World Record Nachoooo!?! (Feat. Tenacious D)

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  • Xuất bản 30 Th07, 2019
  • Shot & Edited by: mrtaylorstephens
    Jack IG: jackblack
    Tenacious D IG: tenaciousd
    Kyle IG: theactualkylegass
    Scott Seiver IG: sseiver
    John Spiker IG: boyjohnny
    John Konesky IG: jkonesky
    303 Boards IG: 303boards
    Snarf IG: snarfssandwiches
    The Ramble Hotel: theramblehotel
    Sammy IG: sammyblack
    Tommy IG: buzz_lightyear_5000
    INTRO: monkeygods
    #RedRocks #Denver #TenaciousD #JackBlack
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  • Gamer Jema
    Gamer Jema 7 ngày trước

    lol the opening scene. Everyone's on their phones, except Jack.

  • larry or Sticks
    larry or Sticks 12 ngày trước

    Well hey I got money and look at me come and look at my stuff look what I have my brother Bert used to do that when he was little he looks just like you or you look just like him don't know the age I can probably say anything on here you wouldn't listen anyway cuz you don't answer

  • AwesomeCat2012
    AwesomeCat2012 14 ngày trước

    Kage wearing sweatpants on stage is a mood, and I love it!

  • Raine Hunkin
    Raine Hunkin 16 ngày trước

    Nacho libre 2??????

  • waycam77
    waycam77 17 ngày trước

    eat-->be awesome-->eat-->be awesome-->eat-->be awesome-->Metamucil -->eat

  • Annette Gyde
    Annette Gyde 20 ngày trước

    Death & Co 0.o

  • JohnC
    JohnC 29 ngày trước +2

    Anyone know the song at 6:22?

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming 29 ngày trước

    The D & Symphonica THAT WOULD BE EPIC

  • GenCloud Superior Marketing
    GenCloud Superior Marketing Tháng trước +1


  • anonimo164
    anonimo164 Tháng trước

    Jack black with the Golden Scorpion un México

  • Its Me
    Its Me Tháng trước

    How dare they call those nachos!!

  • Evan Ross
    Evan Ross Tháng trước

    Looks like Jack Nicholsons cool nephew w that beard badass my friend

  • Parker D
    Parker D Tháng trước +1

    Just wanna say nacho libre is the funniest movie ever made

  • Donkeygamer456
    Donkeygamer456 Tháng trước

    That's where I'm graduating

  • ilovejewelyn
    ilovejewelyn Tháng trước +1

    I love how he said 20 min union break 😂 what a cool life!!!

  • Maximilliano Novelo
    Maximilliano Novelo Tháng trước

    You actaully have an awesone voice JB!🤙

  • Jordan Snow
    Jordan Snow Tháng trước

    It's great JB and KG was in a movie playing music together 10 years before Tenacious D even came out

  • A.S. Fox
    A.S. Fox Tháng trước +1

    Lol Kyle " did I miss some shooting, what'd I miss?"

  • David Green
    David Green Tháng trước

    Ah man, The D needs to come to Tuacahn in Southern Utah.

  • Neon82UK
    Neon82UK Tháng trước +1

    0:54 Those were some Tenacious........ Z's

  • John Gutierrez
    John Gutierrez Tháng trước

    Your the man jack black so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • GalaxyNightWolf Warrior
    GalaxyNightWolf Warrior Tháng trước

    You should dress up as Nacho Libre and run around in public l...

  • Archie Edwards
    Archie Edwards Tháng trước +1

    At 5:58 he said big bad word

  • Automated Comment
    Automated Comment Tháng trước


  • Paul
    Paul Tháng trước

    song at @6:22 ??

  • Gseric47
    Gseric47 Tháng trước

    You've gotta be a really strange dude to hate on this man xD

  • XtremeGamez
    XtremeGamez Tháng trước

    Watch your weight bro

  • Insert Good Channel Here
    Insert Good Channel Here 2 tháng trước

    Can anyone spot the doggie at 8:47

  • Chauncey Gardener
    Chauncey Gardener 2 tháng trước

    I need a "Jack Black" signature sandwich from Snarf's

  • Lost Media
    Lost Media 2 tháng trước

    if I saw Jack Black out on the streets I wouldn't even know it was Jack Black

  • Adam Isaac
    Adam Isaac 2 tháng trước

    i can't even look at kyle glass, he's so annoying to me.
    he's so ordinary and untalented. i just don't "get" it

  • harveydeadman
    harveydeadman 2 tháng trước +1

    Red rocks is the best place on the planet for a show.

  • matt69savage
    matt69savage 2 tháng trước

    Don’t add an orchestra t rock music. It spoils it. Biggest rip off in music ever.

  • fimbles101
    fimbles101 2 tháng trước

    Killer horse statue :

  • Diego541
    Diego541 3 tháng trước

    Hey JB I need to barrow some sweat!!

  • Blessed Honey
    Blessed Honey 3 tháng trước

    love you Po hehehhe

  • Goontrain
    Goontrain 3 tháng trước

    @4:52 that looks so majestic duuuuude

  • dylan scronce
    dylan scronce 3 tháng trước you not own the rights to your music? why don't you play any on here..?

  • Kaelon Drae
    Kaelon Drae 3 tháng trước

    When is Tenacious D In the Pick of Destiny 2 coming out??

  • Rafael Nascimento
    Rafael Nascimento 3 tháng trước +1

    I already arrived and wrote me very good your channel and you are a very talented and funny multiple talent I'm from Brazil 🇧🇷👌🤘

    GENERAL 3 tháng trước

    that was a hard flex at the intro jables

  • The Wolf you feed
    The Wolf you feed 3 tháng trước

    JB always got the nicest shirts!

  • moneyrunnr
    moneyrunnr 3 tháng trước

    The only thing black is missing is political sense..

  • Tom Underwood
    Tom Underwood 3 tháng trước +1

    That stage takes my breath away the acoustic's must be insane wow !! I wanna rock with use 😥Please J-Bone let me rock with the D 😭

  • The Beast within Lopez
    The Beast within Lopez 3 tháng trước

    So friggin excited for y'all to get to Tulsa!!!! Unfortunately tickets are all sold. Fortunately for y'all of course.
    Have loved y'all ever since the HBO Show Adventures of Tenacious D.

  • Donald Rohrbacher
    Donald Rohrbacher 3 tháng trước +1

    There's always about 480 thumbs down trolls out there. Hey, thumbs down trolls! You hey no frijoles!

  • Jonathan Gosset
    Jonathan Gosset 3 tháng trước

    Sorry, Jables, no gaming video this week

  • Satevo
    Satevo 3 tháng trước

    I got some red rocks after watching that show.

  • jona873
    jona873 3 tháng trước

    I love that old school setup!

  • Valerio Fabbri
    Valerio Fabbri 3 tháng trước

    I dont like your phone time. It's so sad....but jack is great

  • BradTheProducer
    BradTheProducer 3 tháng trước

    5:22 - 2 Girls 1 Cup?

  • Wayne Roy Rutherford
    Wayne Roy Rutherford 3 tháng trước

    Amazing you would do that in the restaurant

  • Tharah Meester
    Tharah Meester 3 tháng trước

    Once again I ask with much hope what song this is @6:23 Pleas please please!!!

  • Tiago Leme
    Tiago Leme 3 tháng trước


  • Achou que eu tava brincando? ?
    Achou que eu tava brincando? ? 3 tháng trước +1

    Irreverentes as fuck esses filhos da puta
    carae, I love esses arrombados!!
    Greetings from Brazil!!

  • PkmnProf Smitty
    PkmnProf Smitty 3 tháng trước +1

    Yesssssssss fricking awesome! I was at the show! Red Rocks is an insane venue.
    The blue stallion thing is supposedly true about the sculpture killing its maker, basically a freak accident. There's also all sorts of weird illuminati stuff in the Denver airport.
    Some people believe there's some sort of underground bunker thing there and may even have a tunnel leading to Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, but that's extreme conspiracy theory stuff. I'm from Colorado Springs, so i've looked into it a bit.

  • Aaron madazz Morgan
    Aaron madazz Morgan 3 tháng trước

    Kyle looking more and more like Santa!

  • Victor Bastos
    Victor Bastos 3 tháng trước

    The only thing I like from Jack Black is he doesn't give a fuck about his looks, he loves to eat so let's fucking eat... as a singer or actor I'm not a big fan

  • bryon29able
    bryon29able 3 tháng trước

    God it would be so cool to hang out with Jack and Kyle that would be a dream come true but stuff like that don't happen to normal people like me lol one can wish

  • Victor Sessarego
    Victor Sessarego 3 tháng trước

    3:31 he says nachooo