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Schopenhauer In-Depth: The Total Denial of the World by the Greatest Pessimist of Philosophy

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  • Xuất bản 18 Th11, 2021
  • Arthur Schopenhauer is one of the most infamous philosophers of all time for his reputation of rejecting the value of life and the world. He was also one of the greatest influences on Friedrich Nietzsche. But Schopenhauer's great work, The World as Will and Representation, is a complex work with a sophisticated epistemology that but a few dare delve into.
    In these two talks combined into a single video, we discuss Schopenhauer's life, Schopenhauer's influence on Nietzsche, the centrality of Plato and Kant to Schopenhauer's metaphysics, the twin frameworks of the world as will and the world as representation, the aesthetic means of becoming a will-less subject of knowing, the idea of genius, the indestructibility of being, happiness as a negative principle, and negating the will-to-live as a means of liberation from suffering. Through this three hour lecture, learn the reasoning behind using will-less contemplation of perception to render this very real world of ours, with all its planets, stars and galaxies, into absolute nothingness!
    Taken from episodes 18 & 19 of The Nietzsche Podcast.
    Episode 18: Arthur Schopenhauer - pt. 1: Will & Representation open.spotify.com/episode/4vjx...
    Episode 19: Arthur Schopenhauer - pt. 2: The Great Pessimist open.spotify.com/episode/2Q3E...
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  • Bibliofitness
    Bibliofitness 7 ngày trước

    So grateful for this podcast. Has helped so much in my own readings of Nietzsche. Keep up the great work my fellow metal head 🔥

  • Joseph-Zora McBride
    Joseph-Zora McBride Năm trước +17

    Thanks for this. I'm excited to check it out! Nietzsche is one of my heroes. Schopenhauer is someone I've worked at but haven't fully grasped yet. Thanks for the podcast - we need real means of thinking our way out of this horrorshow.

  • Long Castle
    Long Castle Năm trước +34

    Good lecture. Good speaking voice as well. And thanks for not ruining it by putting music over the lecture as many often do

    • joeybeann
      joeybeann 2 tháng trước

      Could use some dubstep

    • James
      James 2 tháng trước +1

      "Without music life would seem like an error." --Nietzsche

    • joeybeann
      joeybeann 2 tháng trước

      @James I'm sure he meant dubstep

    • Joseph White
      Joseph White Tháng trước +1

      @joeybeann definitely

  • Write Dangerously
    Write Dangerously 2 tháng trước +9

    Wonderful. I've read The World as Will & Representation twice, and have never heard such a clear, concise and deep introduction to Schopenhauer as this. I used to be Schopenhauerian myself but am much more of a Nietzschean now - perhaps for reasons of temperament rather than intellect! Incidentally, I agree with you that art shouldn't be purely contemplative and Apollonian. We need the Dionysian too. I think the greatest art of all is usually a marriage of the two. Consider Dostoyevsky, Keats, Beethoven, Django Reinhardt, Turner, or Botticelli.

    • peter ivankovich
      peter ivankovich Tháng trước

      Would you please tell me what you find appealing in Dostoyevsky`s books? The English-language translation? I know Russian and his stories are such a oboring and tedious read. And it`s in the mid-19th century Russian that is not spoken today. And Dostoyevsky deals with problems of his time - to smear the revolutionaries and their anti-Christian ideas.
      I wonder what Dostoyevsky thought about Schopenhauer. I`ve never been able to track it down.

    • Write Dangerously
      Write Dangerously Tháng trước

      @peter ivankovich I haven't read him in Russian, so I can't judge his original literary style. I have read him in various translations, and they vary in quality. But I disagree that he only discusses the issues of his time. It's true that he does that, but he was a visionary who saw clearly that the West was headed for an epoch of solipsism, materialism, and hedonism. He foresaw the collapse of our shared values, and the atomisation of society. For him, the solution was Orthodox Christianity. You might disagree with that, but it's hard to deny that he diagnosed the crisis of late capitalism very well, and with incredible psychological insight. He's less perfect as a writer than Tolstoy, but I think deeper, philosophically, especially in his treatment of ethics.

    • peter ivankovich
      peter ivankovich Tháng trước +1

      @Write Dangerously I appreciate your well-reasoned response. Still I ask myself why Dostoevsky liked to have a good time in the West while moralizing Russians. His gambling sins in Germany impelled him to write some of his best books like Crime and Punishment and Idiot, to cite just a couple. He loved Western sins. And barred them to his compatriots in Russia who could not afford traveling out to the West to enjoy capitalistic sins? Again, if you look at the atomized Western world, the vast majority of "free" people seem to be enjoying their accessibility to various sins, as per Dostoevsky,. Nowadays few people view those things as sin but rather as much-vaunted personal choice. A modern slogan is my body, my choice. Sin in appropriate places and according to established rules - sin as long as you don`t hurt others. What Dostoevsky saw as regress, the West embraces it as progress... People often tend to detect prophetic predictions in old books where authors had none. When reading Dostoevsky`s books, I saw nothing in them but Dostoevsky settling scores with his ideological rivals. Many of his characters are recognizable people of note in his time whom he ridicules in his stories. For example, he inserts a famous Russian writer Turgenev in disguised form in Devils. Personally, reading Dostoevsky I got the impression that he was belaboring his own thoughts for or against something. To be sure, after batting around an idea through his characters, his own point of view came out on top. He ridiculed his characters who held an opposing view.
      A buddy pf mine tried to start in on works by Dostoevsky in chronological order. He gave up soon. He said his impression was that Dostoevsky`s characters stood out for being consumptives. Nearly everybody coughed in his books, he said. If you look at the book Idiot , you learn right away that the positive principal character had Dostoevsky`s personal traits - epilepsy. That was Dostoevsky`s favorite pastime - to cough and have epileptic fits. It`s just a hint for careful readers that he himself rules the roost in his books.
      Yes, he stood for Russian Orthodoxy but he wanted a refashioned Russian Orthodoxy, if you follow his thoughts in his books very carefully. The way some knowing critics put it, he wants to take Russia into the past, not the future. Dostoevsky wrote that Western values were not good for Russia. That`s exactly what comrade Putin feeds into his anti-western propaganda. Russia doesn`t need decadent western ideas. While Western countries raise voluminous outcry that Russia is against our democratic values. A battle of words to vilify the other... Dostoevsky wasn`t the only one back at that time to condemn capitalism. Plenty of writers across Europe did it one way or another. Some took capitalism as an unavoidable given, others clamored for change. Dostoevsky couldn`t have known that the US would become the sturdy mainstay of global capitalism. Without the US and its tight grip on the system of capitalism, the world would probably have evolved into a different structure.
      I still have a problem with people claiming that Dostoevsky had deep psychological insight. Even if greats like Nietzsche claimed it. To my way of thinking, Dostoevsky doesn`t extract insight, he produces it. He produces any "insight" he desires. To get insight, one has to collect it, not to manufacture it.
      Dostoevsky wishes for (Russian) people to be morally pure with ethical rectitude. So create all people to be alike? I once asked a rapist if he would like it if all people on Earth were like him. His answer surprised me. Yes. What a wonderful world would it be if all people looked and were like him. The notion of boring didn`t even enter his head.
      I`ve met people who say with conviction that everybody should read Dostoevsky. Maybe that`s right. But the funny thing is when I interact with people, I find it impossible to tell if they are even familiar with Dostoevsky. beyond the name. The other day a guy mentioned a book by Dostoevsky. The book that was written by Solzhenitsyn. This guy teaches preschool. The vast majority of my American acquaintances say without hesitation that capitalism is the best system in the world. And then they go either to work a mandatory 12-hours a day or deal dope. Teamwork (an American substitute for a collective) occurs only in slogans by politicians or in the US Army.
      I think most of human life consists in screwing with the mind of other. So Dostoevsky comes across to me as one such screwer of the minds.
      An American acquaintance of mine who`s in the medical profession once told me that he`d started out as a psychologist. He said he felt this job consisted of just screwing around with the minds of patients. He didn`t like it, doing a Dostoevsky. His consciousness rebelled and he switched over to another job. Any remarks of yours on the above?

    • Mark O
      Mark O 8 ngày trước

      ​@peter ivankovich I quite enjoyed your comments. I have not read Dostoyevsky myself. But I have also never been convinced that there is any reason to read his works. I have listened to people describe his work in an effort to sell it as "genius" or "required reading", but I've never found any substance in these sales pitches. If the people who have supposedly benefitted from reading his books cannot describe precisely what it is they gained, I see no reason to follow their example. Life is short and time is precious.

  • Josh
    Josh Năm trước +6

    Great lecture! Thanks for taking the time to record and upload this

  • Sfoglino Nicolas Potoglou
    Sfoglino Nicolas Potoglou 2 tháng trước

    Thank you very much for your analysis’ on these philosophers. Wonderful videos sir. Please continue with these.🙏🏼

  • sai ganesh
    sai ganesh Năm trước +7

    Either we become sane to insane or insane to sane objectively, great explanation, thank you

  • Thomas Fischer
    Thomas Fischer Năm trước +7

    Thanks for this 2 and one half hour video. I put Bach on in the background and enjoyed the hell out of this. Explained so well.

    • bing flosby
      bing flosby 5 tháng trước

      I’m so glad he doesn’t put music in the video it would be so distracting

    • Rooster Cogburn
      Rooster Cogburn Tháng trước

      yah i too have Bach or Mozart going when i read...

    • Palawan jungle days
      Palawan jungle days 10 ngày trước


  • Melody Angel
    Melody Angel Tháng trước

    I really like Schopenhauer Mythology . I really like how you were able to communicate to us what his passages really mean even though you may not agree fully. Everything we need We already have but because it’s never enough we always feel incomplete. We are accountable when we are aware of the knowledge of truth and reality. We then are accountable for the change within ourselves. So we technically die in someway to be reborn. And that’s heavy in the beginning. I have more peace understanding and live a more harmonious life with the understanding that everything I need I already have.💕

  • Zach Merrill
    Zach Merrill Năm trước +2

    What an awesome thing you've done here. Thanks so much for this

  • Jack Fereday
    Jack Fereday 2 tháng trước +4

    Thank you so much, you're a great teacher. Please keep this kind of content coming.

  • Shape The Chaos
    Shape The Chaos Năm trước +13

    One of the best videos on Schopenhauer, the man was a genius. Well presented.

    • Edward Woods
      Edward Woods Năm trước +2

      Schopenhauer was definitely a genius. His metaphysical system is by far the one which I find most plausible. I think it’s the culmination of monistic thinking. He brings together Plato, Kant and Advaita Vedanta in to a beautiful crafted synthesis.

  • dochmbi
    dochmbi Năm trước +38

    Here's something really interesting. I'm currently staking my life on Schopenhauer being correct. I'm involved in a project where I'm giving my life away to the saxophone. I'm literally living a life of pure discipline. No worldly desire, only hard work, alone.
    So I have to believe Schopenhauer is right as long as I keep playing saxophone

    • joeybeann
      joeybeann Năm trước +13

      Not pure discipline if you are dilly dallying on youtube.

    • fenjohrer
      fenjohrer Năm trước +10

      you WANT to live your life playing saxophone. this is a desire.

    • Bezos' Anti-Bullying Agency
      Bezos' Anti-Bullying Agency Năm trước +3

      All the best. Im doing the same but with attempting to realise the non existence of my individuality.

    • Baron Munchausen
      Baron Munchausen Năm trước +30

      I, too, have staked my life on Schopenhauer being correct. But my project involves giving my life away to _finding and destroying your saxophone._ 🚫🎷🚫

    • Harold I.
      Harold I. Năm trước +1

      @Baron Munchausen selective destruction

  • Eddie Beato
    Eddie Beato Năm trước +10

    A blissful, absolutely brilliant elucidation of A. Schopenhauer’s philosophy. Congratulations to the narrator! You have done an admirable job!!!
    I listened to the entire lecture, and I have to say that the narrator’s soothing voice is alike therapeutic and uplifting. Even Schopenhauer’s beautiful although dour existentialistic outlook, his incurable pessimism, could be said to be very uplifting and it is due to his marvelous philosophic mind, whose amazing puissance to soar into the essence of things, the will-to-exist, noumena, the thing in itself, is even more enthralling by all the incidental occurrences, conflicts, struggles, of life and death, as checked by our conscious self-willed existence.
    In Schopenhauer’s metaphysics and this awful world of the will-to-exist, however tragic in countless contests, we are blissfully carried away into a riveting contemplation of all the phenomena of Mother Nature.
    In my room I have a painting of a penitent nun (India Anacaona) whose countenance conveys the reality of a world of sorrows, sufferings and the wheel of samsara, which reminds me Schopenhauer’s asceticism. I also I have a copy of the Abduction of Psyche by the French artist William A. Bouguerrau, whose celebration of life through the uplifting powers of aesthetics, an orgasmic flight, reminds me of F. Nietzsche!
    However betwixt Nietzsche and Schopenhauer’s gloomy philosophy, the latter is extremely additive, and though we may reluctantly abhor a world so rife with sufferings, conflicts, decadence, aging, illnesses, disappointments and even meaningless, some may escape this monster-will through the path of asceticism, mysticism and aesthetics.
    F. Nietzsche’s solution to the problems of existence, I may argue, is in stark contrast to Schopenhauer’s mysticism, and till this day I am still struggling to set myself free from the barbaric intoxication of these Germans…
    Finally, I would like to say that Schopenhauer’s will to exist is solely confined to the purview of our known world, namely, the planet Earth.
    If this will-to-exist is so encompassing, so universal, so-far-reaching, even beyond the earthly shores of our little solar system, why is this intelligent life (human beings) so rare a phenomenon?
    In the long stretches of cosmic time, this will-to-exist has only be able to create a bunch of intelligent, odious, bipedal critters (humans or Homo Sapiens, which are incurably tribalistic, racist and primitive), whose greed and stupidity could finally bring a nuclear disaster on the surface of the Earth.
    Bravo! This is the best world of all possible worlds…thanks to those extraterrestrials, whose cool standoffishness is simply suggestive of a world of absurdity, meaninglessness and nihilism.

    • essentialsalts
      essentialsalts  Năm trước

      Thanks for this brilliant reply. It was a joy to read. I also have a couple episodes dealing with Nietzsche’s take on Schopenhauer and the differences between them, mainly from the Nietzschean perspective: vnclip.net/video/eHJGuzmEcqU/video.html
      In the podcast feed, it’s two episodes (sort of like this video), but they’re combined into one video for VNclip

  • Thomas Fischer
    Thomas Fischer Năm trước +17

    Schopenhauer would probably tell Nietze that he is a victim of the will.

  • Houedd
    Houedd 8 ngày trước

    15:50 actually he did walk because of his health. In a letter to a friend he "revealed" that the secret to his good condition at old age was his "daily promenades".

  • Ernest Ramaj
    Ernest Ramaj Năm trước +1

    this is so nicely explained.

  • Walker Goff
    Walker Goff Năm trước +2

    I heard the comment made by his mother was something more dramatic, like the following: "Certainly! Copies of your first edition will still be available for sale!" I also heard it was delivered during a soiree at her salon. Its historicity is likely dubious, but it's an entertaining anecdote.

    • ayam pencen
      ayam pencen 3 tháng trước

      Can you explain what his mother mean to that?

  • joe redman
    joe redman Năm trước +5

    Excellent! For a more positive outlook I suggest Decoding Schopenhauer"s Metaphysics by Bernardo Kastrup. His (Kastrup's) Metaphysical Idealism brings it all together in a very believable philosophy.

    • Sōma Sēma Schēma
      Sōma Sēma Schēma 6 tháng trước +2

      Yes, great book. I have almost all of kastrups books, a fine philosopher indeed. I love Schopenhauer.

    • Michael Dillon
      Michael Dillon 3 tháng trước +3

      I have the highest regard for Bernardo Kastrup. I regard him as being the Galileo of Consciousness. I think that , like Schopenhauer , he will became more significant over time .
      He gives very profound scientific evidence for metaphysical Idealism and Advaita Vedanta.

    • AJ Wiebusch
      AJ Wiebusch 2 tháng trước


    • saintsword23
      saintsword23 22 ngày trước

      ​@Michael Dillon I find it annoying when people say they have "scientific evidence" for metaphysical claims. Either they don't understand what it is that science does, they don't understand what metaphysics is about, or both.

    • Michael Dillon
      Michael Dillon 22 ngày trước

      @saintsword23 What was the most recent Nobel Prize for Physics awarded for ?

  • Bran' the Man
    Bran' the Man Năm trước +10

    More Schopenhauer please

  • My kura
    My kura Năm trước +2

    First so comprehensive lecture about Schopenhauer on youtube.

  • Daedalus
    Daedalus Năm trước +1

    10:15 "Specifically the text that contributed the most to the views put forward in World of wa... as will and representation."
    Comedy gold.

    • 1
      1 2 tháng trước

      2:34:20 This too

  • Sōma Sēma Schēma
    Sōma Sēma Schēma 4 tháng trước

    Excellent video btw, well done.

  • Q&D
    Q&D 2 tháng trước

    Yeah I got, like, two syllables in and I totally subscribed. I mean, I don't even know what the content is, but you've got a voice made for radio.
    Screw pot -- screw psychedelics -- forget beta waves or whatever: this is the stuff people should listen to for bliss.

  • Sōma Sēma Schēma
    Sōma Sēma Schēma 4 tháng trước +3

    Probably my favorite philosopher, at least top 5.

  • MrJamesdryable
    MrJamesdryable 11 tháng trước +2

    1:02:50 This is why when people tell me they experienced non-duality, I assure them that whatever they experienced by definition was not non-duality.

  • jojokintel
    jojokintel Năm trước +3

    Schopenhauer believes that a person who experiences the truth of human nature from a moral perspective - who appreciates how spatial and temporal forms of knowledge generate a constant passing away, continual suffering, vain striving and inner tension - will be so repulsed by the human condition and by the pointlessly striving Will of which it is a manifestation, that he or she will lose the desire to affirm the objectified human situation in any of its manifestations.

    • JuicyAF
      JuicyAF 22 ngày trước

      Thanks for commenting.

  • Chaim Mendel
    Chaim Mendel 11 tháng trước +1

    I have spent many months reading Stephen Houlgate’s book on Hegel and Nietzsche. I hope you read it. It’s quite good and I agree with the argument made.
    Schopenhauer was my favorite thinker for several years… and then I discovered Hegel.

    • Kyle Fosnaugh
      Kyle Fosnaugh 10 tháng trước +1

      Why do you prefer Hegel?

    • Robert Hak
      Robert Hak 7 tháng trước

      @Kyle Fosnaugh Hegel's work is basically an argument for teleology, aka hope, optimis, god, a final goal. While Schop says there is nothing, we are going nowhere. I would ad , at best we might go in circles/cycles. So, someone preferring Hegel is 100% an indication of how they prefer to view the world, not how the world is.

  • Martin Rea
    Martin Rea 2 tháng trước

    Great show, thanks. 👍

  • delmaraysMyth
    delmaraysMyth Tháng trước

    Thank You, excellent technical production too.

  • Ken Keyes
    Ken Keyes Năm trước +17

    Schopenhauer was not a pessimist, he was a refreshing life-positive realist.

    • JF TruthSeeker
      JF TruthSeeker 3 tháng trước +1

      absolutely true , i’m agree with you . There’s too much toxic positivity today and denial about fatalities and people struggling for something and Schopenhauer is one of those who helped me a lot in life by reading is work

    • saintsword23
      saintsword23 22 ngày trước +2

      I've seen so many lecturers in the history of philosophy present Schopenhauer as this horrendous, pessimistic, spiteful, depression-inducing philosopher that should be consigned to the dustbin. It's as annoying as Nietzsche being presented as a nihilist when his entire philosophy was literally about resisting nihilism.

    • JF TruthSeeker
      JF TruthSeeker 12 ngày trước

      @saintsword23 exactly, and i’m absolutely agree with you for Nietzsche , he prevented us for the upcoming general nihilism in our society and the last man

  • Samuel Inauen
    Samuel Inauen 10 tháng trước +2

    *He published his book in 1818
    (you accidently said 1918)
    60$ from 1913 (founding of the FED) would be somewhere around 1800$ today, can't imagine it being very much different in Germany (especially after 2 world wars)
    I looked it up, 60 Gulden (from 1840) would be 1430€ today.

    • essentialsalts
      essentialsalts  10 tháng trước +1

      Thanks! Someone else caught the 1918 slip-up as well. Unfortunately its a mistake etched in the ether for all time!
      Thanks for the insight on the monetary conversion, also!

    • Samuel Inauen
      Samuel Inauen 10 tháng trước

      @essentialsalts You're welcome!
      This topic always gets my attention, since the founding of the FED (same as every central bank, which is written down in the communist manifesto from Marx) and then getting rid of the gold-standard is the biggest fraud in human history!
      I looked it up, 60 Gulden (1840) would be around 1430€ today

    • Samuel Inauen
      Samuel Inauen 10 tháng trước

      @essentialsalts Did Schopenhauer help the soldiers to beat down the socialist revolution? This makes him more likeable for me :'D

  • WadiFok
    WadiFok Năm trước +6

    All Buddhists think life is suffering but fortunately limited in duration. How bliind do you have to be to imagine that it's optimistic to live in a Christian world where the vast majority of people will fry in hell forever. Schopenhauer is a true optimist because he believes that all suffering disappears when you die.

    • essentialsalts
      essentialsalts  Năm trước +3

      I agree, re: Christianity, but Schopenhauer doesn’t actually believe all suffering disappears when you die. He believes in some version of palingenesis, in which the self which we represent is only a manifestation of the will, and thus, while representations come and go, the will endures.

    • CloudFloat
      CloudFloat 7 tháng trước +2

      @essentialsalts kind of like brahma(pure being) in Hindu philosophy. Existence itself.

  • Alyona Morozova
    Alyona Morozova Năm trước +1

    Fascinating. Thank you!

  • M K
    M K 18 ngày trước

    Life is an endedless hunt for happiness that never comes and then you die.

  • retrogore420
    retrogore420 12 ngày trước

    Very intrigued by Schopenhauer now. Great breakdown. I’ve had similar thoughts about art, how it is a way to feel the artist’s suffering from their point of view. I can see how it’s considered pessimistic - I guess to use a metaphor, the Emperor would feel the person who says that he is not actually wearing clothes to be a pessimist.

  • Dimitris
    Dimitris 4 tháng trước +6

    The father of pessimism is the wrong title for this great philosopher. He was more a realist than a pessimist

  • landofw56
    landofw56 Năm trước +6

    It is not pessismis, but to look at the reality.

    • ayam pencen
      ayam pencen 3 tháng trước

      He look beyond...schopenhaeur JAUHHHHH...he s the greatessss...

  • emZee1994
    emZee1994 Tháng trước

    Quite a technical talk, requires paying a lot of attention

  • billy boomstick
    billy boomstick 3 tháng trước

    These videos are tremendous sir…tips hat 🧢

  • Dharmapal Sharma
    Dharmapal Sharma 22 ngày trước

    That’s it’s said: Let’s resolve to be the Divine Recipients of the Divine Blessings of the Divine Free Will 🌺🔯☯️🛐☦️🕎☪️🕉️🌺

  • Magnetic Therapy Bracelets
    Magnetic Therapy Bracelets 11 tháng trước

    Schopenhauer said ‘will’ is same as ‘will to live’ - It’s our ‘Will to Live’, it’s our blind, Urge - (Force?)- to live on and propagate.
    ‘I am all this creation, without me there exists no other'

  • The Dank's New Groove
    The Dank's New Groove 6 tháng trước +1

    If the simplest will is the law of gravitation, than the simplest triumph of the will is a black hole.

  • T.Y.
    T.Y. Năm trước +1

    Amazing! Thank you so much,

  • ayam pencen
    ayam pencen 3 tháng trước

    Schopenheaur didnt see the world like we did..his eye cant lie to him..
    That why he is the greatessss..he searching for what its really is..
    My english😐

  • Magnetic Therapy Bracelets
    Magnetic Therapy Bracelets 11 tháng trước +1

    Thanks for your lecture, it’s so clear. Yes, life is hard and suffering but it’s also filled with joy and happiness , it’s not what happens to you but its what you do with it

  • oooltra
    oooltra Năm trước

    Is a thought a representation just like anything else observable by consciousness?

  • Rafael Aguiar
    Rafael Aguiar 2 tháng trước

    best things in life: Nietzsche and doom metal, yea!

  • ScarlattiFanBoi
    ScarlattiFanBoi 7 tháng trước +2

    Nietzsche objected to the severest aspects of Schopo's viewpoint yet which of them lived to old age (sane) and which of them ended up in the madhouse?

    • essentialsalts
      essentialsalts  7 tháng trước +3

      Unfortunately, Nietzsche was born with a congenital disease that plagued him throughout his life. He had migraines from the time he was 12 until the end of his life, coupled with vomiting, nauseau and near blindness as the condition worsened. Eventually, he collapsed from a severe series of strokes. An alternative theory is a brain tumor, which would have effectively lobotomized him.
      So, while it would be unfounded to attribute his philosophy as the cause of his loss of sanity - we might notice, on the other hand, that Nietzsche more than anyone would be predisposed to agree with Schopenhauer that life is characterized by ever worsening suffering. And yet, he still remained firm in his view that life was of the highest value. And what could be more severe of a belief than the idea that one’s life of intense pain, vomiting and incipient insanity must be lived over and over again, for eternity?

  • jojokintel
    jojokintel 4 tháng trước +2

    Compare this to "Sting Talks About His Ayahuasca Experience." In that video, he says that we are eternal, that there is a intelligence that is smarter than us, it is ethical, and also a part of us at the same time.

  • Saurav Raut
    Saurav Raut Năm trước +1

    Man I love all your podcast

  • Samuel Inauen
    Samuel Inauen 10 tháng trước +1

    This regularity of daily habits is in the german nature, precision and stubbornness is a common chracteristic of germans (I'm Austrian, and I myself am like this)

  • _S _
    _S _ Năm trước +86

    He was a realist, not a pessimist.

    • essentialsalts
      essentialsalts  Năm trước +37

      That's what pessimists always say! ;)

    • _S _
      _S _ Năm trước +25

      Only because realistic thinking is seen as negative 🙂

    • essentialsalts
      essentialsalts  9 tháng trước +29

      Lio s Nietzsche didn't consider himself an optimist. He calls himself a "pessimist of strength". He believed in asserting an honest view of the world, as Schopenhauer did - that to be life-affirming is to affirm pain, tragedy, calamity, torture, privation, and failure - and yet, to affirm it in spite of this. This is the Nietzschean "tragic worldview"; the love of fate and the love of life in spite of the suffering entailed - even *because* of the suffering entailed.

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      They didnt have a same vision with him..

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    BTW @8:53 "1918" should be 1818

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    I just can't see how Schopenhauer is a pessimist after reading The World as Will and Representation. Honestly.

  • saintsword23
    saintsword23 22 ngày trước

    I like Schopenhauer, but I find his argument that Will is the thing-in-itself to be unconvincing. The Will shows up as thoughts and feelings (ie, representations) just as anything else does. When we don't get what we want, there's a negative feeling. When we do get what we want, there's a positive feeling. And the Will is always changing...we want different things at different times. Even our meta-Will changes: sometimes we honestly desire to not get what we want so we can be challenged.
    So I don't see that Will is anything other than another phenomenon, another representation. In fact, there is nothing here that isn't a phenomenon/representation. There's no things-in-themselves, certainly not a personal identity thing-in-itself, and thus the world is empty of substance...it's just a dream, a phantasm, a passing wisp of thought.

  • Alexander Iljin
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    He had a bit of scrooge in him

  • jojokintel
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    He was an atheist, but keeps recommending hindu practices so "you can gain an exit to the world of incarnation and suffering??" He sounds about as confused as I am.

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    A pessimist that concludes that life is suffering and we should therefore love one another and “be kind to animals.” He just sneaks an absolute qualifier like “Love” in the back door without any justification?? Not to mention he never addresses the metaphysics of suffering and why it’s “wrong.” Come on my man.

    • Sōma Sēma Schēma
      Sōma Sēma Schēma 6 tháng trước +1

      Listen to studies in pessimism. It can give us an opportunity to sympathize with fellow sufferers, instead of being eachothers wardens. And attachment and desire leads to suffering.

  • Pierre labounty
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    Without Kant, no Shoepenhauer. Possibly no Nietzhe.

    • Native American Cowboy
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      And without chicken there would be no chicken wings.

    • Dhruv Patel
      Dhruv Patel 2 tháng trước

      @Native American Cowboy I think before kant there was advaita vendanta, buddha, so may be shoepenauer would still get it

    • Palawan jungle days
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    I am a true spiritual leader of my Generation and am here to share my passion, my love of life and living, my gifts and love with the world. The wisdom I share with the world is to inspire and pronote personal growth in the lives of others. My closeness with God and the Divine is who I truly am.

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    Also trying to invoke the Will of God 🌺🕎🛐☪️🕉️☯️☦️🔯🌺

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    One polar extreme frequently results as a reaction in its opposite extreme !

  • The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

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      ""A denial. A denial. A denial. A debial." - Kurt Cobain" - Chuck

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    • essentialsalts
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      Phenomena / noumena

    • Samuel Inauen
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      @essentialsalts Thank you very much! 🙏🏻

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    He was a bro for sure

  • Christopher Kovel
    Christopher Kovel 22 ngày trước

    Schopenhauer rejects the world? I have read The World as Will and Representation in its entirety and never got that impression once. What is that claim based on?

    • essentialsalts
      essentialsalts  22 ngày trước

      The final line of the book is literally that the entire world is regarded as nothingness by the person who fully realizes Schopenhauer’s philosophy.

    • Christopher Kovel
      Christopher Kovel 22 ngày trước

      @essentialsalts I still think saying he 'rejects the world' is a complete mischaracterization of his (and, on some level, Kantian) metaphysics. He says the will is the world and once (a very buddhist concept) one extinguishes the will than the world disappears since the world is just a objectification of will. Saying Schoenhauer is an idealist (like Kant) is much more clear and accurate than saying "he rejects the world" - which is vague and unhelpful out of context. My two cents.

    • essentialsalts
      essentialsalts  22 ngày trước

      @Christopher Kovel
      > He says the will is the world and once (a very buddhist concept) one extinguishes the will than the world disappears since the world is just a objectification of will.
      And he advocates for this, because denying the will-to-live is the central ideal of his moral philosophy, which has the metaphysical implications that you admit here. That is *rejecting the world*, whether you like that phrasing or not.
      This is sort of like saying, "You shouldn't say that 'lightning strikes', you should say 'air acts as an insulator between the positive and negative charges between the cloud and the ground and when the differences in charges becomes too great, this insulating capacity of the air breaks down and there is a rapid discharge of electricity'." Sorry man, that doesn't fit in a video title.

    • Christopher Kovel
      Christopher Kovel 21 ngày trước

      His moral philosophy (again, like a buddhist) then denies both the will AND the world, does it not? I hope you see my problem with how you focus on the world. You also mentions he denies life. Again, taking his main work holistically, I really didn't get that impression. Of course, his main work is dense and complex but I would not claim that a central theme of his philosophy is how he 'denies life'.

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    Laws of Nature… Gravitation.. blind Will…itd…itd…
    My entire life, have been pondering over funny phenomena of Gravitation…
    A. Schopenhauer appears stole my contemplations in reverse ⏮️ mode of Space, Time 🕰️ Energy..itd…itd..🤣🤣🤣🌺🙏

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    But don't you want you know what the Imdians actually think as opposed what Schopenhauer thought they thought? I could get you some access to these Indians but it the only problemis that their english is very bad

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      Did I say that? Must have misspoke. It should be 1819.

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    Wish Schopenhauer would define will better. Gravity is not a force fyi

    • essentialsalts
      essentialsalts  Năm trước +8

      He was writing at a time when it was more common for philosophers to define things metaphysical terms rather than physical. He does define gravity and other physical laws as properties of phenomenal objects throughout the work. In other words, he says gravity is a property of objects with mass. You're right it's not a complete view given the modern information (he doesn't talk about the gravitational field), but as a provisional definition from someone writing in the 1810s, it's not bad, wouldn't you say?

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  • Always Great USA
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    It is possible he was gay and deeply unhappy about is life...

    • Shamino Warhen
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      Much of Schopenhauer's personal musings on the talk and work of men in his company was as resolutely negative as his diatribes on women. He had fewer negative things to say about men, but spoke more on women, which makes me think that he is dismissive of other men but seriously focused on women. Cavalry Officers, inn keeps, Junker-noblemen and Princes all pissed Schopenhauer off in equal measure. I don't buy your theory.

  • Tokyo Shemp
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    It's obvious you are scripted from a video in which you go on camera.

    • essentialsalts
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      And here I was, thinking that I’d fooled people into believing that I ad libbed a three hour lecture on a complex philosophical topic! 😂

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      @wryitBerp Take a chill pill.

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      I was there when it happened. It's not gossip, it's an accurate description of events that took place at this time in history

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