8 Possible Outcomes Of Avengers 4

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  • Looper
    Looper  5 tháng trước +484

    Our 8 and Doctor Strange's 14,000,605 possible outcomes aside, what do you think will happen in Avengers 4?

    • donpatt1981
      donpatt1981 8 ngày trước

      Jim Devlin i absolutely LOVE how you broke it down.
      "Drax! Are you seriously yawning while Jim Devlin is breaking it down?"
      Seriously your post is amazing. Great prediction

    • subash ganesh
      subash ganesh Tháng trước


    • Eskimo pal
      Eskimo pal Tháng trước

      Looper smarty pants...!

    • john kent
      john kent Tháng trước

      What if Loki comes back as the Jr god of war

    • Sam Bernald Ross
      Sam Bernald Ross Tháng trước

      Snape kills Dumbledore

  • Knee Grr
    Knee Grr 18 giờ trước

    0:24 did he just say shacking instead of shocking?

    JOSHYYY.Y0 Ngày trước

    Who would win
    A purple grape boi

    Or earths mightiest heroes

  • Ricardo Dominguez Campos
    Ricardo Dominguez Campos 3 ngày trước

    ghost Rider comes with Nicoles cage

  • Steven Gagne
    Steven Gagne 3 ngày trước

    I like the idea of War Machine taking the helm (;D). But it's Pepper all the way... Gwen has been in the background too long!

  • Sir Yousif
    Sir Yousif 6 ngày trước

    Rodney it should be pepper potts

  • Josh Bowman
    Josh Bowman 6 ngày trước

    They only killed half the asgardians

  • Nevon Sen
    Nevon Sen 7 ngày trước

    No I don't think the mcu gonna copy from the comic they'll gonna give a little twist my opinion Shea gonna become the new iron girl/woman cause of her smart Ness

  • Ariel Rivera
    Ariel Rivera 9 ngày trước

    i love these theories. and i think tony will die, just look at doctor strange face while saying "this is the only way"

  • Jerry Gee
    Jerry Gee 12 ngày trước

    How do u know its not included in dr stranges scenarios?

  • Ali Taha
    Ali Taha 13 ngày trước

    Thanos is a cow?

  • Devin Bailey
    Devin Bailey 13 ngày trước

    This guy is dumb. The quantum realm is what's going to help them defeat thanos. Ant man has a bigger role than he let off. It's the only movie in between the avengers for a reason

  • gridi margjeka
    gridi margjeka 13 ngày trước

    What a lot of bollocks the whole thing

  • Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor 13 ngày trước

    @ 4:20 what movie is that scene from??

  • anal earhole
    anal earhole 14 ngày trước

    God Dammit i hate don cheadle

  • Element Studios
    Element Studios 15 ngày trước

    Ending of Antman & The Wasp was pretty compelling. Quantum realm n' all that?

  • Nei'keir Jordan
    Nei'keir Jordan 16 ngày trước


  • Ali Tahir Ahmed
    Ali Tahir Ahmed 16 ngày trước

    Thanos will not be the villain in avengers 4. Just like lucky. That’s my prediction

  • Kenneth Long
    Kenneth Long 16 ngày trước

    Steve Roger's Captain America is a favorite

  • Jared Harris
    Jared Harris 18 ngày trước

    I say tony upgrades nebula with some nano tech

  • Music Penguin
    Music Penguin 19 ngày trước

    None of these were outcomes

  • LemitCool
    LemitCool 19 ngày trước

    We all know venom can kill thanos

  • Isaiah Hoon
    Isaiah Hoon 19 ngày trước

    He only killed half of asgards people

  • elliot ashton
    elliot ashton 20 ngày trước

    You had me up until cap wolf then it just got silly

  • Joshua Yummy
    Joshua Yummy 20 ngày trước

    How to Kill a Strong Villian
    1Step Shrink the Empire State Biulding
    2Step Put it at there ears XD
    3Step Unshink it
    4uhh ded thanos now

  • Mr. Sponge
    Mr. Sponge 21 ngày trước

    I don't like Captain Marvel :(
    I'm sorry Captain Marvel fans.. :/

  • EliteYTz
    EliteYTz 21 ngày trước

    I might think I am right, but the avengers that got erased are sent into the Soul World. They aren’t dead.
    I think Nebula will betray Thanos and give Tony Stark the infinity gauntlet so he can revive the avengers. But he will die slowly.

  • Stacy Eremeeva
    Stacy Eremeeva 21 ngày trước


  • Rj Greeno
    Rj Greeno 22 ngày trước

    Did they do no research. Some asgardians escaped along with Korg! Miek and Valkyrie

  • Amir Laws
    Amir Laws 22 ngày trước

    Groot come out of stormbreaker

  • Amber bratlie
    Amber bratlie 23 ngày trước

    Wasp is dead

  • Amber bratlie
    Amber bratlie 23 ngày trước

    Antman is traped

  • Amber bratlie
    Amber bratlie 23 ngày trước

    Maby valcory took some of the refugees and escaped

  • Bernardo Sanchez
    Bernardo Sanchez 24 ngày trước

    crazy theory: what if in the third SpiderMan movie (after far from home) Peter Parker becomes the new Iron Man and Miles Morales takes over as Spider Man?

  • jeetu master
    jeetu master 24 ngày trước

    May b v can c death of some of our favrt charactr like thor or cap or iron man

  • Ryan blackhurst
    Ryan blackhurst 25 ngày trước

    Wasn’t the guardians director diddling little boys?

  • Emerald Minecart
    Emerald Minecart 25 ngày trước

    But there's 14 million 605 outcomes

  • Kaushik Kamble
    Kaushik Kamble 26 ngày trước

    Avengers: The Last Avengers

  • HybridHD
    HybridHD 28 ngày trước

    Only issue with the quantum realm is annihilus. I wonder If he will be one of the next villains

  • R.S. Football
    R.S. Football Tháng trước

    Feel bad for Robert Downey Jr.

  • discoduckal
    discoduckal Tháng trước

    I love all of the MCU films but if they make Captain America into a wolf I’ll be pissed off...

  • FlickTalk
    FlickTalk Tháng trước

    so many fuckin errors in this video it's like y'all didn't even watch infinity war... you definitely don't read comics that's for damn sure

  • Othieno Burton
    Othieno Burton Tháng trước

    Shuri isn’t very skilled

  • Liz Marshall
    Liz Marshall Tháng trước

    Im up here saying "no that cant happen "like the rosio brothers said it there selves

  • Blakelikesfood
    Blakelikesfood Tháng trước +2

    Best outcome: Thanos wins 👍
    "The universe's resources are finite."
    And now, we have peace.

  • Jakobe Marshall
    Jakobe Marshall Tháng trước

    i do not want rodie as ironman i wanna ironman thats like spiderman

  • firdaus omar Hamza
    firdaus omar Hamza Tháng trước

    Thanks loved it😊

  • Suicide Bummer
    Suicide Bummer Tháng trước

    Seems to me the easiest way to save the day is to get Thanos to be fooled into giving up the gauntlet by someone powerful enough to fool him into thinking they are Lady Death (seeing his point of killing half the life in the universe was to attract her attention) and simply asking for it as his final proof of loyalty. Since Captain Marvel is signalled by Fury at the end she must have a vital role which will no doubt be revealed at the end of her upcoming film in the post credits.
    It could be by passing into the realm of death which Dr Strange had already calculated for, it could be him that uses some form of spell on Lady Death to get Thanos to hand it over to her which ultimately kills her because the stones have more to do with life than death (i know that bit is dumb) . While Thanos is distracted, stark puts on the glove restores his life and, Nebula comes flying into kill Thanos. Nebula is fatally wounded but now having gotten revenge loses her nasty side and as Dr Srange figures out how to restore all the lives that were lost, Gamorah gets to make her death a happy one as seeing her sister again equates to this.
    How about that? haha

  • Eskimo pal
    Eskimo pal Tháng trước

    Thanos removes his glove to jerk off and doctor strange already knew when...

    • Eskimo pal
      Eskimo pal 29 ngày trước

      Microwave Burrito he is left handed..wears his glove on left hand

    • Microwave Burrito
      Microwave Burrito Tháng trước

      Eskimo pal
      But what if he is right-handed?

  • ShadowDolphin164
    ShadowDolphin164 Tháng trước

    i think you mean the only possible outcome

  • Aaron Rodgers
    Aaron Rodgers Tháng trước

    Thanos U should of went for the head
    Thor no the arm was just fine

  • cormac Phillips
    cormac Phillips Tháng trước

    Maybe Hawkeye becomes Adam warlock

  • Hamza Malik
    Hamza Malik Tháng trước

    The actual outcome is completely different lol

  • Rick Rolled
    Rick Rolled Tháng trước

    1/2 the Asgardians on the ship got away

  • egan roy
    egan roy Tháng trước

    Or iron lad could become a thing because tony did want a kid and Mabye we will get to see iron lad

  • Brat Makan
    Brat Makan Tháng trước

    I think Ty Simpkins will replace Robert Downey Jr. like a Iron Man. :)

  • Mr. Incognito
    Mr. Incognito Tháng trước

    Shrek flies in to save the day....

  • Da Dawg
    Da Dawg Tháng trước

    0:48 but you are now

  • Ali Taha
    Ali Taha Tháng trước

    Bring deadpool in.... that would be as funny af

  • Ali Taha
    Ali Taha Tháng trước

    Outcome 1

    Oh wait doctor strange is dead sorry people

  • Pokétube Studios
    Pokétube Studios Tháng trước



  • Delphi Riddle
    Delphi Riddle Tháng trước

    Correction - The Russo brothers said that they were making their own film and didn’t want to use any material that had already been written. As they said, “If I already know what’s going to happen before it happens then what’s the point of going to the film” (or something like that anyway). So that thing you said about Shuri becoming Black Panther probably isn’t true. That’s the same for a few other points in your video. So next time you decide to make a video like this, try and look at the things that the people directly involved with the film said, and you will probably get many more of your facts right.

  • Jay B Swag
    Jay B Swag Tháng trước

    Iron man army for life

  • Emma Watterson
    Emma Watterson Tháng trước

    Chris Evans just tweeted a Goodbye Marvel tweet. Go check it out. I got misty eyed.

  • Gvs Monkey
    Gvs Monkey Tháng trước

    Personally i think iron man won't die because he just married his wife and they talked about having kids, i think he will retire and live a normal life after A4.
    Captain america is more likely to die in my opinion😬

  • MegaClone 4999HD
    MegaClone 4999HD Tháng trước

    My possible out comes

    Thanos might lose,Avengers might win...
    Thanos might win,Avengers might lose...

  • Rory Patterson
    Rory Patterson Tháng trước

    I would hate to see Sheri as black panther

  • Vineeth Sai
    Vineeth Sai Tháng trước

    You should have named the video as "8 possible outcomes in 8 minutes".

  • 0nlinee
    0nlinee Tháng trước

    Fucking bring Adam Warlock and be done with it.

  • Matthew Widing
    Matthew Widing Tháng trước

    Wrong, Thor said thanos killed half his people

  • SkyHaZe
    SkyHaZe Tháng trước

    Let Thanos kill Stark
    Let Thanos kill half of the universe

  • Tonka Nagulov
    Tonka Nagulov Tháng trước

    truth ( scary) is Thanos will win in the end.he die Like old man from some cancer. if they follow comic story line

  • kristi ameda
    kristi ameda Tháng trước

    they need quill in avengers 4 :P

  • Charlie Mations
    Charlie Mations Tháng trước

    7 outcomes win 1 lose

  • Ilike Potato
    Ilike Potato Tháng trước

    I think someone will take the gauntlet and will reviwe everyone

  • Chris Afton
    Chris Afton Tháng trước

    Dc: Marvel I don't feel so good...

  • Mason B
    Mason B Tháng trước

    Is it bad if I laughed really loud in the cinema when spider man died

  • slemany Youtube
    slemany Youtube Tháng trước

    Couldnt they ask kratos to being half of population from hel?
    He has experience

  • Blake Nebot
    Blake Nebot Tháng trước

    Azguard not Assguard

  • JohnnyOTGS
    JohnnyOTGS Tháng trước

    I say that the most likely outcome, is that Captain Marvel is going to be the one who will defeat Thanos. Why, because Disney wants her to, she is going to be the center focus for the MCU in 2019, just like how Black Panther was the center focus this year, it's just another money making scheme for Disney. The Creativity and imagination is lost now, it's all about the money now: making sure your movie makes a lot in ticket sales by making sure it has everything that is popular (which includes egomaniacal movie stars).
    I'd rather stick with Back to The Future and Indiana Jones: movies that were driven by imagination and creativity.

  • GamePal
    GamePal Tháng trước

    There is only one possible outcome... and only Dr. Strange knows that... 😑

  • Sharan Kadakia
    Sharan Kadakia Tháng trước +1

    If Marvel were gonna copy all the things from the comics no one would come to watch the Infinity War 4

  • Fabian Donaldson
    Fabian Donaldson Tháng trước

    These characters are not dead they just trapped in the soul stone..!!!

  • Emiliano Arredondo
    Emiliano Arredondo Tháng trước

    Did you know that the characters who turned into ash are actually in the soul world which is inside the soul stone and they will escape

  • dbritton89
    dbritton89 Tháng trước

    Shuri becoming black panther would be where we at in the times. Unlimited women superheroes. Let's just make all the avengers women.

  • Egg Morp
    Egg Morp Tháng trước

    My thoery:
    The people who weren't turned to dust will try to beat thanos eith the infinity stones, and restore half of the universe.

    Edit: Captain Marvel will appear

  • Stone cold stunner
    Stone cold stunner Tháng trước

    Red hulk and thanos and venom


    Lol I can say....all of them are shiity

  • Elías Mendoza
    Elías Mendoza Tháng trước

    He should have just cut off his hand so he couldn't snap

  • Andrew Valerio
    Andrew Valerio Tháng trước

    Maybe the ones who didn’t get banished they save the ones who did and default Thor?

  • 23 Draco-savage
    23 Draco-savage Tháng trước

    Squirrel girl will save the day in avengers 4 lol

  • Scorpion Subzero
    Scorpion Subzero Tháng trước

    No iron man will live in avengers 4 he will live

  • Robert Jr.
    Robert Jr. Tháng trước +1

    Fuck offffffff

  • Brandon Ali
    Brandon Ali Tháng trước

    They made it clear Thanos only killed HALF of the asgardians

  • david Blassy
    david Blassy Tháng trước

    The only way to defeat this evil is the union of marvel and dc, thats what gonna happen

  • mitchell arita
    mitchell arita Tháng trước

    Thanos only killed half of the Asgardians

  • TrapHaus Creo
    TrapHaus Creo Tháng trước

    *Thanos killed half of the Asguardians

  • Person Pacman
    Person Pacman Tháng trước

    Are we just gonna completely ignore the end of antman and the wasp?!?!?!?!

  • Mr Reacter
    Mr Reacter Tháng trước

    Why didn't strange go back in time to kill thanos

    I AM AN EDITER I AM BENNU Tháng trước

    Not all asgard half of asgard said by thor