American Empire

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  • Xuất bản 03 Th07, 2014
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  • Ginger Hitler
    Ginger Hitler 8 giờ trước

    Pathetic call me when you take over all but 5 of the worlds country

  • Woko100
    Woko100 22 giờ trước

    So basically America freed themselves from an empire and later became an empire, Ironic.

  • Stewart Dorans
    Stewart Dorans 3 ngày trước


  • Robert E. Waters
    Robert E. Waters 4 ngày trước

    We clearly need Congress to do Samoa work on how we define citizenship.

  • Puran Singh
    Puran Singh 4 ngày trước

    He plays magic lmao

  • El Salvador
    El Salvador 6 ngày trước

    You will be mine, U.S.
    Me and Canada will invade one day. Be prepared.

  • Jin
    Jin 6 ngày trước

    Why are all countries and states represented by women when it's clear that USA's gender would be male

    • FatBoiSlim
      FatBoiSlim Ngày trước

      Countries are reffered to with female pronouns in english

  • Mr. Stahl
    Mr. Stahl 7 ngày trước

    *sad coconut*

  • Josif Stalin
    Josif Stalin 8 ngày trước

    This is bad capitalist propaganda.

  • Logan Kessler
    Logan Kessler 8 ngày trước

    United states we are the must powerful group of states ever! Holy roman empire: hold my beer,

  • LordMagden
    LordMagden 9 ngày trước

    For some reason it makes me proud to be an American that you always draw her with a gun on her hip

  • VerumAdPotentia
    VerumAdPotentia 9 ngày trước

    When was the last star added to the American, Imperial, flag?

    • Micha
      Micha 5 ngày trước

      you're on youtube, why don't you just look it up?

  • ClutchKarma2
    ClutchKarma2 9 ngày trước

    Seems weird that the US has colonies they can't vote on things, wasn't that a large talking point of the American Revolution

    • Terry Price
      Terry Price 7 ngày trước

      Yep. The biggest reasons this hasn't been addressed is 1 - most people don't know (so you can't levy political pressure) and 2 - it doesn't affect anything in the average person's daily life. But it *is* absolutely a problem we should rectify, assuming they all want to change their status one way or another.

  • Communist cyka
    Communist cyka 9 ngày trước

    Left the chat

  • Anarchism deGuin
    Anarchism deGuin 9 ngày trước

    *Amerikkan Empire

  • Silver Letter
    Silver Letter 10 ngày trước

    All that information and not a word as to why you called the republic an "empire". For shame.

  • jay dani
    jay dani 11 ngày trước

    American Territories not Empire.
    The Brits and the Frenchies had a brutal and violent empire not America!

  • Jed Beyer
    Jed Beyer 11 ngày trước +1

    basically, the CFA is like the EU, but with just the US, Palau, the FSM and Nauru

  • Justine Catto
    Justine Catto 12 ngày trước

    I thought this was explaining about the American empire from mortal engines

  • mjgarrett9885ify
    mjgarrett9885ify 12 ngày trước

    But the other States must follow the law's while in Washington D.C. . The 3 city States know as the empire of the city . The lie is that the territory of Washington D.C. has no say is wrong !!! They have the final say !!!!

  • Sharon Shepherd
    Sharon Shepherd 12 ngày trước

    3:47 some say that coconut is still there to this day

  • Alessandro Strozzi
    Alessandro Strozzi 12 ngày trước +1

    But....the Panama channel?

  • Ezekiel Carvalho
    Ezekiel Carvalho 13 ngày trước

    Huh, and they say the EU is bad and undemocratic and conspiracy theorists make comments about the EU.

  • Roban
    Roban 14 ngày trước

    The sun never set on the British Empire. It just split into two.

  • Thomas Easley
    Thomas Easley 15 ngày trước

    i swear none of this makes any logical sense

  • Sean Baca
    Sean Baca 15 ngày trước

    This was NOT in your history books growing up.
    From the cannons mounted on the roof of Fort Conde, now surrounded by modern high-rise buildings in downtown Mobile, Alabama, it's hard to envision the time when it was under siege by Spanish and Latin American troops. But it's even harder for many Americans to understand that those Latinos were keeping the British from George Washington's flanks and helping him win the American Revolution.
    American history has a way of whitewashing the contributions made by Latinos even for more than two centuries before the American Revolution. But for those who never saw this part of our Hispanic history in their American school textbooks, inside the Fort Conde Museum, there is an impressive scale model that illustrates the magnitude of the Latinos fight against the British for America's independence.
    Bottom line: Our Latino ancestors financed and fought for American independence and we, too, are the sons and daughters of the American Revolution!!!

  • Crabby McCrustacean
    Crabby McCrustacean 15 ngày trước

    Is no one going to mention the MTG joke at 0:16 for the card Watery Grave?

  • Justine San Luis
    Justine San Luis 15 ngày trước

    3:46 (Sad coconut)

  • A MRP
    A MRP 15 ngày trước

    He said American Indian, not Indian!

  • Henry's BS TV
    Henry's BS TV 15 ngày trước

    0:22 CGP Grey predicted Brexit in 2014.

    • Henry's BS TV
      Henry's BS TV 13 ngày trước

      Brexit was in 2016.

    • tom marchianti
      tom marchianti 13 ngày trước

      First, just look at the date of Brexit, then look at the dicusion about becoming a EEA member, and you will understand, that he predicted nothing.

  • Greyson Miller
    Greyson Miller 17 ngày trước +1

    Hey, you forgot to pay 2 life for that Watery Grave man. Just sayin.

  • WhiteMagicalHat
    WhiteMagicalHat 17 ngày trước +3

    USA: "I have brought peace, freedom, justice and security to my new Empire!"
    Britain: "YOUR new Empire?"

  • Reinboa
    Reinboa 17 ngày trước

    Born too late to take part in Manifest Destiny
    Born too early to take part in Manifest Destiny 2: Space Boogaloo

  • Ken Hehir
    Ken Hehir 17 ngày trước

    At 3:34, it looks like there is what used to be a footnote link. Something about the Guano Islands Act, maybe? Does that video still exist, and if so, where?

  • Dom Lombardo Music
    Dom Lombardo Music 17 ngày trước +1

    0:20 oof

  • Potato Rekt
    Potato Rekt 17 ngày trước +1

    So it’s ok for US to do things like this, but not other big countries, if they do they get labeled? Supremacy at its finest lol.

  • Joseph Fitzsimmons
    Joseph Fitzsimmons 17 ngày trước

    Ugh, I never thought of what Old Glory would look like with 51 stars! I don't like it.
    Sorry, Puerto Rico, no statehood for you!

  • Jano van Pelt
    Jano van Pelt 17 ngày trước +1

    "Unlike other unions where members can leave if they so choose"

    Oh you poor naive child...

    Also state membership of the Union was initially voluntary and they had the right to leave anytime they wanted... or so they thought.

  • Nahuel Diana
    Nahuel Diana 18 ngày trước +1

    That magic the gathering reference made this video totally worth it

  • BloodRider 1914
    BloodRider 1914 18 ngày trước +1

    And you finally are going to tell that story. So excited

  • Ryan Lefkowitz
    Ryan Lefkowitz 18 ngày trước +2

    "It's...also better as a story for another time"

    The time has finally come.

  • SackixFilms
    SackixFilms 18 ngày trước +364

    “The American Indian reservations are probably a story for another time”
    Me five years later:

    • GermanGamer7
      GermanGamer7 3 ngày trước

      y e p

    • Andrea Laborde
      Andrea Laborde 7 ngày trước

      SackixFilms yeah I know lol

    • Roberto
      Roberto 8 ngày trước

      English Narrator:
      *So much later, that the old narrator got tired of waiting, and they had to hire a new one.*

    • Sharon Shepherd
      Sharon Shepherd 12 ngày trước +3

      French narrator: five years later

    • Golden Panda
      Golden Panda 15 ngày trước +8

      SackixFilms He’s starting a series on it here soon

  • Erudite Prof.
    Erudite Prof. 18 ngày trước

    Ibrahim Taiwo-the Man That Order The Asaba Masacre by denko(m): 11:37pm On Aug 04, 2015
    The Asaba massacres occurred in early October 1967, during the Nigerian Civil War, fought over the secession of Biafra (the former Eastern Region of Nigeria). Biafran troops invaded the Midwest Region of Nigeria, to the west of the River Niger, in early August, 1967. They spread west, taking Benin City and reaching as far as Ore, where they were pushed back by the Nigerian Second Division, under the command of Col. Murtala Muhammed.
    The Federal troops gained the upper hand, and forced the Biafrans back to the Niger, where they crossed the bridge back into the Biafran city of Onitsha, which lies directly across from Asaba. The Biafrans blew up the eastern spans of the bridge, so that the Federal troops were unable to pursue them.
    The Federal troops entered Asaba around October 5, and began ransacking houses and killing civilians, claiming they were Biafran sympathisers. Leaders summoned the townspeople to assemble on the morning of October 7, hoping to end the violence through a show of support for "One Nigeria." Hundreds of men, women, and children, many wearing the ceremonial akwa ocha (white) attire paraded along the main street, singing, dancing, and chanting "One Nigeria." At a junction, men and teenage boys were separated from women and young children, and gathered in an open square at Ogbe-Osawa village. Federal troops revealed machine guns, and orders were given by Maj. Ibrahim Taiwo to open fire. It is estimated that more than 700 men and boys were killed, some as young as 12 years old, in addition to many more killed in the preceding days.
    The bodies of some victims were retrieved by family members and buried at home. But most were buried in many mass graves, without appropriate ceremony. Many extended families lost dozens of men and boys. Federal troops occupied Asaba for many months, during which time most of the town was destroyed, many women and girls were raped or forcibly "married," and large numbers of citizens fled, many not returning until the war ended in 1970.

  • ConflictPurple
    ConflictPurple 18 ngày trước


  • K.o.R
    K.o.R 18 ngày trước

    0:41 I wonder why the US flag is flying at half-mast on that particular picture of the White House?

  • Niko8848
    Niko8848 18 ngày trước +13

    He kept his promise.

  • SivleFred
    SivleFred 18 ngày trước +2

    Who is here from the Indian versus Native American video?

  • Valpas Kankaristo
    Valpas Kankaristo 18 ngày trước

    0:20 ha, ha, ha... "can leave if they so choose"

  • Rollercoaster Dude
    Rollercoaster Dude 18 ngày trước

    Unrelated but i changed the wikipedia for Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Noa Sears
    Noa Sears 19 ngày trước +2

    anyone catch the magic reference

  • Titanic Big boat
    Titanic Big boat 19 ngày trước


  • THE XX SWAG XX dhindsa
    THE XX SWAG XX dhindsa 20 ngày trước +1


  • BomDigidy
    BomDigidy 20 ngày trước

    Samoa has land ownership laws (must be samoan) and some anti LGB laws that they really want to keep that are incompatible with the Constitution so that's why it's in the place it is.

  • A literal cat
    A literal cat 21 ngày trước +3

    I was watching the Soviet national anthem on VNclip and this came up in my recommendations

  • ApolloTheBassPlayingWolf
    ApolloTheBassPlayingWolf 21 ngày trước

    That MTG joke caught me off guard

  • NintenDaft
    NintenDaft 22 ngày trước

    Canada? Anybody? is it just me :(

  • Nick Wiora
    Nick Wiora 23 ngày trước

    so the territories cant vote and can have the actual states overrule their local government?

    we finally became that in which we sought to destroy

  • ZF Voxel
    ZF Voxel 23 ngày trước

    Can we give Denmark it's Virgin Islands back in exchange for Greenland?

  • Justin Sun
    Justin Sun 23 ngày trước

    0:20 Brexit prediction?

  • J Kelly
    J Kelly 25 ngày trước

    puerto rico joins, North Dakota and South Dakota form into one giant Dakota and bam! Still 50 states