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Revealing My Family after 3 years

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  • Xuất bản 01 Th12, 2022

NHẬN XÉT • 14 681

  • Miguel Baltazar

    There will never be enough appreciated for the actions that Mindofrez has taken. Such a good guy.

  • Kedo
    Kedo  +297

    This man is going to be remembered for generations

  • Doqln-
    Doqln-  +153

    The amount of appreciation I have for your family is wild

  • Adamonyt
    Adamonyt  +23

    Glad to see that they are back these wonderful people have brought joy into my childhood with their positive energy you just can’t hate them glad to see that they are okay❤

  • Troy and Amber

    I can really see how the Fans love you guys and I'm so happy that people are excited to see you back. Sometimes we just need a reset. 🤙🏾

  • Zzz Drizzy

    You guys are awesome I’m very happy to see you all, I remember watching you guys threw my toughest times and you guys always helped me feel better!

  • miller
    miller  +469

    The nostalgia from this video is insane. The background music, sound effects, everything. I’m so glad he’s back

  • Danny Kadel

    It’s so insane how long it’s been and it good to see y’all back y’all made me so happy that you helped with my mental health I owe all of you lots and squeaker nation go crazy

  • OG Rehan
    OG Rehan  +20

    Rez you dont understand what it means having you guys back. You literally made my childhood. Happy for the return🥳

  • Kerajan Wakweya

    u guys really make my day I've watched literally every day after school since i was 10. now I'm almost 14 :) but im glad your all back

  • Quan B
    Quan B  +5

    Glad to see you back man. Was highly anticipated 💪🏾

  • zach
    zach  +8

    the music and the vlog style and the way he interacts with the viewers, it all reminds me of 2017-2019 videos

  • lixzor
    lixzor  +471

    Mad respect for putting out content with the same energy as before regardless of all the hardship in your life you went through bro I’m so proud of you W bro

  • Mr Nummy


  • fiveinchwaker

    Puts a tear in a man's eye🥲. Just like old times.

  • 4ndr3s
    4ndr3s  +1

    i love you guys so much you carried so hard for all of our childhoods keep it up man we love you all

  • Dany Oliveros

    I love jaydens sense of humor he is always smiling i love his reactions infront of the camera.

  • glucose
    glucose  +1

    The comeback is crazy bro glad to see ya back 🙏🏽

  • tickle tipson😈

    This made me feel like when i was in 6th grade, i used to watch this man everyday, now im a sophomore and life really hasnt been as mid as it is now, i got personal issues and im not that mentally stable, im glad you are back rez

  • argo
    argo  +7

    Crazy to believe 2 guys carried my childhood like it was their life task