5 of The Most Unique Lightsabers in Star Wars - Canon and Legends

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  • Xuất bản 18 Th11, 2019
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  • the white stoat of Ravenclaw
    the white stoat of Ravenclaw 3 ngày trước

    They were in last Jedi. But not traditional

  • Dean Chrisjohn
    Dean Chrisjohn 3 ngày trước

    Light whips are Canon. They were used by slavers in the clone wars

    PNW HXC 4 ngày trước


  • Sea Snek
    Sea Snek 5 ngày trước +1

    7:03 sounds like the Elder Wand in Harry Potter

  • Dr. Ongo Bongo
    Dr. Ongo Bongo 6 ngày trước +1

    The war dragon rider's lightsaber the coolest imo

  • Envy Shock
    Envy Shock 6 ngày trước

    What does canon mean

  • Typho0n
    Typho0n 6 ngày trước +1

    "Was 3 m long.... making it nearly 10 ft in length...." Way to say the same thing twice.

    • Typho0n
      Typho0n 2 ngày trước

      @GL AdmerIcDans Are DumDums

    • GL
      GL 3 ngày trước

      Telling people who don't know how much meters is in ft or vice versa

    • Dan Rowe
      Dan Rowe 5 ngày trước

      Or imperial I guess

    • Dan Rowe
      Dan Rowe 5 ngày trước

      He probably just said it for people that aren't familiar with the metric system

  • Carter Grant
    Carter Grant 7 ngày trước

    What about the slave episodes in season 4 of the Clone Wars tv show? The slave owners had whips. Where those light whips?

  • Enter Channel Name Here IDK
    Enter Channel Name Here IDK 7 ngày trước

    darksabers hilts

  • Austin77
    Austin77 7 ngày trước +1

    Kylo ren: *Am I a joke to you?*

    OBSIDION 8 ngày trước

    If I could legit make whatever lightsaber I wanted it would be the Mandalorian black saber with a curved hilt and a longer blade. That or the new double-bladed splittable one from fallen order with white blades. But I'd be fine with an orange one. Yeah, I know pretty edge lord but not as edgy as Kylo rens. Fuck the Jedi AND fuck the sith. give me the force, beskar armor, a blaster with my dark saber and ill go be my own kind of hero. I don't pick sides. Anyone else relate?

  • Derrius Joyce
    Derrius Joyce 8 ngày trước

    The lightsaber whip is in cannon it’s in Star Wars the clone wars

  • Andrew Kitsune
    Andrew Kitsune 9 ngày trước

    Dark Saber due to its ability to grow stronger with emotion think of it in the hands of the sith.

  • Jerry0321Berry
    Jerry0321Berry 11 ngày trước

    The light whip looks like a good way to get a limb cut off

  • j LOL
    j LOL 12 ngày trước

    why does darth bane's lightsaber look like a pewdiepie themed lightsaber

  • FEDUP975
    FEDUP975 13 ngày trước


    • FEDUP975
      FEDUP975 13 ngày trước

      CORRECTION, 8:45

  • Aries Villafuerte
    Aries Villafuerte 14 ngày trước

    the light whip

  • Jedi Knight lykos
    Jedi Knight lykos 14 ngày trước

    Darth Banes is unlike the count.

  • Battle Frame Studios
    Battle Frame Studios 14 ngày trước

    I love how the rarest and most unique lightsaber is limp. 😂

  • Ein ManU
    Ein ManU 15 ngày trước +1

    Lightwhip hits lightsword
    Lightwhip flings around

    2 people died that day.

  • AGENT V4 gaming
    AGENT V4 gaming 16 ngày trước

    I like kylo 's light saber

  • Nunya Bizzness
    Nunya Bizzness 16 ngày trước

    Am I the only person who knows that, they were not in fact called ‘light saber crystals’, but Kyber Crystals?

  • Z M
    Z M 17 ngày trước

    Everyone always misses my favourite the tonfa hilt

  • kad the jedi
    kad the jedi 17 ngày trước

    The word "lightsaber" is said a total of 64 times in this video...

  • William Evans
    William Evans 17 ngày trước +2

    It bothers me that that mandilorian had his helmet off

  • All For One&One For All
    All For One&One For All 17 ngày trước

    People downing the lightwhip must REALLY suck at using IRL Whips lol how often do you hit yourself with a whip? I’d hope never because you’d be using it wrong lol

  • All For One&One For All
    All For One&One For All 17 ngày trước

    Um i’d hate to rain on your parade Bane but ALL LightSabres are weightless at ALL times and not just in combat

  • lil scrotum
    lil scrotum 18 ngày trước

    Is the thumbnail a mf banana

  • xavier hendrisen
    xavier hendrisen 18 ngày trước

    false the clone wars tv show is cannon a light whip variant is used by slavers

  • Heathen in the Dark
    Heathen in the Dark 18 ngày trước

    Bruh I scrolled past the thumbnail thinking it was a sex toy review till I read the title

  • Cjleroy1234
    Cjleroy1234 19 ngày trước

    What jedi/Sith would be so impossibly stupid to use a light whip?

    • All For One&One For All
      All For One&One For All 17 ngày trước

      Cjleroy1234 one who’s not an idiot and knows how to use a whip? Why is everyone so dead set on Whips being un usable? How many times have you HIT YOURSELF with a Whip when using it?

  • Risotto
    Risotto 19 ngày trước

    what about some light nun-chucks...nvm

  • Evan Crow
    Evan Crow 20 ngày trước

    What about Mace Windus lightsaber
    IT'S PURPLE!!!!

  • Michael Sheldrick
    Michael Sheldrick 20 ngày trước

    Someone please create lightsaber nunchucks. I saw a video of Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon with the lightsaber effects added with sound. And it was visually amazing.

  • Lil J
    Lil J 20 ngày trước

    I would choose to wield Darth Bane's lightsaber because , it is weightless .

    JAMES EDWARDS 20 ngày trước

    Dark saber

  • LegoStamps Vidz
    LegoStamps Vidz 20 ngày trước

    The thumbnail lightsabers look like eokas from rust

  • VooDoo4TW
    VooDoo4TW 20 ngày trước

    The purple one. Enough said.

  • Garret Siercks
    Garret Siercks 20 ngày trước

    I want to know how strong (and dangerous) a ghostfire lightwhip would be (a ghostfire is a type of crystal that if put into a lightsaber it would cause it to have no sound when being turned on and off and the blade would be invisible) like.

  • Batman
    Batman 20 ngày trước +3

    God damn I hope the Mandalorian has the dark saber on the show

  • happykharl
    happykharl 20 ngày trước

    God light whips must be the stupidest thing ever

  • Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ
    Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ 20 ngày trước

    Thumbnail looks like a vibrator

  • Dr Oktoberfest
    Dr Oktoberfest 20 ngày trước +1

    But what about Exar Kun' s small hilt double bladed lightsaber, it is my favorite because of its extra unique design, especially the claw design on the emitters and the light blue coloured blades

  • — LXIX
    — LXIX 21 ngày trước

    Lightwhip, lightwhip, lightwhip...lightwhip.... aaaaand lightwhip

  • Ratchetfan321
    Ratchetfan321 21 ngày trước

    You missed the most uniqe saber and one of the most dangerous. Exar Kuns

  • TearDownGenesis
    TearDownGenesis 21 ngày trước

    Bane's Lightsaber is my favorite.

  • Tyler Meckler
    Tyler Meckler 21 ngày trước

    So just posting that I play a Starwars rpg that said to be cannon with all items light whip is in the game

  • Marco Yanitelli
    Marco Yanitelli 21 ngày trước

    Exar Kun's lightsaber thank you very much.

  • Charlie Poland
    Charlie Poland 21 ngày trước

    Light whip

  • machiv21
    machiv21 21 ngày trước +2

    Wasn’t there a episode of star was the clone wars with the light whip

    • George Arizaga
      George Arizaga 21 ngày trước

      It was the one with the slave planet. The queen was trying to turn obi-wan into a slave.

  • Brian A
    Brian A 21 ngày trước

    Bang is absolutely my one of my favorite light sabers with the curve Hilt The only thing I can find that would be similar to baines that is also Canon would be count Duco's

  • IronFromIce Y
    IronFromIce Y 21 ngày trước

    Ahsoka tano's yellow shoto+ her white lightsabers & Mace windu's and ezra bridgers lichtsaber

  • Johnny Dogga
    Johnny Dogga 21 ngày trước

    Dark saber all the way

  • Xtariz
    Xtariz 21 ngày trước

    Never mentioned that pong krells lightsaber also can flip into each other making it 1 saber with 2 blades

  • Soviet Russian Mapper
    Soviet Russian Mapper 21 ngày trước +5

    *noone in cannon has used a light whip*
    Kannan jarus in that one rebels episode: Cha Cha Real smooth

  • Jeffy Weffy
    Jeffy Weffy 21 ngày trước +58

    My mother has a special lightsaber under her bed

    • ZenadX
      ZenadX 3 ngày trước

      @Tallen Rodriguez it is

    • Tallen Rodriguez
      Tallen Rodriguez 13 ngày trước +2

      Jeffy Weffy UUHHHHHHHHH THATS NOT a Light s ab er.....

    • MERK Instinct
      MERK Instinct 14 ngày trước

      @enoch feng uhh sure

    • enoch feng
      enoch feng 19 ngày trước +4

      She's a star wars fan? Cool mom you got there

  • Joseph Holt
    Joseph Holt 21 ngày trước

    Dark Saber.

  • Drew Coates
    Drew Coates 21 ngày trước

    7:12 uh yeah you do it’s black

  • Amir
    Amir 22 ngày trước

    Legends/EU is so intresting. But I dont know where to start lol. I've been reading the wiki and my god, Luke and Mara, The Solo children. Disney had so much source materials that they could use.

  • BigPoppa Effy
    BigPoppa Effy 22 ngày trước

    The curvature of Darth Bane's lightsaber also allowed him to change his angle of attacks slightly that gave him a unique dueling style.
    And don't forget Corran Horn's dual phased lightsaber which at a twist brought a 2nd set of crystals into alignment that extended the blade to 3 meters