Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown - Easter Eggs & Ten Things Missed

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  • Xuất bản 19 Th09, 2018
  • The first teaser trailer for Marvel Studio's Captain Marvel is here and as is obligated by law here's my breakdown of all the Easter Eggs and ten things missed you can possibly imagine. We're talking Nick Fury's eye, the Skrulls, the Kree, Jude Law, Captain Marvel, Marvel, Movies, Comics, Origins, Avengers 4, Carol Danvers additional things. Thanks for watching.
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  • Mr Sunday Movies
    Mr Sunday Movies  6 tháng trước +169

    I don't think anyone's found all the Nick Fury's yet. Remember, there will be no prize.

    • mr crock2095
      mr crock2095 4 tháng trước

      Hold on a sec , did YOU you just pronounce Kevin feige name wrong, how in the hell does someone who reports on this guy all the time say his name wrong, REALLY? HOW???

    • Mr Tony 19
      Mr Tony 19 6 tháng trước

      +Sam Odds not sure that last one counts

    • Sam Odds
      Sam Odds 6 tháng trước +5

      i want my no prize 0:48 , 0:55 , 1:25 , 2:44 , 3:35 , 4:19 , 8:20 , 10:37 , 13:20 , 13:55

    • Mr Tony 19
      Mr Tony 19 6 tháng trước

      +Elias Celis dude read my comment

    • Elias Celis
      Elias Celis 6 tháng trước


  • We Should Hangout More
    We Should Hangout More 12 ngày trước

    This was surprisingly accurate

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 14 ngày trước

    This video was so spot on with it's predictions.

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 14 ngày trước

    The street chase action doesn't live up to the street action in Terminator 2.

  • The house of Chaos
    The house of Chaos 15 ngày trước

    Holy shit you were completely right the cat is the fucking reason Nick Fury's eye is messed up... great call.... or y'all know how truly dumb some of these screenwriters are....... just saw it and I literally laughed til I cried, everyone in the theater stared at me like "wtf..."

  • messynate
    messynate 15 ngày trước

    Finally get to tree these! I’ve stopped watching anything related to marvel movies until I actually see the movie .... it quite a bold strategy by blockbuster it was lmaoaoa

  • EVs for Donkeys 2018
    EVs for Donkeys 2018 15 ngày trước

    Or a animal might scratch it....

  • Moekazool
    Moekazool 17 ngày trước

    Damn dude you called it! 10:08 if you've seen the movie yet what James says is all correct!

  • Chloé Lee
    Chloé Lee 17 ngày trước

    Lol he lost his eye by a cat monster

  • Ne0n_ LOGIC
    Ne0n_ LOGIC 23 ngày trước

    In England blockbuster closed like 2007

  • Sam Billerbeck
    Sam Billerbeck 3 tháng trước

    The cats name is goose!!! This was leaked in a recent LEGO set

  • Jamelle Cooper
    Jamelle Cooper 3 tháng trước

    I'm not excited for this movie. The Marvel fatigue is real.

  • The Art of The Binge
    The Art of The Binge 3 tháng trước

    I love how he keeps shitting on the Dark Universe.

  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards 3 tháng trước

    Jude Law is playing yawn raag according to Kevin feige

  • Jason Butnor
    Jason Butnor 3 tháng trước

    Gmail is a Kree front... Notice at 9:20-9:23 that Yon-Rogg is indeed wearing an email on his chest.

  • No Te Comas Los Mocos Studios
    No Te Comas Los Mocos Studios 4 tháng trước

    0:55 1:27 2:44 3:55 4:19 5:07 8:20 10:37 13:20 Still missing one tho....

  • dreamlandnightmare
    dreamlandnightmare 5 tháng trước

    "Now is much better."
    No it's not. People got along much better in the 90's. There was more physical activity and a lot less obesity. Everyone wasn't glued 24/7 to a smartphone. Privacy still existed; everyone's every move wasn't tracked and catalogued by the government and corporations. No, now is NOT much better.

  • Cryope
    Cryope 5 tháng trước

    6:41 Ending of Avengers 4

  • Warmaker 1509
    Warmaker 1509 5 tháng trước

    I...have found all of them
    just to name a few

  • Wanicsuc01
    Wanicsuc01 5 tháng trước

    Umm I don't know how to put my thoughts down about this.. So Ill just say this! "Suck it, keep up the bad work."! Montage that!

  • Liam Corbett
    Liam Corbett 5 tháng trước

    Thanks for fucking spoiling the part about nick's boss being a skrull

  • BlooJay
    BlooJay 5 tháng trước

    13:08 Yeah no, The military doesn't throw shit out cause it's old. F-15c's are still in service today lol

  • D. L.
    D. L. 5 tháng trước

    AWWW Flerken! Chewy!

  • Batibatiendo
    Batibatiendo 5 tháng trước

    wow so much info

  • Steven Beshears
    Steven Beshears 5 tháng trước

    Carol Danvers is so unlikable its crazy. I hate that bitch.

  • Dragonball Radiant
    Dragonball Radiant 5 tháng trước

    Things that are going to bug me about this movie for the rest of my life: no Peter Parker‘s parents: no sign of may: no sign of Alexander Pearce: and many other people who should be president for this movie but won’t

  • Dimetrodon 22
    Dimetrodon 22 5 tháng trước

    My theory is that Nick Fury and Carol Danvers didn't part ways on the best terms, which explains why he didn't try to contact her about the attack on New York or during any other major events. Perhaps a Skrull disguised as Carol took his eye, or at least, she failed to stop the Skrull responsible. Its not until Nick's "Avenger Initiative" plan fails (he realizes that something bad must have happened since half the population turned to dust), that he decides that contacting an ally is more important than holding a grudge (unlike a certain billionaire inventor)

  • Paul Mendez
    Paul Mendez 5 tháng trước

    You definitely want to fly, if you can, before you go crashing into a blockbuster

  • James  Norris
    James Norris 5 tháng trước

    I thought she started to fly at the end of the trailer

  • Wyldstaar Studio
    Wyldstaar Studio 5 tháng trước

    I think I may have noticed something else in this video. There are two shots in the trailer involving a bus. There's the one with the bus being crashed into by a car, and the interior of the bus, when Captain Marvel punches the little old lady. I think that not only is this old lady a Skrull, which most people already assume, but that the bus itself is not really a bus. When the bus is hit by the speeding car, the car just bounces violently away from it. The bus isn't hindered in the slightest, and the only sign on the bus that anything unusual may have occurred is a black mark from the car's tire.
    It seems to me that a bus constantly making it's rounds throughout the day along it's route would be in an excellent position to maintain constant surveillance of that area without raising any suspicions.

  • Jordan Jolivette
    Jordan Jolivette 5 tháng trước

    10:08 holy shit! Where is that clip from? I don't remember it from AoS. Is it like season 5?

  • The Boss
    The Boss 5 tháng trước

    Idc about the funny shit that’s not even funny just get to the point your commentary isn’t the reason we here a robot can talk for all I care I just needed a small summary

  • Just Some Guy
    Just Some Guy 5 tháng trước

    I was really hoping the skrulls would be a big avengers movie like infinity war

  • Fwiji the Ninja
    Fwiji the Ninja 5 tháng trước

    Fantastic video. I love your wit and unique sense of humor. You put more effort into the analysis of certain frames of trailers than your relationship with Mason.

  • Geek Child
    Geek Child 5 tháng trước

    you should've put in a Firminho joke lol.

  • Anders Sandstedt
    Anders Sandstedt 5 tháng trước

    We want stupid probably not true theories please

  • Shay Jay
    Shay Jay 5 tháng trước

    Omg im so glad they did a hint to the other captain marval Monica. Thats cute and nice

  • GoddessOfWhim2003
    GoddessOfWhim2003 5 tháng trước

    12:08 oh boy, I found an Easter Egg. Maria Rambeau's call sign is Photon, which is an alias of Monica Rambeau after she passes the Captain Marvel title on to Mar-vell's son Genis-Vell. i'm so proud of myself, I suck at finding movie Easter Eggs

  • Isaac West
    Isaac West 5 tháng trước +1

    I wonder if there's a Kong reference as both Larson and Jackson were in the most recent version.

  • Isaac West
    Isaac West 5 tháng trước +1

    Do I count if I was born in 2000? Because I remember all of those.

  • Dylan MacKinnon
    Dylan MacKinnon 5 tháng trước

    Marvel should definitely pull a fast one on us, and have a ton of fakeout scenes that make us think Fury just lost his eye. Keep tricking us, and then finally have it happen at the end once everyone has dropped their guard

  • Drew Peisner
    Drew Peisner 5 tháng trước

    Let’s hear the dumb theory

  • Jhevon Smith
    Jhevon Smith 5 tháng trước

    Liked for the Lebanon St zoom in

  • Micheal Bounds
    Micheal Bounds 5 tháng trước

    Space Australia confirmed

  • Logan-5
    Logan-5 6 tháng trước

    Just swap Brie Larsen for Jude Law and then I would be excited to see it !! With Brie Larsen not so much ??

  • Richard Ayala
    Richard Ayala 6 tháng trước

    :( the Aussies are making fun of us & our pre-tween President...

    • Richard Ayala
      Richard Ayala 6 tháng trước

      🎼Space Force! Because I’d rather waste money on a Space Force than feed lil kids!

  • Sam Odds
    Sam Odds 6 tháng trước

    just bored and it drove me crazy if i didn't find them here they are in order enjoy 0:48 , 0:55 , 1:25 , 2:44 , 3:35 , 4:19 , 8:20 , 10:37 , 13:20 , 13:55

  • Piers Watson
    Piers Watson 6 tháng trước

    I really don’t like the eye thing

  • quidproquo
    quidproquo 6 tháng trước

    The black female pilot with the last name "Rambeau" you hint she could later become Captain Marvel. In the comics her name was Monica Rambeau (not the same first name they use here) and she did become Captain Marvel in the comics and later became an Avenger and eventually leader of the Avengers. Even later still in the comics, she changes her name from Captain Marvel to "Photon". If you notice in one of the screen stills, she is sitting in her jet, and the call-sign/nickname is "Photon" Rambeau. 13:08 . So there is another strong hint that this woman becomes a later Captain Marvel, or at least the super-heroine "Photon".

  • c ankhovich
    c ankhovich 6 tháng trước


  • LycanthropeLink
    LycanthropeLink 6 tháng trước

    9:24 Look, it's Gmail-man!

  • Dman Productions
    Dman Productions 6 tháng trước

    I think they pulled a "Thor's eye patch" in this trailer. In the shot where Fury has the cut over his eye, he probably lost it in the actual movie

  • David  Arredondo
    David Arredondo 6 tháng trước

    Space Australia confirmed

  • panther105
    panther105 6 tháng trước

    jjeez...jump sharks much...???!!

  • danteelite
    danteelite 6 tháng trước

    No joke. I'm packing to move, and I found my Blockbuster card from when I was a teenager, and then later that day the Captain Marvel trailer came out!
    She's my favorite and I'm leaving her comic hanging until the last moment lol gotta love my lucky Blockbuster card! I often run into odd coincidences like that... hmm..

  • Keaton Crandall
    Keaton Crandall 6 tháng trước

    Could have done without the 90’s Colson hair montage, but the losing the eye thing was pretty hilarious.

  • FNaF Dude and XicanX Mom M-Y
    FNaF Dude and XicanX Mom M-Y 6 tháng trước

    Plz tell us the theory of captain marvel

  • Mark Ward
    Mark Ward 6 tháng trước

    reminds me of,dare I say it,The Green Lantern Corps!

  • Kelly Fulton
    Kelly Fulton 6 tháng trước

    Why did you do the thing with the finger in Sam Jackson’s eye? WHY?!

  • David Roy
    David Roy 6 tháng trước

    Wanna hear the dumb theory...

  • Joshua N
    Joshua N 6 tháng trước

    Id let Mr Sunday do weird shit

  • Alexander H
    Alexander H 6 tháng trước

    Only found 3

  • Ursa Major
    Ursa Major 6 tháng trước

    'the last time I trusted someone (Marvel Studios), I went to see a Social Justice and feminist propaganda film, which had little to do with the 10+years of foreshadowing, preparation and character development that had preceded it'

  • Death and Doohickey’s
    Death and Doohickey’s 6 tháng trước

    I sincerely think James is trolling us with those Nick Fury’s. I wouldn’t put it past him.

  • Everythingman
    Everythingman 6 tháng trước

    It's not actually possible that Carol Danvers is a fighter pilot in the 1980's that goes missing. Women weren't allowed to fly combat aircraft in the US Military until 1993.

  • carpetsnake83
    carpetsnake83 6 tháng trước

    Are skrulls going to have Australia accents

  • HuskySeoul
    HuskySeoul 6 tháng trước

    You crack me up. Haha

  • Jordan Gate
    Jordan Gate 6 tháng trước

    "That's acting. They can do 2 things"

  • Vanima Ephel
    Vanima Ephel 6 tháng trước

    I love your dumb theories!

  • Christian_Patriot
    Christian_Patriot 6 tháng trước


  • Zac Smothers
    Zac Smothers 6 tháng trước

    Why you gotta be a 90’s hater?

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez 6 tháng trước

    I was born in 2003 and loved Blockbuster

  • Joe Crin
    Joe Crin 6 tháng trước

    James, i have been around since your first podcast (when u speculated about BvS) until now. This is (Comically) your best video. I am actually laughing out loud, or LoL.

  • Thereal Blackwell
    Thereal Blackwell 6 tháng trước

    11. An ass on captain marvel
    12. Ability to make more than one expression..... the list could go on a couple miles I’m sure lol

  • The Ghost Dog
    The Ghost Dog 6 tháng trước

    im 17 and I remember landlines and blockbuster video. and guess what who cares.

  • Hoss Windu
    Hoss Windu 6 tháng trước

    "Rebranded, again, to Going Out of Business!" LOL!

  • Son Rob
    Son Rob 6 tháng trước +1

    Hate the only 90’s kids will remember things like blockbuster was around since 2012

  • Farhan Chowdhury
    Farhan Chowdhury 6 tháng trước

    Give us the dumb theory!

    MOGLI SQUAD 6 tháng trước

    1 0:55 between the letter *P*
    2. 1:24 on the wall on the left
    3. 2:42 beside kevin fierri
    4 3:35 in corath's ear
    5. 4:20 on the window
    6. 5:07 in the flash of the camera
    7. 8:21 in nick fury's ear
    8. 10:36 in the wind on the top right
    9. 13:17 his face is brutally cut in half and pasted on the door

  • p sal
    p sal 6 tháng trước

    The skrull is going to have an australian accent because australians are evil... obviously.

  • Fan OfBioshock
    Fan OfBioshock 6 tháng trước

    It's Frozen!!

  • david sullivan
    david sullivan 6 tháng trước

    This guy couldn’t be more annoying.

  • Pablo Australia
    Pablo Australia 6 tháng trước

    Lets us know, mate. Do it for a fellow aussie 😉

  • Drew Mantia
    Drew Mantia 6 tháng trước

    Cosmic ennnergy

  • Spew Sideways
    Spew Sideways 6 tháng trước

    what an annoying review. What a stupid annoying cunt

  • Lachlan Briscoe
    Lachlan Briscoe 6 tháng trước

    I hope all skulls are Australian.

  • NoirTech
    NoirTech 6 tháng trước

    What movie is that where they de aged Stallone?

  • Luciano Oliveira
    Luciano Oliveira 6 tháng trước

    I hope they put some cgi ass on Captain Marvel cause bitch ain't got one...

  • Mark X Carl
    Mark X Carl 6 tháng trước

    the poking eye animation cracked me the fuck up

  • EVs for Donkeys 2018
    EVs for Donkeys 2018 6 tháng trước

    BUT I'm not telling you until I get a prize!

  • Alex Dufelmeier
    Alex Dufelmeier 6 tháng trước

    I want to here the stupid theory😂😂😂

  • Comics Inc
    Comics Inc 6 tháng trước

    Lemme hear dat theory

  • Nova Studios
    Nova Studios 6 tháng trước

    *Dude Law*

  • Amadeo Hershorn
    Amadeo Hershorn 6 tháng trước +1

    0:55 1:25 2:44 3:35 4:19 5:07 8:20 10:37 13:19

  • Foggy Lungz
    Foggy Lungz 6 tháng trước

    She look wack as fuck !

  • Kyle Magaro
    Kyle Magaro 6 tháng trước

    I really don't think they need to deage sam jackson. He doesn't look much older now than 23 years ago. Just put the beard and hair on and put some makeup on him.

  • Meme Insider
    Meme Insider 6 tháng trước +4

    No 90s hair montage?

  • WHOISME 194
    WHOISME 194 6 tháng trước

    What do you mean I was born in 2004 I grew up with video stores, still got a landline and trying to get a graphics calculator to cheat

  • Edward Holmes
    Edward Holmes 6 tháng trước

    Nick Fury
    1:25 upper left inside the concrete column
    2:43 Left poster
    4:19 center reflection
    8:20 pops out of Nick Fury's ear