

    0:33 rip iPhone X

  • king patty
    king patty 48 phút trước

    0:32 some ones phone went flying

  • Bpnu
    Bpnu 48 phút trước

    Rip IPhone 00:32

  • Screzi
    Screzi 50 phút trước

    0:32 Rip that phone next to Danny’s right hand when he falls

  • al bin
    al bin 51 phút trước

    What happened to Cameron

  • Caleb Dixon
    Caleb Dixon 51 phút trước

    I'm 26 still a virgin I'd wear one to work

  • ToxiK RainZ
    ToxiK RainZ 52 phút trước

    RIP to the phone he knocked out of someone’s hand at 0:34 😂

  • GB Best
    GB Best 53 phút trước

    Anyone else see that phone flying at 00:34?

  • Baker Butler
    Baker Butler 54 phút trước

    He said it ONLY cost 18000$ for a bowling ally in your house.....ima do it

  • That Fiat
    That Fiat 57 phút trước

    BuBum Bum Badum Back To My Sandwich

  • GB Scavenger
    GB Scavenger 59 phút trước

    Not gonna lie everybody in my school wears the virginity rocks shirts. Also I am wearing one right now

  • KevinVERSE *
    KevinVERSE * 59 phút trước

    What if you tackled each other with full on gear😂😂😂

  • GregoryPunzo
    GregoryPunzo 59 phút trước

    Hotel: Warns Danny 3 times in a row he's going to get kicked out if he keeps playing football Danny: Keeps playing football. Hotel: Kicks Danny out. Danny: Pikachu face

  • Acua
    Acua Giờ trước

    rip the phone in the crowd @ 0:34

  • Jesse Fernandez
    Jesse Fernandez Giờ trước

    Rip to the person who dropped their phone @0:33

  • Glitch Mge
    Glitch Mge Giờ trước

    Virginity ROCKS lets go thorne

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia Giờ trước

    Did anyone else see the iphone X fling out of someones hand in the beginning?

  • Gavin
    Gavin Giờ trước

    🐐 that wore the hoodie to school

  • _Monty97
    _Monty97 Giờ trước

    New Mexico is literally the lamest state in America .. lived there for a year An it was horrible only good thing is the mountains n shit

  • Jett Hooper
    Jett Hooper Giờ trước

    At the end the same thing happened to me at my school

  • Fox trot1
    Fox trot1 Giờ trước


  • James Sawatzky
    James Sawatzky Giờ trước

    I subscribe

  • James Sawatzky
    James Sawatzky Giờ trước


  • keeley
    keeley Giờ trước

    it just aint the same without Cameron

  • Isaac Eyres
    Isaac Eyres Giờ trước

    Lmfao😂 the old teachers at my school say shit like “I like your hoodie” or “spread the message” then I have the young subs and teachers that laugh and give me a high five. It’s the funniest shit. Plus I don’t get in trouble for wearing it

  • j Holl
    j Holl Giờ trước

    Rip iPhone 11 0:31

  • Steven Loeffler
    Steven Loeffler Giờ trước

    This is why I love Danny Duncan. He's can literally make every day objects and actions into the most hilarious stuff. He could literally make an hour long video on messing around with a Tooth Pick, Can of Lysol and a hairdryer and it would be funny as hell. Keep up the bangers!

  • Justen Strand
    Justen Strand Giờ trước

    at 00:32 you can see someones phone go flying when he dive onto everyone lmao

  • Fated SMB
    Fated SMB Giờ trước

    Aye he is in Dallas

  • Xluckytank Co
    Xluckytank Co Giờ trước

    He should do a vid with stezzy Kane

  • Marco Sanchez
    Marco Sanchez Giờ trước

    Imagine how much the fan bought that Danny piñata for and he just smashes it...

    • Danny Duncan
      Danny Duncan Giờ trước

      😂 I said I liked it and they told me to destroy it and that they’d make me another one to keep

  • The Deus
    The Deus Giờ trước

    0:33 a guys phone falls

  • Infohazard
    Infohazard Giờ trước

    0:34 he jumped on someones phone and it went flying

  • Who is Aquatic
    Who is Aquatic Giờ trước

    Rip to the person who dropped the phone at 38 seconds

  • Krab Byy
    Krab Byy Giờ trước

    Why 12 min whyyyyy

  • Popping with Samuel
    Popping with Samuel Giờ trước

    This place was in bidding wars

  • Turnt Jesus
    Turnt Jesus Giờ trước

    when did Sean White start making VNclip videos?

  • Mason Jacobson
    Mason Jacobson Giờ trước

    That kid had the perfect opportunity to tell the news he was Gary Winthorpe hahhaah

  • Dawson Hall
    Dawson Hall Giờ trước

    When she said I’m asexual

  • Devon Demoss
    Devon Demoss Giờ trước

    Hell yah represent Nebraska, go huskers 😂😂

  • SnappCloud
    SnappCloud Giờ trước

    RIP to the person losing his phone at 0:34

    THE LONE WOLF MAN Giờ trước

    Dame don’t give the old Man a heart attack Now! 😏

  • seshdarko
    seshdarko Giờ trước

    felt kinda bad for that house

    DEMENTEDBOY Giờ trước

    0:32 phone went flying

  • maxsanchez15yahoo
    maxsanchez15yahoo Giờ trước

    U should turn yore name to Daddy Duncan just saying 👀

  • Eiken
    Eiken Giờ trước

    0:33 rip phone

  • FortniteMemer
    FortniteMemer Giờ trước

    00:30 click on this and u see one guy or girl what ever dropped the iphone

  • Colin McGuinness
    Colin McGuinness Giờ trước

    The only phone falling at 0:32 made me anxious

  • Mikey Rod
    Mikey Rod Giờ trước

    That clip at the end thoo

  • Elijah Koenig
    Elijah Koenig Giờ trước

    Every video now is about the tour :|

    • Danny Duncan
      Danny Duncan Giờ trước

      Lmao ya cause I was on tour for 5 weeks what else can I film 😂😂