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The Legend Of The Webkinz Killer

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  • Xuất bản 04 Th12, 2022
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    Though originally thought to be the name of a malicious character within the game Webkinz, the term 'Webkinz Killer' is actually more of an umbrella term for a number of bizarre rumours that spread about the game in the mid to late 2000's. From vengeful ex-employees, to viruses that could brick your PC, to rival game websites hacking and deleting accounts to, of course, the legend of Dr. Quack, an evil NPC hellbent on maiming pets. Today let's take a look back at the 'Webkinz Killer' rumour!
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    All credit goes to the musicians and composers! This video is not meant to target or harass any person. This video does not condone or encourage anyone to harass or contact any person or persons discussed in this video. This video is purely for entertainment and informational purposes.

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  • Femboi_Carti

    "Thank you so much to disney for sponsoring this video, now lets talk about the webkins killer urban legend" is such an unbelievably wild sentence

  • Kara K
    Kara K  +692

    honestly it's so comforting to hear "We would never allow anything to hurt your Webkinz pets". like it's such a soothing sentence it's so silly of me 😭😂😂

  • terriblecacti

    i remember this so vividly, my mom and i used to play together and after i told her about the rumors she started egging me on and messing with me about it. she convinced me it was sooooo real and that 'dr. quack only does it to kids who dont clean their room.' absolute genius LMFAO

  • Lil’ Buggy

    I’m not sure if you ever saw it, but there used to be a website called “Dudkinz”, which hosted one person’s fan-made “rejected” Webkinz. They were all horror-themed, and the story was that each one was supposed to have been a Webkinz that had been rejected for being too “scary” or “gross”, etc. For some reason myself and a friend were obsessed with it in elementary school (we were also obsessed w/ Webkinz as a whole), and went on the site all the time to read the toy’s biographies and lore and such. The site itself is gone now, but there are still some screenshots and reuploads floating around the internet. Good times!

  • Anika Grace

    Me and my best friend in elementary school both made up that we were fairies, and once we were old enough to know that we ourselves weren’t actually a fairy, we didn’t tell the other in case the other actually WAS a fairy because we didn’t want to be caught lying 😂 so yes kids will genuinely go very deep into the stories they tell lmao

  • Squid Vicious

    Mrs.Birdy- dresses up as Dr.Quack to commit murder

  • The Iron Giant

    I remember I had two webkinz. A Tiger and a pug. One day I logged on and noticed I had a slice of cake in my inventory so I gave it to my tiger. It was my pug’s birthday. That cake was for my pug. I felt so bad I cried and deleted my account. I told my therapist about this horrible experience and all he did was up my meds.

  • Sama
    Sama  +68

    what makes this type of rumors funnier as an adult looking back at them, is now knowing how websites work. as a kid you really think it could be some sort of glitch in the game, maybe an evil spirit possessing your favourite website, but as an adult you know "the eyes of a character glowing red at midnight, pulling out a chainsaw and killing your characters" needs a lot of coding, it can't "just happen" lol

  • Thade R.
    Thade R.  +154

    I have such a clear memory of holding my two webkinz plushies while crying and telling them I wouldn't be playing the game for a while for their own safety. Lol

  • four_girls_in_search_of_awesomeness

    “A Neopet with a knife jumped out” is a genuinely scary phrase

  • EmiPetru
    EmiPetru  +43

    There was a virtual world named "Mundo Gaturro" that was extremely popular in South America, it had a ton of creepypastas and stories that would be so fun for you to cover! It was fully in Spanish tho, so it might be hard to translate or understand, but you should consider making a video on it :)

  • FlakeyJakey

    I've been waiting for the day Izzy just straight up does Corpse Paint and it's finally here. Absolutely amazing.

  • Creecher

    Honestly, I think that the more children are bathed in overly-sanitized baby content, the more drawn they become to this kind of spooky content

  • Caitlin Koi

    Your makeup is absolutely perfect for this episode, I love it as always!

  • era
    era  +58

    i was a TA for the special education teacher in high school (and am now just good friends with her) and she was webkinz famous back in the day. i believe the most popular thing she did was a recreation of the entire nutcracker ballet within webkinz which spanned well over 20 minutes and received the extremely rare director’s chair item from the devs for the accomplishment. pretty sick

  • James Sabin

    I remember being terrified of the “deadly webkinz ghost” that would kill your webkinz if u stayed at the ruined ship too long 😂

  • strabababerry

    I remember there was a rumor at my school that there would be a character that could shoot your pets if you had a window in your Rooms. I was terrified so I refused to decorate with windows for the longest time, just in case. As a kid with anxiety, it was particularly upsetting.

  • The Nuclear Emerald

    A variation I was told and believed in as a kid was that my webkinz could get cancer and Dr Quack would put them down, they would supposedly look the same as normal illness. That terrified me as a kid and I got so scared whenever one of them got sick

  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    this is by far one of my most favorite Izzy make ups, Izzy could definitely scare off Ohioans at 3 am & protect you against evil

  • ASoupofPrunes

    I remember hearing about this in elementary school. Some kid was like, “My Webkin was bleeding so much,” and this other kid countered with, “Well, blood was coming out of my computer!” I was just sitting there terrified of being hunted by a virtual duck.