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  • lol
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  • Saige Maddi-Cat OwO
    Saige Maddi-Cat OwO 10 giờ trước

    This video is telling us what happens when Emma doesn’t drink her coffee for a week.

  • Austin Fullmer
    Austin Fullmer Ngày trước

    I saw David and clicked

  • Kal Hania
    Kal Hania 3 ngày trước

    Im so dead shes calling that david dude a pot head making it sound all bad and im like I wanna match with the dude if its true! 😂😂😂

  • Mani Johnson
    Mani Johnson 7 ngày trước

    are we not going to talk about the bent ass in the back?????

  • Marcus Latansa
    Marcus Latansa 11 ngày trước

    Have you guys ever read this book ?
    It is a must for fans of theories

  • Raul Romero
    Raul Romero 13 ngày trước

    2020 Anyone

  • sergioh’s
    sergioh’s 13 ngày trước

    Jennxpenn has vogue interviews?

  • sergioh’s
    sergioh’s 13 ngày trước

    Lmfao! You’re so right, a weird looking pizza

  • Ailar Tz
    Ailar Tz 14 ngày trước +1

    Little did she know that couple months from now Ethan would be her BOYFRIEND!!

  • Watermelon Life
    Watermelon Life 14 ngày trước

    So um did anyone notice James deleted his comment where he said Hallo Susan (from what I can remember)
    Just me? Idk

  • p ve
    p ve 14 ngày trước

    i need a 2020 version.. please emma

  • Tina K
    Tina K 14 ngày trước

    hey pebbles, I have been doing youtube for a small time, but I don't know why I can't get new subscribers, but I won't stop, I just need to continue and not give up. Thnk you so much for your tips, it helped alot.

  • Abria Lynn
    Abria Lynn 15 ngày trước

    Am i the only one who thought that pizza looked good........ yes?...... ok

  • Zoe Quezada
    Zoe Quezada 16 ngày trước

    make more conspiracies!!!

  • halle camelle
    halle camelle 18 ngày trước

    “receding hairline.. identical.” 😂😂

  • sabat abdosh
    sabat abdosh 18 ngày trước

    shane has left the chat

  • Jasper Cleary
    Jasper Cleary 19 ngày trước

    Pale emma

  • Khendricks Yt
    Khendricks Yt 20 ngày trước

    Imagine acting like smoke weed is that bad for you. David is literally the chilliest guy and he’s not losing any followers because of that dumb ass theory like obviously he smoked weed he even says it😂

  • Daineta Deleckytė
    Daineta Deleckytė 20 ngày trước

    3:39 bless u

  • maia cruz
    maia cruz 21 ngày trước +6

    Ok I know this is kind of a joke but she sorta has a point with Jake Paul...

  • 123 animate ME!!
    123 animate ME!! 21 ngày trước +1


  • Addi Keesee
    Addi Keesee 22 ngày trước +1

    look at the top left corner

  • Mayce Willis
    Mayce Willis 23 ngày trước +1

    Emma Chamberlain = hologram

  • Mia K
    Mia K 23 ngày trước

    Shes so much like kelsey kreppel like omw

  • Ann carsyn freky Cowart
    Ann carsyn freky Cowart 24 ngày trước

    Hey what’s up you guys yes😂😂

  • Isha Gupta
    Isha Gupta 24 ngày trước +1

    This video deserves an oscar

  • Isha Gupta
    Isha Gupta 24 ngày trước

    This video is actually funny

  • THE A.M.M.Y Squad
    THE A.M.M.Y Squad 24 ngày trước

    that Shane intro lmaooo

  • Gaming Crybaby
    Gaming Crybaby 26 ngày trước

    Wow live footage of Emma almost diying

  • Tanya Mintz
    Tanya Mintz 26 ngày trước +1

    Genius! U legit think the same way as me

  • Kat Daddi
    Kat Daddi 28 ngày trước

    Emmaa!!!!!! We need a part 2 🙌🐍😎

  • Dianne Pontaza
    Dianne Pontaza 28 ngày trước

    am i the only one thats gonna say bless u rude ass people

  • šøüřłëmmöňş
    šøüřłëmmöňş 28 ngày trước

    *hello suzan*

  • Lauren Dunleavy
    Lauren Dunleavy 28 ngày trước +1

    Jeffery is neighbors with the Kardashians and he said that in one of his videos

  • KateTort
    KateTort 29 ngày trước

    wow u really god the squad laughing this time emma

  • Jaxon Henderson
    Jaxon Henderson Tháng trước

    Bless you bless you

  • Haley Grace
    Haley Grace Tháng trước

    Is she literally dumb? Does she not know that’s papa johns pizza!!

  • Aditi Sinha
    Aditi Sinha Tháng trước

    Can't believe you grew out of this phase so quick lmao. Proud.

  • Nicole Mosley
    Nicole Mosley Tháng trước

    The one a about jeffre stars was very true tho!😂😂

  • Cadthe The MONSTER
    Cadthe The MONSTER Tháng trước

    You liget just copied Shane Dawson

  • Got KARP
    Got KARP Tháng trước


  • maria luna
    maria luna Tháng trước

    Did someone see that the closet door kept closing and opening

  • Jasmine Nicole
    Jasmine Nicole Tháng trước

    I live for this video haha 😂

  • Chloe Bailey
    Chloe Bailey Tháng trước

    I love Emma so much

  • Connie Moody
    Connie Moody Tháng trước

    Yaaasss bitch

  • MM mariana_finn79
    MM mariana_finn79 Tháng trước +1

    Please never say that again in the beginning

  • Atreyu Collins
    Atreyu Collins Tháng trước

    This shit is stupid asf wtf u need a luge wtf this makes no sense

  • Norma Espana
    Norma Espana Tháng trước

    I think she is high

  • Tours
    Tours Tháng trước

    ur so stupid and annoying u shouldn’t be a youtuber

  • TheArt
    TheArt Tháng trước

    Little do you guys know that she is deflecting just like every famous youtuber, they have to do this to make sure you guys don't think there ascoiciated with them(Illuminati) they are using humor or at least try to use humor to make it go over your head. They are brainwashing you wake up!

  • Mahfed Assefa
    Mahfed Assefa Tháng trước +1

    Who’s here in 2019 😂

  • Csav Daygo
    Csav Daygo Tháng trước +1

    Hahaha WHAT THE FUCK that’s all I have to say

  • Jason Thunderberger
    Jason Thunderberger Tháng trước

    What do you use to edit??

  • Carmen Key
    Carmen Key Tháng trước

    6:35 I love this part

  • Sophie Singer
    Sophie Singer Tháng trước

    The Buzz Lightyear one 🤣!!!!

  • Brooke DIY!
    Brooke DIY! Tháng trước

    await u like Jeffrey more than james

    BRIANNA ROWAN Tháng trước

    Emma: I’m a new born
    Emma: what is weed called
    Me: I thought you where a new born 🤣🧐

  • Chelsea O'Donnell
    Chelsea O'Donnell Tháng trước

    She seems so angry lol

  • Radiate LuCurse
    Radiate LuCurse Tháng trước

    Maybe she's a pothead

  • Emma Pierce
    Emma Pierce Tháng trước

    anyone else back after juice wrld died