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Our House Got a Big Makeover!!

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  • Xuất bản 03 Th12, 2022

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  • all love

    Honestly, VNclip is not dead. I think that people much rather watch wholesome, everyday life, feel good videos like these rather than make up and beauty. Also, the right kinda people still have the attention span to actually enjoy a video that is longer than 10 seconds <3 Roland's vlogs are just so feel-good to watch<3 I feel that Ryland-Dawson family is bringing us all the calming and funny entertainment we need :):) Ryland, Shane, Morgan <3

  • Hollz Ballz

    I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, watching Shane regain his confidence and happiness back is the greatest thing I’ve watched this year! So proud of you guys!! Happy holidays to your family and the animals🤍🎄✨

  • Sarah Jo
    Sarah Jo  +151

    Shane’s mom must be protected at all costs. She is the cutest.

  • Paxton Elizabeth

    Shane genuinely has never looked better, something about his happiness and personality in the recent videos really makes him genuinely glow. Luv it

  • Siobhan Claire

    Shane makes me so emotional his personal growth since moving to colorado truly shows. I just adore him and he deserves the world

  • Megan Roepke

    It’s been so hard to fully get into the Christmas spirit this year, but Vlogmas is definitely changing that. I’m living for Shane’s energy ❤

  • Becca Leahy

    Shane needs to buy a whole wardrobe in that emerald green color, it looks amazing on him.

  • Yolanda Nunez-Turgeon

    Ryland and Shane’s Vlogmas is what I look forward to. Shane’s energy and how excited he gets makes my day. Can’t wait for you both to be parents like this ❤

  • Tamara Alfano

    Shane was extra adorable this vlog! I think the holidays really cheer him up! Love you too Ryland but seeing Shane so happy is nice.

  • ImUr Huckleberry

    Ryland’s Vlogmas not only saving the World, but also saving VNclip! Highly enjoyable feel good episode guys, I’m now officially in the Spirit! 🌲 Needed it as well, so Thank You! ⛄️

  • BeeBi
    BeeBi  +80

    It's funny that normally I have literally zero Christmas spirit in me but the excitement of you guys is so addictive. Literally had to build my Christmas tree while singing all Christmas songs and stuff. 🎄❤️ Thank you for being you!

  • Aayaat Hussain

    Shane being excited about new clothes.... I'm in awe. Love how far you've come, dear. Keep shining!

  • Inês Silva

    Shane you should do an advent calendar for Ryland (like a DIY), that way you can give him 1 gift a day and don't have to worry with the excitement to give him early Christmas presents 😂 And the best ones you save for last 😙 Love you guys ❣️❣️❣️

  • Analiz Nino

    This is the happiest I have seen Shane in years and I am living for it!

  • Karra_with_a_K

    Awweee Shane running to Ryland in his puffer jacket too is sooo adorable.Shane loving himself & his body🥲🫶💐

  • A & M Bogart

    Shane looks so nice in green. May he keep up this momentum of gaining confidence and allowing his closet colorways to grow!

  • Jess Elliott

    Shane’s love language has definitely got to be gift giving and Rylands is acts of service?! You both mesh so well. ❤

  • Kalani
    Kalani  +8

    Shane should make Ryland an advent calendar next year for vlogmas !

  • Jimi Leriak

    Shane channeling his inner model self is everything always,we love that model energy ❤️

  • Sallyy
    Sallyy  +16

    After a crappy day, I love to just chill on the couch and watch Ryland and Shane videos. Seeing them happy and smiling always puts a smile on my face. Love you guys ❤