Can Kool-Aid Become Cotton Candy? (More Experiments!)

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  • Xuất bản 15 Th06, 2019
  • In this video we're taking some of your comment requests and seeing if other random ingredients can be turned into cotton candy.
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NHẬN XÉT • 6 969

  • Ethan 83
    Ethan 83 12 giờ trước

    Try ice

  • Connie Maria
    Connie Maria 12 giờ trước

    Imagine a peanut brittle candy floss or a rum and raisin candy floss

  • J&F Gaming
    J&F Gaming 15 giờ trước

    Try salt

  • een game meneer
    een game meneer 16 giờ trước

    They must puked after recording🤣🤣

  • Goda Pla
    Goda Pla 16 giờ trước

    Go over to Vat19 and there you'll find a thing called a hard candy cotton candy machine.

  • † Violet †
    † Violet † 17 giờ trước

    you guys should try to make pop rocks into cotton candy

  • Zaidine Habacon
    Zaidine Habacon 18 giờ trước

    I don't know. Maybe something puffy...
    Maybe Fun Dip into cotton candy... I am not really sure..

  • Lanie Vincent
    Lanie Vincent 22 giờ trước

    Fun dip

  • Isabelle Huang
    Isabelle Huang Ngày trước +1

    Can you see if pixie stix makes cotton candy and if the flavor is still there?

  • NJ’s World
    NJ’s World Ngày trước +1

    PLEASE Can you freeze dry and egg I want to know what will happen

  • anthony ivon
    anthony ivon Ngày trước

    Try adding more sugar to those items that cant make thin threads of cotton candy.

  • Syrus 88
    Syrus 88 Ngày trước +1

    Fun dip cotton candy

      IOWNHACKS Ngày trước +1

      Syrus 88 already done :)

  • Itz Abby :3
    Itz Abby :3 Ngày trước

    I wander how these people do- **Forgets what I'm about to type.** Chicken Nuggets?

  • Zanassi Angel
    Zanassi Angel Ngày trước

    Can you try doing top ramen flavour packets? 😅

  • Lakisha Winrow
    Lakisha Winrow Ngày trước

    What about blending jolly ranchers and turn them into cotton candy

  • Lapreace Spires
    Lapreace Spires Ngày trước

    Can you put in sugar just sugar?

  • Honey Kenney
    Honey Kenney Ngày trước

    Or chocolate

  • Honey Kenney
    Honey Kenney Ngày trước +1

    Try ice cream cotton candy

  • pete witcher
    pete witcher Ngày trước

    Pause at 8:24, look at Nate's face, thank me later. :D

  • XxjordanxX JordanxX
    XxjordanxX JordanxX Ngày trước

    Try doin crushed Lolipops in a cotton candy machine

  • Mrs . Chicken nugget I’m just weird

    Make coffe and hot sauce cotton candy

  • Petal K
    Petal K Ngày trước

    I need koolaid no

    BCIDS GT Ngày trước

    Try make cotton cand with salt :3

  • V Zero
    V Zero 2 ngày trước

    Cheese powder?

  • Gamer Madi
    Gamer Madi 2 ngày trước

    Try putting strait Shugar in it i wanna see how it will do

  • Roby Fernandez
    Roby Fernandez 2 ngày trước

    Try mentos fruit and turn into cotton candy

  • Mia Mat
    Mia Mat 2 ngày trước

    You should try to make cotton candy with jaw breaker powder

  • Eni Setiyowati
    Eni Setiyowati 2 ngày trước

    I think is the vat19 cotton candy machine

  • Paul Ring
    Paul Ring 2 ngày trước

    Omg chili cotton candy

  • keith jenkins
    keith jenkins 2 ngày trước +1

    Try citric acid

  • Skyla Barnhart
    Skyla Barnhart 2 ngày trước

    Pancakes mix 😊😊😊😋

  • Keoni13710111213 ibana
    Keoni13710111213 ibana 2 ngày trước

    Guys dont drink the kool aid

  • Summer Gomez
    Summer Gomez 2 ngày trước

    Fun dip, pixy sticks wafers

  • Idaly Velazquez
    Idaly Velazquez 2 ngày trước

    You should test a bunch of different hard candies with the hard candy cotton candy machine .

  • Zoey Brabt
    Zoey Brabt 2 ngày trước

    Put coffee in the cotton candy machine

  • Crystal Johnson
    Crystal Johnson 2 ngày trước

    Hi I'm new here do your video now I love it cuz I have watch it for 10 days now

  • Pandora TheClay
    Pandora TheClay 2 ngày trước

    Imagine pouring pure sulfur into the cotton candy machine

  • tatyana pressley
    tatyana pressley 2 ngày trước

    you should make cotton candy with salt or maybe even pixie sticks

  • Modern NetX
    Modern NetX 2 ngày trước

    Watch him eat a spider web on accident

  • Carters Cooking
    Carters Cooking 2 ngày trước

    You should try crush up gumballs for the cotton candy machine

  • Jaedyn Grundy
    Jaedyn Grundy 2 ngày trước

    Drink powder mixes like the root beer one

  • Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi
    Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi 3 ngày trước

    Can you try making cotton candy from malic acid

  • Commando princess
    Commando princess 3 ngày trước

    Can u try and mix Nutella with anything and maybe put it in the cotton candy machine

  • Shady 27
    Shady 27 3 ngày trước

    She has such an adorable little sneeze I'm kinda jealous when I sneeze I sound like a dinosaur

  • Savvy Jade
    Savvy Jade 3 ngày trước

    You should try milo in the cotton candy machine 😀😀

  • Sydnee Bannister
    Sydnee Bannister 3 ngày trước

    Can you deep fry honey??

  • Diamond Delicious
    Diamond Delicious 3 ngày trước

    Mexican spicy candy like Lucas might of worked better

  • Pitchy Wayne Pahid
    Pitchy Wayne Pahid 3 ngày trước

    Make a ice cream

  • TraGic Dark
    TraGic Dark 3 ngày trước

    Try to use pixey stick to make cotton candy

  • Zdd Dsd
    Zdd Dsd 3 ngày trước

    Can you make rainbow cotton candy

  • Theresa Tetrault
    Theresa Tetrault 3 ngày trước

    Can you turn kit kats into cotton candy

  • 'se://A
    'se://A 3 ngày trước

    And you forgot the most interesting ones: Bonbons! Just crush them to a powder. (Suggestion: Bonbons for having a cold)

  • Kaitlyn Oh
    Kaitlyn Oh 3 ngày trước

    There's my lil spidey

  • 'se://A
    'se://A 3 ngày trước

    Why don't trying to find a balanced mix with sugar and extra stuff? So that it will work better and have the added flavor. (Suggestion: Werther's Caramel again)

  • Shareem Marshall
    Shareem Marshall 3 ngày trước

    Can u turn crystallized honey into cotton candy??

  • Syrrys Aver
    Syrrys Aver 3 ngày trước

    Honey boiled up to hard crack candy maybe? Likewise coffee + sugar boiled off to hard crack temp? Ditto for chilies? Or failing that crushed Atomic Fireball candies.

  • Marley Boren
    Marley Boren 3 ngày trước

    You guys should chop up toffy and blend it up! 😁

  • Costplay Forever
    Costplay Forever 3 ngày trước

    What about, Tony’s power

  • Cecilia Hall
    Cecilia Hall 3 ngày trước

    You should try to dry freeze fun dip

  • Bené
    Bené 3 ngày trước

    Try putting crushed cereal in the cotton candy machine or pudding mix 😂😂