By the way, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (ft. Youtubers)

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  • Xuất bản 16 Th11, 2019
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  • Derbali Hafedh
    Derbali Hafedh 2 giờ trước

    kiss a dog

  • lin nandeibam
    lin nandeibam 4 giờ trước

    At 8:25
    I love how there is a small a person holding a sign and written on it is - There is actually 5 states lol

  • Just Ianah2シ
    Just Ianah2シ 10 giờ trước

    I'm smarter than a fifth grader...

    But I'm in fifth grade..?

  • Ludovic Bock
    Ludovic Bock 11 giờ trước

    BUT I IN 4 XD

  • Totema
    Totema 12 giờ trước

    there is a 5th state ..... just as a note

  • kyle
    kyle 14 giờ trước

    me:sees cartman as the little boy on the cover "oh okay"
    also me screaming:" amber parking day or night people shouting HOWTY NEIGHBOR"

  • Youie Manalo
    Youie Manalo 15 giờ trước

    Ima 5th grader

  • Oreagano _
    Oreagano _ 21 giờ trước +1

    Ann: I majored in history
    Ann, a few minutes later: I don’t trust history

  • Double N_Off
    Double N_Off 21 giờ trước

    i Am GeRmAn LoL

  • Charlie BT
    Charlie BT 22 giờ trước

    There is already a show on Nickelodeon called Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader

  • emily diego
    emily diego 22 giờ trước

    Im In 5th grade

  • I wanna die
    I wanna die 22 giờ trước

    Yes, I am. I am a 6th grader.

  • Lilyplayz Roblox
    Lilyplayz Roblox 22 giờ trước

    dan. are you smarter than a fifth grader

    .me and my wholev school (im in a boarding school ) YES WERE IN 10TH GRADE

  • Random Edits :p
    Random Edits :p 22 giờ trước

    I know I’m not

  • Tiny Kitten
    Tiny Kitten 23 giờ trước

    I'm in 5th grade there is 4 states of matter

  • Rainy gaming
    Rainy gaming 23 giờ trước +1

    This is a real show John Cena made and a person on the show was smarter than a kindergartener 😂

    Edit:can I have a shout out pls

  • The Unknown redoC
    The Unknown redoC Ngày trước

    3:37 COPPA OPEN U-

  • Lau
    Lau Ngày trước

    ~it's rigged!~

  • Nadia Sharif
    Nadia Sharif Ngày trước +1

    I am a 5th grader

  • CookiiePuff
    CookiiePuff Ngày trước

    _“So if you have anything extra in your heart-“_
    Me: how can you assume that I have a heart?

  • Delta Necros Lucas
    Delta Necros Lucas Ngày trước

    11:08 Dan said "In total we've raised 1 thousand 5 hundred dollars" *shows 15,000 dollars*

  • Lovely Days
    Lovely Days Ngày trước

    Dan: By the way, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

  • Queen OCA
    Queen OCA Ngày trước

    I love how Matt hid behind Hosuh when Stephen was ranting and Hosuh was just so done XDXD

  • Its_Luka!
    Its_Luka! Ngày trước

    Poops for charity...

  • Naomi Tomas
    Naomi Tomas Ngày trước

    I am a 5th grader🥺😞

  • LoLo Perez
    LoLo Perez Ngày trước

    Oh well this animation

  • Matthewcant
    Matthewcant Ngày trước

    lol just got so happy when my city got called out

  • Nkauj Hli Vue
    Nkauj Hli Vue Ngày trước

    actually, it said fifteen thousand dollars

  • trollpikachu xo
    trollpikachu xo Ngày trước

    I am a 5th grader

  • Sophia Animation
    Sophia Animation Ngày trước

    Yay I am smarter then a 5th grader
    Wait I am going back into high school I should be smarter.

  • Bryan Braz Moreira
    Bryan Braz Moreira Ngày trước

    Well... Donating isn't fun, so IDC.

  • Layyyla Luna
    Layyyla Luna 2 ngày trước

    the art style just randomly changes-

  • Pizza Supreme
    Pizza Supreme 2 ngày trước


  • SeNpAi_ KAii
    SeNpAi_ KAii 2 ngày trước

    Happy 2m subs♥️

  • Mr. SidPool
    Mr. SidPool 2 ngày trước

    You know pentagon is five right, and hex is six because hex can change real fast with an “S” BUT sense I like anime where gonna go with “HeNtaI”!!! SENCE IT HAS 6 LETTERS!!!!

  • Elias Espinosa
    Elias Espinosa 2 ngày trước

    Ann is adorable omg--

  • Carmella _4840
    Carmella _4840 2 ngày trước

    I am a 5th grade I'm offended😑😑😑😑🤣🤣 I'm just 11

  • Jennafire Rose
    Jennafire Rose 2 ngày trước

    Me a 11th grader me not knowing any of these :/

  • *Not avocado Friend*
    *Not avocado Friend* 2 ngày trước +3

    As a fifth grader these are hard

    Or maybe I’m just stupid

  • julz z
    julz z 2 ngày trước

    I'm Filipino

  • Mortal Wombat
    Mortal Wombat 2 ngày trước

    I've been In gt and I am in fifth grade (still in gt) and so this was the stuff I learned in 4th grade

  • Nicolee Valencia
    Nicolee Valencia 2 ngày trước

    #Ann and Eli

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 2 ngày trước

    Anybody else notice at the end when announcing how much money they raised, the number said $15,000??

  • H o n e y
    H o n e y 2 ngày trước

    Why do you eat crust first on pizza Dan

    A n w s e r m e. C o w a r d

  • Kool Kids Klub
    Kool Kids Klub 2 ngày trước


  • Mark jackson
    Mark jackson 2 ngày trước

    I'm a 5th grader and I got 1×5 wrong in 56×31 or something like that

  • Yeetie Skeetie
    Yeetie Skeetie 2 ngày trước

    Bruh Cartman in the thumbnail

  • JudeYT
    JudeYT 2 ngày trước

    No I am a 5th grader

  • Emma Edwards
    Emma Edwards 2 ngày trước

    No one gonna talk about how amazing the thumbnail is.

  • Noob the Prankster
    Noob the Prankster 3 ngày trước


  • Error UnKnown
    Error UnKnown 3 ngày trước


  • Love yo self
    Love yo self 3 ngày trước

    *laughs in 5th grader*

  • Anime_ Gurl:3
    Anime_ Gurl:3 3 ngày trước +1

    Ann is so cute and innocent well sometimes lol

  • Hola Smith
    Hola Smith 3 ngày trước

    None know how old the earth is, everyone says it 2000 year old but I watch 5 documentary that say THIS IS 2 million YEARS AGEEEEE!!???????.....

  • JustJanell
    JustJanell 3 ngày trước

    That's a lot of Hosuh

  • Regina Fauquex
    Regina Fauquex 3 ngày trước

    Stephen saying " ooh WE WIN, gg gET WRECKED!" Is the cutest

  • Jessica V
    Jessica V 3 ngày trước

    There are 4 states of NATURAL matter, but if you include the man-made Bose Einstein Condensate, then there's 5. Solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and Bose-Einstein condensate

  • ZBeeAbby
    ZBeeAbby 3 ngày trước

    I’m in five grade! Well a few years ago I was....

  • Alannah Jackson
    Alannah Jackson 3 ngày trước +1

    There’s a fresh start in my hometown I’m so happy that someone is helping them cause they’re really good people who need the help

  • MCFLOW -_-
    MCFLOW -_- 3 ngày trước

    I am in 6th grader