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  • Xuất bản 01 Th02, 2016
  • From the creators of Frozen and Big Hero 6, Disney’s Zootopia will be available on Blu-ray di.sn/6006BmY4p, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere June 7!
    Zootopia (2016)
    In-Home Release Date: June 7, 2016
    From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes a comedy-adventure set in the modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia. Determined to prove herself, Officer Judy Hopps, the first bunny on Zootopia’s police force, jumps at the chance to crack her first case - even if it means partnering with scam-artist fox Nick Wilde to solve the mystery. Bring home this hilarious adventure full of action, heart and tons of bonus extras that take you deeper into the world of Zootopia. It’s big fun for all shapes and species!
    For more on Zootopia, visit:
    Official Website: movies.disney.com/zootopia
    Facebook: facebook.com/DisneyZootopia
    Twitter: twitter.com/DisneyZootopia
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  • kayne caltabiano
    kayne caltabiano Năm trước

    am I the only one waiting for someone to make a "welcome to RAPTURE!" re-edit?

  • vetrila natalia
    vetrila natalia Năm trước


  • Epic Wolfy
    Epic Wolfy Năm trước

    This is gonna be me at my first furry convention near the end of the month, I imagine it would feel something like this XD I can't wait!

  • Neo City77
    Neo City77 2 năm trước

    those hamster feet

  • Daxiity
    Daxiity 2 năm trước


  • Cepen
    Cepen 2 năm trước


  • Ernest Tam
    Ernest Tam 2 năm trước

    the little hamsters omg I can't (●´∀`●)

  • Carly Mara
    Carly Mara 2 năm trước

    Love the idea of different contraptions working for each different animal in this world. :)

  • The gaming train
    The gaming train 2 năm trước +1

    This movie was awsome!

  • Tsarvilanis
    Tsarvilanis 3 năm trước

    walt disney was satanist all movies had hiden sex symbols

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 3 năm trước

    wish this section of the music was included in the full song. SO good.

  • Grace Benjamin
    Grace Benjamin 3 năm trước

    Judy looks a bit like Lola Bunny sometimes

  • Derby Harrington
    Derby Harrington 3 năm trước

    The hamster is Cute!

  • Pavel Šťastný
    Pavel Šťastný 3 năm trước

    ne too this is cool song

  • Felipe Rico
    Felipe Rico 3 năm trước +1

    Oh I love "Zootopia." Some people say that "Frozen" consider their classic which is way overrated of all time, but this one is so good and I love how they created this world with full of animals that they can connect one another. For me, it's the most cheerful Disney movie that I like it more with these two animals which can be satirizing or something.

  • Miyoshi Chiharu
    Miyoshi Chiharu 3 năm trước

    nsybe departure to arrival clip woud be better

  • O01dude 45
    O01dude 45 3 năm trước

    the transit map looks cool, can yo make one at scale?

  • Taylor SoCrazy
    Taylor SoCrazy 3 năm trước

    I won't give up no I won't give in till I reach the end........ ....of the video

  • Juan Potgieter
    Juan Potgieter 3 năm trước +1

    Considering how quickly "the Burrows" population is growing maybe they should let the predators go savage.

  • Thomas Hell
    Thomas Hell 3 năm trước

    "I'll keep on making those stupid steaks"
    ~Gazelle a.k.a. Shakira, 2016

  • warAsdf
    warAsdf 3 năm trước

    I saw the movie in theaters yesterday, it was REALLY good. I love police/detective stuff where you deduct facts and find the victims and stuff

  • LpsAster
    LpsAster 3 năm trước

    ohhh i loved this part. zootopia's design is gorgeous as hellll.

  • Leo Lim
    Leo Lim 3 năm trước

    Top this Wakanda.

  • jacoblgames
    jacoblgames 3 năm trước

    Anyone who's ever arrived at an airport (after a flight) knows how Judy feels.

  • ines tayachi
    ines tayachi 3 năm trước

    If this movie was all human and gazelle dressed like she is in the film but still a human, she would be considered a slut

  • pikachutron3000
    pikachutron3000 3 năm trước

    man judy hopps smile is like so wierd when she went out of the train.

  • Draven Fulda
    Draven Fulda 3 năm trước

    I'm Gazelle! Welcome to Zootopia!

  • Sam
    Sam 3 năm trước

    Gazelle-Adele I get it

  • Kabirdix
    Kabirdix 3 năm trước

    Just seen the film.. it was awesome -w- Kid's films in general are making a comeback

  • Twilightzant 03
    Twilightzant 03 3 năm trước

    This amazing movie failed so bad at generating hype. D:

  • Vikkesh Ganesen
    Vikkesh Ganesen 3 năm trước


  • Cupcake StarAJ
    Cupcake StarAJ 3 năm trước

    its an IPOD OR IPAWD

  • KHAIRUL Anam
    KHAIRUL Anam 3 năm trước

    I wish i wanted to created the dimension portal can teleport me to Zootopia world to meet Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde and i will helped them to solve the case together and i will make Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde as my best friends.

  • Kabirdix
    Kabirdix 3 năm trước

    That bunny is too adorable. XD

  • Modsquad Reviews
    Modsquad Reviews 3 năm trước

    I can't wait for this move to come out on DVD

  • DisneyNerd1994
    DisneyNerd1994 3 năm trước

    That song is super catchy.

    • Josh Zimmer
      Josh Zimmer 3 năm trước

      Yep, My Favorite Disney song and way better than Let It Go from Frozen

  • Andreia Keny Keny de Souza
    Andreia Keny Keny de Souza 3 năm trước

    Zootopia is a very good name.....can't wait to see this movie

  • darthstarkiller1912
    darthstarkiller1912 3 năm trước +1

    Let's all give a big hand, ladies and gentlemen, for the one and only, SHAKIRA!!! (applauds)

  • lifestream85
    lifestream85 3 năm trước

    Just saw the movie and it's super amazing

  • azuretutblue
    azuretutblue 3 năm trước +1

    whether you are a tiny cute child or grown-up adult, you are gonna drop the guard and smile silly enjoying "the train to Zootopia" scene.

  • agentkracko
    agentkracko 3 năm trước

    I just realized, why are there no reptiles or amphibians in Zootopia?? I could understand bugs and fish, but come on! No frogs, chameleons, turtles, snakes, alligators or crocodiles?? That's a let down

    • kiityinfinite
      kiityinfinite 3 năm trước

      ^ I think it was confirmed in an interview, but idk. Might've been fake

    • agentkracko
      agentkracko 3 năm trước

      +Star Shard we don't know that for a fact, however, It's still a possibility. It's still weird to call this place ZOOtopia if only mammals live there. I also noiced birds aren't present either

    • kiityinfinite
      kiityinfinite 3 năm trước

      +agentkracko They live somewhere else

  • Rdubb II
    Rdubb II 3 năm trước

    I love how she's so happy. It makes me feel the same.

  • Kaz Bat
    Kaz Bat 3 năm trước

    Oh look, I found a bat. On the balcony in the train station.

  • Space Nuttle
    Space Nuttle 3 năm trước

    Are hippos referred as Furries?

  • Ezra Rix
    Ezra Rix 3 năm trước

    I saw that movie to day I ❤️ it and we had the movie theater all to us

  • Mariah Richardson
    Mariah Richardson 3 năm trước +2

    The perfect movie for an animal lover

  • Duncan Brockway
    Duncan Brockway 3 năm trước

    It's like arriving to Times Square for the very first time!

  • Darryl Jack
    Darryl Jack 3 năm trước +1

    i gotta say that zootopia reminds me alot of new york and for someone going to college in new york in 6 more months this movie kinda gives me hope if anyone sees this lets see how many likes we can get it up too

  • Bird
    Bird 3 năm trước

    This movie, is like from 1987...
    Minecraft has better graphics than this movie.

    • IceSmash
      IceSmash 3 năm trước

      Minecraft graphics suck. This some of the best CG animation made by Disney.

  • Crispy
    Crispy 3 năm trước

    if only the world was like this, we all live in peace.

  • Samuel Black
    Samuel Black 3 năm trước

    I don't get why disney is uploading clips from this movie when it hasn't even been released yet. Not in america at least. It's like disney is trying to spoil the entire movie!

    • Samuel Black
      Samuel Black 3 năm trước

      @Renee Nealis I won't. I'm only watching this one because it doesn't give away any of the plot whatsoever and it's really nothing different from what we've seen in the trailers so far.

    • Renee Nealis
      Renee Nealis 3 năm trước

      Then don't watch them

  • LpsMockingJay
    LpsMockingJay 3 năm trước

    Can't wait to see this on Friday :D!

  • Nightpony inRface
    Nightpony inRface 3 năm trước

    Can't wait to see this ❤

  • DJ Blackhood
    DJ Blackhood 3 năm trước

    Uhmm hi?
    (Ending of the clip)

  • Dubmash Libna
    Dubmash Libna 3 năm trước

    zootopia,a place where all furries live, if you don't like furries get out of zootopia Immediately or you will be attacked............😑

  • loli
    loli 3 năm trước

    Yyvdh tzmkJ d

  • mojang911
    mojang911 3 năm trước

    Furry land !!!!!

  • M.C Mikey
    M.C Mikey 3 năm trước

    Uh Oh...I could see them now..."AND WELCOME TO GAME THEORY today were going to discuss how animals ruled the world in "Zootopia"
    so many conspiracy theorys

  • Allison Pacheco
    Allison Pacheco 3 năm trước

    I am so exited for all these furry movies this year! YASSS

  • LPSPupsRockTheBeat
    LPSPupsRockTheBeat 3 năm trước

    This is ether Shakira or Avril singing... Right?

  • theTwoFacedAngel
    theTwoFacedAngel 3 năm trước +2

    All of my excitement

  • Rainbow land time to celebrate Cute and sweet

    if you would want to live there say aye

  • Diego007 Ochoa
    Diego007 Ochoa 3 năm trước

  • ew it’s kayla
    ew it’s kayla 3 năm trước

    I love it . 😚 😚 😚 😚 😚

  • max the dog
    max the dog 3 năm trước

    I'm gizill walcom to zootopa

  • ruoweii
    ruoweii 3 năm trước

    oh wow i want to fucking live there wtf

  • monterrang
    monterrang 3 năm trước

    this is silly

  • Kannski Ekki
    Kannski Ekki 3 năm trước

    wait isint it coming out in febuary 28'th

  • Nyrufa
    Nyrufa 3 năm trước


  • Dani Panda ʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔ
    Dani Panda ʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔ 3 năm trước +1

    I wanna live there so very badly! Its so gorgeous!

  • Hiro Fox
    Hiro Fox 3 năm trước

    I bet that theme song has twenty writers, and about thirteen producers.

  • ruth leach
    ruth leach 3 năm trước

    I'm a gazelle welcome to zootopia

  • Sour-ish Plum
    Sour-ish Plum 3 năm trước


  • X Z Seng
    X Z Seng 3 năm trước

    0:33 the menu... "COCO nut-job." lmfao.

  • Arcanine
    Arcanine 3 năm trước

    I'm glad they didn't showed in this clip the previous sequence, that was really one of the peaks of this movie's animation.

  • Magic_Zach
    Magic_Zach 3 năm trước

    This movie definitly took a TON more computer power/recources to make than previous Disney movies, mainly simply because it's a city! Crowds instead of being a few, are like, TONS! And all the architecture of the city took a lot too. This would DEFINITLY of had the cooling fans whirring at Pixar's animation studios!! ^_^

    • Magic_Zach
      Magic_Zach 3 năm trước

      Oh I think I get what you mean. I've done some play with an animation program called Blender.

    • jellypenn
      jellypenn 3 năm trước

      dont you mean a skeleTON ok ill stop my puns now

  • that guy
    that guy 3 năm trước

    ...Aaaaaand the gazelle is wearing a bra.

  • Jacob Bielski
    Jacob Bielski 3 năm trước

    With citizens so short, Zootopia must have laws against texting and walking.

  • Patrick Ikose
    Patrick Ikose 3 năm trước

    Fucking animals! They're better at us at architecture! 0:42

  • Rulito y mike
    Rulito y mike 3 năm trước

    i saw the movie , is so amaizing , and the charecters are so good , but the sad part in the movie is when nick wide as a kid

  • Ashes On Wool
    Ashes On Wool 3 năm trước

    I watched this twice yup loving this movie like hell

  • Nexxarian
    Nexxarian 3 năm trước

    I can't wait for Cinema Sins to make "Everything wrong with Zootopia in [#] minutes or less"

  • Mike190
    Mike190 3 năm trước

    0:40 aww Goat Scouts!

  • Anne Castillo
    Anne Castillo 3 năm trước

    Just watched it to those who watched the trailer and said the trailer told the whole story It's a big NOOOOO the movie's better itself and the villain really UNEXPECTED

  • The Orange Leafeon
    The Orange Leafeon 3 năm trước

    I can't wait!

  • Taliyus
    Taliyus 3 năm trước

    This place looks amazing!

  • john liang
    john liang 3 năm trước

    The "try everything" song fits what's happening. XD

  • d
    d 3 năm trước

    Trying to figure out what this city is based off of and I got Las Vegas or New York

    • Brendan Garrabrant
      Brendan Garrabrant 3 năm trước

      +HeartyCat AJ The film makes based this off of various cities across the world, but mainly Dubai.

  • Socks, shoes, and hats
    Socks, shoes, and hats 3 năm trước

    Wait... How tall are giraffes on two legs?!?

  • Jenny Molina
    Jenny Molina 3 năm trước

    It's beyond incredible what they've created here. I had to pause every new scene and study the tiniest of details in nooks and crannies!

  • Navah Weiss
    Navah Weiss 3 năm trước

    Yep, I'm gonna go see this in the theater with my friend so we can both dance in our seats.😎

  • Mattias Johannessen
    Mattias Johannessen 3 năm trước

    Only a week left before it arrives in my region now :).

  • TrailerMusic France.31
    TrailerMusic France.31 3 năm trước

    0:21 - 0:30 Soundtrack ?

  • Laura Rojo
    Laura Rojo 3 năm trước

    It reminds me Atocha Station in Madrid :)

  • Havik
    Havik 3 năm trước

    Her shirt looks so loose xD You can see the top of her bra x3

    FURYOFS 3 năm trước

    Would you rather be a human or an animal

  • axel lozada
    axel lozada 3 năm trước


  • TotallySuperCoolAwsm
    TotallySuperCoolAwsm 3 năm trước

    I am stupidly excited for this movie

  • Matthew Cline
    Matthew Cline 3 năm trước

    So this is when "Try Everything" is sung, eh? Funny, I was expecting it to be sung later in this movie. I guess the possible beginning works too.

  • Kurozee
    Kurozee 3 năm trước

    Why do I feel Giselle looked like Taylor swift? Lol maybe the hair?