Recreating Maangchi's Dakbokkeumtang (Spicy Braised Chicken) From Taste | Bon Appétit

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  • Xuất bản 17 Th09, 2019
  • One dish. Two days. We challenged super taster Chris Morocco to blindly taste a dish made by Christina and then reverse engineer it as closely to the original as he can. The challenge this episode: Maangchi's Dakbokkeumtang (Korean spicy braised chicken).

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    Recreating Maangchi's Dakbokkeumtang (Spicy Braised Chicken) From Taste | Bon Appétit
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NHẬN XÉT • 3 625

  • Erick Solorio
    Erick Solorio 3 giờ trước

    You can see the girl who made the Krispy Kreme Waffle with ice cream dish in the back with the purple hair.

  • Emmelyn Hood
    Emmelyn Hood 8 giờ trước

    Those scallions are KILLING ME

  • +Hugo^:
    +Hugo^: 9 giờ trước

    Who doesn't love a good Chris Morocco? *chef's kiss* You're brilliant, Chris.

  • GKumares Raddyar
    GKumares Raddyar 12 giờ trước

    Is that Sheldon?

  • j.c man
    j.c man 13 giờ trước

    watching Chris and seeing his grade is reminding me of university... 😢

  • j.c man
    j.c man 13 giờ trước

    Dang what super market is that? The markets I go to even the exclusively Asian ingredient markets don't have that wide selection of Asian ingredients

  • Sadia Zafer
    Sadia Zafer 16 giờ trước

    Chris overthinks everything

  • Eden Williams
    Eden Williams 16 giờ trước

    There is something very Sheldon about Chris and I love it!!

  • Will Be
    Will Be 20 giờ trước


  • jennifer
    jennifer Ngày trước

    chris' dish looks more appetizing

  • Hoppy H
    Hoppy H Ngày trước


  • Cheryl Soong
    Cheryl Soong Ngày trước +1

    no one:
    chris: miLdLY HYpOtHErMiC

  • Brant Kim
    Brant Kim 2 ngày trước

    Haven't seen Maangchi's recipe, but the traditional dish is very simple in cooking method as everything is just one pot cooking which is pretty common for Korean food.

  • Lauran Bajoran
    Lauran Bajoran 2 ngày trước

    "ungh *cough* I like it " : )

  • Das Dovian
    Das Dovian 2 ngày trước

    First things on the table with a for sure Asian dish are going to be salt and soy sauce because it's such a common seasoning but he just completely ignored it 😅

  • aafster life
    aafster life 2 ngày trước +2

    Chris deserves some kind of award. Doing what he's doing here is no joke.

  • houchi69
    houchi69 2 ngày trước

    You do realize that Maangchi is in NYC, right?

  • Michelle Norris
    Michelle Norris 2 ngày trước +1

    chris: I don't want to have another red leicester moment
    also chris: it's the r a m p s

  • Cands
    Cands 3 ngày trước

    Include this on the playlist please

  • imgoodatmakingnames
    imgoodatmakingnames 3 ngày trước

    THE MILK?!

  • Ken Osiris
    Ken Osiris 3 ngày trước +3

    Chris overthinks and that's what's throwing him off.

  • Diamond Martin
    Diamond Martin 3 ngày trước +28

    Chris, putting asian pear into the chicken after he cooked it: "This method feels wack to me."
    me, in pain: "Then why are you still doing it?"

  • Minto Tomacco
    Minto Tomacco 3 ngày trước

    This is such an awesome series! Love chris! ✌🏿

  • gabiluch87
    gabiluch87 3 ngày trước

    Get this wonderful man all the spoooons!

  • Dabeen Lee
    Dabeen Lee 3 ngày trước +1

    im so proud of korean food. GUYS WEVE COME TO FAR

  • RawDog
    RawDog 3 ngày trước

    Denim hotpants.

  • HolographicSweater
    HolographicSweater 4 ngày trước

    i don’t ask for a lot, i just want spoons, i want spoons everywhere

  • HolographicSweater
    HolographicSweater 4 ngày trước

    lol the shampoo

  • Alex Cummings
    Alex Cummings 4 ngày trước

    i don’t understand what he’s thinking by trying to stuff cooked chicken with cooked fruit. it doesn’t add up to me.

  • Extreme Viking
    Extreme Viking 4 ngày trước

    lil hoty i love asian women

  • Yang Yang
    Yang Yang 4 ngày trước

    The milk was really a curveball. Most Asians are lactose intolerant to some degree.

  • Kieran Winstone
    Kieran Winstone 4 ngày trước

    Gaby in the background at 15:18 lol

  • Kate Kursive
    Kate Kursive 4 ngày trước

    Love Maangchi's reciepies!!

  • Jos
    Jos 4 ngày trước

    Moaarrr of these!

  • Jacob Casely
    Jacob Casely 4 ngày trước

    Please don't eat shampoo.

  • Sugakookies
    Sugakookies 4 ngày trước

    Hands down to this man. He is amazing!

  • Ruby Jane
    Ruby Jane 4 ngày trước

    chris gagging and sassy backtalking to..... a camera.... is a joy to watch

  • Remy Mafia
    Remy Mafia 4 ngày trước

    16:42 I'm obsessed with Chris. XD

  • Alec Di Lallo
    Alec Di Lallo 4 ngày trước

    "See how like when you get inside there it gives you layers upon layers"......the innuendo laced quotes are aplenty in this one.

  • Alec Di Lallo
    Alec Di Lallo 4 ngày trước

    "See how like when you get inside there it gives you layers upon layers"......the innuendo laced quotes are aplenty in this one.

  • Heather Barnes
    Heather Barnes 5 ngày trước

    BA has quickly become my all-time favorite VNclip channel

  • Josh N
    Josh N 5 ngày trước

    I feel exactly the same way about spoons as Chris does.

  • JakeTheBassist91
    JakeTheBassist91 5 ngày trước +1

    Now give him a bowl of the remnants of the test kitchen's sink disposal. "It's's funky...its almost like kimchi...definitely some aged meat."

  • Esther Lo
    Esther Lo 5 ngày trước +1

    chris morocco is a real-life lucy fuji

  • pmp
    pmp 5 ngày trước


  • Kengu Black
    Kengu Black 5 ngày trước

    I love chris sm

  • Kerri Penguins
    Kerri Penguins 5 ngày trước

    Ahhhh! I love these episodes!!! Chris is absolutely amazing

  • Nikhar Todi
    Nikhar Todi 5 ngày trước

    he needs to make some indian dish!!

  • DrVoyager
    DrVoyager 5 ngày trước +4

    16:25 I love how Christina went full-on grandmaster "The answer is in you" and it made Chris go whole flat-earther conspiracy guy crazy.

  • Haylee Spence
    Haylee Spence 5 ngày trước +16

    Dish: *obviously Asian stew*
    Chris: "I T 's a R a M P"

  • leonkennedy74
    leonkennedy74 5 ngày trước

    You can tell Chris does mostly western style cooking. Scallions and soy sauce are staples for asian cooking, as is incorporating all the ingredients into a sauce without any prep. They all get soaked and cooked together.

  • AllYeols Park
    AllYeols Park 5 ngày trước

    15:18 the slow closeup paired up with chris' blindfold and his pacing while talking so seriously is just so precious

  • Nutrition Facts
    Nutrition Facts 6 ngày trước

    I want HIM as a friend

  • Michael Seery
    Michael Seery 6 ngày trước +1

    16:39 “What did that mean?” LOL!

  • Emma Gáborová
    Emma Gáborová 6 ngày trước

    wait do americans not rinse off meat before they cook it?

    • PhoenixQuill
      PhoenixQuill 5 ngày trước

      No one should, unless your goal is to splash bacteria everywhere.

  • MunkyCheck
    MunkyCheck 6 ngày trước +1

    28:23 Chris has definitely worked as a car salesman.

  • tracy Star
    tracy Star 7 ngày trước

    Too many weebs in the comments and he pretty much nailed it so. I'm confused with the criticisms!

  • tracy Star
    tracy Star 7 ngày trước

    16:39 😭😭😭

  • ღ gently used fairytale ღ
    ღ gently used fairytale ღ 7 ngày trước +119

    *chris:* yeah i feel pretty good about the asian pear
    *me:* chris i am literally begging you to stop

  • Iman Aharchi
    Iman Aharchi 7 ngày trước

    WoW 👌