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I tried speedrunning the original Bloons and almost drove myself insane

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  • Xuất bản 10 Th06, 2021
  • The original Bloons game is very different from Bloons TD, but just as iconic. The speedrun for this flash game is extremely precise and probably one of the most stressful things I've done yet
    Watch live at: twitch.tv/EazySpeezy
    ▶ Twitter: EazySpeezy
    ▶ Instagram: EazySpeezy
    ▶ Merch: eazyspeezy.com
    Edited by: @TheSuitedBird
    Watch the world record run here: • (WR) [6:08] Bloon...
    My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!
    #EazySpeezy #Bloons #Speedrun
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  • RandomFluff
    RandomFluff 2 năm trước +4887

    He's doing as much as he can to avoid speedrunning CHIMPS

    • Emerald Potatoes
      Emerald Potatoes 2 năm trước +77

      That is true insanity

    • PotatoKernels
      PotatoKernels 2 năm trước +176

      Half Cash on expert maps is A NIGHTMARE

    • Duncan The Sniper
      Duncan The Sniper 2 năm trước +22

      Powers are enabled though@PotatoKernels

    • PotatoKernels
      PotatoKernels 2 năm trước +33

      @Duncan The Sniper well if you spam super monkey storm i guess you can but it is still really hard

    • Evan Carlos
      Evan Carlos 2 năm trước +1

      do it lol

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache 2 năm trước +2283

    I've only ever known Bloons as a tower defense game, never knew the original was like this

    • S.9264
      S.9264 2 năm trước +108

      There are more bloons games like this too they are pretty fun ngl

    • Porkus
      Porkus 2 năm trước +19

      Or that it existed

    • kikopower
      kikopower 2 năm trước +101

      This was and still is one of the most iconic Flash game series that one could had ever played when searching for free Internet games.
      Most people wouldn't have even known about the original Bloons series, Now a lot of people know about it.

    • Shake
      Shake 2 năm trước +5

      Are the original or an imposter

    • Porkus
      Porkus 2 năm trước +2

      @Shake what

  • Sir Nile
    Sir Nile 2 năm trước +2473

    Ngl, both genres Bloons tackled were really well handled.

    • JKL Josh
      JKL Josh 2 năm trước +89

      Its funny seeing the a a balloons in this that went on to inspire monkeys In the future games

    • Michael Johnson
      Michael Johnson 2 năm trước +69

      Only 3 of the 6 genres were successful. There's also the Bloons Super Monkey line (successful), match 3, flappy bird (several years before flappy bird though), and trivia.

    • expired milk
      expired milk 2 năm trước +43

      @Michael Johnson I don't have any facts or anything, but I feel like btd5, btd6, and btd battles were the most popular bloons games. Just because of how much everyone talked about those three

    • Michael Johnson
      Michael Johnson 2 năm trước +15

      @expired milk I'd agree with you. I assumed everyone knew about the tower defense games and I didn't need to list them as games that Nile doesn't know about

    • Keegan Conlee
      Keegan Conlee 2 năm trước +16

      @expired milk Oh, almost definitely. Those are the games that had the most content to begin with, and got/get regular additional content updates. Monkey City too, but that never got quite as popular or really as much attention from NK either.

  • VengeanceBry
    VengeanceBry 2 năm trước +2800

    “Almost went insane” when will Speezy commit to his insanity

    • Mr Exists
      Mr Exists 2 năm trước +33


    • Brayden Graves
      Brayden Graves 2 năm trước +27

      When he speedruns Bubsy 3D, probably.

    • Ihazfunkitty
      Ihazfunkitty 2 năm trước +12

      When he can speedrun insanity

    • VengeanceBry
      VengeanceBry 2 năm trước +11

      @Ihazfunkitty I think the pancake video was basically that

    • Walugus Grudenburg
      Walugus Grudenburg 2 năm trước +7

      When he speedruns Bloons Insanity Pack of course.

  • Daniel Charles
    Daniel Charles 2 năm trước +330

    Eazy is the definition of borderline insane, see how many time he almost went insane through his speedrunning career but still remain sane after all of this.

    • ReniTube
      ReniTube 2 năm trước +7

      Who said he doesn’t fake being sane 😟

    • Daniel Charles
      Daniel Charles 2 năm trước +1

      @ReniTube Well he is *insanely* dedicated to speedrunning so your theory is not unfounded.

    • Skyquaky
      Skyquaky 2 năm trước +1

      @ReniTube well thats a good theory and he might ben't sane afterall

  • Alex Hawkins
    Alex Hawkins 2 năm trước +934

    How many times games gonna almost make this guy insane

    • notNoita
      notNoita 2 năm trước +20

      He will almost drive himself to extinction if he actually goes insane from speedrunning all these games

    • CM21
      CM21 2 năm trước +10

      This guy is already permanently insane after all of the game he speedrunned so far.

    • InherentSteam55
      InherentSteam55 Năm trước


  • Hammack
    Hammack 2 năm trước +822

    I’m surprised they allow infinite darts in a speedrun

    • Diamond Waddles
      Diamond Waddles 2 năm trước +147

      Yeah, when I played this I remembered it was actually really hard to do. So I was wondering how he was doing it so easily.

    • theallpure
      theallpure 2 năm trước +172

      There's 2 categories, Any% and Any%No UDM (unlimited darts mode?)

    • Hammack
      Hammack 2 năm trước +8

      @theallpure ah cool

    • TwelveSevven
      TwelveSevven Năm trước +84

      Infinite darts really seems to defeat the purpose of the game.

    • Lucas Matsuoca
      Lucas Matsuoca Năm trước +12

      i think when i was a kid i never managed to finish the game without infinite darts mode, it's really not so simple, especially when you're like 11y.o.

  • [ Grim ]
    [ Grim ] 2 năm trước +127

    The Nostalgia, I remember playing this when I was younger

    • Wumbo
      Wumbo 2 năm trước +5

      On the school computer

  • Squiddler
    Squiddler 2 năm trước +126

    It's cool how they ended up taking the powerups from this game and turning them into the OG towers in BTD. You've got the tacks, ice, boomerang, spike balls, bombs, and... *Pac Man*

    • S. Light
      S. Light Năm trước


    • 888 Records
      888 Records Năm trước +5

      You forgot triple darts

    • WaterySlasan
      WaterySlasan Năm trước +3

      Pacman confirmed for btd7

    • Squiddler
      Squiddler Năm trước

      @888 Records I guess I left that one out cause it didn't really feel as inspired as the other ones. Like they made 4 whole games between this and btd5 where it first appeared, and there it was _only_ an upgrade (while the spike-o-pult at least got to be it's own tower for one game)

    • Jim
      Jim 6 tháng trước

      @Squiddler Ah, the Spike O Pult was one of my go-to towers on BTD3. Good times.

  • Underfunded Scientist
    Underfunded Scientist 2 năm trước +46

    This is amazing, the nostalgia is so real .

  • Quasar Maniac
    Quasar Maniac 2 năm trước +17

    You actually had unlimited darts on, so your speedrun would go into the UDM category. You got 4th place in that category!

  • Mr Exists
    Mr Exists 2 năm trước +28

    i remember playing this when it was still new, really surprised me the franchise has lasted so long

    • Tahmeed Tajwar
      Tahmeed Tajwar Năm trước +3

      Not only did it last long it is going strong even today.

  • I'm A Person
    I'm A Person 2 năm trước +241

    (0:34) Speezy: “One of the hardest levels in the game”
    **Gets 69% Without Attempting To Which Is Statistically Harder**

  • Bryan Tan
    Bryan Tan 2 năm trước +31

    2:55 The intended strat is to intentionally hit the icy bloons so you can bounce the tack into the ones at the back

  • mydogtookmykeyboard
    mydogtookmykeyboard 2 năm trước +431

    the nostalgia...

  • Jamie S
    Jamie S 2 năm trước +455

    Bloons wasn’t always a tower defense game? What other lies have I been told by the council?

    • JayBlueGuy
      JayBlueGuy 2 năm trước +39

      Flat Earthes: Ha! How that we have a short-wave transmitter, we can broadcast our message around the world!
      Wait... Around?

    • Moadot720
      Moadot720 2 năm trước +6

      Of COURSE not!!!!

    • Harthroth
      Harthroth 2 năm trước +31

      red dead revolver was the first red dead game, not red dead redemption

    • OptimusShr
      OptimusShr 2 năm trước +17

      The true purpose of aglets on your shoelaces. It is quite, sinister

    • Horváth Áron
      Horváth Áron 2 năm trước +14

      The last main Bloons game, that wasn't Tower Defense was Bloons 2 and that game is just amazing, You should play it, it was way better than any Tower Defense ones that had come out up until that point (I know that there were 2 more puzzle games after Bloons 2, but they were more like extensions than stand-alone games)

  • Señor Lechuga
    Señor Lechuga 2 năm trước +12

    Such a simple game and so addicting at the same time
    The balloon pops are so satisfying to hear

  • Flavia Pederzini
    Flavia Pederzini 2 năm trước +2

    Now this, _this_ was my childhood for me. I did know about Bloons TD and I played it occasionally, but _this_ one was the one for me, the Bloons I remember

  • Trevor MacIntosh
    Trevor MacIntosh 2 năm trước +15

    This game, and it's sequels, are my CHILDHOOD!

  • Calumbus
    Calumbus 2 năm trước +25

    I was playing BTD6 a few minutes ago and I forgot how different the first one was

    • JustARandomInternetPerson
      JustARandomInternetPerson 2 năm trước

      So was i

    • JustARandomInternetPerson
      JustARandomInternetPerson 2 năm trước

      But I didn't even know about the first one.

    • sfisher923
      sfisher923 2 năm trước

      Same was checking how my 1st Custom Odyssey was doing
      It's not doing so well because It's a Fast Last Game Odyssey with a couple of Memes

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi Năm trước +3

    I remember this game. I never knew it was the original bloons that grew to the game we know today.

  • Kitty6000
    Kitty6000 2 năm trước

    I completely forgot this game existed before seeing the video, the nostalgia is real.

  • Cylence Hicks
    Cylence Hicks Tháng trước

    I cant even count how many times I would constantly play this game. Love love love it

  • cynicap
    cynicap 2 năm trước

    He has resurfaced a memory I never knew I had. I remember this game, but mot the levels. The sound effects gave me a hit of nostalgia. Thank you

  • Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname

    If you want to REALLY drive yourself insane, run it without infinite darts.

  • Rodolf
    Rodolf Năm trước

    This is much better than the tower defense, I wish they made more like this

  • MQ
    MQ 2 năm trước

    it's actually strange, but cool, to see how they transformed these powerups into monkeys in BTD. I especially liked the triple darts, which didn't even return until BTD5

  • captainkirk265
    captainkirk265 2 năm trước

    I like how you can see the game mechanics transfer into the towers, like you can't pop frozen bloons except with a bomb. Also I like the little monkey he's cute.

  • Ilija Antić
    Ilija Antić Năm trước

    I looked for this game for SO LONG. And I love it SO MUCH. It's really nostalgic for me because I used to play it when I go to my aunts place when I was a kid.

  • slushpuppydevil
    slushpuppydevil 2 năm trước

    Holy Christ I've played so many bloons TD games I forgot this game existed, what a throwback

  • Walde
    Walde Năm trước +4

    I remember when Bloons had it's own website where you could make maps and play levels made by other people and gain XP from doing it. Then they closed it down. It was so much fun at the time

  • deepysingh800
    deepysingh800 2 năm trước +1

    I have very vague memories of playing this game back in the day! The sounds effects, some of the levels, and the graphics are pretty nostalgic!

  • TheDarkFiddler
    TheDarkFiddler 2 năm trước +1

    Speezy saccing his good Twitch runs to bring us commentary 🥺

  • Boi Leek
    Boi Leek Năm trước

    I remember Bloons was one of the first flash games I ever played when I was little. Can't believe not many people know it existed

  • Fabian_0174
    Fabian_0174 Năm trước

    This is a game I played so much but 100% just forgot about it lmao. The nostalgia

  • SashaSylva
    SashaSylva Năm trước

    Oh my. I thought I had only played the TD games but seeing this Awoke a hidden memory holyyyyy cow. Nostalgia.

  • hyperstone9
    hyperstone9 2 năm trước +7

    2:54 you can do that!? I always thought you had to hit the ice bloons first then bounce a dart all the way across using the frozen bloons.

    • I Exist
      I Exist 2 năm trước +4

      He can do that because he has infinite darts on.

    • MarkVD100
      MarkVD100 2 năm trước +5

      Impossible without the "infinite dart" option. Your strat was the intended one.

  • Matt Monitto
    Matt Monitto 4 tháng trước

    I spent way too much time as a youngun making custom levels. Love seeing this again.

  • Cheshire The Cat
    Cheshire The Cat 2 năm trước +110

    I have a few games that I would love to see speedruns of. I'm thinking of Insaniquarium, an aquarium simulator where you keep your fish alive and fight aliens, earning enough money to buy three egg pieces and end each level. Feeding Frenzy, a game where you play a variety of fish species and try to reach the top of the food chain by eating anything smaller than you. And lastly, an obscure game called Plantasia, that focuses on restoring and tending to gardens to gather enough pollen to complete each level.

    • Jörn B.
      Jörn B. 2 năm trước +9

      Yoooooo, Insamiquarium was THE shit back in the days. Such a great game.

    • Michael Johnson
      Michael Johnson 2 năm trước +1

      Feeding Frenzy can't be bought anymore, Insaniquarium runs really badly (

    • Michael Johnson
      Michael Johnson 2 năm trước

      Feeding Frenzy 2 is on Steam though

    • Ahzoh
      Ahzoh 2 năm trước

      I remember feeding frenzy, fun game

    • Cheshire The Cat
      Cheshire The Cat 2 năm trước +3

      @Michael Johnson Insaniquarium runs fine on my PC, though. And I had no idea Feeding Frenzy wasn't on Steam, I figured since 2 is on there, the first would be too.

  • noobynoob67
    noobynoob67 2 năm trước +23

    Take a shot every time speezy says "very"

  • Noah Jordan
    Noah Jordan Năm trước

    Nostalgic, brought me back to flash game days

  • a dream you've had before
    a dream you've had before 6 tháng trước +2

    Considering the fact that it was never officially confirmed that bloons aren't sentient and can't feel pain, it's entirely possible that this goofy monkey game is just mass genocide

  • Alex
    Alex 2 năm trước +3

    God I forgot about this game. definitely spent a lot of time playing it. Somehow never connected the dots on it being related to the btd series

  • Aaliya Ramanathan
    Aaliya Ramanathan Năm trước

    FINALLY oh my god I thought I hallucinated this version of bloons but this was my entire childhood!! thank you for unearthing it!!!

  • AdminAnimates
    AdminAnimates 2 năm trước

    I've only known Bloons as this game, I first heard about the tower defense trying to look it up to show my friends. I have so many memories of this game, my brother used to make levels and then I would play them. The levels, of course, were usually really hard/impossible so I would try for a really long time and then cry. Pretty much every time we played together I would end up crying. Ah, good times.

  • Punchy Boi
    Punchy Boi Năm trước

    This game was in my school and it took me a week to beat, the fact he speed ran it both crushes me and impresses me

  • Ineffable_Eldritch_horror
    Ineffable_Eldritch_horror 8 tháng trước

    I used to love this game as kid, good to know It was as hard as I remember

  • hexagon8899
    hexagon8899 2 năm trước +1

    nice to see some mechanics are still in the very early pre-tower defence game, like the triple dart or boomerang

    SMILEY LOL 2 năm trước +7

    I originally thought this was the knock off but now I know btd is the spinoff

  • Calamity Callie
    Calamity Callie 2 năm trước

    I loved this game back in the day! Some of those levels really were massive headaches though...

  • inkublu
    inkublu Năm trước

    God, I love bloons
    It's kinda weird how they branched off to other genres

  • It’s-just cesar
    It’s-just cesar 2 năm trước

    This game really did hit different!

  • The Bourgeoisie
    The Bourgeoisie Năm trước

    The boys who played cool math games in 6th grade will always be the ultimate speed runners for these types of games

  • The bacon boi
    The bacon boi 2 năm trước +1

    This man is insane

  • Pathfinder Unofficial
    Pathfinder Unofficial 2 năm trước +3

    "we wanna use those pink Bloons which will get a lot of different *darts*"
    Knowing they're tacks in the pinks hurt me mentally

  • RaginDaemonium0 Chris
    RaginDaemonium0 Chris 2 năm trước

    love seeing the speed runs

  • itay berkovitch
    itay berkovitch 2 năm trước +1

    so fun and relaxing to watch
    keep it up like that
    so special love your homur and the way you speak, funny and relaxing love ya

  • Zero Sleap
    Zero Sleap 2 năm trước +1

    Ill be honest this style of game i like more than the direction bloons decided to take

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement Năm trước +2

    I played the first BTD as a kid and I thought it was the original- never knew about this game!

  • TheOneVisionary
    TheOneVisionary 2 năm trước

    2:54 for this level i think you were supposed to hit the ice bloons so you can bounce a dart on top of the frozen ones to hit the last section of bloons

  • yaklin104
    yaklin104 2 năm trước +4

    I.... I thought I dreamed this game lol, i remember playing it once in school, and never finding it ever again

  • Ratt God
    Ratt God 2 năm trước

    I always assumed there was a bloons game before bloons tower defence but I didn’t think it would be something like this.

  • Grace Dolby
    Grace Dolby 2 năm trước

    3:22 I struggled with that level so much because I didn't know you could glitch through the wall!

    ZEROXIII 2 năm trước

    I remember playing this in my 1st 2nd and 3rd grade computer classes
    Good memories
    But unfortunately life is always under pressure when growing up

  • The Dana Yi Show
    The Dana Yi Show 2 năm trước +1

    Speezy is speedrunning my childhood and I love it

  • Zavh Yatta
    Zavh Yatta Năm trước +1

    The references from this game in the tower defense game is crazy.

  • I Exist
    I Exist 2 năm trước +5

    Will you do a speedrun without infinite darts, or just this category?

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez Năm trước

    I've never knew this was a game at first , that's actually cool

  • BrekkerSmile
    BrekkerSmile 2 năm trước

    Now this is the good old Bloons i remember playing

  • Eetu The Reindeer
    Eetu The Reindeer Năm trước

    I played these as a kindergartener. I was surprised to learn that they changed to tower defense later

  • A Dumbo Octopus
    A Dumbo Octopus Năm trước

    I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THIS! I used to get so angry at this game in school.
    I have friends who play the tower defense game completely seriously, can't wait to tell them that I played the original

  • edfreak9001
    edfreak9001 2 năm trước +1

    I don't think i've ever seen past stage 14. That one was always my bane somehow.

  • MaximalMegaminx
    MaximalMegaminx 2 năm trước +7

    Nice, I remember speedrunning Bloons Junior.
    How about Cubob next time? (also called Cuboy Quest 2, weird)
    It’s one of those nostalgia flash games for me

  • Leadman
    Leadman 2 năm trước

    Man i remember the old old tower defense days of this franchise

  • Just a picture of a scull 3 years ago

    *How can something so simple be so entertaining?*

  • Creator Productions
    Creator Productions Năm trước

    Never expected that towers on Bloons series were powers in the original Bloon

  • juuuri
    juuuri 2 năm trước

    i think speezy loves going crazy cause he speedruns so many games that make him

  • Jeremy Grove
    Jeremy Grove Năm trước

    Damn taking me back to the computer lab days at school with this one

  • Elmin L
    Elmin L 2 năm trước +3

    Really loves the word “Insane”

    UNLIMITED POWER 2 năm trước

    I remember this. The OG blooms was so different. I liked it.

  • TrustTheVibes
    TrustTheVibes Năm trước

    Watching this video unlocked a memory I had thought of in a decade haha

  • Mote D'Archive
    Mote D'Archive Năm trước

    The nostalgia... its too strong.....

  • golly gosh
    golly gosh 2 năm trước

    Only Speezy can commentate with such a calm tone while going so fast

  • Alex Paoletti
    Alex Paoletti Năm trước

    I remember playing this game and thinking it was amazing

  • Cam’s stuff
    Cam’s stuff 2 năm trước +4

    Bloons player pack speedrun? Oh wait, it’s too difficult…

  • JT Hagan
    JT Hagan 2 năm trước

    I am so excited for this speedrun trilogy!!!

  • Voidheart
    Voidheart 2 năm trước +1

    I thought this is a fangame
    Ah, the memories

  • Adam Lehi Johnson
    Adam Lehi Johnson 2 năm trước

    I love how the Tac Balloons evolved into the
    Tac Shooter

  • Insane Annexx
    Insane Annexx 2 năm trước

    This really unlocked a memory for me wow!

  • Kurogane Shiroe
    Kurogane Shiroe Năm trước

    Pls do more co-op speedruns with your brother!

  • LuckyLMJ
    LuckyLMJ 2 năm trước +53

    "one of the most stressful things i've done yet"
    what about the pancakes

    • j5155
      j5155 2 năm trước +2

      lucky how on earth did i accidentally find your comment

    • LuckyLMJ
      LuckyLMJ 2 năm trước +1

      @j5155 Lol

    • ReniTube
      ReniTube 2 năm trước +1

      @LuckyLMJ people who say lol inlcuding me:

    • j5155
      j5155 2 năm trước

      @ReniTube i know lucky from elsewhere and somehow managed to find his comment by complete accident
      then messaged him saying this and he was mildly freaked out

  • Justin Alicea
    Justin Alicea Năm trước

    I'm pretty sure that the levels complete when the last dart disappears. So when they are bouncing, the level won't end, and when you make a large through for just 2 more balloons, the level doesn't end until it goes out of bounds.

  • seblak
    seblak Năm trước

    I was never interested on the tower defense game, i loved this one.
    Even better was to make and play other player's levels

  • Loco
    Loco 2 năm trước

    2:55 I feel like doing this the intended way of using the ice bloons to make a bridge and bouncing a dart across is faster than going for the trick shot

  • JomoGaming
    JomoGaming 2 năm trước

    Guys, that one level took way too long than he wanted it to!

  • Lou Minadi
    Lou Minadi 2 năm trước

    Better than any of the tower defense games

  • Nick Marchi
    Nick Marchi 2 năm trước +5

    For all those saying you didn’t know this existed, y’all are too young 😂

  • imjustasprite
    imjustasprite Năm trước

    You need some rest man you have been insane when speedrunning lots of games

  • Chanh John Nguyen
    Chanh John Nguyen 2 năm trước

    I never knew bloons started out as a game other than tower defense

  • Tooprood88
    Tooprood88 2 năm trước

    Also as I tryharded bloons insanity, the bouncy walls are not inconsistent. only there being different speeds for your darts launch and literally adjusting angle by a single pixel will mess it up