Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer

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  • Xuất bản 22 Th10, 2019
  • The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:
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  • Tabula Rasa
    Tabula Rasa Phút trước

    Doomcock was right, Rey attacks Kylo's lightsaber, wow. 😂🤣

  • Zach Vincent
    Zach Vincent Phút trước

    It looks like true star wars to me. Gave me goosebumps like the old ones. Please don't disappoint

  • Sam T
    Sam T 3 phút trước

    the only things Finn ever says are "Rey!" and "Woo!"

  • Magma Admin Kaito
    Magma Admin Kaito 3 phút trước +1

    *Rey kill the emperor with a useless training*
    Starkiller: am I a joke to you?

  • syarizan sulaiman
    syarizan sulaiman 4 phút trước

    And fans are boycotting , not me 😁

    HEADBANGERSBALLER 4 phút trước

    ....When the pace is too fast And I think I won't last
    You know where I'll be found
    I'll be standing here beside myself
    Getting ready for the final round
    No one can stop me now
    Tonight I'm on the loose....

  • Kyle Barron
    Kyle Barron 5 phút trước +1

    I have a bad feeling 3PO come out of the closet in this one.

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young 5 phút trước +4

    Leia Organa, 2019

  • Drin Cocaj
    Drin Cocaj 5 phút trước

    Idk who would complain that there might be new Star Wars movies. Who doesn't want more? Never stop making them please, and watch whichever you enjoy as many times as you like...

  • Nomad X
    Nomad X 5 phút trước

    Oh let me guess who wins the duel 😂

  • ShadowDeistGaming
    ShadowDeistGaming 6 phút trước

    Wish I had money to go see it.

  • The Jester
    The Jester 6 phút trước +20

    Disney: We’re done with this franchise
    *A year later...*
    Disney: _It’s free real estate_

  • food4u4
    food4u4 7 phút trước

    I hope this story ends with palpatine just killing Ray.

  • Nick Müller
    Nick Müller 7 phút trước

    How can a trailer be that bad there is no need to look only a second of that film the whole Story told in the trailer already. Disneys disgusting

  • tothemoon
    tothemoon 8 phút trước

    "I feel nothing. Not the wind on my face nor the spray of the sea."
    - Captain Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren 8 phút trước

    Wait is that the emperor voice from original SW? 😲😲😲

  • bgoodfella7413
    bgoodfella7413 8 phút trước +4

    2019: The Saga Ends

    2020: NOT...let's capitalize on this garbage.

    • Jim Brown
      Jim Brown 48 giây trước

      First they will release the DVD version, then the blu ray, then the 3D blu-ray, then the 4k version, the 3D 4k version, the digital download, the HD digital download, the 4K digital download, then the paper animation version that you have to flip yourself. After they release those they will say: "Wow, we found an extra minute of footage that was lost! We are now going to remake all the previous versions that we made again! All for the same price but this time made inside of a steelbook case".

  • Justin Nfl
    Justin Nfl 8 phút trước


  • Dominic Schroeyers
    Dominic Schroeyers 8 phút trước +19

    2019: Star Wars: The Saga Ends
    2020: Star Wars: Rise Of The Money

  • The Metal Potato
    The Metal Potato 8 phút trước

    I’m just waiting for Gonk Droid: A Star Wars Story

  • Burned Tortilla
    Burned Tortilla 9 phút trước

    Im watching but imma leave if theres no jar jar the sith lord

  • The Jester
    The Jester 10 phút trước +20

    “People keep telling me they know me, no one does...”
    Yeah, that’s the entire problem. You’re a Mary Sue.

  • Tigerclaw
    Tigerclaw 10 phút trước +1

    long has he watied and now jebaited XD

  • Dave Jerrard
    Dave Jerrard 10 phút trước

    Omg omg omg !

  • K C
    K C 10 phút trước

    STILL not sure if I'm going to spend my hard-earned seeing this. Convince me Pisney!!

  • Vicktor Boy
    Vicktor Boy 10 phút trước

    I russian Zopa

  • Niklas K
    Niklas K 10 phút trước

    Die Macht wird mit dir sein ....

    Keine Schwäche zeigen!

  • Kyle Barron
    Kyle Barron 10 phút trước

    I was planning on not watching this, but I think I will. Just so I can hate it even more.

  • Michael Richter
    Michael Richter 11 phút trước

    And where is Dark Helmet??

  • Angelina Lan
    Angelina Lan 11 phút trước +1

    It’s funny how I’m watching this trailer when I haven’t seen any of the Star Wars movies 😂

  • nightvisiongoggles1
    nightvisiongoggles1 11 phút trước +2

    Maybe after this they'll tell the story of a galaxy much, much farther away

  • grog3514
    grog3514 13 phút trước

    I don't care about any of these characters. They are all so bland and lame. Who wrote this garbage?

  • Blank Space
    Blank Space 13 phút trước

    EMPIRE AND REPUBLIC vs Emperor ez predictions

  • OOM- 32
    OOM- 32 14 phút trước

    Star wars: the ultimate cashgrab of our generation.

  • CID1973
    CID1973 14 phút trước +2

    No money for the rat.

    NEWBEATS MUSIC. 14 phút trước

    Reye a skywalker

  • Lethal Edits
    Lethal Edits 14 phút trước +2

    If there’s not a hello there reference this movie gonna flop

  • Am shaegar
    Am shaegar 15 phút trước

    MARY SUUEEE jumps to another dimension without any training.. :) 0:15

  • Travisito23 Adventures
    Travisito23 Adventures 15 phút trước

    I love star wars! 😎🤠

  • Rishab Shrestha
    Rishab Shrestha 15 phút trước

    I wanna start watching the series bur where do i Start 😂😂

  • rajpal singh
    rajpal singh 15 phút trước

    2020 : star war :all in one saga

  • Dominik Pascuttini
    Dominik Pascuttini 16 phút trước +6

    2019: The saga ends
    2022: Hello there

  • Google User
    Google User 16 phút trước +80

    2019: Star Wars: The Saga Ends
    2022: Star Wars: *The Rise of the Darth Jar Jar*

    • Prince Artanis
      Prince Artanis 5 phút trước

      The saga ends , until the next 3 episodes 😂 disney loves money, its not the end at all

    • Blake Westman
      Blake Westman 7 phút trước

      Jar Jar always wipes out half of the opposing army just by screwing up

    • Gardner De Aguiar
      Gardner De Aguiar 13 phút trước +1

      LOL!! 🤣

    • Hello There
      Hello There 13 phút trước +4

      will definitely pay money for that, ngl

  • mugensamurai
    mugensamurai 16 phút trước +2

    It's all true. All the plot theories, all of them.

  • Василий Боков
    Василий Боков 16 phút trước

    Злая Грета, снова в кино.

  • Snaggledog 007
    Snaggledog 007 16 phút trước

    If you can’t get better writers, than be done with it.

  • Mollusk
    Mollusk 16 phút trước

    nobody in the comments is even trying

  • Sabando.USMC
    Sabando.USMC 17 phút trước +32

    "How do we make binoculars look Star Warsy?"

    • Larniie Playz
      Larniie Playz 6 phút trước

      They could of just used the ones from the clone wars

  • Mic Fatton
    Mic Fatton 17 phút trước +10

    The only hope in this trailer is that the story does ends

  • StoneTheGoat
    StoneTheGoat 17 phút trước

    People come here for the comments not the video

  • Kaijul
    Kaijul 17 phút trước

    Et où sont les vaissezux du premier ordre ? Pourquoi d'un coup on a des croiseurs impériaux ?

  • Your Pet Iguana
    Your Pet Iguana 17 phút trước

    What's Star wars

  • 旅するドーナッツ
    旅するドーナッツ 18 phút trước


  • DarthTat1
    DarthTat1 18 phút trước

    Antenna is round again!

  • Victoria Ellie Grey
    Victoria Ellie Grey 18 phút trước +1

    I CRIED.

  • Winni
    Winni 18 phút trước

    Have you heard of the High Elves?

  • Thorpes Atkins
    Thorpes Atkins 18 phút trước

    Silent serene scene, then boom something comes into frame and stuff happens. Cliche to the max

  • Iamhassentme
    Iamhassentme 18 phút trước

    Tbh I can't wait for it to be put out of it's misery

  • Reneirio Quimbo
    Reneirio Quimbo 19 phút trước

    Finally seeing the Ghost from Star Wars rebels. I wonder if Hera Syndulla is still piloting it or at this point its someone else.