Another Kitty & Puppy Play Date

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  • Xuất bản 22 Th07, 2013
  • My boyfriend's puppy, Brody, became best friends with my kitty, Chaos, the first time they met. Here they are playing again, except this time Brody is bigger than Chaos.
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  • Quad4L
    Quad4L 5 năm trước

    What kind of dog is that? He looks just like my puppy and we've been trying to guess what breed she is

    • Jess Santana
      Jess Santana  5 năm trước

      @Quad4L I don't know! We wish we knew too. My friend got him from a guy giving away a litter of puppies out of his car in Vegas. We wish we knew too because they were adorable.