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Lee Seung Gi has a typical rich portfolio [Master in the House Ep 161]

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  • Xuất bản 03 Th03, 2021


  • Sarah Wilder
    Sarah Wilder Năm trước +457

    In Seung-gi's case, when you have Master's degrees in Marketing and Trade Theory as well as Finance and Cultural Contents, a good investment portfolio is essential.

  • Jess L
    Jess L Năm trước +60

    Seunggi is so rich but so down to earth and thats one of his biggest charms

  • adfhgfgjg
    adfhgfgjg Năm trước +46

    something that makes seung gi so nice is his humility, he can be a rich guy, but he's down to earth

  • Grateful579
    Grateful579 Năm trước +207

    He'll never run out of money his whole life and can even provide well for his future family. This is why you are a role model to many. Lee Seung Gi is the best.👍👍👍👍

  • Rhiza Jhane
    Rhiza Jhane Năm trước +35

    Seung Gi is brilliant in managing his resources and investments. He's a typical rich man. 😍

  • Richard Ong
    Richard Ong Năm trước +374

    There's a post before that LSG owns 10 or more bank accounts. His parents were both banker,his father was a branch manager when he was a child. He was awarded before and recognized by the president of Korea for his smart attitude in saving money at a young age.

  • Annie Y.
    Annie Y. Năm trước +187

    I laughed so hard when DiCaprio showed up. It’s him smirking and be like ‘yea that’s right, I’m rich’ 😎🤑

  • Maj Ruby
    Maj Ruby Năm trước +53

    He started his career young and shot up to fame in no time. His profile now surely is thanks to how his parents handled his money and guided him as to how to manage it. Financial literacy should really be thought at a young age

  • Angelica Jan Marie Costoy
    Angelica Jan Marie Costoy Năm trước +221

    He has more than 10 bank books and graduated related to finance and his parents were bank employees. So its not shocking that his assets exceeds than average.

  • J K
    J K Năm trước +48

    Everybody: he is financially stable because...

  • Caroline Go
    Caroline Go Năm trước +22

    Sungrok instantly proposed Seunggi lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rosielyn Del Campo
    Rosielyn Del Campo Năm trước +5

    Lee Seunggi's reaction when the master say his portfolio is typical porfolio of the rich.. Damn even him is shock of what he have and me? my brain just explode tho lol.. But dicaprio sudden appearance is really hilarious hahahahaha 😂😂😂

  • Gina Rianto
    Gina Rianto Năm trước +69

    Se hyung already had very clear plan for 10years in his future. He's very hardworking given his circumstances coming from not rly wealthy family. Anyone marry him will be very luckyyy👏👏

  • ZyNdy
    ZyNdy Năm trước +21

    Lee SeungGi = perfection

  • Nurul izzah
    Nurul izzah Năm trước +85

    So funny 😆😆😆when shin sung rok said let's get married to lee seung gi

  • Sambeg
    Sambeg Năm trước +2

    Cha Eun woo is gonna learn a lot from this

  • M V
    M V Năm trước +12

    Eun woo so cute he’s probably learning a lot about saving for his future

  • AnnaLouella Bueno
    AnnaLouella Bueno Năm trước +21

    Eun woo showing his first stock 😂 adorable🥲

  • 슈주 드림 IS LOVE 😘
    슈주 드림 IS LOVE 😘 Năm trước +62

    yangbros (yangsechan & yangsehyung) proving they're really shrewd and knowledgeable when it comes to stocks and investments ^^ first sechan in runningman, now sehyung here :)

  • Laksmi Narti
    Laksmi Narti Năm trước +28

    Lee Seung Gi so handsome and very smart