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  • AVFC Vlogger
    AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước +7

    Thanks everyone for watching today's match vlog against Man United! The atmosphere was amazing and so were the goals! Please like my vlog and subscribe if you enjoyed the content! UTV!!!

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  4 ngày trước

      Slim Reaper Hi it was last month but thank you and thanks sharing the vlog 🙂

    • Slim Reaper
      Slim Reaper 4 ngày trước +1

      I shared ur video on twitter young lad. Happy belated birthday as well. We're u 13 yrs old yesterday? Did I see that in te video that it was ur birthday 🎂.. Hope u had a great day young man. I've been watching ur videos for over a year or more now and I have to say u have matured as a vlogger over that time even for someone so young. U analyse the games very well and u understand the game as a whole and I hope u gain thousands more subs over the next year and best of luck with ur channel young Villan... #utv

    • George Thorne
      George Thorne 4 ngày trước


    • George Thorne
      George Thorne 4 ngày trước +1

      I’ve been on your VNclip channel at Chalfont

  • federico fox
    federico fox Ngày trước

    oh for when i used to be a young lad full of enthusiam,great blog son even if it was for the villa who have always been my 2nd team,good luck for the rest of the season xcept when you play us lol

  • MUFCJack
    MUFCJack 2 ngày trước

    Little grass

  • Lynn Wilde
    Lynn Wilde 3 ngày trước

    Villa fans are sad

  • David  Morris
    David Morris 3 ngày trước

    Football is a business not a sport played by mercenaries watched by fools!

    LETHAL APOLLO GAMING 3 ngày trước +1

    wondering if were playing Luton Town Away or Man Utd glad it was the latter a point at Old Trafford is a good point expecially after going 2.1 down UTV

  • Wee Dave 18
    Wee Dave 18 3 ngày trước

    i’m a man united fan but your support is one of the best and keep going with your vlogs👍

  • linda stanley
    linda stanley 3 ngày trước

    Love of luck for the season YNWA

  • avfc85
    avfc85 3 ngày trước

    1.37. Grealish no thanks. Then the game starts and he runs the fucking show. Utv

  • moøn light
    moøn light 3 ngày trước

    MAN UNITED❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • moøn light
    moøn light 3 ngày trước


  • James AVFC18
    James AVFC18 3 ngày trước

    Amazing video 💜 UTV

  • Mitch Plus
    Mitch Plus 4 ngày trước +1

    great video one of the only floggers who show the goals

  • Stephen Cannon
    Stephen Cannon 4 ngày trước +1

    Yassss wee man

  • Gazza M
    Gazza M 4 ngày trước +1

    Great Video again m8,keep it up

  • 786
    786 4 ngày trước +1

    Crazy game

  • Carl Arrowsmith
    Carl Arrowsmith 4 ngày trước +1

    Atmosphere from our end was unbelievable, shows how far we come when we are a bit disappointed with a draw

  • Oliver Green
    Oliver Green 4 ngày trước

    Fucking quality limbs mate flew down down flights of stairs love it

  • Luke Ferguson
    Luke Ferguson 4 ngày trước +1

    Keep them coming

  • catherine groves
    catherine groves 4 ngày trước +1


  • Stephen Buffery
    Stephen Buffery 4 ngày trước +1

    Top boy jack but start doing it against the big teams. Pool Leicester city. Man city. Ect

  • Karyson Apolo Cosme
    Karyson Apolo Cosme 4 ngày trước +3

    Brasil present in you vlog..
    kkk like brother from Brasília!

  • World of Lewis
    World of Lewis 4 ngày trước +2

    Great vlog mate thanks for the comments on my vlog.

  • Liam Py4tt
    Liam Py4tt 4 ngày trước +2

    What a vid🤩

  • jason duggan
    jason duggan 4 ngày trước +1

    Man.u v villa in 1985 was my first ever villa game. And we got battered 4-0 I think. VTID

  • jason duggan
    jason duggan 4 ngày trước +1

    Good result. Shame we didn't win really. Good performance again. Keep it up villa. Wish Jack scored like that more often. Great vid again kid. UTV

  • Seb Blackmore
    Seb Blackmore 4 ngày trước

    Top man with the early uploads!! Carabao cup final, here we come!!! UTV!!!

  • Charlie Bourne
    Charlie Bourne 4 ngày trước +2

    The LIMBS

  • ca 019
    ca 019 4 ngày trước +1

    Cheers m8

  • Marco Becerra
    Marco Becerra 4 ngày trước +6

    Your vids are making me fall in love with Aston villa

  • philosopher man
    philosopher man 4 ngày trước +1

    Good prediction bro

  • Mark Murphy
    Mark Murphy 4 ngày trước +1

    Almost midnight here in Cincinnati and im still buzzing...Jack is the man...UTV

    SHEVA 4 ngày trước +1

    Up the villa! Up the table ...

    Hopefully )))

  • João Ribeiro
    João Ribeiro 5 ngày trước +3

    Man, it was an amazing match. I like to watch some matches that there are some Brazilians players. What do you think about Wesley and Douglas?

    • Seb Blackmore
      Seb Blackmore 4 ngày trước +1

      João Ribeiro Douglas Luiz has great composure at times and very good technical feet. He gets caught on the ball sometimes and loses possession, but he is young and will improve those faults. His long range goals against Bournemouth and Norwich were stunning.
      Some Villa fans are complaining about Wesley's work rate but I have to say I think he is slowly improving, especially in the last two games. He might not be setting the world alight with goals but today against United, his passing and hold up play were very good. I think he has 4 goals and 2 assists. But the crazy thing with Wesley is at 22, he can still get stronger, physically and mentally. I think Man United fans were impressed with him today.

  • Carl Watson
    Carl Watson 5 ngày trước

    I remember last season when you played Birmingham and they set of a flare you Called them scums so is that any different just asking but another great video well done and great point

    • Gaz
      Gaz 4 ngày trước +1

      That was a smoke bomb yesterday. Harmless. Blues fans threw a flare into the Villa fans. Flares are very very dangerous.

  • Jonty Bonty
    Jonty Bonty 5 ngày trước +2

    Nice one mate, some excellent limbs during the celebrations too 👍

  • Hanum Harkit
    Hanum Harkit 5 ngày trước +3

    the villas chant is better than united chants

  • grytlappar
    grytlappar 5 ngày trước +2

    In the broadcast all you could hear were the Villa fans. Absolutely _booming,_ and all game long. Sriously, I've never heard a louder away fan presence at Old Trafford. Watching that game, you'd have thought Villa was at their home ground. _Seriously_ impressed! Villa has way better fans than United (who do nothing than roast their own players - I know, as I have dual loyalties... It was easier when the clubs were in different divisions.😄 But I was rooting for Villa like mad today.) I don't care what 'form' United is in, this is a team that has one of the biggest wage bills in the world. And our Villa boys came away with a point from there, but also, looked a _hell_ of a lot better than the United team - outplayed them, really. Now build on this: Going to Old Trafford and outplaying Manchester bloody United... 👏

  • Phonic Tales
    Phonic Tales 5 ngày trước +1

    That first goals was crazy

  • Tony Hill
    Tony Hill 5 ngày trước +3

    I got 2 united fans here from laaaaandaaaaaan

  • Mark Crawfy
    Mark Crawfy 5 ngày trước +1

    DEANO We Fucking Love You.......Villa Manager for life no matter wot happens,, Great Vid Sam

  • Ian Hart
    Ian Hart 5 ngày trước

    Love the lip sync pre match interview. Up the villa

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước

      Ian Hart ikr 😂

    • Ian Hart
      Ian Hart 5 ngày trước

      Even with the grealish limbs you still have time to sort ya hair out lol

  • Flux- Brawl Stars
    Flux- Brawl Stars 5 ngày trước

    Great video Kia, I'm really happy with the result today and very proud of the players. Great vlog and maybe see you at Stamford Bridge!

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước

      If you do say hello and come be on the vlog! *kai* but it’s okay😂

  • Alex Langley
    Alex Langley 5 ngày trước

    Franz Beckenbauer YET Tyrone - just bang it out if need be

  • Bartek Hapa
    Bartek Hapa 5 ngày trước +6

    Haha good stuff, i hate Man Utd, Villa fans are amazing. Well done Lads - From Lechia Gdańsk fan

    • Bartek Hapa
      Bartek Hapa 5 ngày trước

      AVFC Vlogger I follow Leeds United in UK, I been to few matches but never at Villa :// it looks really nice from far away. We been away match where there is a stadium near the Villa one, the same town👍👍

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước +1

      Wow nice and yes we are amazing 😂

  • Slim Reaper
    Slim Reaper 5 ngày trước +1

    Mings needs some time on the bench IMHO lad but I know most will hammer me for saying that.. I want to see Bjorn and Ezri have a run of games at the centre of defence.. I know I'll be slated for this but he makes too many mistakes. The header to Taylor at Arsenal was his mistake again that cost us dearly. There have been lots of these instances and his mistake last game against NUFC nesy cost us but for Konsa making a great block.
    We need to be wi ming more games now. This resuit will hopefully give us a bit of confidence going away to Chelski. I hope Tammy isn't OK for the game bcos he'll want to put us to the sword.
    Maybe Mings has had trouble adjusting to Ezri Konsa?? He has made mistakes all through his Villa career even in the Championship..
    Ah look brilliant video young lad. #utv #AVFC #vtid

    • Aston Born
      Aston Born 4 ngày trước

      I love the lad and think he must be playing with an injury. UTV

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước

      I agree he has been making mistakes and Ezri has been playing rlly rlly well. If we do bench Mings might drop his confidence but 🤷‍♂️ UTV

  • Trevor Pitt
    Trevor Pitt 5 ngày trước +1

    Truthful reporting once again young man. Never ever went to Man Utd or City so you have one up on this old geezer. Elmo will be in the team Wednesday because Gilberte will be suspended. A draw was a fair result lets hope we can do it again or even better against Chelsea.

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước +1

      Trevor Pitt to be fair he wasn’t that good today but he is a good player. I’ve always liked Elmo see how he plays Wednesday

    • Baller Confirmed
      Baller Confirmed 5 ngày trước

      Trevor Pitt I reckon dean might put Konsa at right back and bring Engels back 🤷🏾‍♂️

    HBOT GAMES2 5 ngày trước

    Id like to see us with a 4.4.2 with a good goal scorer up top playing off Wesley don't think it suits Wesley up top on his own good point away from home

      HBOT GAMES2 5 ngày trước

      @AVFC Vlogger great videos 2 pal you should have alot more subs with them vlogs

      HBOT GAMES2 5 ngày trước

      @AVFC Vlogger I know I think we will buy a good striker in January and I think then we will get the best out of Wesley and how Jack is not getting a call up to England ill never know we are much better with Jack pushed up the field but I would like to see us play 4.4.2 some games

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước

      I’ve said this all season! But tbf we need to buy a good striker before we do this

  • Declan Adey
    Declan Adey 5 ngày trước

    Villa are shit your gonna get relegated come on liverpool

  • Slim Reaper
    Slim Reaper 5 ngày trước +2

    Brilliant ad libbing over Ole and Deano

    BARCELONA 4 EVER 5 ngày trước +2

    hey boy i'm barca fan loves your videos. great vlog man!

      BARCELONA 4 EVER 5 ngày trước

      @AVFC Vlogger God bless you, hope you reach 100k quickly

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước +1

      Up the Barca. And cheers mate

  • Big Wes
    Big Wes 5 ngày trước +1

    Decent point utv

  • Jamzie White
    Jamzie White 5 ngày trước +5

    Kevin Friend was VAR referee, he actually got us a point for the one he took

  • david evans
    david evans 5 ngày trước +2

    Brilliant vlog.great result .Should have won.Playing really well.utv

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước

      Probs shouldn’t of won but yeah good result

  • Liam Gordon
    Liam Gordon 5 ngày trước +4

    Great video bro I’m gutted that we drew to you today but that’s a great result for you buddy ⚽️👍

    • Liam Gordon
      Liam Gordon 5 ngày trước

      AVFC Vlogger yeah I’m a United fan and yeah I’m done with him but the ownership and no director of football is our main issue

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước

      Yeah it is, guessing ur a united fan do u want ole in or out

  • Aston villa
    Aston villa 5 ngày trước +7

    That united fan grealish no thanks lol with his strong southern accent Haha we should of won utv

    • Paran0id Radi0
      Paran0id Radi0 4 ngày trước +3

      I was driving past so many United fans on my way up the M6, laughing my arse off when I was driving past em on the way back down to Birmingham.

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước +1

      Yeah I literally said that to my grandad how they didn’t want jack. Draw fair result

  • CrewRux
    CrewRux 5 ngày trước +3


  • wolvesdb
    wolvesdb 5 ngày trước +3

    Good draw for you. Nice video, especially as you interviewed some United fans. Oh and nice you got to go to Old Trafford, you have been to it more often than me!

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước

      Sure you’ll be going soon. Another draw for wolves as well

  • Riley _blanchard
    Riley _blanchard 5 ngày trước +4

    Keep it good work I’m grimsby town fan but good villa are doing well

    • AVFC Vlogger
      AVFC Vlogger  5 ngày trước

      Respect for Grimsby seen loads of vids of there fans 🙌

  • Riley _blanchard
    Riley _blanchard 5 ngày trước +4

    Love your channel