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  • Xuất bản 03 Th12, 2022

NHẬN XÉT • 9 772

  • Nate Briskey

    How did vikk find a way to absolutely kill it in both songs? 💀💀

  • ~SAM~
    ~SAM~  +11

    Randy is an absolute genius btw...To understand the meme, and drops perfectly to sync with them was amazing

  • Sadss
    Sadss  +9

    their reactions to each others songs at the end literally made this whole video, i absolutely love these people

  • Dana
    Dana  +2

    The this or that song-making process was single-handedly the funniest thing ever.

  • Lizzie Austen

    Both songs achieved exactly what each set out to do, it’s actually impressive

  • Centralplayer-YT

    The cut to Simon spinning after the “To be fair though” drop is the best part of the video 😂😂

  • Val
    Val  +32

    I like how Harry and JJ immediately do something controversial in their groups 🤣

  • Becca Lou

    I’ve replayed viks part so many times. Individually everyone’s reaction is so pure. Love their friendships 🥰🥰

  • Lee White
    Lee White  +279

    It's actually crazy impressive how both these songs compliment each other… This or That being about getting the wrong gifts and how awful Santa is and then Christmas Drilling being about not getting gifts until your birthday cause they killed the awful Santa

  • thesandi king

    This or That was better at

  • Feira
    Feira  +152

    harry from

  • Carmen Mo
    Carmen Mo  +272


  • Ian Leo
    Ian Leo  +9

    Simon: If at least one of them don't stand up, then our song sucks

  • Rugged Thread


  • Breab
    Breab  +272

    The transition from the 100k team eating to Randy looking like he's having a seizure is killing me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Matt Turner

    How wholesome is KON tho, thanking them and stuff for doing great as he designed everything, love that

  • Reid Crews
    Reid Crews  +175


  • A Bunny
    A Bunny  +4

    The good team made an incredible song but the bad team created a masterpiece that will overcome the test of time

  • Panabe Family

    Best part of this whole video is them hyping each other’s songs when they listened to them! Also I don’t normally watch very long VNclip videos like I don’t normally watch an 1 hour of a whole video but every time I watch Sidemen they always make the content very enjoyable! Oh and one final thing is that both songs are honestly very interesting and cool