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WWE 2K20 - Before You Buy
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7 WORST Punishments For Video Game Quitters
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Top 10 NEW Zombie Games of 2019
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Outer Worlds: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW
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15 EA Mistakes They Want You TO FORGET
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How Are MASSIVE Open World Games Created?
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Witcher 3 SWITCH - Before You Buy
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Grid - Before You Buy
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Modern Warfare 2019: 10 BIGGEST CHANGES
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Top 20 NEW Sci-fi Games of 2019
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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint - Before You Buy
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Top 15 NEW FREE Games of 2019
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10 NASTIEST Little Enemies In Video Games
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10 Little Gamers Who Did INCREDIBLE Things
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10 Things Borderlands 3 Players HATE
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10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of September 2019
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7 RIDICULOUS Things Video Games Got Blamed For
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Code Vein - Before You Buy
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Top 10 NEW Games of October 2019
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20 Overhyped Games That FLOPPED
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The Surge 2 - Before You Buy
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Top 20 NEW Single Player Games of 2019
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Nintendo Switch Lite - Before You Buy
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Borderlands 3: DUMB Yet Hilarious Glitches
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10 Things ONLY PS3 Owners Will Understand
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Why is PING So Important For Online Gaming?
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Borderlands 3 - Before You Buy
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SEGA Genesis Mini - Before You Buy
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Greedfall - Before You Buy
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10 Xbox 360 Facts You Probably Didn't Know
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Gears 5 - Before You Buy
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Hunt: Showdown - Before You Buy
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Gears 5 vs Gears of War 4: BIGGEST CHANGES
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10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of AUGUST 2019
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Astral Chain - Before You Buy
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Control - Before You Buy
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Top 10 NEW Games of September 2019
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Borderlands 3: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW
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5 Linear Single Player Game MYTHS DEBUNKED
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Top 10 NEW Games of GAMESCOM 2019
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Remnant: From The Ashes - Before You Buy
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10 CRAZY Things British Gamers Have Done
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What Made MASS EFFECT A Big Deal?
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No Man's Sky Beyond - Before You Buy
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10 Bethesda Mistakes They Want You To Forget
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10 More WORST Plagues in Video Game History
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Top 10 NEW Stealth Games of 2019
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10 Things Only RPG Gamers Will Understand
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Top 15 NEW Exploration Games of 2019
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10 POSITIVE Trends That Should SHAKE UP Gaming
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10 CRAZY Ways People Have Played Video Games
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10 Best FREE iOS & Android Games of July 2019
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10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of JULY 2019
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5 UBISOFT Mistakes They Want You To Forget
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10 OVERPOWERED Enemies We All Ran Away From
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  • Malcolm opened mind Gates Gates

    It’s a ps2 version of 2k lol

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 5 phút trước

    This game is ELITE

  • Abser Plays Plays
    Abser Plays Plays 5 phút trước

    Did i subscribe? I’m just gonna subscribe... wait... did i subscribe? I’m gonna sub again just in case. Did I like the video? I’m gonna like the vi- WAIT i have to subscribe... wait did I actually like the video?

  • The Tallest Dwarf
    The Tallest Dwarf 6 phút trước

    So that lady gamer grew old? THAT'S CRAZY!

  • liamdude5
    liamdude5 10 phút trước

    The Switch is a console, not a handheld

  • Dark Eclipse
    Dark Eclipse 10 phút trước

    Change the title to 7 habits children do while playing around 9pm........

  • pyroclasim
    pyroclasim 13 phút trước

    BDO is not FTP unless your talking about Korea

  • SinisterMinister
    SinisterMinister 13 phút trước

    Why did they give the one dude gray worms as hair 🤪

  • Mav Erick
    Mav Erick 15 phút trước

    Before you buy: DONT BUY!

  • Samuel Haidar
    Samuel Haidar 16 phút trước

    If I made a game with online multiplayer for people who rage quit too much I would make an in game psa that they would have to watch and do the thing where you put them in with each other and have the game force the match over before anyone wins and count it as a loss for both teams.

  • Bruce King Royal
    Bruce King Royal 19 phút trước

    Is this available on ps4

  • GJ Battles
    GJ Battles 20 phút trước

    Day of reckoning and its sequel on Gamecube are better games in comparison.

  • Khesrow Bahram
    Khesrow Bahram 20 phút trước

    They say 2k 18 is bad, 2k19 is bad and now 2k20 is bad. But No, enjoyable to play co-op with friends and Family.

  • Infamous Banana
    Infamous Banana 21 phút trước

    Uses warframe as an example for an unskippable dialogue... That game has very little dialogue in general

  • lilyandexx
    lilyandexx 21 phút trước

    This game looks terrible, i miss the old wwe games

  • Enzo DeavYT
    Enzo DeavYT 24 phút trước

    I like claptrap's voice its not that bad

  • Khesrow Bahram
    Khesrow Bahram 24 phút trước

    They should bring back the Road To Wrestlemania mode.

  • mila moyan
    mila moyan 24 phút trước

    I prefer watch dog 1 it s a great game.

  • Keith Howard
    Keith Howard 26 phút trước

    The last wrestling game I brought was smack down vs raw 2010

  • Elvis Sjödin
    Elvis Sjödin 26 phút trước

    my parents always... ALWAYS say stop watching people play games and if i say like i like watching it they say well STOP IT!! and also if i get angry at a game the first thing they think of is you have been playing to much even if i only have been playing for 30 minutes - to 1 hour. ps ur the best!!

  • Reggie Vermilion
    Reggie Vermilion 26 phút trước


  • PlayStation Games
    PlayStation Games 26 phút trước

    Comment.Only playstation 3 users.

  • ThePieGuy 1337
    ThePieGuy 1337 27 phút trước

    I thought the blood flies from dishonored 2 were scary, but that's not really a plague more of an infestation

  • Khesrow Bahram
    Khesrow Bahram 27 phút trước

    So Fast SERIOUSLY!!!

  • Brandon Grey
    Brandon Grey 29 phút trước

    I know this was posted like years ago, but you can't alt+f4 minecraft

  • Trompok 13
    Trompok 13 32 phút trước

    kinda dumb for a game with rpg elements, talents, perks, and other things to be a short game, RPG games should not be short. we'll see.

  • logan deschaine
    logan deschaine 34 phút trước

    I was surprised animal crossing didn't make the list, even number 10

  • Sandcrakes 123
    Sandcrakes 123 35 phút trước

    If single-player games die, humanity will no longer exist. 1p games give us so many morals for ourselves

  • T K
    T K 35 phút trước

    Just like any other 2K game, RUSHED and full of BUGS , no way its worth $10 let alone $60. 2k please go bankrupt soon, we don't like your shitty game releases

  • erix rodriguez
    erix rodriguez 35 phút trước

    quake 2 RTX is only free if you have quake 2 but you can play the demo for free

  • Wedge Antilles
    Wedge Antilles 36 phút trước

    Yeah, I think I'm going to wait a bit. If it needs to be fix first.

  • Teague Vox
    Teague Vox 42 phút trước

    Looks like shit, man. Like it was released in 2011.

  • Yuichi_Deletes
    Yuichi_Deletes 43 phút trước

    It sucks because yukes left so 2k rushed it out. They need a year off. Especially with new consoles coming soon. So maybe in 5 years it will be good again.

  • Genji Minecraft&More
    Genji Minecraft&More 43 phút trước

    nintendo switch slime controller

  • Venomous 17
    Venomous 17 44 phút trước

    Don’t buy it

  • Birdie Die
    Birdie Die 45 phút trước

    I'm the first one i always save like all the time especially in postal 2

  • Logan
    Logan 45 phút trước

    looks like the franchise hasn't changed in 5 years

  • Viking Gaming
    Viking Gaming 45 phút trước

    Campaign would be the only reason to get this

  • Viking Gaming
    Viking Gaming 46 phút trước

    The "actual" gameplay footage looks like shit really

  • Ryan Narasoo
    Ryan Narasoo 48 phút trước

    Rockstar should implement something on GTA... when players leave missions, the mission ends.... Not cool

  • Height Above Sea Level
    Height Above Sea Level 48 phút trước


  • CryoCraft
    CryoCraft 49 phút trước

    I like Watchdogs, but I prefer GTA V since you can basically do whatever the flip you want. I do like Just Cause games more in the sense of doing whatever you want. But watchdogs vs GTA I think ima give it to GTA

  • Daniel Northcott
    Daniel Northcott 49 phút trước

    Mounted weapons minimise recoil .... but there is none anyway!?

    D4SALAD 51 phút trước

    Rainbow Six Siege Ranked

  • Aloysius Loh
    Aloysius Loh 53 phút trước

    Stop and listening if someone is around creeping up on me

  • Faizal kuntz
    Faizal kuntz 54 phút trước

    This game is a sequel to Skate 4

  • Adam Jell
    Adam Jell 57 phút trước

    When you say “save” 50 times to get that 10 min watch time

  • NC_29 North
    NC_29 North 57 phút trước

    “Let Me Tell You Something Mean Gene”

  • Leo
    Leo Giờ trước

    Do u really need to explain with each example how having one less player puts a team at a disadvantage...uh duh

  • Zehnper
    Zehnper Giờ trước

    Thank God GTA 5 has free dlcs

  • Geronimo! BowTiesAreCool
    Geronimo! BowTiesAreCool Giờ trước

    I've heard this one from another family member who doesn't even know what game it is or what consoles are: "You can't play video games because you're a girl. Shouldn't you be flirting on the phone and putting on makeup?" It makes me eyeroll so hard. You can still put makeup on, be on your phone AND enjoy video games. It's not a gender thing. I don't give a fuck who I play multiplayer with and after I help them, they help me. That's it.

  • OriginalMilk
    OriginalMilk Giờ trước

    First one Ash Ketchum: hold my pikachu

  • Bobby Abdillah Ms
    Bobby Abdillah Ms Giờ trước


  • Roman Abdel
    Roman Abdel Giờ trước

    Fallout76 wasnt this year?

  • Pasavat Tanskul
    Pasavat Tanskul Giờ trước

    No mention of not enough bank slots or the fact that it's shared across all your characters?

  • Berrlett&TheGameplay
    Berrlett&TheGameplay Giờ trước

    Studies and scientific researches show that gaming is evil, bad, destructive, useless, provoke violence, unhealthy, create form of addiction, separate family members, bla bla bla bla.... I AM STILL PLAYING.

  • Comiclover261
    Comiclover261 Giờ trước

    On the nes classic you can hold down select and down arrow to go to main menu

  • Jonathern Thom
    Jonathern Thom Giờ trước

    What about teammates not healing you or helping you respawn to assist? Whats the point of watching the team play for an hour or less and die? Should there not be some exception to that?

  • Indabox YT
    Indabox YT Giờ trước

    I agree weapons breaking pushed you to get gud with every weapon but it can also be annoying.

  • Flakes
    Flakes Giờ trước

    Imagine EA owning Microsoft

  • The83rdTrombonist
    The83rdTrombonist Giờ trước

    All I heard was "Don't buy this."

  • Diehan Gaming
    Diehan Gaming Giờ trước

    I learned almost all my english by videogames and im realy happy that i did

  • Stimp-C
    Stimp-C Giờ trước

    Lol before you buy, dont even bother

  • •PubRage Plays•
    •PubRage Plays• Giờ trước

    Even tho i love this game and anything i dont mind spoilers anyways

  • o
    o Giờ trước

    presentation is a step-down?

  • Wdvsjsu Gshsys
    Wdvsjsu Gshsys Giờ trước

    2k has a gm mode in nba 2k20 but not wwe 2k20 i could say more but let that sink in

  • Monika Dimitrova
    Monika Dimitrova Giờ trước

    85 h so far xd more coming soon

  • DerpyRell06
    DerpyRell06 Giờ trước

    well, yes actually.

  • Security Officer
    Security Officer Giờ trước

    the old games when you can troll and beat the crap out of the refs.

  • 1994Baker
    1994Baker Giờ trước

    I honestly think Here comes The Pain and Smackdown vs Raw are better games than this one. They fucked up this badly

  • F7
    F7 Giờ trước

    I'm currently playing the 360 remaster of Rockstar's Bully and it actually has better looking character models than this.

  • Someone
    Someone Giờ trước

    In Dota 2, you will be put in a low priority just like TF2. You can't play ranked MM. The only way to play ranked is to play and win normal mode single draft where you can only choose one of the 3 randomed hero attribute.

  • ijjysmith
    ijjysmith Giờ trước

    It’s just not as bad as the VNclip cliques make it out to be. But that wouldn’t get the clicks would it?

  • cs4life25yt
    cs4life25yt Giờ trước

    Never buy this SHIT!!!!

  • Huy Dang
    Huy Dang Giờ trước

    No one mentions the companions in games like Uncharted and The Last of Us, in many situations when you try to stealth, your companion just runs straight in front of the guard without any problem, lol

  • Rachlust
    Rachlust Giờ trước

    Shawn michaels ftw

  • Gurdulu
    Gurdulu Giờ trước

    Get well, Jake!!

  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson Giờ trước

    Why would they get rid of yukes

  • UBIK
    UBIK Giờ trước

    Remember WWF Attitude? Yeah… We're never going to get something like that again…

  • Rachlust
    Rachlust Giờ trước

    2019 and graphics look still like 2005...

  • Dutch Blades
    Dutch Blades Giờ trước

    I just want a new Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds... :'(

  • Rajavel Samrot
    Rajavel Samrot Giờ trước

    What about dota 2 ? U get banned for years

  • Justin Walker
    Justin Walker Giờ trước

    3:55 we can watch movies in GTA V


    Codemasters, the king of popsicle stick car physics continues it’s silly pivoting car mechanic. No evident body roll harkens back to the Dreamcast era. 👎🏻

  • deltavagen
    deltavagen Giờ trước

    before you guy... DON'T buy

  • Basillic
    Basillic Giờ trước

    EA is getting more and more delusional for each year that passes by.

  • Muhammad Hassan
    Muhammad Hassan Giờ trước

    Smackdown vs Raw 2007 on ps2 the good old days now its WWE 2kandromeda

  • Bob Barker
    Bob Barker 2 giờ trước

    I'm calling it. Its gonna be trash

  • Kana
    Kana 2 giờ trước

    Do yourselves a favor and don't spend money on this one. I do feel bad for new developers having only a limited time to make a new engine to build this game on. 2K19 is still best from modern WWE games and SvR 2006 is best old generation game. Then there is of course Here Comes The Pain and older games if you can forgive the graphics.

  • Yeetus The Fetus
    Yeetus The Fetus 2 giờ trước

    Ive kept away from the hype but im so excided

  • Dutch Blades
    Dutch Blades 2 giờ trước

    The Rainbow Phoenix in Guild Wars has to be my favorite unlockable in any game thus far. (took way too much work to get, but it was so worth it)

  • axelxme4life
    axelxme4life 2 giờ trước

    I am prepared to spend all the money I don't have on a switch just to play Skyrim. Don't think I won't do it.

  • Eclectic Jon 101
    Eclectic Jon 101 2 giờ trước

    While playing the modern warfare beta, 2v2 mode, I had loads of people quit on me. They might want to do something about that.

  • Shironox
    Shironox 2 giờ trước

    Wish I could play these games but I'm broke and my PC is ****

  • MegaHoboHunter
    MegaHoboHunter 2 giờ trước

    Aggressive response to aggressive quitters is fine by me. If you quit that much you're not playing the game anyway so no loss there I guess.

  • Reh nert
    Reh nert 2 giờ trước

    This game is a 3/10

  • Frost Fields
    Frost Fields 2 giờ trước

    since when bdo is free?

  • Death Stroke
    Death Stroke 2 giờ trước

    I am just gonna say one thing "The graphics are bad"

  • Rudiger Bart
    Rudiger Bart 2 giờ trước

    Woah. Give Obsidion more time and money to create a good, original game and look what happens. Picking this up tomorrow.

  • Chris M
    Chris M 2 giờ trước

    Can they make a elder scrolls style game to I don't really trust Bethesda's anymore and I'd love to see how Obsidian would do