These Events Will Happen in Asia in 2019

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  • Xuất bản 30 Th12, 2018
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    This video will be different from normal, because it won’t just be about one event, but 42 events in the near future, all happening in Asia in 2019. Now of course predicting such events is extremely difficult, but we can always give our best estimates based on the information we currently have.
    Some of the events covered:
    - India's Chandrayaan-2 will be the first spacecraft to land on the moon
    - Mister World competition held in Philippines
    - Google developing new censored version of search engine for China ('Dragonfly')
    - India's T-Series will defeat Pewdiepie to become the most subscribed VNclip channel of all time
    - Kim Jong-un is expected to meet Vladimir Putin in Moscow, as well as Donald Trump for a second time
    - South Korea's Samsung will release the first foldable smartphone (Samsung Galaxy X)
    - Thailand, North Korea, Afghanistan, Indonesia & India will hold their elections
    - Japanese Emperor Akihito will abdicate his throne
    - Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Israel
    - Taiwan will be the first Asian state to legalize samesex marriage
    - New $1.4 billion port city to begin construction in Sri Lanka
    - Singapore will complete world's first air taxi trials
    - ASEAN countries & US will hold maritime exercises, the biggest display of combined force against China
    - Japan hosts the first Rugby World Cup in Asia
    - Turkey may start construction on the Canal Istanbul
    - China will complete the Beijing Daxing International Airport, busiest in the world.
    - India will finish building 111 million toilets nation-wide
    - Russia will send humanoid robots to space
    - Russia will offer commercial spacewalks to tourists
    - Tesla will open factories in Shanghai, China
    - Eurovision Asia will be launched
    - Huawei consolidates its lead over Apple in smartphone sales
    - North Korea will increase their cybercrime activities worldwide

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  11 tháng trước +1002

    Happy New Year everyone. What events do you think I missed?
    - Some of these events we know the exact dates of, while others are approximated to the nearest month given the information we currently have (these are marked in the video with an asterisk).
    - Saying T-Series will soon overtake Pewdiepie in subscribers does not mean I personally support T-Series.
    - To clarify, at 2:14 at the bottom of the screen it says *or February, but regardless, due to an inordinate amount of big VNcliprs continuing to attempt saves at last minutes, it happened in March.
    - Since some are getting confused with China's recent Chang'e 4 mission to the moon, perhaps it should be restated that India will (likely be) the fourth country to land on the moon, and the first to land near the lunar south pole. China already landed on the moon back in 2013 making them the third to land on the moon behind US and Russia. Though neither US, Russia nor China have landed on the lunar south pole before.
    - Speaking of China's recent landing of Chang'e 4, I should have included this event in the video as this is the first country to land on the far side of the moon.
    - A crappy, poor-quality foldable smartphone from an unknown Chinese company was released over a month ago, which is why I said "Samsung will release *what they claim* to be the first foldable smartphone".
    - For Google releasing a new censored Chinese version of their search engine (Dragonfly), I have stated at the bottom of the screen that after recorded/editing the video, Google put the project on hold due to employee backlash.
    - At 2:23, Canal Kondzilla should have 44+ million subs not 4+ million subs.
    - Thai national election is postponed to 24th March 2019, due to the Rama X Royal Coronation.
    - For those bringing up Taiwan's recent referendum where 70% voted NO for same-sex marriage, note that the referendum was just advisory. Legislation recognising same-sex marriage is already mandated by law, with an amendment coming into force in May 2019 - anything that the government would do to stop or contravene this would be unprecedentedly unconstitutional as it would involve direct legislation on a court ruling. The government has explicitly said that it will legalise same-sex marriage despite the referendum's results.
    - For those commenting that India has legalized same-sex marriage already, they haven't. Same-sex marriage is not legal in India. Gay sex was only decriminalised in September 2018.
    - For those commenting that Thailand has legalized same-sex marriage, well not quite. The bill that is being proposed in Thailand promises only the property and inheritance rights and some other rights of same-sex couples, but not their rights to public welfare, tax benefits or child adoption. To give further context - civil partnerships (which were something the UK did before legalising gay marriage) were not seen as marriage by campaigners/the general population because they withheld those particular rights. The Taiwanese proposal is explicitly for same-sex marriage (the wording is far more clear-cut than in Thailand).
    - At 8:28, should be spelled 'Gandhi', not 'Ghandi'.
    - For those commenting that India already has official Apple Stores, they don't. What people are most likely referring to are fake Apple Stores or authorized retailers (not owned by Apple themselves).
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    Only got a month til 2020

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    These events will happen Is Asia this year.

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    Kento bento: hmmmmmmm I kento bento

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    *EURO* vision *ASIA*
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  • Luke Gabriel Balgan
    Luke Gabriel Balgan Tháng trước +1

    Predicted (in order mentioned) + Actual Dates
    Chandrayaan-2 (July)
    Mister World (July)
    Baidu (Suspended August)
    Dragonfly (Terminated July)
    T-Series (April)
    President Meeting (April)
    Foldable Phones (April)
    Thai General Elections (March)
    North Korean Elections (March)
    Afghanistan Elections (September)
    Indonesia Elections (April)
    Kento Bento Subs (February)
    Abdication (April)
    UAE Astronaut (September)
    Israel Space (N/A)
    Eurovision (March)
    Gay Marriage (May)
    India General Elections (April - May)
    G20 Summit (June)
    Sri Lanka Urban Center (September)
    Air Taxi Trials (October)
    Singapore-Malaysia Bridge (March-October)
    Maritime Exercises (August)
    FIBA (September)
    Rugby Cup (September)
    Typhoon Hagibis (October)
    Kanal Istanbul (???)
    China Anniversary/Airport (October)
    Ghandi Turns 150/Toilet Spree (October)
    Tokyo Stadium (February - ???)
    Russian Space Bots (August)
    ISS Tourism (2020)
    SpaceX ISS Program (July)
    Tesla (October-November)
    Indian Apple (???)
    India has 1.39 billion people (???)
    Asia reaches 4.62 billion (???)
    Eurovision Asia (August - ???)
    Huawei Beats Apple (August)
    NK Cybercrime (???)

    Elon Musk Catgirls (March)
    Pewdiepie 100 Million (August)
    Philippines hosts Sea Games (November)

    Edit: Elon Musk Meme review removed. Had nothing to do with Asia.

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    You missed the Australia 6 year drought

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      This video includes the events that will happen only in Asian countries

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