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Getting In Trouble In High School! *GOOD STUDENT vs BAD STUDENT*
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Beverly Valley High School was given a historical ancient artifact by the MET in New York City to study in class but things get out of control when the rich popular girl knocks it over. The popular girl, Cinnamon, insists that if anyone tells the pri..
HIGH SCHOOL LIFE! *Rich Girl vs Normal Girl*
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High School life rich vs normal. Comparing the life of two girls. Cinnamon is the most popular and hottest girl at high school and is extremely rich. She is dressed in designer clothing and takes a limo to school. While the normal girl has to take th..
Meeting My Mom's Boyfriend *I THINK HE'S A THIEF AND A CHEATER!*
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MY MOM HAS A NEW BOYFRIEND! My mom brought home her new boyfriend to meet the family, but there is something weird about my mom's new boyfriend. I think he is cheating on her with another woman. I also caught him stealing. #MyMomsNewBoyfriend Subscri..
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It is time for PRANK WARS! Going head to head are rival classmates, Tootsie and the rich popular girl Cinnamon! Things get heated when someones hair turns blue and someone eats hot sauce. Watch to see what happens when these classmates team up with t..
Hot Popular Girl Crashes My Summer Party! *I Invited Her Ex Boyfriend!*
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The rich popular girl crashes my summer party. I did not invite her because we are not friends and she never invites me to her parties. She sneaks into my party and ruined everything. She did not like the fact her ex boyfriend showed up to my party. ..
How Psycho Jealous Girlfriends Act
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bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya Join Our Dan And Riya Family By Subscribing :) When your girlfriend is a crazy jealous freak. What length can she go to. Spying? Creeping through your phone. Some girlfriends just never learn. She might even be yo..
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bit.ly/Subscribe2Tia Become a part of the family, by Subscribing above! Halloween is almost here and I just wanted to say make sure you all stay safe this month, there are some crazies out there. Hope you enjoyed the video! SHOW TONS OF LO..
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NUTELLA SLIME TIME! We saw Roi Wassabi aka Guava Juice do the DIY Nutella Slime video and we wanted to make Nutella Slime! So we decided to by Elmer's glue, Gain Laundry Detergent and Nutella to make our our Nutella Slime. It is a super easy DIY and ..
Back To School: When You're The HOT New Girl
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If WONDER WOMAN was my therapist ft. Dan & Riya
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bit.ly/Subscribe2Tia Become a part of the family, by Subscribing above! ALSO...We hit 100k subscribers! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Hope you enjoy this video! SHOW TONS OF LOVE TO DAN & RIYA Dan & Riya's Channel: bit.ly/2dwk2AO My Soc..
Summer Sleepover! *RICH GIRL vs NORMAL GIRL*
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Sleepovers are so fun, especially when it is you and your best friend. Summer break is here so we want to enjoy our time off before school starts again! This is the difference between a normal girl and a rich girl when they have a sleepover with thei..
Different Types Of People In The Summer
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Types of people during the summer. Summer is the best time! Beach, boys, parties and unlimited Netflix! These are all the types of people during the summer. Some like to stay indoors while others love the nature and soaking in the beach sun. Subscri..
First Day Back To School *NEW HOT GIRL*
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It is the FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL and all the students are excited to go back to school, but when Tootsie and Riya want to try out for the cheerleading team, Cinnamon makes sure to make it impossible for them. New students also arrive to Beverly Val..
Things You Do When No One's Home
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Things You Do When No One's Home. Here are somethings we do when we are home alone and no one is watching us be embarrassing. Some of us get scared being home alone, some of us put on concerts when we are home alone and some of us going around the ho..
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It is time for the Beverly Valley High School Council Elections! Riya and Cinnamon both want to become president of Beverly Valley High, but who will become the new high school president? Both try to sabotage and spread rumours about each other. Subs..
The 10 Different Types of Relationships!
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The 10 Different Types of Relationships! We know so many people who are in relationships, but every couple seems to be different. We have some couples who have trust issues, and the some couples who are on and off again every other day! We have liste..
How To Make Your Girlfriend Forgive You!
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How to make your girlfriend forgive you! If she is mad at you there are a few steps you can take to hopefully fix her mood! You can cook for her, clean for her and even compliment her. They don’t always work but it’s worth a try. If that all fail..
10 Different Types Of Boyfriends
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There are so many types of boyfriends. Each guy is unique but sometimes you can categorize them. A jealous guy is always a jealous guy. Boyfriends are tough to deal with. Can't live with them can't live without them. Let us know if you know of any di..
I Spent A Night In A Haunted House! *SCARY*
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It is Halloween in high school. The popular girl, Cinnamon, tells Tootsie, Riya and Raja to stay at the haunted house. But when strange things begin to happen. The witches began making their potion and needed an eyelash of a virgin. All the students ..
How To Get Revenge On Your Ex Boyfriend
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High School CHEERLEADING TRYOUTS! *Trying To Become Popular*
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Now that school has started, it is time to try out for the Cheerleading Team. The girls (and guys) at Beverly Valley High all want to make the cheerleading team at their high school. But with Cinnamon, the popular rich girl at school, in charge, it s..
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Types of Girlfriends. There are so many different types of girlfriends. The crazy girlfriend to the emotional all the way to the super needy girlfriend. Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya Previous video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=..
Types of People On Social Media!
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50 Types of People on HALLOWEEN
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50 different types of people on halloween. There are so many types of people on halloween. From trick or treaters to DIY halloween costume makers. I hope you enjoy all the different types of people on halloween. Cinnamon throws a huge halloween party..
Types of People At Amusement Parks
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Types of people at the amusement park. Summer is here and it is time to visit your favorite theme parks! Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya Previous video: vnclip.net/video/QS-oM-5nvQg/video.html ♦ WATCH MORE: Beverly Va..
Vacation Disaster!
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I went on a family vacation with my family and my best friend. We thought we would go to a resort but my dad took us on a family camping trip in the middle of the woods. We did a lot of fun activities as a family in the woods, however we have to bewa..
White Girls Vs. Brown Girls
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White girls vs. Brown girls. Brown girls and white girls have a lot of differences here are just some. Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya Facebook: DanAndRiya ♦ WATCH MORE:t Beverly Valley High: www.you..
50 Different Types of Girls
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Every Girl is completely different. Here are 50 different types of girls. Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya Previous video: vnclip.net/video/rEPhskT8wMQ/video.html ♦ WATCH MORE: B..
What If Google Judged You
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What if every time you googled a question, google would judge you. We all turn to google for answers. Sometimes we are to embarrassed to ask our friends these questions. Therefore we go to the only place in the world we do not feel judged. Google. Go..
The WORST Breakup Ever!
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The 10 Different Types Of Girlfriends!
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The 10 different types of girlfriend. We showed you 10 different types of girlfriends in this video. There are definitely more than 10 types of girlfriends but these are some common ones. If you can think of anymore types of girlfriends make sure to ..
Different Types of Squads At School ft YouTwoTv
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Worst Times To See Your Crush
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You know those times you really do not want to seed your crush and then you end up bumping into him! Those are the most embarrassing moments ever! Like when you accidentally rip your pants bending down! Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya..
We Are Getting Married?!
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Thanks to Best Fiends for sponsoring! Download Best Fiends for FREE here: download.bestfiends.com/valentinesday and get $5 worth of gold and diamonds for FREE if you beat level 3!! Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya Previous video..
Lies All Girls Tell Their Boyfriends
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People always lie, the lies people tell all vary, but girls seem to be good at lying to their boyfriends! The types of lies they use are so good! Girls will lie when they need to get out of something especially in sex, or girls will lie when they are..
I Gave My Best Friend A Makeover *HUGE TRANSFORMATION*
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My best friend needs a makeover before the school dance. She wants to impress her date so I decided to help her. We went shopping and got her hair done. You will never believe when you see what she looks like! Her date is going to be so surprised. Ge..
When You Tell Your Boyfriend You Are Pregnant!
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bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya Join Our Dan And Riya Family By Subscribing :) Previous Video: vnclip.net/video/7DkqqcTZus0/video.html Telling your boyfriend you are pregnant is such a big deal. As long as you have a friend by your side you..
Night Routine! *Rich vs Normal*
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Different types of girls have different school night routines. Especially when you compare a rich girl vs normal girl. Nights are crazy when you have to do homework, do chores and watch Netflix before bed. However, Cinnamon invites her Ex Boyfriend o..
Types of Students
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It is exam time, so that means you have suffered an entire semester of school already. While in school you may have been faced with different types of students in your class! Whether it is in university or high school, some of the types of students y..
Types Of People At The Movies
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There are so many different types of people at the movies. Which type are you? The loud one? Or perhaps the seat saver? Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya Facebook: DanAndRiya Previous video: vnclip.net/user/wa..
Types of Drivers
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TYPES OF DRIVERS! We all know a driver that falls under one of these types of drivers, whether they have road rage, or they eat while driving, every driver does something different from the other. ENJOY this funny video on the types of drivers! LET U..
Types Of People On Christmas
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It is CHRISTMAS TIME! During the holidays we see all sorts of different types of people during Christmas. Here are a few people you might encounter during the holiday season! Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya | Previous video: yo..
When Girls See Hotter Girls
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bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya Join Our Dan And Riya Family By Subscribing :) Last Skit: vnclip.net/video/rOaHCtwI6-Q/video.html Last Vlog: vnclip.net/video/i-vJ5uj4FYE/video.html Check Out Stella's Channel!: vnclip.net/channel/UCyphepLrnK7D6QdGQB66mwQ..
When Your Best Friend Exposes Your Crush To The Entire School *SO EMBARRASSING!*
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Cinnamon is confidant and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her, but I never thought she would expose who I like in front of the entire school during lunch. It was so embarrassing. It is always scary asking a guy out. The worst is getting rejecte..
My CRUSH Comes Over For A School Project! *He's So HOT!*
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Group projects are assigned at school and when Tootsie is grouped with her love interest Daniel, things get complicated when Daniel's hot girlfriend Cinnamon gets jealous. Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya | Watch the latest: you..
The Annoying Third Wheel
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Everyone has a Third Wheel in their life at one point or another. It's always the worst when the third wheel is your best friend. You can't say no to your best friend! I hope you enjoy some of our awkward third wheel moments. Comment down below what ..
50 DIFFERENT Types of Students
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WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL! When you go back to school, you meet many different types of students. Here are 50 different types of students you meet going back to school! Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToDanAndRiya Previous video: www.youtube..
New HOT Guy At Work! *Getting Over My Crush*
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I told my crush I like him and he did not feel the same way. Now I have to get over him. The best way to get over someone is when you find someone new. There is a new cute guy at work, this may help me get over my ex boyfriend Subscribe: bit.l..