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I Forced People to Work Nonstop for 500 Years Straight - Good Company

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  • Xuất bản 04 Th05, 2020
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    Check out Good Company here: store.steampowered.com/app/91...
    Good Company is a tycoon management simulation about building, automating and optimizing a robot manufacturing empire, where you are the CEO.
    Play in single-player Campaign Mode, tackling scenario levels and bonus challenge maps.
    Put your knowledge to the test in endless Freeplay Mode where success is in your hands.
    Start your Good Company from the ground up. Turn your garage into your first manufacturing headquarters and invent new tech products that will go on to conquer the market.
    Grow your workforce and delegate all aspects of production. Using the powerful logistics options you’ll be able to automate your business. Optimize your setup and pave a road for success!
    Expand beyond your humble beginnings. Research new technologies, from battery cells to robot parts. Open up new facilities and establish your empire.
    Tackle the Campaign Map and bonus challenge levels or carve your own path in endless Freeplay Mode.
    Features (on Early Access Launch)
    - Singleplayer Campaign Mode
    - Bonus challenge missions
    - Singleplayer Freeplay Mode
    - Hire employees and assign various tasks to them
    - Automate production lines using the powerful ‘Logistics’ system
    - Invent increasingly complex tech products, optimising desirable features and minimizing flaws
    - Research new technologies
    - Sell your products on an evolving market
    - Expand your company
    Features (planned during ongoing Early Access)
    - Coop-multiplayer
    - More Campaign level content
    - More Campaign challenge content
    - More products and crafting materials
    - More logistics options
    - Employee abilities
    - Modding infrastructure
    - And more...
    I Forced People to Work Nonstop for 500 Years Straight - Good Company - Let's Game It Out

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  • Grace G.
    Grace G. 2 năm trước +22

    you know, i've been able to do a lot of thinking these past 500 years and i'm gonna be honest josh, i think i'd rather be stranded on mars

  • Aubrey Harris
    Aubrey Harris 2 năm trước +4

    I love how whenever Josh says "Just hang on for one second, I'll be right back," It's followed by a "SIX HOURS LATER"

  • King Velexarian
    King Velexarian Năm trước +3

    He's finding glitches as small as "the 30th of February". Just amazing.

  • A_Toaster
    A_Toaster Năm trước +2

    He sounds so dead inside that he actually took the sponsorship

  • chaosmech2011
    chaosmech2011 Năm trước +553

    As a software tester, I love how you have the same curse I do... to be able to find seemingly impossible bugs completely by accident. You, sir, have the gift.

  • TheGamerBoi(AsSharkX)
    TheGamerBoi(AsSharkX) Năm trước +2

    Can we Appreciate that josh spends hours just to entertain us

  • Gilang ferrial
    Gilang ferrial Năm trước +754

    other people when talk about sponsor : this is best game ever

  • Oscar F
    Oscar F 2 năm trước +1

    Every time Josh says"Lemme give you the grand tour" he's gonna show us something enormous and out of our comprehension

  • Justin
    Justin Năm trước +1

    “Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about you in here.”

  • n o
    n o Năm trước +1


  • Riley Croll
    Riley Croll Năm trước +81

    I love how, after 500 years, Josh’s character still looks like he’s 30.

  • Nick
    Nick Năm trước +542

    I remember trapping npcs in a pet store game when I was younger, I herded them all up, unless they decided they wanted to purchase my pets. No money? No going back to your family.

  • phan swiftie13
    phan swiftie13 Năm trước +51

    hi josh! this is so weird but I've been falling asleep to your videos for the past 2 weeks now and im so grateful bc it takes me forever to fall asleep most nights. i woke up in the middle of the night and imma watch this (again) to fall back asleep. just wanted to share that your videos are both entertaining and soothing at the same time haha (i think its just how calming your voice is idk) okay bye lol

  • Several Pigeons
    Several Pigeons 2 năm trước +4

    Josh: Oh hey conveyor belts

  • Jesse Saunders
    Jesse Saunders Năm trước +314

    That was literally the best Raid ad I’ve ever seen! You actually explained what the game was and how it works! Still not interested but a billion times better than every other person I’ve seen try and talk it up

  • Speedy The Cheeto
    Speedy The Cheeto Năm trước +650


    MARISA Năm trước +75

    I'm genuinely impressed by how quickly he always finds a way to break out of bounds in these games

  • lavender equestrian
    lavender equestrian 2 năm trước +295

    “She sure is handling this with a lot of

  • Rose Bogner
    Rose Bogner Năm trước +66

    It’s damn brilliant, give josh your game key and he breaks it SO bad that it’s equal parts entertainment and frustration, making the viewer want to get the game themselves. They know exactly what they’re doing giving him early access. Geniuses

  • OshMMf
    OshMMf 2 năm trước +15

    This documentary about the working conditions at Amazon is really interesting, thank you for the upload