Ole Outlasted Poch & Emery | Manchester United vs Aston Villa Tactical Preview

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  • Xuất bản 30 Th11, 2019
  • Ole has outlasted his two main rivals for this season, Poch & Emery, heres my predicted XI and tactics for this weekends game vs Aston Villa at Old Trafford!
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  • Incendiary
    Incendiary 4 ngày trước

    He said james will do mings but mings outpaced James 😳😳😳

  • UTDHawls08
    UTDHawls08 5 ngày trước

    Garbage, we have no clue... championship sides, and we have shipped 5 goals..... This is the side that has strengthened their defense!

  • Brian Stirland
    Brian Stirland 6 ngày trước

    ole just can't cut old on braking news ole just been transferred to port Talbot to clean dog shit up his tactics Wil be useful with his new brush he'll be making a clean sweep of the oposioun

  • malcolm booth
    malcolm booth 6 ngày trước

    Just sack ole monday

  • Jamie Longley
    Jamie Longley 6 ngày trước

    Play Aston villa on the 31st November, made me double check the calendar then lol.

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 6 ngày trước

    "Ole has outlasted Emery and Poch" All that means is their boards were quicker to act to try and save their club.

  • Johnny bravo
    Johnny bravo 6 ngày trước

    Why not martial in 10 and greenwood striker give the lad the chances he will finish them

  • C15 banter
    C15 banter 6 ngày trước

    Ole “outlasting” poch and emery only shows the lack of ambition from our board and nothing more

  • Jimmy Knizzle
    Jimmy Knizzle 6 ngày trước

    Because Spurs and Arsenal are more ambitious and don’t want to just keep the cash coming through the door

  • Ciaran McCormack
    Ciaran McCormack 6 ngày trước

    Oh yeah ole isn't a year into his united contract yet he outlasted a manger who yas there for 5/6 years and emery who was there for nearly 2. 😂😂

  • Abhishai B
    Abhishai B 6 ngày trước

    Id rather have 3 forwards who would help each other out in getting goals over 1 out and out striker. Liverpool is a great example. Our 2008 CL winning side was a great example.

  • Nash
    Nash 6 ngày trước

    Outlast ole changed the meaning of this word... I dont think he outlasted coz of his intelligence or genius, he had proved he isn't in that genius bracket when he told d board no need to replace Lukaku n sign striker...
    Board is happy dis guy doesn't have balls to demand new players.
    There is no comparison to Poch, Spurs were crazy not to support him in transfer market n more crazy to sack him... once Jose leaves for sure he will sooner or later Spurs will never able to get a coach like poch...

  • lucky Picciri
    lucky Picciri 6 ngày trước

    Ole has not been a premier league coach for as long as Poch and Emery. Give Ole time. Time to get sacked

    • Don Ragnar
      Don Ragnar 6 ngày trước

      Ole has been a coach for over a decade and only achieved at Molde which is the equivalent of League 1/League 2. Ole was given time with Cardiff in the Championship after getting them relegated and he achieved fuck all. His win percentage at Cardiff was under 30%.
      Ole’s win percentage at United is still under 30%.
      Ole told us in the summer: “I have the money but the right player isn’t available” - so he extends Mata instead of buying Fernandes or Tielemans.
      He also stated emphatically that he didn’t need new players because “the youth are ready” - Youth players that should have beaten Astana, a League 2 equivalent team with a transfer record of £300k.
      Ole’s a shit coach/manager who’s flexing politician level verbal gymnastics.

  • Devashan Pillay
    Devashan Pillay 6 ngày trước

    The hierarchy i doing everything possible to keep utd outside the top 4. Its that simple

  • Ray Karyym
    Ray Karyym 6 ngày trước +1

    Feel like you keep selling James Garner short. He was playing a lot of the forward threaded passes into the final third especially into Jesse Lingard. Watching that game and having seen them in youth teams I feel like they are a classic throwback midfield, one sits when one pushes forward, but they both have similar attributes in that they can both sit and both push forward

  • J Brew
    J Brew 6 ngày trước

    Martial has been playing great imo. Last match he rarely got service and was important to our comeback

  • Erik Anders
    Erik Anders 6 ngày trước

    I hope that you are aware of that Daniel James hasn’t scored in 14 games and you are taking like he is sterling he is gonna rip mings 14 games without a goal for a winger that’s shocking

  • Erik Anders
    Erik Anders 6 ngày trước

    I really don’t know what you are talking about Tyrone mings is not a fullback so him and Daniel James won’t get at each other one and one and Tyrone mings is not a old fashion defender he is a good on the ball and he is quick he got in to the England squad don’t disrespecting you but it feels like you are just saying think about Aston Villa just be honest you don’t know anything about them

  • J Brew
    J Brew 6 ngày trước +4

    When DJ plays on the right he assists when he plays on the left he scores 😂

  • Hamza Suleman
    Hamza Suleman 6 ngày trước

    Ole is a shit manager. Out of his depth! Are we still believing he’s the right man because of his first 12 games? Jeeeeez talk about delusion.

  • Jack Bostock
    Jack Bostock 6 ngày trước

    Think you may be under estimating Mings a bit in that Dan James segment

  • Darren Brown
    Darren Brown 6 ngày trước

    🤭 huge fan of the channel but dumb title. Poch has been at Spurs since i cant remember exactly 😮. Ole wont be here much longer unfortunately. Poch is a fantastic manager, hopefully will end up at United

  • Phil Figari
    Phil Figari 6 ngày trước +1

    I'm guessing you haven't watched Tyrone Mings too much. No way can you dismiss him as an old fashioned centre half, and he is in no way a thug.

    • Morty Smith
      Morty Smith 6 ngày trước

      Tell that to Ibrah and Oliviera.

  • jeffisontheair
    jeffisontheair 7 ngày trước +1

    Don’t be quick to dismiss Mings, mate. He’s a large part of the reason we were promoted back to the Prem. He’s earned his spot in the England squad as well.

  • Fez Hun
    Fez Hun 7 ngày trước

    I support Ole but lets be real if he gets the sack Woodward will look even more so a complete idiot as he already looks.
    That’s why as long as we not relegation spot he will definitely last a season. He should never been given the job until the very end of last season.

  • Michael Marshall
    Michael Marshall 7 ngày trước

    Attack Brandon Williams and inside Bassaka to get at your central defenders... Williams getting sent off Villa for the win UTV

  • Bernhard Reknes
    Bernhard Reknes 7 ngày trước

    Good as always

  • Wild Camping Ireland
    Wild Camping Ireland 7 ngày trước

    If you are coming to Dublin, Stay away from Temple Bar, Find the pub of Grafton St, Brussels , Its Got a statue of Phil Lynott out side , Nice part of the city if you get what I mean ;-)

  • Kslater23
    Kslater23 7 ngày trước +2

    Poch. 5th, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd. How consistent has Poch been? He has the acumen what he hasnt had is a refresh of the squad or investment. He made tottenham a place Jose would go. Talk to him now and have him take over in the summer.

  • Stan McDonald
    Stan McDonald 7 ngày trước

    Ole outlasted them both and he’s been shit longer .... that says something about this club and how it’s ran

  • jackie moon
    jackie moon 7 ngày trước +2

    Mata is old af he's got the athletic ability of a toblerone. Done out ere. Great hair tho

    • Tom Jones
      Tom Jones 6 ngày trước

      jackie moon he is not even that old its just United's coaching and fitness is a shambles most players are finished at their best by 35. However players like Rooney,Mata and Matic all top players are becoming finished surprisingly at 29 and 31.

  • jaybillyjosh
    jaybillyjosh 7 ngày trước +1

    love the way you put stuff, it creases me

  • Callum Pettitt
    Callum Pettitt 7 ngày trước +9

    People quickly forget how the likes of Marcus were playing when Martial was injured. He makes us far better whether he's firing himself or not imo

    • Aidan Garner
      Aidan Garner 6 ngày trước +1

      Callum Pettitt that was more due to Rashford playing as a striker when he’s better on the left.

  • m1noz
    m1noz 7 ngày trước +2

    Trent Alexander-Arnold with another 2 assists today on Big Virgils head. Howson will tell you Wan-Bissaka is the better RB, tho. Comical insight. Wan-Bissaka got bullied by big Josh King like a school girl.

    • Mazzina's
      Mazzina's 6 ngày trước

      Looooooooool ,bissaka is a better out an out defender though, but that's about it

  • norfo
    norfo 7 ngày trước +4

    Tyrone Mings walks into this United team, better than Maguire, no danger

    • Erik Anders
      Erik Anders 6 ngày trước +1

      norfo 100 percent agree

  • . Rashad from Egypt
    . Rashad from Egypt 7 ngày trước

    Because those clubs have standards any other club and ole would’ve been gone in the summer after our atrocious end to the season

    • Kahir M
      Kahir M 7 ngày trước

      People like howson must be on the payroll to continually support this clown. None of them are dumb

  • croz box
    croz box 7 ngày trước

    mate you need to chill out creaming over youth as if everyone is the ext big thing. years of these players that you eventually stop mentioning

    • Don Ragnar
      Don Ragnar 6 ngày trước

      The vast majority of that youth will fade into obscurity. Greenwood, Williams, Gomes (if he doesn’t leave), Laird will probably maintain first team rotation - Greenwood is at risk of not reaching his full potential because our coach is rubbish.

  • Poppin grg
    Poppin grg 7 ngày trước

    With Martial, it's up to him. He has the talent but talent itself is not enough.

  • Brume Jabs
    Brume Jabs 7 ngày trước

    13 games into the league and United have won only 4 games. Pathetic.

  • ryley byrd
    ryley byrd 7 ngày trước +4

    I think if you put mc tominay and pogba next to dylan levvit he would do amazing things with his control and passing I believe his physicality won’t be a issue with those 2 next to him , for example look at verrati 5’5 and world class

  • Harry Stokes
    Harry Stokes 7 ngày trước +3

    Ole outlasted them because he is a smoke screen for your board, not because he is a better coach

  • Luke Matthew
    Luke Matthew 7 ngày trước +1

    Yeah!!! Ole is the underdog... he'll get us to 29-5-4-92pts mark my words at least 1 knock out competition cup wins

  • ewnetu aberra
    ewnetu aberra 7 ngày trước

    Nothing is a surprise any more with this clueless board and our dear CEO/DOF

  • Rocky Rampersad
    Rocky Rampersad 7 ngày trước +1

    That's because at this moment Spurs an Arsenal have more ambition than United. They actually want to win trophies, the board of these clubs listens to their fans time to time.Both Poch and Unai are classes above Ole it's just we choose to back the wrong manger when we had Van Gaal an Mourinho.

    DEEKSHITH N S 7 ngày trước +1

    What if put AWB as CDM and Laird as RB and then Levitt with Fred or mctominay or mata

    • Niandra
      Niandra 7 ngày trước

      And AWB doesn’t have the positioning or concentration for midfield

    • J K
      J K 7 ngày trước

      Laird ain't ready for this shit. We saw that against the farmers team.

  • Tay Fluskey
    Tay Fluskey 7 ngày trước

    Ste mate, when we getting more of the pizza content with Ben?

  • Joe
    Joe 7 ngày trước +1

    you need to do your research properly before making videos like this lad

  • Romario Lawrence
    Romario Lawrence 7 ngày trước

    El Ghazi is playing better than Grealish ATM

  • merry Derry
    merry Derry 7 ngày trước +3

    Still think pocettino is the better option

  • Julian Musson
    Julian Musson 7 ngày trước +1

    Need to swap Lindelof and Maguire in the graphic.

  • Nikola Simonovski
    Nikola Simonovski 7 ngày trước +3

    The title will definitely boil piss. I love it

  • Beefy Mario
    Beefy Mario 7 ngày trước +1

    Outlasted because people are deluded enough to believe Ole is anything other than a cheapsmokescreen for Woodwood and Glazers. Ole is a fucking shite manager that deserves to be sacked today.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 7 ngày trước +4

    Martials problem is his head. Whether it's not having the brains to understand and communicate or focusing on something off the pitch. Either way he's never fully focused on the game

    • Bill Mwika
      Bill Mwika 7 ngày trước

      100% I've noticed that.

  • David Leat
    David Leat 7 ngày trước +9

    He’s ‘outlasted’ because people are deluded. Hung up that he played for the team

    • David Leat
      David Leat 6 ngày trước +1

      Niandra so you exactly wanted to be in this league position? Exactly - no changes. Wow that is amazing

    • Niandra
      Niandra 7 ngày trước

      Even if he wasn’t an ex player, this is exactly what I’ve wanted the united manager to be doing for the last few years.
      We’ve done manager merry go round, yall just need to chill out and see what happens over the next few years. Just chill out and enjoy the process for once.

    • Bill Mwika
      Bill Mwika 7 ngày trước

      Spot on!

  • Jonathan Ball
    Jonathan Ball 7 ngày trước +3

    My biggest problem with United & this also included how the youth played midweek, we’re just too safe and slow.... Slow in decision making, Slow to buildup, slow to press, slow to support, slow to the second ball, slow to close down around our own box... Why James, Rashford and Martial do well because they’re quick, everyone else behind them is stuck in slow and safe mode...

  • Shane Bermingham
    Shane Bermingham 7 ngày trước

    Quick maths 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • EyeInTheSky
    EyeInTheSky 7 ngày trước +4

    This is no achievement ffs. This should beg the question why 2 managers who have teams well above us in the league with better results are getting sacked yet somehow it's a win for United?
    We should have higher standards then both those clubs combined. If we thought our standars were dropping and the bar was being lowered then this video is the equivalent of laying the bar on the ground...

    • arthurofus
      arthurofus 7 ngày trước +1

      @J K i honestly see progress in patterns, confidence. youth implementation, having a transfer plan, our transfers actually being the few good players of our squad and a lot more

    • J K
      J K 7 ngày trước

      @arthurofus we are not progressing in any other way. So it doesn't matter

    • arthurofus
      arthurofus 7 ngày trước +1

      I mean if you think progress is only winning games that's kinda stupid

  • DevilGames
    DevilGames 7 ngày trước

    Levitt should be given a couple games on the first team. Chong, Gomes and Garner on loan.

  • Les Silkowski
    Les Silkowski 7 ngày trước

    I don't know if it's just a Sean Dyche thing or not but Tom Heaton has - as well as having blunders at Old Trafford - been the biggest time-wasting twat goalkeeper I've seen in the last few years. Here's hoping the fans let the referee know about it as early as possible in the match so that he has to cut it out.

    • Les Silkowski
      Les Silkowski 7 ngày trước

      Typo: blinders not blunders! Definitely had a couple of BLINDERS at Old Trafford recently!

  • Tom Le Quelenec
    Tom Le Quelenec 7 ngày trước +4

    levitt mctominay and pogba. class little midfield that is