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  • Nghia Nguyen
    Nghia Nguyen 49 giây trước

    IM jealous of all the stuff she got... like food all fresh.. everything... for me here? nothing is fresh.. everything is from the store.. and heaven knows how long those stuff been laying there or who been touching them.. etc..

  • Kritt Vm21
    Kritt Vm21 2 phút trước

    จับไก่อย่างโหด 😁

  • Nazly Rosli
    Nazly Rosli 3 phút trước

    I recommended her channel to my mom and she's like "this girl's future husband gonna have tough time keeping up.." 😅

  • Keine Ahnung
    Keine Ahnung 4 phút trước

    Asian women are so sexy.

  • Totoro Ponyo
    Totoro Ponyo 6 phút trước

    beautiful embroidery!😍😍😍

  • Ruben Chables
    Ruben Chables 9 phút trước

    If she ...... oh Dear !!!!!!

  • Макс Куку
    Макс Куку 9 phút trước


  • Pirate Gamer GD
    Pirate Gamer GD 13 phút trước

    I want to live this type of Forest 🥰🥰😍😍

  • taryn nago
    taryn nago 14 phút trước

    she is very strong

  • I Gusti Putu Raka Surya Budiyasa

    Ur place is such a paradise, all kind of fruits are available. I love all ur videos.

  • Prithwish Tantri
    Prithwish Tantri 15 phút trước

    If a village has this kind of situations Mac and electricity and Women are so beautiful I am not coming back to city again..😍😍

  • Ros Scott
    Ros Scott 17 phút trước

    It’s lovely to watch but think about it. YouTubing is illegal in China, so is filming the country side unless you have permits. Now, who gives out these permits? The Gov and we all know about their censorship and propaganda 🙃

  • na. sa
    na. sa 18 phút trước


  • Blueflower L
    Blueflower L 19 phút trước

    brown sugar poached eggs-up yours french cuisine!

  • Макс Куку
    Макс Куку 20 phút trước


  • Shiela Cabel
    Shiela Cabel 21 phút trước

    I'd love to live like her.

  • Quyen Vlogs
    Quyen Vlogs 21 phút trước

    Quá chất

  • Mua Bán Điện Thoại Cũ
    Mua Bán Điện Thoại Cũ 21 phút trước


  • Naila Ajtuganova
    Naila Ajtuganova 23 phút trước

    What are you Liziqi hard worker🌞🌟 I respect you very much Everything you do is wonderful, purely and perfect ❤️🍀 Wabi Sabi is the idea of “obvious beauty.” "Unique beauty."

  • Thúy Nhi
    Thúy Nhi 24 phút trước

    A lot of Vietnamese people like your videos and so do I. You are famous enough to be the most prestigious newspaper in Vietnam. I wish you and grandma good health 🇻🇳

  • Montri Club
    Montri Club 24 phút trước

    I love you

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 27 phút trước

    For a second I could smell the smoke!

  • Mystery *
    Mystery * 27 phút trước

    Poor crabs

  • Kshetrimayum Brajakishwor
    Kshetrimayum Brajakishwor 28 phút trước

    Put the new video how to make chair step by step

  • Khương An
    Khương An 28 phút trước

    From Viet Nam with love ❤️

  • Najamul Hassan
    Najamul Hassan 31 phút trước

    name of this place

  • Nicole the champion
    Nicole the champion 34 phút trước

    i think i’m inlove with her

  • NFC Official
    NFC Official 34 phút trước


  • David Huang
    David Huang 35 phút trước

    葫芦兄弟原来住你家啊 哈哈哈 真棒 田园生活太棒了

  • You Ryu
    You Ryu 37 phút trước

    看子染的视频给人一种回归大自然的感觉,特别惬意。 没有像其他视频博主那么浮躁,这一点特别好。 希望能出更多好的作品! 加油!!!

  • Sư Cụ
    Sư Cụ 38 phút trước

    Gà ấp vịt là có thật

  • Less Talk, More Delicious
    Less Talk, More Delicious 38 phút trước

    Doggie! 😍✨✨

  • Sandra Horas
    Sandra Horas 39 phút trước

    I love your videos , my ancestors were from China , so i love watching your video ... its brilliant !

  • guayavita78
    guayavita78 43 phút trước

    Love that you made pico de Gallo with avocado and corn chips

  • Robert Langley
    Robert Langley 47 phút trước

    Beautiful hooded coat. Very professional work. Good video. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mahendra Debbarma
    Mahendra Debbarma 48 phút trước

    Hello beauty

  • Bostjan Sepe
    Bostjan Sepe 48 phút trước

    Li ziqi, you are an emanation of pure manifestation of all the protectors of ancient chinese culture. Truly, what you embody is beyond ordinary imagination. I cannot believe my eyes when i see your feats and accomplishments. If there are gods and goddesses existing somewhere, you are truly their most favourite and blessed daughter.

  • Bo So
    Bo So 49 phút trước

    Il admire your courage, you are best

  • Heather Paige
    Heather Paige 49 phút trước

    her hands are too unmarred for this to her real existence.

  • guayavita78
    guayavita78 53 phút trước

    Love seeing the process of rice farming

  • Naila Ajtuganova
    Naila Ajtuganova 53 phút trước

    What a hard work But how beautiful and easy she works It is very interesting to watch this distinctive calm life without phones and computers Love Liziqi and her granny and their cute animals.

    CHRIS 54 phút trước

    7.6K disliked her or her videos must be jealousy Chinese city girls LOL. These are fantastic videos you people must learn from her. She’s very famous in the worlds, especially in the US

  • Yang Ge
    Yang Ge 55 phút trước

    来自非洲的绵阳老乡默默的关注 加油 子柒

  • Stephanie Liang
    Stephanie Liang 57 phút trước

    how many of us have ever seen vegetables taken from the soil rather than from Whole Food produce section...

  • Vue Lee
    Vue Lee 58 phút trước

    Sweet videos

  • bintang rotiracing
    bintang rotiracing Giờ trước

    Bener -bener seperti dinegri dongeng ..pemandangan indah,buah -buahan yang melimpah dan suara burung..saya suka..saya suka..😍😍😍😍😍

  • Eraser Pieces
    Eraser Pieces Giờ trước

    This is the first video I've seen from this channel, she's beautiful and amazing I'm subscribing immediately.

  • madison
    madison Giờ trước

    this seems so much better than the life im living in society

  • qiu kev
    qiu kev Giờ trước


  • 陈文辉
    陈文辉 Giờ trước


  • Flipgirl Narie
    Flipgirl Narie Giờ trước

    I don't know you'd have to own a lot of land to have as much fruits , veggies and roots that she has. It's lovely but if she had kids and a full time job, this wouldn't be possible. I could only dream of being able to put those ingredients together and making something to eat. These videos at least give me some connection to nature.

  • Full Rank
    Full Rank Giờ trước

    Mr. Crabs left the chat..

  • pgalaxy
    pgalaxy Giờ trước

    I think that was a poisounous amanita you picked among the good mushrooms, one was red with white spots

  • Sk MINTU
    Sk MINTU Giờ trước

    Hard worker women.....not so easy it's hard work...best of luck mam.🥓🥗🍈🍛🍚🍽🔥🌄🌅Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • lulu naseva
    lulu naseva Giờ trước

    U teach me the true meaning of fullmoon celebration...not only holiday, going back to village, having picnic, makeup&costume. But the real real essential celebration enjoy our rice and appreciate it. We can not take, cooked, serve too much then throw it.😀

  • Alone Forever
    Alone Forever Giờ trước

    Mấy món bạn này nấu thì ng ở quê khá quen thuộc kg có gì là đặc biệt... Nhưng bạn này xik nên làm cho video trở nên thú vị 👍👍👍👍

  • lizzy williams
    lizzy williams Giờ trước

    i would love to hear the english version or subs

  • Srirani Uppalapati
    Srirani Uppalapati Giờ trước

    Nice super cooking 👌

  • Wilaiporn Sing
    Wilaiporn Sing Giờ trước


  • A S
    A S Giờ trước

    جميل ماشاء الله

  • khadeeja tahera
    khadeeja tahera Giờ trước

    sach batao yar ye kya bana rahi meko toh kuch nahi samajh aya ghass phoos kuch bhi kha lete ye log sabji ka paisa bachane ke liye tabhi toh china trakki per hai kuch seekho indian bhaiya

  • christian ramirez
    christian ramirez Giờ trước

    Por Dios ya no hay mujeres como tu eres increíble

  • Trung Hoang
    Trung Hoang Giờ trước

    Happy grandma :)

  • Héctor Mendoza
    Héctor Mendoza Giờ trước


  • Kelly Snow
    Kelly Snow Giờ trước

    Can we buy some of your food Liziqi?

  • Manasa Upadhya
    Manasa Upadhya Giờ trước

    I like to see your video... its really awesome...

  • Janett Carrion
    Janett Carrion Giờ trước

    Musica Cristiana Christian music in Spanish

  • Fong Lee
    Fong Lee Giờ trước

    LoL!!! Love the personality

  • xtian ocirabla
    xtian ocirabla Giờ trước

    I want to marry this girl

  • Blue Peacock
    Blue Peacock Giờ trước

    I wish I can live with a women like this in my life. She is probably already married though is my guess.

  • Deni Setiadi TV
    Deni Setiadi TV Giờ trước

    This is "Bung/Tunas bambu" in Indonesia 😂

  • Kavya Lakshmi
    Kavya Lakshmi Giờ trước

    Which country u

  • khadeeja tahera
    khadeeja tahera Giờ trước

    how many indian watching this and feeling so lazy about self

  • jong xiyizhi
    jong xiyizhi Giờ trước

    Little sister Ziqi, I wish you better things for the rest of your life. It doesn't matter if it's financial or happiness, or both. Live on with a smile little sister.

  • Cơm Nắm Tiểu
    Cơm Nắm Tiểu Giờ trước

    Dân tộc mìng giống tập tục chỗ c đó quá

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh Giờ trước

    Everything is good bt when u use meat in every vegetable.. It give me lot of pain... Bcz we should not dead the sweet animals...

  • Cipri ARDELEAN
    Cipri ARDELEAN Giờ trước

    Ar fi bine sa fie cu traducere in romana

  • Iron Shark
    Iron Shark Giờ trước

    This labour work is hard but very rewarding.. if I work together with you it will be easy 😙 And grandma at the end... awww!... 😊😊

  • Mystery *
    Mystery * Giờ trước

    Jesus Christ this girl works so freaking hard

  • MSR Tv
    MSR Tv Giờ trước

    You're truly amazing

    WANSA MANSA Giờ trước

    Liziqi you are the best. I love your video. It amazing 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  • Héctor Mendoza
    Héctor Mendoza Giờ trước


  • Chi Real
    Chi Real Giờ trước

    Chị này giỏi ghê

  • Ismael Rodriguez
    Ismael Rodriguez Giờ trước

    Muy bueno

  • Được Được
    Được Được Giờ trước

    Đúng là người phụ nữ đảm đang

  • nancy lee
    nancy lee Giờ trước

    Making those little rice cup cakes gives me an idea for my family gatherings...

  • TS winn Pilot
    TS winn Pilot Giờ trước

    I want one pumpkin

  • virgosintellect
    virgosintellect Giờ trước

    Wife lessons 101... Be her. ...the end.

  • mıʟɢѧu єʟʏ
    mıʟɢѧu єʟʏ Giờ trước

    La papa Es muy parecida a lo que en México conocemos como camote (No sé si es camote lo que sale en tu vídeo) Amo tu contenido 😄

    TRUNG KIÊN VLOG Giờ trước

    i love liziqi

    NU&CHERRY Giờ trước


    NU&CHERRY Giờ trước


  • ZL Elizalde
    ZL Elizalde Giờ trước

    Swerte ng mapapangasawa nya pramis

  • irkham wahdany
    irkham wahdany Giờ trước

    mau ngumpulin orang indonesia yg pengen bgt k situ ..?

  • Less Talk, More Delicious

    She always makes huge portions! I wonder who eats all the food she makes ...or, she and grandma must eat a looot! 😂

  • Janett Carrion
    Janett Carrion Giờ trước

    Musica. Christiana

  • Thuong Dang
    Thuong Dang Giờ trước

    Có ai việt nam ko điểm danh cái

  • Samuel vicclaires
    Samuel vicclaires Giờ trước

    IKEA 2.0

  • Yssa Amalia
    Yssa Amalia Giờ trước

    Youre grandma is very very lucky to have u.

  • Janett Carrion
    Janett Carrion Giờ trước

    Mucica. Critiana