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"Woo Jin~Uncle Jun Ho is here!" [Home Alone Ep 419]

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  • Xuất bản 31 Th10, 2021

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  • Weny Delvia
    Weny Delvia Năm trước +1

    Woojin and Chaechae are the luckiest nephew/niece

  • Nic W
    Nic W Năm trước +589

    I love how much Junho has been promoting on tv shows since discharging from the military. Seeing him in his everyday life is so wholesome, getting a glimpse of his interactions with the people he cares about. Even in the behind-the-scenes where he's reacting to the footage, seeing him smile and point out certain things is so precious. One of my all-time favourite clips is when GOT7 Jinyoung visited Junho's house - even though they are fellow idols, hoobae/sunbae, and (ex)company colleagues, they also have a really genuine hyung/dongsaeng relationship that we don't get to see enough of. I'm thankful for these tv appearances that give us unique content.

  • Akshara
    Akshara Năm trước +2

    Men interacting with kids makes them more handsome for certain reasons idk😂

  • myamoe thawthaw
    myamoe thawthaw Năm trước +710

    Woojin and chaechae and their uncles have calm while kaichun, raeon,rahee have chaotic energy

  • Maria Filipina Writes
    Maria Filipina Writes Năm trước +212

    I was crying the whole time I was watching Junho with his nephew Woojin and his sister. We all know how much Junho wants to have many kids when he settles down and starts his own family. When it happens, I hope everyone will be happy for him. Let's watch Junho's future kids grow well, healthy, and happy.

  • B R
    B R Năm trước +882

    I'm sitting here admiring like, "Oh, how precious. This is so sweet."

  • aiwa9
    aiwa9 Năm trước +175

    Amazing how much love junho has received nowadays. Back then he was the “nugu” and many made fun of him for being the least popular member. All the hard work and patience finally paid off 😍🥰

  • jake shim
    jake shim Năm trước +250

    Dang woojin is so cute😭 on top of that he’s very calm and soft, im not good with children but i definitely want to talk to him, he’s so well behaved

  • O G
    O G Năm trước +79


  • how are you. ed Crushed
    how are you. ed Crushed Năm trước +51

    When they kissed my heart fluttered and my mind got filled with butterflies 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Rita Banarjee

    woojin is soo cute 😘🥰❤️ he stole my heart ❤️❤️❤️😭😭

  • Kaye Jung
    Kaye Jung Năm trước +110

    It's not the first time that I got jealous because of a child lol, they're really cute😭❤

  • Dr.Maryam Abid
    Dr.Maryam Abid Năm trước +112

    His sister has the same smile as well the smile which captured my heart 10 years ago😂💕💜

  • Madz Molino
    Madz Molino Năm trước +24

    He’s going to be a great dad…🥰

  • Jasmine_Soo
    Jasmine_Soo Năm trước +157

    Haha I can't when Junho said that's his nephew take after him for the "Apple" but lol

  • Cautiously Incautious
    Cautiously Incautious Năm trước +11

    Woojin is too adorable 😘

  • Tallie R
    Tallie R Năm trước +25

    Junho!! We've been together for 12 years, you've never looked sweeter

  • Syazwani
    Syazwani Năm trước +63

    Aww...He’s so adorable 🥺Suddenly I want a son even though I always want a daughter.

  • İrem Alkan

    woo jin is really as handsome as his uncle

  • Rexcat
    Rexcat Năm trước +13

    Woo Jin really is very cute. He has beautiful eyes. Junho...wonderful to see you with family.