Unboxing a SEALED iBook G3 with MKBHD!

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  • Ashley Powell
    Ashley Powell Giờ trước

    I was -4 in 2000


    i wasn't even born yet

  • HiiighAsAKite
    HiiighAsAKite Giờ trước

    I wanted a car, I got a computer

  • Judas Ezrah
    Judas Ezrah 2 giờ trước

    I wasn’t born for 3 years sorry

  • avocheeseado 1
    avocheeseado 1 3 giờ trước

    I was -6 in 2000

  • Craigslist User
    Craigslist User 4 giờ trước

    Justine's videos are meant to be watched on mute.

  • Ryan Kay
    Ryan Kay 4 giờ trước

    Girl you are such a annoying human being. Your fetish is not cute

  • Deborah Diaz
    Deborah Diaz 4 giờ trước

    Lol in 2000 I was 5 😂 now I’m 23. I remember using these in 5th grade

  • luntian grace Tagaamihan
    luntian grace Tagaamihan 4 giờ trước

    College??? Ohhh you were in college? Ok but you look young hun i gave you that. I am in my 2nd year at high school during 2000. 😀

  • Nature 707
    Nature 707 5 giờ trước

    I was negative 3 Years old

  • Ovulm
    Ovulm 5 giờ trước +1

    I was -2 lol

  • Pattyricia Starr
    Pattyricia Starr 5 giờ trước

    Elementary school me is freaking out

  • Daniel  Alvarez
    Daniel Alvarez 6 giờ trước

    Age -1

  • Grace Chen
    Grace Chen 6 giờ trước

    She's on drugs, I can't watch anymore

  • SaL Razo
    SaL Razo 8 giờ trước


  • Pat Hernandez
    Pat Hernandez 8 giờ trước

    haha i was 3 in 2000

  • solen 1
    solen 1 8 giờ trước

    Um internet still goes through phone lines

  • efe koseoglu
    efe koseoglu 8 giờ trước

    at the beginning i like to watch your videos but now started to annoying with your fake reactions

  • Ikidfurygames4I At its finest

    *that is pretty intense*

  • Aidan Fowler
    Aidan Fowler 10 giờ trước

    I was -5 in 2000

  • Richard Cermele
    Richard Cermele 10 giờ trước

    Justine hit me up on ICQ, my number is 13801! Lol. I remember mine too ;)

  • gaming Khaled
    gaming Khaled 11 giờ trước

    i wasent born yet
    in 2000

  • Sarat Yellasiri
    Sarat Yellasiri 12 giờ trước

    Gosh she overacts

  • Trevor Welsh
    Trevor Welsh 12 giờ trước

    But did he smash

  • Íris Silva
    Íris Silva 13 giờ trước

    My 2009 MacBook Pro makes that noise, not only that but it sometimes also sounds like R2-D2

  • marissa webster
    marissa webster 13 giờ trước

    I was born 4 years later

  • jonas podevyn
    jonas podevyn 14 giờ trước

    my age was -2

  • 1 000 000 views
    1 000 000 views 14 giờ trước


  • Love Joyalyn
    Love Joyalyn 15 giờ trước


  • Isaac V
    Isaac V 15 giờ trước

    Just chill

  • Isaac V
    Isaac V 15 giờ trước

    Your so lucky

  • Dainius Bružinskis
    Dainius Bružinskis 15 giờ trước

    Justine looks like get multiple orgasm 😂😁

  • Sim on
    Sim on 16 giờ trước

    i was 8 back on 2000 gosh hahah

  • Joel Sam
    Joel Sam 17 giờ trước

    I month and 17 days..😐🤗

  • Joel Sam
    Joel Sam 17 giờ trước

    That's as old as me..😅

    THAT LONDONFELLA 18 giờ trước

    She’s very annoying. Pray for the guy that dates her.

  • Louie Mongan
    Louie Mongan 18 giờ trước

    I wasn’t alive in 2000

  • Kenneth Love
    Kenneth Love 19 giờ trước

    I was 6 in 2000 🤣🤣

  • andras albert
    andras albert 20 giờ trước

    08:15 You have to bee a blind fanboy to belive that Apple invented mag cables first...

  • Lt. Foxx
    Lt. Foxx 20 giờ trước

    In 2000? I was 1 year old. Lol

  • ツe l i s e
    ツe l i s e 20 giờ trước

    I remember my auntie having one of these still in 08. I used to ask her to play on it cuz I thought it looked cool and she never let me have a go 😩. She got rid of it I’m 2010 to get an iMac instead.

  • Kai A
    Kai A 22 giờ trước

    I was born!

  • aaron rajadurai
    aaron rajadurai 23 giờ trước

    Born on 2000🤩

  • FLC Mamba
    FLC Mamba Ngày trước +2


  • i Dan
    i Dan Ngày trước

    Apple Logo upside down 🙃

  • Sam Jacob
    Sam Jacob Ngày trước

    Man Someone Get Her To A Hospital

  • Cosmic Hitmen
    Cosmic Hitmen Ngày trước

    That's a pixel 2 xl with Mkbhd

  • Pete Bidwell
    Pete Bidwell Ngày trước

    I became 21 in 2000

  • Ahmed Abdo
    Ahmed Abdo Ngày trước

    Overreacting to the brim!

  • kathryn elizabeth
    kathryn elizabeth Ngày trước

    I was -4 when this came out.

  • chippy chedders
    chippy chedders Ngày trước

    I had a shitty $2000 Compaq presario laptop back in 2000, a year after we bought it we went to Fry's electronics to see if we could update it a bit.. they laughed at us

  • bigshiz27
    bigshiz27 Ngày trước

    Justine calm down stop overacting sometime... people know... you’re too much relax

  • Yaxiss
    Yaxiss Ngày trước +2

    I was in college studying comp sci in 2000. No one really cared for Apple back then. I remember reviewers calling this laptop a toilet seat for casual computing. Back then Apple was know to produce niche products for artists, had great hardware design, was overpriced, and underpowered (sort of like 2018 Apple). Hell, even the stock price was around $20 back then.
    I was working at a small tech firm in the early 2000s and remember people laughing whenever I told them they should check out the MacBook (because it had an intel processor and a Unix like OS) and that Apple was the future. Today those people are the biggest Apple fanboys I know.

  • Felix Thomas
    Felix Thomas Ngày trước

    These comments are extremely sexist. I’m sorry you have to put up with this Justine.

  • Brayden Lafler
    Brayden Lafler Ngày trước

    I was negative 3 yrs old when it came out

  • Hunny
    Hunny Ngày trước

    Can we PLEASE STOP HATING ON JUSTINE?!?!? The girl is excited you got a problem with that!?

  • Jaz Tena
    Jaz Tena Ngày trước

    Annoying, annoying, annoying

  • Golden Dragon
    Golden Dragon Ngày trước

    He wears the gay flag with the brown stripes for negros representation. Good propaganda.

  • james lambert
    james lambert Ngày trước

    i prefere windows

  • Jack Savage
    Jack Savage Ngày trước

    I was negative 4 in 2000

  • Felipe Andrade
    Felipe Andrade Ngày trước

    I was born in 2000

  • Casin Cupp
    Casin Cupp Ngày trước

    I was born in 05

  • ultra haydonshea
    ultra haydonshea Ngày trước

    plainrock124 had that laptop and he wanted you to sign it

  • Oziel Landaverde
    Oziel Landaverde Ngày trước

    Omg I was just a newborn

  • Karim khattab
    Karim khattab Ngày trước

    13:17 Apple logo is upside down

  • 902 biking
    902 biking Ngày trước

    16 in 2000

  • Lucas Follin
    Lucas Follin Ngày trước

    i was dis meany 1

  • LOLFace1227
    LOLFace1227 Ngày trước

    in 2000, i was 6 haha

  • samuel rappaport
    samuel rappaport Ngày trước

    MKBHD akward boner.

  • Godfrey Ampofo
    Godfrey Ampofo Ngày trước

    12:49 LOOKA DIS DUDE!!!!

  • Godfrey Ampofo
    Godfrey Ampofo Ngày trước

    8:49 i litteraly jumped out of my seat dang girl cool yourself.😰😰😂

  • Benny Rempel
    Benny Rempel Ngày trước

    I was not born in 2000

  • Lydia Atsma
    Lydia Atsma Ngày trước

    I was 11.

  • omarjoshy
    omarjoshy Ngày trước

    Oh wow!!!

  • Emil Persson
    Emil Persson Ngày trước

    in the year 2000 i was -2 years old

  • NefruSimons
    NefruSimons Ngày trước +3

    For those guys that say she is overreacting, she realy love aple tech, she have almost all the products they ever made, basicly collector, for her is this equvalent of a sealed golden football card from 2001. At least she have a collection that is (or in its time was) more useful then a picture of a guy that runs on the grass... Keep your shit together with your useless comments, i have seen guys creaming over 5 years old sealed comic book for crying out loud.

  • KidGamer BG
    KidGamer BG Ngày trước

    i wasn't even born in the 2000's :P

    TINY TANGENT Ngày trước

    I wasn’t alive

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer Ngày trước

    Why is Justine using a knife everytime
    Use scissors

  • Damar Paegle
    Damar Paegle Ngày trước

    is it really SEALED? omg, i can't believe...

  • Kyle Millard
    Kyle Millard Ngày trước

    This was painful to watch

  • Jordan Seth Morrison
    Jordan Seth Morrison Ngày trước

    1 YEAR

  • I Ace
    I Ace Ngày trước +1

    I'm pretty sure no one can live to 2000 they would die before that 😂😂😂 Love justine

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C Ngày trước


  • TheToastBear
    TheToastBear Ngày trước

    Get back in the kitchen

  • Maggs
    Maggs Ngày trước

    She's on crack. calling DEA.

  • Maggs
    Maggs Ngày trước

    overacting. pretentious. fake.

  • Chevalier Cronybyrne
    Chevalier Cronybyrne Ngày trước

    Thé aple logo is upsidown

  • Yash Kaundilya
    Yash Kaundilya Ngày trước

    1 yr

  • Nishita Bhowmik
    Nishita Bhowmik Ngày trước +3

    *Did u know?*
    Justine is 10 years older than mkbhd! But here, she is the overexcited kid.

  • Fordsie
    Fordsie 2 ngày trước

    I was born in March 2000 so this computer is nearly as old as me....

  • Sanad Kadu
    Sanad Kadu 2 ngày trước

    Goddamn.. This bitch overreacting.. Ma man is fukin embarrassed

  • RMC Entertainment
    RMC Entertainment 2 ngày trước

    I think I was 8 years old in 2000

  • AppleToday
    AppleToday 2 ngày trước

    *I wish Apple product were this exciting these days* Back in 2000 every computer was running Windows around where I lived, so whenever we saw a Mac, it was like : what are you going to install on it?

  • Mr. NotHere Art, Comedy & Gaming

    I was -5 years when it came out.

  • PastTundra 51447
    PastTundra 51447 2 ngày trước

    i was -7 years old in 2000

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White 2 ngày trước

    My mom had one of these for work and then gave me it when she upgraded so I had this as my own from 2003-2006. I learned Photoshop on here and played Snood! :)

  • OmegaMan
    OmegaMan 2 ngày trước

    She was going to college when this came out? How old is she?

  • Hoax
    Hoax 2 ngày trước


  • dj-peterofficial
    dj-peterofficial 2 ngày trước

    Remember seeing one of those for the first time and absolutely took them for children's toys, not a real computer. Back then I was working with computers and laptops were all black and grey, and very few people could afford one. I remember one IBM laptop ordered for a doctor on his way to conference in the U.S. (I live in Sweden). He needed the machine for presentations and the specs were intel pentium 400 MHz with 256 Mb of Ram. It cost about $6000 + tax... and run Windows NT 4.0. Think about that when complaining about expensive laptops today. That was the actual price back then, and in todays value it's a lot more.