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Twin vs Twin:  Nitro WarTwin vs Twin:  Nitro War
Twin vs Twin: Nitro War
8 tháng trước
Twin vs Twin:  Smash WarTwin vs Twin:  Smash War
Twin vs Twin: Smash War
9 tháng trước
Nerf War:  The Recruit 2Nerf War:  The Recruit 2
Nerf War: The Recruit 2
9 tháng trước


  • Itz Ethan - Fortnite
    Itz Ethan - Fortnite Năm trước


  • Brandon Geofrey Lee
    Brandon Geofrey Lee Năm trước

    today is the 25 but y not pbt 17

  • Desirah Robinson
    Desirah Robinson Năm trước

    when is payback time 17 coming out

  • Nikolas Paz
    Nikolas Paz Năm trước


  • Syco
    Syco Năm trước

    when is pbt 17 coming out

  • Mammoth Hunter123
    Mammoth Hunter123 Năm trước

    They keep changing the names....

  • Mory Keita
    Mory Keita Năm trước

    love payback time. love all there video

  • Patrick Mahoney
    Patrick Mahoney Năm trước

    i subcribed and so excited about pbt17

  • Carter Eich
    Carter Eich Năm trước

    guys sub to Carter Eich please

  • Elemental 4
    Elemental 4 Năm trước

    I was there 1st sub on this channel

  • canal do carlos eduardo

    nao sei escreve nem fala ingles mais vejo os vide

  • Typical Gamer
    Typical Gamer Năm trước

    Its my sons birthday and I want to give him a big surprise, and I know payback time 17 isn't on his birthday but I was wondering if you could make a shout out to Kaleb Riley in payback 17 because he is a huuuuuge fan.

  • AdenME AdenME
    AdenME AdenME Năm trước


  • minecraftkiller 900p
    minecraftkiller 900p Năm trước

    I LOVE payback time and i am watting for 17😀

  • Emily Gifford
    Emily Gifford Năm trước

    Hi Twin toys Payback Time HQ howe are you I am so excited to Payback time 17

  • janet miller
    janet miller Năm trước

    i Hate twin toys

    • Nerf Films
      Nerf Films Năm trước


    • minecraftkiller 900p
      minecraftkiller 900p Năm trước

      are you from 0.j ????? blitz

    • Dudely Dude Phoenix
      Dudely Dude Phoenix Năm trước

      i hate you and just shut your mouth how would you feel if you were like five or six and someone said they hated you? you would`t feel good and your bucket would be emty ever heard the story Have you filled a bucket today? I THINK YOU NEED TO

    • starwizkid
      starwizkid Năm trước

      then why are you here dumbo

  • Noah's Gaming
    Noah's Gaming Năm trước

    i subd on twin toys and here

  • Noah's Gaming
    Noah's Gaming Năm trước

    hey guys im here i subd can you sub to me plz

  • Jose De Rivera Trillo
    Jose De Rivera Trillo Năm trước


  • Jose De Rivera Trillo
    Jose De Rivera Trillo Năm trước

    juegen en labidareal PLANTS VS ZOMBIES GARDEN WARFARE 2