Things Only Adults Notice In He-Man

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  • Xuất bản 17 Th11, 2019
  • The kids who watched the original Masters of the Universe cartoons are well into adulthood now and some might notice that the show isn't quite what they remember from back in the day. Here are some of the bizarre, hilarious and worrying things that only adults will notice in He-Man's adventures.
    Being so distracted by all the thrilling action and scary monsters, most kids didn't care about the ideology that fueled He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: capitalism. But present-day parents who are all too used to their kids begging for toys they've seen on TV now recognize that one of the main purposes of the He-Man cartoon was to move merchandise. The show kicked off an action figure craze in the '80s, selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of toys, and every episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe served as its own 30-minute ad.
    Many episodes would introduce some never-before-seen character, who just so happened to be now available in action figure form at toy stores. These characters all seemed to possess a unique ability or feature that, conveniently enough, really popped when molded in plastic. Take Mekaneck or Buzz-Off, for example two characters who can only possibly have been conceived so as to make up a shortfall in the merch budget. There's no other explanation.
    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was obviously heavily inspired by other shows and movies. After all, a muscle-bound guy in a loincloth fighting monsters in a strange world? That's some straight-up Conan the Barbarian stuff right there. And that's fine Conan itself borrowed plenty of sci-fi and fantasy tropes, and He-Man does the same. That's just how media works.
    It's just that adults will notice He-Man's cribbing is especially lazy. "He-Man" itself is an old phrase that means "manly-man", while other hastily named characters include a skeleton named "Skeletor" and a sorceress named "The Sorceress."
    But at least those are mostly innocuous examples. Some of the other He-Man characters have names that, well let's just say they take on a different dimension once you're all grown up. Isn't that right, Fisto? Keep watching the video to catch the things only adults notice in He-Man.
    Sell, sell, sell | 0:17
    Lazy names | 1:15
    Baring it all | 2:13
    Meh-Man | 3:01
    Horrible bosses | 4:01
    Shortcuts | 5:07
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  • Looper
    Looper  28 ngày trước +5

    Do you think he should have gotten his own solo movie?

    • ClarkeMarek
      ClarkeMarek 28 ngày trước +1

      @Chuck Chilla Meh. My memory's blurred of it. I'd look it up on youtube, but I don't need the nightmares.

    • Chuck Chilla
      Chuck Chilla 28 ngày trước +1

      ClarkeMarek Yeah it was

    • ClarkeMarek
      ClarkeMarek 28 ngày trước +1

      He did. Kind of sucked. But it wasn't that bad when you're a kid.

  • Greg Evans
    Greg Evans 3 ngày trước

    Lol, just a thought, what would he-man have been like if this reviewer had made it? Very funny to imagine that!

  • Greg Evans
    Greg Evans 3 ngày trước

    I made a mistake clicking on this. Should've figured the critiques would be sjw n nature. It was a cartoon with moral lessons attached, the toyline fostered innovation and interest in science and nature. But people will find something wrong with anything these days

  • chkchrycla
    chkchrycla 8 ngày trước

    Video should be called "Talking shit about He-man for 6 minutes"

  • KanishQ Quotes
    KanishQ Quotes 11 ngày trước

    Capitalism... Really?
    Every fictional TV show ultimately exists for making money
    Unrealistic standards of beauty... You must be so bitter

  • dsgarland
    dsgarland 13 ngày trước

    Maybe they’re in such great shape because they are constantly fighting for their lives? I’m certain no one at looper has watched an entire episode before passing judgement on the entire series.

  • Cid Sapient
    Cid Sapient 17 ngày trước

    lol capitalism doesnt encourage ppl to buy crap they dont need thats called consumerism
    and the majority of these criticisms have more to do with todays standards
    back then soap operas were considered quality programming and shows like dallas were given awards
    so obviously a cartoon aimed at children that only care about the action and comedy is not going to be very good
    the majority of new cartoons are not much better when held to these same standards
    and one would argue that disney is the worst exploiter of consumerism in existence
    also no cartoons like this killed ppl when we were kids so thats the reason he-man always let skeletor go
    it was about teaching kids to be the greater person and to not become the animal
    not about keeping the show going, thats fkn moronic

  • Joseph Rabozzi
    Joseph Rabozzi 20 ngày trước


  • Aidan Jowett
    Aidan Jowett 20 ngày trước +1

    Meh it's just a wacky 80's cartoon!

  • Keith Kemper
    Keith Kemper 24 ngày trước

    This was just lame

  • iwasanangryyoungman
    iwasanangryyoungman 24 ngày trước

    1:46 Mattel got to developing He-Man only after losing the license to launch a toyline based on the R-rated Conan the Barbarian franchise

  • wondercoolguy
    wondercoolguy 24 ngày trước

    This crazy feminist can't even quote He-man saying he was the powerful MAN in the universe, he's the most powerful "individual" hahahaha.

    ENOCH WAS RIGHT 24 ngày trước +1

    I loved this when I was a kid 😆 😆 😆 now I'm an even bigger kid I like it even more
    😆 😆 😆

  • Acidrain82
    Acidrain82 25 ngày trước

    Watched he-man as a kid preferred voltron toys

  • Edmund Bloxam
    Edmund Bloxam 25 ngày trước

    Just occurred to me from this video that all the male characters have the same basic body shape (muscly, etc.) and the women have the same body shape. Then I remembered my He Man toys. Each torso and leg part on each toy is identical. This therefore made it easier to mass produce.
    Mmm, creative nothingness.

    • Edmund Bloxam
      Edmund Bloxam 25 ngày trước

      It also meant you could pull the legs of and reattach them to other figures. I thought for years that the character with the silly helmet floated around, cos my toy was missing legs (until I pulled them off another one)

  • JAG - the Panzer - GEMINI
    JAG - the Panzer - GEMINI 25 ngày trước

    2 things:
    First, the toys were AWSOME
    And 2nd.. He Man is like Batman. He does not kill, he PROTECCS!

  • Daniel Caedmon
    Daniel Caedmon 25 ngày trước

    But at least there was an important moral lesson at the end of each episode.

  • puro rok
    puro rok 25 ngày trước

    It's based on the aryan race. 1st he gets his powers from a light ming bolt hence the ss bolts 2nd when he gets his powers he turns blonde and powerful 3rd his body armor has the iron cross on it 4th his cat turns green and is called the battle cat which is what the nazi party called their green tanks 5th they worship a female winged sorceress just like the occult practices by nazis there's plenty more too much for me to put her..but yea check it out n see for ur self u will probably notice things that I havent

  • R R
    R R 26 ngày trước

    Rediculous ! It was just a popular cartoon. Of course they have the toys to go with it.

  • Matt Wylie
    Matt Wylie 26 ngày trước

    You've missed the biggest one of all! Castle Grayskull sat over the abyss! So where did He-man get his powers from?

  • Dave Ro
    Dave Ro 26 ngày trước

    No mention of he man being a gay gentleman?

  • d19xx
    d19xx 26 ngày trước

    Not fat = unrealistic standard

    Sure thing tubby...

  • Jamie Woolaway
    Jamie Woolaway 27 ngày trước

    he-man could never kill anyone. they were not allowed to show that sort of violence. it was a show with a moral message.

  • Arnett Edwards
    Arnett Edwards 27 ngày trước +1

    The background music is cool..anyone knows the name of it?

    • AK
      AK 13 ngày trước

      I don't know but it is some kind of a stock music that a lot of videos use.

    KEIRAN GARVEY 27 ngày trước

    Its a business after all... cartoons and merchandise go together like kids and cartoons surprisingly enough..

  • Henrey
    Henrey 27 ngày trước +1

    You don’t need 4 hours a day to lift weights to look like He-Man! Dexter Jackson, who is a 1 time Mr. Olympia winner and still is in the Mr. Olympia contest as contestant this past year 2019, came in 4th place. Said, he only workouts 1 hour a day! So if that’s true, 1 all need is 1 hour a day! Dexter is 50 now. Not to mention, he could be on steroids like the rest of them but if he is not on steroids even working out 4 hours day may not work out as well any way! You need the genetics and a 1 hour workout should suffice👍🏻✌🏻

    • AK
      AK 13 ngày trước

      @Henrey no problem mate

    • Henrey
      Henrey 13 ngày trước

      AK oh ok 😀😁 I don’t remember the whole video so I I didn’t realize! No Hard feelings! Take care👍🏻✌🏻

    • AK
      AK 13 ngày trước

      @Henrey I wasn't insulting you lol, I was referring to the things said in the video

    • Henrey
      Henrey 13 ngày trước

      AK no I mean they’re talking about the males doing four hours days not the females!

    • AK
      AK 13 ngày trước

      @Henrey they mentioned it.

  • Tamu Malone
    Tamu Malone 27 ngày trước


  • Freddy Couples
    Freddy Couples 27 ngày trước

    This video was shit and I regret watching it.

  • Aleekat79
    Aleekat79 27 ngày trước


  • Daniel Bourke
    Daniel Bourke 27 ngày trước +2

    He man was approached about why he never brought himself to kill Skeletor, and he said it was against his personal beliefs to see value in all life. With demigod strength, supernatural powers, it's beneath someone of that status to reduce themselves to killing. It also helps that revealed in the lore, you learn that Skeletor is Adam's distant uncle Keldor who became disfigured in another dimension. It would have broken He man's heart if he learned much later that he killed Adam's uncle.

    As for the body types, you forgot to mention that the master molds for characters were expensive to make, so they could only work with one body type. It also didn't help that Filmation was never given major funding from Mattel for the show, and that's why a lot of the animation was reused Rotoscoped animations.

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina 27 ngày trước

    Mommy I want he man action figures

  • Reaper
    Reaper 27 ngày trước

    I had the majority of merchandise mentioned. I had long blond hair at one point as well, I should have done this for Halloween as a joke.

  • Brydon
    Brydon 27 ngày trước

    Looking at the likes of He-Man and Thundercats that I watched religiously as a bairn, it's no wonder I'm gay XD

  • Marcus Smiley
    Marcus Smiley 27 ngày trước

    I don't think he deserves a movie

  • beefyoso
    beefyoso 27 ngày trước

    capitalism? unionize? recycle? this video is a load of whiny leftist bullshit.

  • Greg Katz
    Greg Katz 27 ngày trước

    Wasted my time on this one.
    Very weak. Everyone knows this cartoon was a glorified toy commercial but it still doesn’t mean Masters Of The Universe isn’t great.
    Nothing wrong with capitalism either.
    Should’ve skipped this one.

    • AK
      AK 13 ngày trước

      It was still put together by a talented team of artists and designers. Making a profit and art are not mutually exclusive things.

  • Augusto Cabrera
    Augusto Cabrera 27 ngày trước +2

    He Man was cool, not full of SJW non sense, or wokeness, it was a simple good show. This video, is well biased by today’s triggered - culture, you really want to back in time and destroy our childhood? Nah... lazy AF

  • Cathy
    Cathy 28 ngày trước

    Well this video was a complete waste of time.... nothing significant was mentioned that I didn't already figure out in the 80's.

    MARZ MCAHL 28 ngày trước

    I watched all of he-man when I was younger. As a adult took time his symbol on his chest he-man it's a white supremacists symbol. Sad how they did this just like as a child Duke of Hazzard Confederate flag ontop smfh. These writer knew what they was doing.

      MARZ MCAHL 11 ngày trước

      @AK happy you shouldn't be see with people they want to be right so bad. In fact he-man came in the late 80's right. So around 30's the Nazi regime used it as neo-nazi white supremacists symbol and it's been commonly used as a hate symbol ever since. So you are wrong it is a symbol of white Supremacy. Now whatever it was it isn't after 1930 and he-man had that symbol on his chest as white Supremacy. Lastly it may be garbage but go look at Dolph Lundgren he-man do he have it. If it wasn't about white Supremacy he would of wear it on his chest specially at that time

    • AK
      AK 13 ngày trước

      I'm happy to tell you that you are misinformed. The iron cross is not a "white supremacist symbol" and it is still employed by the german military. Germany has VERY strict laws against the public display of nazi symbolism and things of that nature. It is only considered a nazi symbol when paired with the swastika.

  • Seiferboy Gaming
    Seiferboy Gaming 28 ngày trước

    I still have my original He-Man (and all others) action figures!

  • PhantomFilmAustralia
    PhantomFilmAustralia 28 ngày trước +3

    The new "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" movie will be called, "Gender-Fluid and the Equilibrium of the Centre of my Universe".

  • lormendi
    lormendi 28 ngày trước

    This video blows. Have a thumbs down.

  • Jerod Overfield
    Jerod Overfield 28 ngày trước

    A planet where every man is it professional bodybuilder and every woman have the body of a supermodel and they like to wear fur shorts

  • Daimon ArlovskI
    Daimon ArlovskI 28 ngày trước

    Ya so what all cartoons back in the day would advertise their toys. Also Heman & Masters of the Universe ended up being far more popular than Conan. & Heman & the masters essentially are almost like God's fighting in a different world Eternia so they gotta look the part it's no different than any superhero movie with attractive female heroines and male heroes. No body wants a fat superhero unless its strictly a comedy, would you want batman 50lbs over wieght with a double chin, honestly?
    Also heman stood for something alot more than just a toy advertisement for kids. It symbolized the best person that you could be and always lead by example, show empathy, compassion, be brave, & confident, & to never give up on one self. Funny how they dont discuss any of that in here.

  • AngelDRose
    AngelDRose 28 ngày trước

    You need to rewatch She-ra. I’m pretty sure that show is the reason I’m Gay 😂😂😂😂

  • Maverick Hunter K
    Maverick Hunter K 28 ngày trước

    Wait, what's so unrealistic about those women?

    • AK
      AK 13 ngày trước +1

      Anything thinner than Tess Holiday is obviously not real and an assault on women

    • Daniel Bourke
      Daniel Bourke 27 ngày trước +1

      I love how they say it's unrealistic even though the animations were rotoscoped off of real women, and men. It's almost like looper rushed this one out the door.

  • Frankie Norbert Steiner
    Frankie Norbert Steiner 28 ngày trước

    Did they infringe on the Lil Rascals " He-man" Woman Haters Club"?

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby 28 ngày trước +2

    He man kicked butt and the chicks on the show were super hot!

  • Rj Rao
    Rj Rao 28 ngày trước +3

    Wasted 7 minutes watching this! 🙄

  • johnlynem
    johnlynem 28 ngày trước +1

    this video is lame and easily picked apart, but not worth the time.

  • Zen Brown
    Zen Brown 28 ngày trước +5

    Say what u want its still way better than Netflix She Ra

  • Infinite Communities
    Infinite Communities 28 ngày trước +3

    Please fact check your videos better these are getting as bad as the ms mojo videos. anything for a click watch and like right?

  • Keith Kemper
    Keith Kemper 28 ngày trước +3

    Stupid woman that did this review
    The Sorceresses real name is Zoar

    • Keith Kemper
      Keith Kemper 19 ngày trước

      @Infinite Communities You idiot Im talking about when shes the Sorceress not when she was Teela na

    • mummra7
      mummra7 26 ngày trước

      @Infinite Communities dam i was just gonna say that!!! stole my thunder!!

    • Infinite Communities
      Infinite Communities 28 ngày trước

      you are wrong its Teela Na early comics thus teela is her daughter as well

  • edge scarborough
    edge scarborough 28 ngày trước +1

    I don't get the point if this video. The point of comics and super heroes in general is that they are SUPER, better than us. Ideology? Lot of propaganda and anti-male entertainment is in full force today. Masculinity is bad for men, but it's okay for women to behave like men? Did a socialist make this video? I grew up in the 80s, and i still enjoy He Man today, on DVD. Transformers. Voltron. Capitol ism is fine. Greed is bad. Anyway, compare He-Man and video game violence of today, and He Man is a problem???

  • 1Me
    1Me 28 ngày trước +13

    This was a time when kids were kids, men were men, women were women, and finally cartoons were cartoons :-)

    • Matt Pike
      Matt Pike 28 ngày trước +1

      This comment deserves more likes than the video has.

  • 1Me
    1Me 28 ngày trước

    I feel old watching this but also weirdly young :-)

  • KtherealJ
    KtherealJ 28 ngày trước +27

    Isn't everything capitalism
    Damn they really overanalyzed this one

      ENOCH WAS RIGHT 24 ngày trước +1

      KtherealJ KISS being the worse on the music scene 😝

  • TEDdotcom
    TEDdotcom 28 ngày trước +4

    Nothing wrong with the He-Man. Looper just needed a video to show and find faults with an 80s kids show.

  • Pablo Mzk
    Pablo Mzk 28 ngày trước +5

    I never believed in "that show was made just to sells toys" statement, It was made to get audience on tv.

  • Michal Brat
    Michal Brat 28 ngày trước +4

    The most awkward thing was when years later I have found out what "hymen" is and that the pronunciation is the same 😅

    • ShastaHawk
      ShastaHawk 25 ngày trước +2

      So you're saying that you don't know difference between Hy-men and HE-Man? You're either trolling for attention or you're just dumb.