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Goodbye Grant & Micah

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  • Xuất bản 02 Th12, 2022

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  • @bang8782

    Grant and Garrett together was easily my favorite part of good good. Sucks to see him go.

  • @blakeboring4041

    Matt always finds a way to bring up his hole in one 😂

  • @dbo4506
    @dbo4506  +249

    This is life. I respect Grant and Micah for going out on their own and doing it their way how they want to. It’s all gravy bros. Just tip your hat say thank you and carry on.

  • @claytonwarren1657

    Grant leaving kills me. He was secretly my favourite.

  • @markfujitaki7932

    So sad to hear Grant has left. Unfortunately, it’s hard keeping the band together. As you get older, your lives and priorities change. It’s a part of life. Stay strong! You will all survive!

  • @DocHolliday01010

    Good good on some fishy stuff

  • @RickShielsPGA

    Shame the lads have left GoodGood!

  • @bennyray_84

    It will be tough not seeing them, but I will still stick with you guys!! I love being notified when a new video pops up!! You guys will move forward better than ever!! Makes editing easier with two less people. Honestly, watching GG has increased my love for the game, so thank you guys!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • @GStat7
    @GStat7  +1

    Ive been watching Garrett since day 1; matt stephen bubbie and the entire crew from the beginning; I gained so much respect and apreciation for you guys and what you said in this podcast; that means a lot. thank you garrett; matt; stephen; colin; max; and bubbie. I will be a fan for life because of this.

  • @saracornetet8594

    I'm glad to see the majority of you handling this with maturity and grace. It's understandable that feelings are hurt and this was unexpected and painful, but to attack Grant's loyalty was a super bummer to watch.

  • @jackgaukel108

    Sucks to see Grant and Micah go but gotta respect the decisions and feelings on both sides of the coin. Especially feel for Matt, you can tell he’s going through it right now

  • @zactorrence9590

    I was a server at topgolf for them all the time Micah and Grant and Matt were always the nicest people no matter if a camera was there or not Garrett Bubbie and Steven while I love there videos were always very rude even to the point I stopped wanting to serve them. Micah touched on Bubbies cursing and not liking his personality seems like he couldn’t get over it sometimes people disagree and can’t work together it happens. And Grant, good for Grant when rewatching his video with his dad you see the true Grant and what I saw at Topgolf all the time he loves family and wants to be in Florida throw whatever you want at me family comes before work. Good for Micah doing his own thing and good for Grant going to support his family also both are married I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt is next your wife is the most important person in your life the others don’t get it yet and it’s ok.

  • @leroyrodgers6089

    Garrett has never once given himself a shred of credit for anything I swear. The dude literally started all of this. Unbelievably humble.

  • @joshuacourt6741

    Nothing but love boys!

  • @scratchniowa3553

    They both will be missed. You guys are awesome and I’ll always follow good good. I am always waiting with anticipation for the next video.

  • @KingAnything

    Rooting Hard for you guys!! Will support Good Good till the end!!!

  • @Zeddicus

    Everyone had a team at one point in their life, whether it was a sports team, a team in a company or literally a group of friends getting together playing games. But not everything or everyone can stay the same, people grow and it's alright, you're developing your story and they're developing theirs. Remember the good times yous had and create more memories like that. So long my friend, we shall meet when our tales intertwine once more.

  • @filprocter7318

    I will definitely be following him and his smile, Grant has the best attitude, it truly helped me with mine.

  • @stephenkelly2713

    I knew Micah was leaving but I am really shocked by the fact that Grant left.

  • @jimrabideau9929

    Shocked that Grant and Micah left they will be missed and can't say enough on how much I enjoyed watching you guys play. I'm sure Good Good will continue and maybe bring on a couple of new golfers. It seems that this group above is together and will continue on with Good Good. Can't wait for some new incomers and Good Good golf I really enjoyed watching you guys