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CEO of Lee Seung Gi's Agency Reveals The TRUTH on Scam Issue on his Music Career for 18 Years

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  • Xuất bản 22 Th11, 2022
  • The CEO of Hook Entertainment Kwon Jin Young, has finally released a statement amidst the scam issue with the singer and actor Lee Seung Gi, who has been a part of the agency since his debut for 18 years. Dispatch earlier revealed a revelation that put Lee Seung Gi and Hook Entertainment in a tough situation.
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  • Mai Caballero
    Mai Caballero 13 ngày trước +30

    I felt sorry for Seunggi. He’s one of the hidden gem in music and K-Dramas. Now he’s looking for law firm.

    • Nani Hisita
      Nani Hisita 13 ngày trước +5

      Imagine someone as talented as him being slighted like this. Incomprehensible, i just can't.

  • Phoenix Feather
    Phoenix Feather 10 ngày trước +3

    Those people need to understand that making an apology and bowing and saying "Sorry" is not the end of this. You know they never mean it anyway. Jail and Compensation is the only accepted apology here. Lying thieves ! Come on man , 18 yrs of robbing someone blind. Shame , Shame.
    No one deserves that especially not a sweetheart like Seung Gi. So sad for him . Justice must prevail.

    • Sailor Moon
      Sailor Moon 8 ngày trước

      Million agree with u. If anyone set any petition to her, I will sign n participate. The CEO should face all sin n fraud she commit these whole years. She should go to jail also, not only pay all payment LSG not receive since 18 yrs ago, she also need to pay with interest n payback all loan she received from LSG

  • Noell Andrews
    Noell Andrews 11 ngày trước +2

    Shocking that he had to resort to this! Hope he receives what he is owed plus interest. Abuse of another's talent.

  • Maria Zapanta
    Maria Zapanta 12 ngày trước +7

    Dear Korean and the Lee Seung Gi fans from whole world let's be united for Lee in case something bad happens to him to ask for justice and death penalty. No one is above the law no one has right to take away our favorit celebrity for no reason. In 18 years they have to realize what they did is not going to infinit. No one is anyone slave. We all want Lee alive and my warning is DON'T EVER TOUCH LEE OR OTHERS.

  • Nani Hisita
    Nani Hisita 13 ngày trước +9

    Why do they do this to our precious Seung Gi Oppa!!!? I'm so angry right now! Has been for days! How could they?
    As another fan said: If they can do this to someone this nice and talented, how about the rookies?
    My heart is breaking😔😭😭😭

  • Elizabeth Chan
    Elizabeth Chan 13 ngày trước +6

    Lee Seung Gi . Cheer up. I support you whatever happened
    You are a friendly man n hard working man. I felt very discomfort when I heard this bad news. You are a gentleman so people cheat on you. Take care
    I will follow up your news in HongKong . I hope you will have a good future in your singing career. I support you forever

  • Ong Lor
    Ong Lor 4 ngày trước

    RAWRRRRR. He worked so hard for everything he's done. It's like stealing money. I hope you get what you deserve

  • Marixsa1995
    Marixsa1995 12 ngày trước +6


  • Nee O
    Nee O 5 ngày trước

    Lee Seung Gi, please stay strong and stay safe. There is no more way down but up from now. You are South Korean GEMS 💎. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, PLEASE KEEP FIGHTING 🙏 🙏🙏

  • //
    // 12 ngày trước +3

    That’s why it’s so naive for some new kpop fans to expect a company to be like a ‘family’ and think that famous artists have a lot of say in a company. Seriously imagine treating one of the top artists in Korea like this (seunggi is super loved by Korean general public and has huge base) , how will the rookies be treated like? Momoland, Omega X and more… Kpop Industry seriously is a industry with a lot of shady things going on 😔

  • Rachell Mang-osan
    Rachell Mang-osan 13 ngày trước +9

    That company black company should be destroyed and gone for ever ,they are scammers

  • Imelda Go
    Imelda Go 13 ngày trước +7

    Lee seung gi , i pray for u

  • Gorgeous
    Gorgeous 13 ngày trước +2

    So the police seizure was due to Lee Seung Gi's complained or there were other problems that allerted Seung Gi I felt sorry for him but also for HIS MANAGER since he was the shocked absorber for all of this mentally, emotionally and physically work hazard.

  • Nani Hisita
    Nani Hisita 13 ngày trước +3

    That woman should be ashamed of her existence, all these years.... omg!!!

  • sofi vera
    sofi vera 13 ngày trước +3


  • Patrishe Danielle Aliliran
    Patrishe Danielle Aliliran 9 ngày trước

    these scammers forgot that LSG finished finance way back in college 🥺
    this case will be in a long run and I hope LSG is well after this stressful news.

  • Igen Millagracia
    Igen Millagracia 13 ngày trước +1

    Ohh poor oppa Seung gi. Fighting💪😘

  • Ngr98
    Ngr98 13 ngày trước +12

    psychopathic woman
    how can she threaten to kill seung gi??!!
    This woman should be punished to the worst
    We are worried about Seung gi
    She should be punished for 18 years of suffering Sungi
    #LeeSeungGi #이승기

    • Sailor Moon
      Sailor Moon 8 ngày trước +1

      Other than pay the compensation, she also should be sued due her threatened to LSG!!!! How dare her do this to LSG!!!!!!

    • Nani Hisita
      Nani Hisita 13 ngày trước

      Poor Seung Gi....

  • Sailor Moon
    Sailor Moon 8 ngày trước

    Justice for LSG. The CEO should be sued, pay back all the payment n loan she received from LSG... N she should go to jail for all fraud she commit these whole year...

  • tulip vexia
    tulip vexia 11 ngày trước +1

    seunggi please belive on GOD ur agency will destroy..go away from them..they not human..world will suport u..u are not a lone

  • Mairi Connell
    Mairi Connell 8 ngày trước

    Sue the ass off Hook Entertainment Seung gi

  • tulip vexia
    tulip vexia 11 ngày trước

    go away from korea...that very cruel..we are suport u lee...

  • huang can
    huang can 12 ngày trước +1

    昇基加油 让权坐牢

  • Nadiria Rivera
    Nadiria Rivera 11 ngày trước

    She feels guilty because she got caught if not she wouldn’t even bring herself to address the problem