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The War of the Bucket - OverSimplified
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Three Kingdoms - OverSimplified
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The Cold War - OverSimplified (Part 2)
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The Cold War - OverSimplified (Part 1)
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Emu War - OverSimplified (Mini-Wars #4)
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WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 2)
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WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)
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Football War - MiniWars #2
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The Falklands - MiniWars #1
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Hitler - OverSimplified (Part 2)
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Hitler - OverSimplified (Part 1)
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WW1 - Oversimplified (Part 2)
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WW1 - Oversimplified (Part 1)
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  • Ghani Nedjadi
    Ghani Nedjadi 56 giây trước

    Algerian révolution

  • Hank Rogers
    Hank Rogers 4 phút trước

    100 extra points for slutty frog!

  • Dr. Khan
    Dr. Khan 19 phút trước

    Dear Mr. OverSimplified, I have an interesting idea for your next video. The Indian-Pakistani war. It started in the year 1947 when Pakistan first became a country and is still going on today. There are different conflicts and multiple "wars". Both sides where backed by nations like the United States and the U.S.S.R. It would be a really cool video and since there are not that many videos about it on VNclip yours would be an unbiased original video. I hope you consider this option as a future video. Thank you for your time.

  • Hank Rogers
    Hank Rogers 20 phút trước


  • Patriotic Sports
    Patriotic Sports 34 phút trước

    Nobody: French people, ridiculing Marie Antoinette: BEGONE THOT

  • Hank Rogers
    Hank Rogers 34 phút trước


  • Idiot Idiot
    Idiot Idiot 36 phút trước

    Is there actually a vietcong soldier in the spot the vietcong soldier or is it just missing

    SURYA TEJA 47 phút trước

    Your animation skills are so underrated dude and story telling is impeccable

  • bhrugurajsinh jhala
    bhrugurajsinh jhala 51 phút trước

    Churchill was an arsehole, he was as evil as Hitler if not more

  • Beren Mowrer
    Beren Mowrer Giờ trước

    Is the Nazi flag with the Iron Cross instead of the swastika an actual German war flag or is OverSimplified just doing that so he won't get takedown notices?

  • Pero Peric hkg
    Pero Peric hkg Giờ trước

    0:46 Did you reversed it?

  • Byed Bsa
    Byed Bsa Giờ trước

    Can u do the India Pakistan war

  • ridho rfn
    ridho rfn Giờ trước

    Indonesia:bajingan japan and thank you U.S

  • Toxic Ten Studio's
    Toxic Ten Studio's Giờ trước

    Hitler had good Intentions, but he was a radical extremists.

  • Tyler No
    Tyler No Giờ trước

    2019 Economists: How are we going to pay back all these countries we owe money too. The same way we paid the British back after the seven year war, and the French back after the revolutionary war. We inspire revolutions in their countries until they forget about our debt, oh hey China hows Hong Kong doing.

  • anny kurniawati
    anny kurniawati Giờ trước

    3:56 Thats belgium flag, He Love belgium

  • Gacha Yokai studios
    Gacha Yokai studios 2 giờ trước

    He could’ve became an artist

  • P A R A D O X
    P A R A D O X 2 giờ trước

    My teacher played this in class, seriously.

  • Kafen8d
    Kafen8d 2 giờ trước

    "MVP........OverSimplified's Toilet" is my favorite part of the video.

  • 12BJJohnson
    12BJJohnson 2 giờ trước

    fascism is far left..... ffs

  • Matthew Hamilton
    Matthew Hamilton 2 giờ trước

    So we went to war because of to much taxes but yet we are continuing to be taxed out the ass to this day?

  • german mapping
    german mapping 2 giờ trước

    🇩🇪: okay guys you have got this Italy go get Africa Japan go get Asia I'll get the rest 🇮🇹: okay! 🇯🇵hey I bomed pearl harbor sorry 🇮🇹🇩🇪: *sweats instantly*

  • Ishaan kamal
    Ishaan kamal 3 giờ trước

    “There is absolutely no reason not to use honey “ Wait is that Mr. Beast ‘s quote??

  • Daniel Phung
    Daniel Phung 3 giờ trước

    There are different parties from North Vietnam...

  • Miodrag Jr
    Miodrag Jr 3 giờ trước

    9:03 rip soldier who got hit with pizza :((((

  • ben
    ben 3 giờ trước

    strong viking bias in this video

  • Cramberi Gaming
    Cramberi Gaming 4 giờ trước

    Been 3 weeks and no new videos We don’t deserve it? I know you got some suggestions Your fans spelled them out perfect

  • Ivan Herrera
    Ivan Herrera 4 giờ trước

    Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate... leads to suffering

  • C & C Miller
    C & C Miller 4 giờ trước


  • Yihan Yuan
    Yihan Yuan 4 giờ trước

    The middle person's face looks like King George from the American Revolution at 7:56

  • Sheila Washington
    Sheila Washington 4 giờ trước

    I can make you hands clap

  • C & C Miller
    C & C Miller 4 giờ trước

    0:17 I know I'm not the only one who thought it was an undertale reference

  • Not From Denmark Production
    Not From Denmark Production 5 giờ trước

    Ah those search predictions are beautiful *M* Minecraft how to get laid Megashark vs Giant Octopus 10 hours Mmmm delicious batteries! My grandad smells old why? Mr. T makng a grilled cheese Makeup tutorial for dads My hair hurts why? Might communism be the answer? *M space* m and m lose yourself m a y o n n a i s e m c hammer eating hammers m i a missing in arbys m bison fortnite dance m train magic hobo jellybeans m is for maschalephidrosis m n o p what comes next? m song sesame street ainsley harriot m looks like rn illuminati *M L* m looks like rn illuminati m looks like E on its side conspiracy shane dawson m lady tips fedora m l b major league bamboozling m l m l m l m l say fast sounds like llama llama m line magic hobo jellybeans m lady from James Bond looks like a man illuminati shane dawson *M LA to M LASER* m laser m laser pew pew pew

  • Hoxy
    Hoxy 5 giờ trước

    0:15 yaranaika?

  • the woof woof show
    the woof woof show 5 giờ trước

    Hitler was born The world was fucked and had punished him severely

  • incredible chris
    incredible chris 5 giờ trước

    you forgot the part when the green mountain boys stole

  • Роман Демин
    Роман Демин 5 giờ trước

    A bucket - oversimplified - 20 mins

  • Jack Hannan
    Jack Hannan 5 giờ trước

    At 0:51 there is a Emu on the dinner table

  • Jack Hannan
    Jack Hannan 5 giờ trước

    At 10:49 he said I’m taking a shit

  • 홍지우 Jay Hong
    홍지우 Jay Hong 5 giờ trước

    Lets not forget my nation either. Koreans killed a few Japanese officials, (nearly) bombed Hirohito, and tried to launch an attack with the Chinese in September..... but well..... independence in August.

  • Jack Hannan
    Jack Hannan 5 giờ trước


  • Frenchy Creates
    Frenchy Creates 5 giờ trước

    Let them eat the crunch wrap supreme! They're not THAT desperate! 😂😂😂

  • John Kryzanski
    John Kryzanski 5 giờ trước

    Hitler shot himself in the head. This enraged Adolfs father who punished him severely

  • Spider Frogg
    Spider Frogg 5 giờ trước

    1:33 they could have used the top right of Germany instead of the thumb.

  • Jacob Pace
    Jacob Pace 5 giờ trước

    Oversimplified : this is the 14 time the US lost a bomb. Nobody knows how many Russia lost Me: 911 I found a soviet missile in my backyard

  • average Canadian
    average Canadian 5 giờ trước

    hitler didn't watch oversimplified this enraged his father and oversimplified subscribers who punished him severely

  • Mr. Shredder Playz
    Mr. Shredder Playz 5 giờ trước

    Hey before you scroll down any further,there’s gonna be a tax for that,and your tax cost one like

  • zoei bianca avatara ramos
    zoei bianca avatara ramos 5 giờ trước

    99 % Hitler became the the world’s evilest man. His father punished him severely Only me / 1.000000000000 % LOL THE START

  • Sam Sketches
    Sam Sketches 5 giờ trước

    I said bless you when he sneezed

  • Dan B
    Dan B 6 giờ trước

    Civil War do it

  • Paul & Maria Collins
    Paul & Maria Collins 6 giờ trước

    Germany: fuck Russias ready already? hey Austria you got this? Austria: yea I d- HOLY SHIT Russia: UwU whats this idiot Austria LOL *takes 1 fourth if it*

    MTDAPIGGLES Lol 6 giờ trước

    What is the song name at 7:17

  • joe houk
    joe houk 6 giờ trước

    5:19 get ready for I survived the attack on pearl harbor

  • Admiral Hipst3r
    Admiral Hipst3r 6 giờ trước

    Who else wants Stalin oversimplified

  • Polish Jerry
    Polish Jerry 6 giờ trước

    A young Vietnamese boy refused to fight for the NVA with his father. This enraged his father, who was by then an old ass man so he kinda just let it go. And died of a lung hemorrhage.

  • Flaming Hero PE
    Flaming Hero PE 6 giờ trước

    I thought hitlers moustach was his mouth

  • Tanto4529
    Tanto4529 6 giờ trước

    imaging being 90 years old and telling your grandsons that Mussolini was your teacher

  • Tomas Fabian Serrut
    Tomas Fabian Serrut 6 giờ trước

    How tf do you lose a bomb

  • Nicholas Jonas
    Nicholas Jonas 6 giờ trước

    He's holy, lowly, and eats ravioly.🤣

  • TheNiteMarePlay
    TheNiteMarePlay 7 giờ trước

    0:00 A legend was born

  • Kristoffer Magnusson
    Kristoffer Magnusson 7 giờ trước


  • Ponian YouTube
    Ponian YouTube 7 giờ trước

    Normandy: invades England England 878 years later: right back at ya buckaroo

    • Ponian YouTube
      Ponian YouTube 7 giờ trước

      The joke is that 878+1066 = 1944 and I think you can guess what invasion of Normandy happened in 1944.

  • nug get
    nug get 7 giờ trước


  • [КОЯ]Моидау[ВП]
    [КОЯ]Моидау[ВП] 7 giờ trước

    We (korea) are the one.

  • the great comune Buzar
    the great comune Buzar 7 giờ trước

    The gaúchos are Brasílian

  • Bailey W
    Bailey W 7 giờ trước

    0:08 Disclaimer: this is obviously not me

  • Potatoe Man
    Potatoe Man 7 giờ trước

    Art school: *rejects Hitler* Hitler: peace was never an option

  • NoobDev
    NoobDev 7 giờ trước

    What if Lenin was... inmortal?

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee 7 giờ trước

    Gorbachev is the best

  • Igglue
    Igglue 7 giờ trước

    1:18 Sponsorship ends

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee 7 giờ trước

    11:21 PIZZA HUT!!!!!

  • Mexican medic
    Mexican medic 7 giờ trước

    "I Peed my Pants." -Henry The IV Inspirational Quote "Dam It I Peed My pants Again!" - Henry the IV Second Inspirational Quote

  • Brandon Farley
    Brandon Farley 7 giờ trước

    Maybe un December you can upload Napoleonic wars and vietnam war at the same time then next year you can do fictional wars

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee 7 giờ trước

    Castro: Hey I’m a communist who hates America! You’re a communist who hates America! You know what that means? Khrushchev: WE SHOULD FALL IN LOVE!

  • Canadian Maps
    Canadian Maps 8 giờ trước

    Everybody remember when this had to have the Facebook symbol cuz demonitization?

  • Sebastien BOHAN
    Sebastien BOHAN 8 giờ trước

    @7:55 Ah the good old spear in the Jules

  • SCP-049
    SCP-049 8 giờ trước

    Let's not forget the netherlands who forgot they were actually at war which led to the war during 250 years

  • Jake Driscoll
    Jake Driscoll 8 giờ trước

    So Louis how many taxes do you want on the 3rd estate? Louis XVI: yes

  • Vicitty
    Vicitty 8 giờ trước

    Who's here from Hitler OverSimplified? Me

  • Alpha Doughnut
    Alpha Doughnut 8 giờ trước

    RBT would be proud In madden 20 there is “not enough skill points to purchase this bucket.”

  • Jennie Rose Trujillo
    Jennie Rose Trujillo 8 giờ trước


  • Dork Jedi
    Dork Jedi 8 giờ trước

    That animation where the tax man tastes the kid's tears and then taxes him for it because of the salt 😂

  • Evan Simas
    Evan Simas 8 giờ trước

    Hitler invaded Russia. This enraged the winter, who punished him severely.

  • Cristina Bernard
    Cristina Bernard 9 giờ trước

    1:07 thank me later

  • MasterBeiber Everything
    MasterBeiber Everything 9 giờ trước

    there are unnecessary details that make us learn more

  • Bright Appiah
    Bright Appiah 9 giờ trước

    You have the most interesting form of advertisement I have ever seen

  • Josiah Morrow
    Josiah Morrow 9 giờ trước

    Canada being apart of the US. I saw what you did. 0:18

  • Me
    Me 9 giờ trước

    Korean war please.

  • Yamitaicho
    Yamitaicho 9 giờ trước

    me: *A Dynasty Warriors Lore Master* Oversimplified: *Actual researcher* me: Man... Also me: Cool.

  • Roddy Moohan
    Roddy Moohan 9 giờ trước

    John Paul Jones is Scottish and is beating up England I mean what scot wouldn’t do that

  • luca schocke
    luca schocke 9 giờ trước

    Child Emporor = Oppertunity He said that while talking about the Catholic church

  • Pippa Searle
    Pippa Searle 9 giờ trước

    Do the Russian revalotion

  • BG Johnson
    BG Johnson 10 giờ trước

    7:19 What's the name of this song

  • Kyle Roemer
    Kyle Roemer 10 giờ trước

    6:08 bruh what is hitler's dad doing here

  • Klako8196
    Klako8196 10 giờ trước

    Her: He's probably thinking about other girls My 5 brain cells: 10:31

  • Jamie Robertson
    Jamie Robertson 10 giờ trước


  • Cool gamer
    Cool gamer 10 giờ trước

    My parents are from Honduras so that means that I'm half-blooded on Dorian and have blooded American and talk Spanish so I got the question right duh

  • BG Johnson
    BG Johnson 10 giờ trước

    5:47 What's the name of this song?

  • Malcolm Kostenko
    Malcolm Kostenko 10 giờ trước

    Why can’t east Berliner’s go around the wall

  • Sanvendi
    Sanvendi 10 giờ trước

    This war sounds so dumb,LOL It's just like a joke