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Homemade 4'x2' CNC Plasma Build Part 11: Test Cuts and Covers

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  • Xuất bản 19 Th08, 2017
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    First test cuts and cut some splash covers for the table.
    Materials List
    Automation Technologies
    KL-5056 Keling 425oz stepper motor kit
    E stop switch
    4 Channel Relay Board
    Substituted all Probotix drivers, breakout board, relays and motors.
    Proma THC 150
    Ebay HD carriages
    Z Axis 4.75” from Microcarve
    Ebay 500' 18/4 wire
    Solid State Relay Heat Sink
    (3) 18x50 drag Chain
    EZM Black mount for keyboard/monitor
    4”x12” 3/8 Aluminum Plate (2) Touch and Go
    Tubing end caps (10)
    Everlast Powerplasma 60s
    1 3/8” diameter collar
    Two 6' 20 degree gear racks
    Three 15 tooth 20 degree spur gears
    Four Bronze bushings for gears (one extra in case)
    VHB Tape 1/2” width, 5 yards .09” thick
    Northern Tool
    Ironton Pump
    Two Pair of Hobart glasses - Orange
    Northern tool steel casters
    New Egg:
    Computer case
    Power Supply
    3 twin 9pin connector brackets
    25 pin din bracket
    Extra cooling fan
    Case screws and stand-offs
    Switched male plug
    Extension Cord, Screws
    Motor and misc bolts
    Water pan drain items
    5 Cans Bedliner, 1 can grill paint, 1/4-20 Bolts, Painters tape
    Weather Strip Foam and Two Worm Gear Clamps
    The carrier company 30 gallon black drum
    Solid state relay from automation direct AD-SSR6T40-DC-280A
    Del City Fuse block and fuses
    Recertified PC from Craigslist
    Amazon - Ten-High Linear Rail
    Amazon Order for Water pan fill - Hose, fittings, check valve
    Parts Express
    9pin dsub connectors male and female
    Forked Terminals
    $36 Shipped
    Loom and zip tie mounts
    Joe Fazzios Steel
    First run - 12 box tubing, 1 flat bar, 1 extruded
    Second Run - Water Pan
    4x8x18ga sheet (1)
    1/8x4x10' (2)
    1/8x3x10' (7)
    1”x1”x12'x16ga Box (1)
    2.5” x 3/16” Angle (1)
    Tractor Supply
    Bag of bolts
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