Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem

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  • Xuất bản 31 Th03, 2019
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    Hey guys. I've thought about doing a video about this for a long time. Over the years of doing Game Theory, people have had one MAJOR problem with the series - the use of fanart. And since I'm covering the Scott Fan Art Issue as well, I figured what better day than today to address it. I've done my best to set rules in place to keep fanart out of Game Theory but accidents happen and things slip through the cracks. Today I am setting the record straight on Game Theory and fanart. Plus, hopefully giving you fan artists some advice on how to keep your fanart from being stolen.
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    #Storytime #Problem #Copyright #Controversy #Fanart #Matpat #GameTheory
    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • Mr. Stripes
    Mr. Stripes 2 ngày trước

    It's okay to feel upset about how fan art, buddy, I now have some issues with I'm trying to it some on my channel, too. {>

  • 2 Left Thumbs
    2 Left Thumbs 3 ngày trước

    I really empathize with Mat here. The guy is legitimately doing his best to protect the rights and creative works of these artists. It's something I was unaware was such a rampant problem, and it's awesome to see that it is taken so seriously on their end.

  • M00shmallow
    M00shmallow 4 ngày trước

    I'm an artist, and after listening to this, I completely agree. I sometimes forget to sign my art. And at that point, I feel like it would be bratty of me to play the victim card and point fingers at anyone that unknowingly uses it. It's just not right. If you forget to sign your creations and still post them on the Internet, you just gotta suck up the consequences. If anything, ask *_kindly_* for it to be taken down so you can get another chance to put a signature on. It's no one else's mistake but yours if you don't sign tbh.

  • Anders Boesen
    Anders Boesen 4 ngày trước

    I spent 10 minutes before I realised this is about video game theory and not economic game theory...

  • Faith Flynn
    Faith Flynn 4 ngày trước

    Love you and all the work you do, it's awful that people make you the villain for this...

  • anime games/04
    anime games/04 5 ngày trước

    You know about shadbase

  • Scarface 17
    Scarface 17 6 ngày trước

    Did u guys ever get the $1.7Mill back?

  • Rip Van WInkle
    Rip Van WInkle 6 ngày trước

    he isn't dead yet?

  • Luke The doctor second channel

    0:35 wrong

  • T1TaNFALL Pr0
    T1TaNFALL Pr0 9 ngày trước

    Tbh I'm not great at art so if anything I draw ends up in your video, them I would be happy! Why don't people understand it's not always about attention. Simply knowing it was yours should be enough in my opinion

  • Fire Charge
    Fire Charge 10 ngày trước

    One thing by the brick blocks thay mean the ?-mark boxes so the toads give up there soul

  • Frederick Dietz
    Frederick Dietz 12 ngày trước +1

    Mattpat: "I'm not trying to explain anyones works"
    fans: "then explain this"

  • Brayden Tube
    Brayden Tube 12 ngày trước

    FYI posted on my birthday

  • Sandra Gates
    Sandra Gates 12 ngày trước

    Maybe not storytime, (that's a little bit Thomas Sanders' thing)

  • Maria E.
    Maria E. 13 ngày trước

    I can't believe ppl give MattPatt crap, he's literally one of the rare, unproblematic youtubers.

  • ShadeRunner
    ShadeRunner 13 ngày trước

    People just starting to think you're a cheap crappy person. You want people to listen, yet you can't do listening. You do it for money, period

  • PA551ON
    PA551ON 14 ngày trước

    As a member of several fandoms and a consumer of fan art...I can say that fan artists are some of the most entitled and whiny douchebags on the internet. They get so defensive and bitchy when someone "steals" their fan art...yet they are actually stealing those characters and other copyrighted content to make said fan art. They also blow it way out of proportion and people who are seen as "art thieves" are treated worse than terrorists. Grow the hell up, fan artists. It's not the end of the world if someone posts one of your works without crediting you. Having someone refuse to pay you for a commission or blatantly lie that the art is in fact theirs when it's not is one thing...but when you complain that you just don't get credited or when people take your art and repurpose it in a transformative just sound like you're whining like "Waaaaahhh! It's MY art and I WANT people to KNOWWWW!" Get over yourself. You're not that important.

  • Milev 14
    Milev 14 14 ngày trước

    Fan art doesn't bother me at all, can you make a video about terraria xD

  • Darrion Smith
    Darrion Smith 15 ngày trước

    It's just art people at this point it's a free feature on your favorite channels

  • Vali Alphito
    Vali Alphito 15 ngày trước

    what? if i was a fan artist and my art got stealed by game theory i would say HELL YEA! this is a big chance to be on youtube!

  • Logan Geiman
    Logan Geiman 17 ngày trước


  • zdeleter
    zdeleter 17 ngày trước

    all the jpgs for the images are downloaded at 1:17-1:18 am and I find that hilarious

  • Charles Smith II
    Charles Smith II 19 ngày trước

    Thank you for making a video like this. One of my IT courses is covering Internet Privacy and for this week the assignment is to cover copyright laws and I referenced and linked this video in my post to Canvas.

  • Demonstrate Studios
    Demonstrate Studios 26 ngày trước

    Probably call videos like this, down time with matpat or "Let me level with you guys" series. Just a suggestion. It's been a while since I have seen your videos, plus you've noticed me in on of your GTLive streams. About a few years ago! :) Keep doing what you love and continue doing what you do Matthew! Stay awesome and have fun creating youtube Game theories!! :D

  • Morse Code Reviews
    Morse Code Reviews 26 ngày trước

    It's funny...
    People get all butthurt when they think someone intentionally stole their fan art
    Or or some "white knight" gets all flustered for someone else's sake and starts wagging their finger
    But but clearly they didn't stop and think.
    This could be great exposure!
    Shucks I probably should have signed that before putting that out there, oh well lesson learned.
    Clearly this youtube person doesn't think he's getting away with "stealing" my fanart. Thousands of people watch him and obviously these people like the same genre so OBVIOUSLY at least one other person would recognize the fanart.
    I mean come on it'd be like robbing a bank, getting away with it and then going on tv the next day to say hey look at all this free money I found. Moronic! I don't know, I just think some people love to complain.

  • The Channel
    The Channel Tháng trước +1

    To be honest, I’d be amazed if Matpat used my fan art in an episode of Game Theory. I’ve been watching Game Theory since at least “What We Missed!” Episode.

  • T0A
    T0A Tháng trước

    Can I please slap the guy who thought it would be a good idea to make identical box cover art without a watermark. They deserve a good old slap in the back.

  • MonsterKait
    MonsterKait Tháng trước

    If MarPat used my art I'd nerd out honestly. As someone who makes twitch banners for the smaller streamers for free, just because I enjoy it, I would live to see some of my art get on a bigger channel. Heck I've had friends take my art and get it tattooed on themselves and the only way i know about it is i see the Facebook posts after the fact.

  • shooting star
    shooting star Tháng trước

    That's scary...

  • Tenzin Kunfelo
    Tenzin Kunfelo Tháng trước

    Hey it published on my birthday

  • jake mike
    jake mike Tháng trước

    How about "MatTalk"?

  • RochelleAika
    RochelleAika Tháng trước

    Best way to use fanart is to ask and then credit the artist probably... if its intentional use.. if its by mistake because they dont sign it or wattermark it then that is the artists problem... like I make bad art and still sign everything xD

  • Nima Ghanbarpour
    Nima Ghanbarpour Tháng trước

    To see mat being sad for stuff like this truly hurts my feelings.

  • myspacer85
    myspacer85 Tháng trước

    MatPat’s Sit and Chat

  • Max Amps
    Max Amps Tháng trước +1

    Liberals and snowflakes

  • Adam Fadie
    Adam Fadie Tháng trước +1

    I feel you guys on this one. Sounds like a really challenging part of the chanel. I appreciate the visuals you include. Good, honest update vid.

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams Tháng trước

    Hey matpat fellow Ohioan here why don't you post links to the VNclipr's videos you forgot to cite/site and received monetization for,like Legaleagle?

  • Gabriel Fernandes
    Gabriel Fernandes Tháng trước

    You are so right, people always accidentally us-

  • sheepy Snowtato
    sheepy Snowtato Tháng trước

    Maybe you could call it Couch Talk or Talk Time (1:53) or something like that XP

  • PeachTea
    PeachTea Tháng trước +1

    I'd be okay if you used my fanart.

  • Elyas Ghaedali
    Elyas Ghaedali Tháng trước

    You literally can’t win an argument against Matpat

  • Lama pirate Pros
    Lama pirate Pros Tháng trước

    Sad face I don’t want matpat to have to have matpat talk time 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jearld Betz
    Jearld Betz Tháng trước

    Mat pat cant i pat your mat?

  • SnApple SpeedDraws
    SnApple SpeedDraws 2 tháng trước

    You might just be able to hire an artist.

  • ExodusCore
    ExodusCore 2 tháng trước +1

    Wait, why is it more of a problem to "steal" and use fan-art than "stealing" and using official art? Shouldn't it be more of a problem when you use the actual real official art without permission?

    • Danta
      Danta 26 ngày trước

      You're stealing art from someone who isn't getting paid thousands to make that art with fan art official art nobody cares not even the company cause that's transformative use and the artist got paid and has exposure in the media already the fan artist potentially got nothing for the art and then you take it flash it around and now nobody knows who made it which could potentially kick start a real career in art for the fan artist if credited by someone as big as Matpat

  • didi sunandiono
    didi sunandiono 2 tháng trước +2

    I just want to role my eyes in the back of My skull of that "Kirby Star Allies box art" tweet.

    People are such prick this days, how could you tell that from the official, and MatPat is telling a honest mistake. How could People be so pitty this day and age? It seems like they are tweeting about it beacause they seems to hate MatPat instead of actualy caring about the artist. 🙄

  • Leomatoad
    Leomatoad 2 tháng trước +2

    I dont make fan art or any kind of art, but I don’t get how people get mad of people accidentally, or crediting the artist, use their art

  • Emperor Vader - Battlefront 2 Clips

    I loved your Henry Emily theory it finally fills the hole in fnaf (Well one of the many)

  • Sailor Chibi Moon
    Sailor Chibi Moon 2 tháng trước

    Ok so I never noticed any of this stuff so you're not alone ._.

  • Nathan Law
    Nathan Law 2 tháng trước +1

    Is it just me, or do other people also get the sense that it has become a social norm for some to hate on MatPat?

    No? Just me? Okay then.

  • Mac Plays2064
    Mac Plays2064 2 tháng trước

    Funtime foxys model I can understand The changes are so slight that even I can Barely tell the difference But Scott does need to have an official spring Bonnie model I think

  • Benjamin Fu
    Benjamin Fu 2 tháng trước +1

    Matpat: Couch talk!
    TED: That's our fan art you're using

  • Blue Zodiac
    Blue Zodiac 2 tháng trước

  • Dr Hooves
    Dr Hooves 2 tháng trước

    I know no one is reading this but if you're out there would you comment a link to @jerikaonigri I looked them up and found no results only Jessica nigri
    (Edit) I'd be good with just the character honestly

  • Big papa Walrus
    Big papa Walrus 2 tháng trước

    Right nonce

  • night fury
    night fury 2 tháng trước

    Optimus, listen

  • Jaci Keller
    Jaci Keller 2 tháng trước

    dude u are at 100 for me u real and I love fnaf but not vr

  • Emroldrhyhorn 99
    Emroldrhyhorn 99 2 tháng trước +1

    Wheres the 7 curtains at

  • PJ's Animated Shenanigans
    PJ's Animated Shenanigans 2 tháng trước

    TL;DW: Fan Art is getting TOO good

  • TearDaTaco
    TearDaTaco 2 tháng trước +1

    MatPat: My videos are for fun and a little bit of education on the side

    Me: *Flashback to the boobs video*