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I Tried Walmart's Terrifying Metaverse Experience

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  • Xuất bản 21 Th11, 2022
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NHẬN XÉT • 11 303

  • yeet hiTTTer
    yeet hiTTTer Ngày trước +7

    Walmart referring to children as Young Shoppers feels so dystopian it's actually hilarious

  • QWERTY Boi
    QWERTY Boi Ngày trước +4

    danny looks like a military dad finally coming home to his children and trying to find a way to connect with them

  • Sar
    Sar Ngày trước +1

    The random person in the Roblox chat answering Danny's questions is the type of person that is the backbone of society.

  • TheOnionQueen
    TheOnionQueen 9 giờ trước +173

    I feel like corporations are forgetting that normal people DON’T want this virtual dystopia that they seem to think humanity is heading towards. We all actively don’t want that.

  • featureEnvy
    featureEnvy Ngày trước +2

    There is no way in my wildest dreams as a kid I would have imagined fast forwarding to 2022 and watching a video on a tiny computer in my hand with Danny declaring he doesn't want Walmart talking to his fridge behind his back and me realizing that's a valid concern that some people have to have in these weird times

  • ❤︎halo❤︎
    ❤︎halo❤︎ 14 giờ trước +638

    Danny losing his mind over a Walmart game in Roblox with a buzz cut is something I never thought I would see in my lifetime💀

  • That one guy
    That one guy 14 ngày trước +31

    Danny and drew both doing drastically strange things with their hair so people can finally tell them apart

  • geospasmic
    geospasmic Ngày trước +895

    I was cracking up throughout the fake walkthrough. The cart and tv taking off to their new lives while we are left trapped in Walmart, truly dystopian

  • BleachedBonez
    BleachedBonez 14 giờ trước +551

    After briefly working in sales, I'm convinced they're from another planet. The people who make those "shopping experiences" think people want a person constantly talking to them and can't comprehend someone who wouldn't like that, even when you tell them directly. They 100% wanted that whole hologram guide thing irl

  • Morgan McCormick
    Morgan McCormick 9 giờ trước +37

    I was looking at swimsuits on the hangers at Walmart once. There was a mostly eaten chicken wing bone resting across the top of 2 hangers and it almost fell on my hand. I screamed and scared my grandma ~

  • Marianna
    Marianna Ngày trước +648

    As someone who can’t do anything in VR without getting insanely nauseous, I absolutely cannot wait to virtually shop at Walmart while feeling horrible!

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Come Fast To Get Into My Body 21 giờ trước +1

    "stop talking to my fridge behind my back" for me is really the phrase that sums up in what crazy world we are living

  • Starman the Lizard
    Starman the Lizard 14 ngày trước +6

    the most unrealistic part of this metaverse is the fact that their shelves are fully stocked and all the items are in the right place

  • Yehudis Gottdiener
    Yehudis Gottdiener 7 giờ trước +22

    When I started playing roblox I legit also thought it was only 1 game. But nobody knows that its the literal minds of every child on earth thrown into a gazzilion gabillion games. Also Danny not using the search bar to find Wal-Mart land, is actually hilarious! p.s. I don't play couple anymore, the weird games were starting to get to me

  • DarkArcMiley
    DarkArcMiley 4 giờ trước +8

    I can't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did during the milk part

    🔞YOUR SEX PARTNER 12 giờ trước +389

    I loved this video. I totally feel the frustration of trying to figure out Roblox. And I gotta say it was very funny watching another adult play if for the first time. That was me when I first played and sometimes now lol. And yes the glitches are neverending with Roblox lol. But when he tried to equip the sweat pants and shirt.. XDXDXD I have SO been there. LOL It still happens to me on some games. It can be VERY frustrating lol. I've actually played Walmart Land before. And I looked for Noah too! XDXDXD Sadly I've seen stranger things but not all of it and it's been at least a year or so since I've watched it, so I got a lot of questions wrong too lol. But ultimately I found Walmart Land very boring. There's nothing to do that has a real objective. Which I found a little disappointing because the "world" is actually very pretty. OH and he might have picked up a coin while on the mono rail, there are coins a long the track, but idk. Anyways great video I loved all of it! It takes a lot to make me laugh and I laughed a lot. :) Thank you :)

  • WeRbananas
    WeRbananas 2 giờ trước +7

    It’s especially dystopian because they’re like “here let the robot deliver it to your car!” And show you a fake drone delivering it to your car while in real life, a struggling, overworked, single parent is lugging it out to the car

  • Logic Frog Media
    Logic Frog Media 19 giờ trước +177

    "We just talked to your smartfridge and it told us you're ugly" is one of the most frightening statements I have ever heard.

  • Emperor Trans Man
    Emperor Trans Man 14 ngày trước +8

    When I was working at Walmart we weren't allowed to fight the customers, but I'm happy to hear the company is finally listening to the requests of its employees.

  • Rational Recovery Cody
    Rational Recovery Cody 2 giờ trước

    The intro is the best part. I could watch Danny riff off that original cringe Walmart metaverse experience demo for a solid hour.