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अजवाइन-कर्पूर की पोटली | Camphor-Ajwain for Breath

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  • Xuất bản 08 Th07, 2020
  • Make at home this Camphor-Ajwain pouch and free your breath
    Today we are going to tell you one more such remedy that you will have all ingredients at your home. For breathlessness or for any disease related to lungs or for chest pain, I had suggested using Rui leaves in one of my earlier videos but you have to get these leaves from outside.
    Here, these Ajwain seeds (bishop's weed) are there in every household. Now take ajwain seeds and make a potli like this. Also add little, very little Camphor in it. This is Abhyang oil. Why do I say Santulan Abhyang oil because it gets absorbed inside. It is a siddha (prepared with all necessary cultures) oil, not any ordinary massage oil. When anyone applies it on the chest, e.g. heart patients, the entire inside system becomes flexible as oil will get absorbed and reaches within.
    So first you use Abhyang oil for massaging the chest and afterwards, lightly heat this potli on pan and use to foment the chest. This is a very easy remedy and brings results immediately. Not only this but if there is a small child in the family and he has a bloated stomach and crying, has indigestion, gases are stuck inside the abdomen, then this same potli can be used to foment around the naval or on the abdomen. This is to be done for few minutes. People ask, when should we do this? There is no big rule for this. At evening when you are at home, the chest can be fomented. And for a child, whenever he is uneasy or has pain in his abdomen, it can be done.
    Here one thing is important to understand that from where to bring camphor? Such camphor is easily available but it is synthetic and therefore also very cheap. This camphor is pure and authentic and certified from the laboratory, you can see. This camphor is also very pure. These are very expensive. But every house should have little camphor. The camphor keeps the virus away and opens up the breath. We always keep this potli with us while travelling to Himalaya or any other high mountains. We have to use this as it is. Whenever breathing becomes difficult, this can be used. Like when I go to Badrinath or Amarnath and I am 80 years now, so I may feel a little breathless, so what will I do? smell it. But any person who will smell this, his chest will become free. That time you have to remember only one thing that when you are going at heights, camphor is added little more in quantity. Camphor has one more benefit, if there are frequent bacterial or viral infections in the family, then burn camphor everyday like this. People say nothing happens by burning camphor, but this is not true. Camphor, if it is pure, it wont release many many black particles in air, on the contrary this is very nice as with this, no bacterial or viral infection will come at home.
    Therefore with camphor we do Aarti everyday saying,
    Karpur gauram Karunavataram sansar saram bhujagendra haram |
    sada vasantam hrudayaravinde bhavam bhavani sahitam namami ||
    All over India we do this Karpur-aarti and the reason behind is that the entire atmosphere becomes clean and pure and you can live happily.
    If someone gets bad dreams, then this Karpur-aarti can be done in the bedroom, this is good for nigh mares. It can be burnt in the dining area. We burn camphor everyday in the entire house along with the herbal mixtures of dhoop.
    With this for sure we will remain healthy, and will not get any problem. Such traditions our Indian culture has given us.
    Some people say camphor is toxic, don't know from where they get this information. We take a small piece of camphor, wrap in little cotton and keep in the mouth for toothache, Ayurveda suggests this remedy.
    Nothing will happen even by eating little camphor. It is true that it can not be eaten in large quantities but this applies to everything.
    See, both things you will have in your house, what you need to bring in only pure camphor, either get us checked from the laboratory or buy from a pharmacy. Do not use cheap camphor that is available for Pooja etc. Use this remedy and remain healthy. I am sure both these remedies will benefit you. Namaste.

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  • Ramprasad Hariraman
    Ramprasad Hariraman Năm trước +4

    Thank you guruji, while I tested positive...I checked my oxygen and it read 87.. I inhaled Camphor-Ajwain tied at a cloth. It read 96 immediately. I told my friend when he tested positive...he read 94 before inhalation and after inhalation it read 98. Since Camphor combusts very fast combining with oxygen in air...so inhalation of Camphor can increase your Oxygen a bit.

    • V
      V Năm trước

      @nomadic elephant it is best if u use bheemsaini kapoor. It is of the best quality. The cheap round ones you get in normal shops don’t work as good.

    • nomadic elephant
      nomadic elephant Năm trước

      Ok thank you sir 👍

    • Ramprasad Hariraman
      Ramprasad Hariraman Năm trước

      @nomadic elephant I used to take atleast 10-12 deep sniffs 13-15 times a day. You can take how much ever you want. Once the power of smell in camphor and ajwain gets less...throw that and add new camphor and ajwain

    • Ramprasad Hariraman
      Ramprasad Hariraman Năm trước

      @nomadic elephant Yes crush the camphor into powder and add ajwain on top of it. Bundle it in a kerchief like guruji has done. (But guruji has used lot of ajwain. No need that much, take a quarter hand of ajwain and one cube camphor) . Take 10-12 deep sniffs till your lungs can hold and release the breath

    • nomadic elephant
      nomadic elephant Năm trước

      Thank you sir for prompt reply
      My mother SPO2 is 83 without oxygen support , after providing oxygen support at 2L/min SPO2 level touched to 93 . Should I use this ajawain camphor technique to improve SPO2 level ?
      How many sniff had u taken in a day ?

  • Nidhish Atul Patil
    Nidhish Atul Patil 2 năm trước

    Thank you guruji , these things you tell are looks simple in hearing but are really great things for someone in need,

  • Satyanarayana Mylavarapu
    Satyanarayana Mylavarapu 2 năm trước +1

    Guruji namaste. My daughter, who is 45 years old, is suffering from giddiness and since a few days she is complaining of severe body pains. Kindly help us by giving a suitable remedy. Please excuse me for writing in English because I can’t write in Hindi. Thank you. Request by her mother Srilaxmi

  • jeet gamer
    jeet gamer 2 năm trước +1

    Very ancient pratha came alive with simplycity.explained in very simple word.really enjoyed.thank you.pleasr
    Explain weight reducing method.AABHAR.

  • trapti sharma
    trapti sharma Năm trước +10

    Thank u 😊🙏I tried....and it works....for me for my kids and for everyone

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    • Neha Jesani
      Neha Jesani Năm trước +2

      @sam1980in Jadibuti are not hoax, Most of the German researchers come to Utrakhand as tourists reason to search and study herbs found in that region and use them in homeopathy medicine, top 3 homeopathic brands are German. Sad state for India that we blindly believe allopathy who can't cure diseases which are curable but Ignore Ayurveda and Jadibuti. No body is saying for serious cases

    • Krishna Dans
      Krishna Dans Năm trước


    • sam1980in
      sam1980in Năm trước +1

      Please don't do this in emergency. It's life threatening and been already called out for on Twitter as hoax. Take medical advice not jadibutti.

    • Aj Bhai
      Aj Bhai Năm trước +1


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    Raj Veer Năm trước

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    Deepika A 2 năm trước

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    pratish tandel 2 năm trước +10

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  • Caroline Tribhuvan
    Caroline Tribhuvan 2 năm trước +1

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      Try once Hijama Cupping therapy for skin problems sir you will get definitely complete solution

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    Thanks to you and your family.
    Dr. Basudeb Adhvaryu. Jamshedpur.

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