Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt Interview for LOOPER

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  • Xuất bản 08 Th09, 2012
  • Emmy winner Jake Hamilton travels to the Toronto International Film Festival to talk with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt about their new film, LOOPER -- only on JAKE'S TAKES! Follow Jake around the world at jakestakes
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  • Justice Served
    Justice Served 6 tháng trước +1

    No one has afternoon tea in the UK like Emily is saying unless you're a very snooty posh person
    Or a tourist who wants to say they participated in tea time.

  • Misbah S
    Misbah S 3 năm trước +5

    jake Hamilton is a fantastic interviewer!

  • siemprefidelis7
    siemprefidelis7 4 năm trước +8

    Good interview. I love Emily Blunt. Jason is a down to earth guy and this interview made me think even better of his persona. Jason is so correct on men don't have to be loud or show off their strength. Soft spoken men are the ones who can take you down.

  • Ramona Lup
    Ramona Lup 4 năm trước +3

    Duuuudde, the interviewer is like on crack, he's talking so fast. And a total Joseph Gordon Levitt fan. Like a fanatical, enthusiastic, fan. It's kind of hilarious to watch.

    • Andrew Jones
      Andrew Jones 4 năm trước +1

      @Ramona Lup He has to talk fast because he doesn't have much time.

  • ACS402010
    ACS402010 6 năm trước

    Be still my quivering vagina.

  • Evie Notebaert
    Evie Notebaert 6 năm trước +1

    jeezes lord, he is hot

  • a
    a 6 năm trước

    the comfortable fold out couch bit is his catchphrase

  • Renegrenade1689
    Renegrenade1689 6 năm trước

    omg i forgot about Brick that shit was awesome

  • 22KingWizard
    22KingWizard 6 năm trước

    His name is Joseph Gordon-Levitt but I call him Looper and maybe in the future that will change to Robin.

  • MahouaStudios
    MahouaStudios 6 năm trước

    ovaries explosion.

  • ooshmonster
    ooshmonster 6 năm trước

    I don't mean to be blunt but DAMN DAT emily

  • TeamRaptor
    TeamRaptor 6 năm trước

    Emily Blunts eyebrows look pissed.

  • Accurate Wolf
    Accurate Wolf 6 năm trước +1

    JGL est vraiment magnifique *-*

  • curry kendall
    curry kendall 6 năm trước

    @OBGrollout the mob used time travel because in the future there wasn't a way to kill ppl and not get busted. So they sent ppl back in time to murder them because it was easier to dispose of the body and not get caught.

  • Jacob Jeffries
    Jacob Jeffries 6 năm trước

    Best movie of 2012 for me.

  • blewidescorpio
    blewidescorpio 6 năm trước

    JSL Forgot To Use His Left Hand As His Main Hand, Or Bruce Forgot To Use His Right As His Main Hand. Small Shit, Still An Awesome Flick

  • ojhda
    ojhda 6 năm trước

    Can't fucking wait for A Dame to Kill For!

  • Daniel Digramd
    Daniel Digramd 6 năm trước

    @ussr7000 whats the last name of this great interviewer?

  • lpycb42
    lpycb42 6 năm trước +1

    Emily Blunt is my girl love. I would marry that woman. She's so lovely and beautiful and seems so genuine...

  • roter13
    roter13 6 năm trước

    jake and joseph= hot

  • kenykillr
    kenykillr 6 năm trước

    i understand now,thnx

  • Katie Sardo
    Katie Sardo 6 năm trước

    this interview made me tingly

  • Cine_Matic
    Cine_Matic 7 năm trước

    This was a good movie, but there was one thing i didnt understand about the plot. Why was there the need to time travel in the first place? Can someone explain to me?

  • Amanda Weaver
    Amanda Weaver 7 năm trước

    3:49 love the laugh!!

  • Kimberlee Cory
    Kimberlee Cory 7 năm trước

    I really enjoyed the movie!!

  • fani5000
    fani5000 7 năm trước

    He's so happy 8:42

  • TheLunaticPenguin
    TheLunaticPenguin 7 năm trước


    YOUSCAREDBRO666 7 năm trước

    Great Interviewer Great Actors Horrible Movie

  • Sidra
    Sidra 7 năm trước

    OMG this interviewer is just so lovely!

  • Patrick Cortinez
    Patrick Cortinez 7 năm trước

    this interviewer fucking sucks

  • Cecilia B
    Cecilia B 7 năm trước +1


  • Chris HP Le
    Chris HP Le 7 năm trước

    Movie star twinkle laugh haha 3:43

  • SpartanXable Monde
    SpartanXable Monde 7 năm trước

    8:18 "Interesting I would've never thought that". Lol!

  • OsbornMilton
    OsbornMilton 7 năm trước

    Jake, with his comfortable fold out couch

  • mag1k2
    mag1k2 7 năm trước

    - just cause he doesnt use TK doesnt mean he doesnt have them
    -all the other points are addressed in the movie with him saying his childhood is blurry

  • V elociraptor
    V elociraptor 7 năm trước

    Also, Joe can't be Cid because Joe doesn't have telekinetic powers.
    Also Old Joe can't be Cid because otherwise he'd know immediately where to find Cid and wouldn't have to search for ages.
    Also Joe can't be sid because he'd have immediately recognised Emily Blunt.
    Your theory is equal to saying that Marty McFly is Biff Tannen. It absolutely defeats the entire plot. Did you miss the whole "Rainmaker" part?

  • V elociraptor
    V elociraptor 7 năm trước

    I don't understand why you're still trying to convince people of your weird "theory".
    Do you understand that Joe and Old Joe (aka Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis) are the same character? If Bruce Willis is Joe, and the Rainmaker killed Bruce Willis' wife (the Rainmaker is stated to be Cid) how can Cid and Bruce Willis/JGL be the same character? Cid is the antagonist (or grows up to be).
    Old Joe hates Cid so Old Joe can't be Cid.
    Seriously man, are you trolling us all?

  • mag1k2
    mag1k2 7 năm trước

    Cid grows up to be Joe... Think back to the vision of him alone on the train that he talks about as being a blurry memory and ends up actually happening to CID.

  • bs4e
    bs4e 7 năm trước

    what are you talking about?

  • Elmgren76
    Elmgren76 7 năm trước

    JGL really looks like Heath Ledger.

  • linnea eriksson
    linnea eriksson 7 năm trước


  • mag1k2
    mag1k2 7 năm trước

    HE HAD SEX WITH HIS OWN MOTHER when he is joesph gorden levitt she calls for him on the frog and they have sex!!
    even if you say well he killed his real mother and that was her sister who pretends to be his real mother for his sake, not growing up evil. then he still slept with his aunt
    its incest any way you cut it

  • V elociraptor
    V elociraptor 7 năm trước

    Ehm, are you serious? You're implying that you actually think that Emily Blunt played Joseph Gordon-Levitt's mother in the film?
    Come on man. Really? Just Google it. Please. Use Wikipedia or something.
    The film literally doesn't suggest that for one second. You've invented that idea.
    Just Google it.

  • mag1k2
    mag1k2 7 năm trước

    watch looper

  • V elociraptor
    V elociraptor 7 năm trước

    What? What're you talking about?

  • mag1k2
    mag1k2 7 năm trước

    Why doesnt he ask him how he felt about being in a movie where he fucked his mom?!

  • mag1k2
    mag1k2 7 năm trước

    Two words.... American Football

  • Nisatu27
    Nisatu27 7 năm trước

    Why do British people hate Americans so much? WHY!?!? What did we do other than win our independence haha :]

  • Uziel Alvarado
    Uziel Alvarado 7 năm trước

    I agree on the acting merit Totally. Hate, Channing Tatum as well. That being said, JGL is my No. 1 man crush. But yeah, his talent outweigh his looks, by far more.

  • merciless41582
    merciless41582 7 năm trước

    Bitches never comment on this dudes acting they just comment on his looks THRISTY ASS BITCHES

  • merciless41582
    merciless41582 7 năm trước

    what a dumb ass bitch you are

  • merciless41582
    merciless41582 7 năm trước

    please shut the fuck up

    SUCKRPUNCHED 7 năm trước

    i hate when bitches come on these vids and dont even watch the content, just comment on how hes good looking.. JGL is an amazing actor hes more than his looks, unlike someone like channing tatum or fucking taylor lautner.. idk maybe in just in a bad mood but i mean cmon..

  • Luke KTADGAF
    Luke KTADGAF 7 năm trước

    2:22 Sign says "Looper's gun here" Instead of "Looper's blunderbuss here" like it does in the movie. Just something interesting I noticed.

  • Tamagoshiro
    Tamagoshiro 7 năm trước

    my heart will always belong to joe! c: JG-L4ever!!!

  • Marie Quinn
    Marie Quinn 7 năm trước

    His laugh. What a fucking cutie.

  • Joey Levenson
    Joey Levenson 7 năm trước

    Make up so he looks like bruce

  • MiniLemmy
    MiniLemmy 7 năm trước

    Emily Blunt got that wrong about the British and baseball caps - you go to any football match in Britain and you will see THOUSANDS of chavvy Burberry baseball caps in the crowds!!

  • jaylay734
    jaylay734 7 năm trước

    I love Emily Blunt. Jake's so lucky, having all these beautiful actresses flirt with him

  • tawna jameson
    tawna jameson 7 năm trước

    This was a very naturally entertaining interview.. HECK YEAKJGL SMILE. Always knew he will accomplish great things.