$3 Chicken Vs. $62 Chicken • Taiwan

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  • Xuất bản 27 Th10, 2019
  • The finale of our three-episode special in Taiwan!
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NHẬN XÉT • 3 703

  • Aquarius92
    Aquarius92 3 ngày trước

    You guys should do a worth it episode in Peru...

  • Mac
    Mac 3 ngày trước

    10:53 The Taiwanese interpreter would make a great ventriloquist!

  • Misonoya Yuu
    Misonoya Yuu 4 ngày trước

    To be honest when I saw the sesame chicken soup, my mouth started watering and I got a sense of nostalgia

  • Quan Vlog
    Quan Vlog 5 ngày trước

    So wonderful, there are many dishes to taste, i love it 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😋😋😋😋

  • Christopher Holcomb
    Christopher Holcomb 5 ngày trước

    I’ve worked at two different restaurants where we served sparkling wine/champagne in Dallas/ft worth about a decade ago with fried chicken. I think it’s more common then Adam thinks.

  • jessica pecho
    jessica pecho 6 ngày trước

    Inga is very beautiful and i really like her. She's very cute

  • Hercules Baterna
    Hercules Baterna 6 ngày trước

    Adam has a crush on Inga

  • Giselle Lim
    Giselle Lim 6 ngày trước

    Omg Andrew should try to do this on Eating your feed

  • john ponny
    john ponny 6 ngày trước

    Oriental food generally sucks.

  • FoieGras
    FoieGras 7 ngày trước

    This is one episode where you're all wrong...Beggar's Chicken all the way! The prep, visuals, the fun with hammers, the taste...it brings tears to my eyes 😭

  • Jonathan McGruder
    Jonathan McGruder 9 ngày trước

    Loved the crazy rish asians joke at the beginning!🤣🤣

  • Nickicomehome
    Nickicomehome 10 ngày trước

    y’all don’t listen he chose pork knuckle place because of the knuckle and chicken

  • The man that speaks in hands
    The man that speaks in hands 11 ngày trước

    I live in Taiwan wooooooooooooo

  • cobytang
    cobytang 11 ngày trước

    1:22 The translation of "grandmother" could have been better with "godmother".

  • sasha fierce
    sasha fierce 12 ngày trước

    15:53 the mmmmh lim was not for food the way he was staring at that girl. Chile

  • Saitama Shoyo
    Saitama Shoyo 14 ngày trước

    inga so cute

  • roheen sikandar
    roheen sikandar 15 ngày trước

    3:48 “in chaiwan”

  • Jack Collins
    Jack Collins 17 ngày trước

    12:54 why the death stare from Steven LMAOOOO

  • Muhammad Nuryadi
    Muhammad Nuryadi 18 ngày trước

    15:52 Steven's poker face

  • Charles Xavier
    Charles Xavier 20 ngày trước

    Can't believe Steven hasn't watched hook

  • zafjaf
    zafjaf 22 ngày trước

    I am quite curious about the train water bottle.

  • Aakanksha Yadav
    Aakanksha Yadav 23 ngày trước +22

    Andrew in the first season: "I'm not a 'cheers' person. Like take the tip of your pizza away from me."
    And now, 10:05, Andrew: "cheers".
    Hahaha. Love the growth! 😄

  • coraline ę
    coraline ę 23 ngày trước

    you know the food is good when andrew or steven invites adam in

  • navin motilal
    navin motilal 23 ngày trước

    Inga 😍

  • Draukagrissah
    Draukagrissah 24 ngày trước +2

    Andrew just gets so happy in comfort food episodes

  • Kobe Ouano
    Kobe Ouano 25 ngày trước

    15:52 Steven's eye looking at the waitress HAHAHA

  • Ryan Rizki
    Ryan Rizki 25 ngày trước

    I personally hate scallions but after i watch this i wanna try some

    • kimchicurls
      kimchicurls 22 ngày trước

      scallion pancakes = the only way to get me to eat scallions lol

  • sage h
    sage h 25 ngày trước

    15:43 🥺❤️

  • Cheerslove
    Cheerslove 26 ngày trước

    Imagine you are on a train and you see an adult male doing this 11:23

  • Menstrel
    Menstrel 26 ngày trước

    If I saw an Asian guy with pink hair and a 'Phenomenally Asian' shirt I might slap him for the sheer pretentiousness of it, but I would certainly think that they must have no personality if all they could do with their individuality is claim to be Asian. What is the phenomenal part, the high IQ or the flat behind? 'Phenomenally Asian' is racist, plain and simple, but more importantly, it is boring. Would a shirt that said "Phenomenally White" be racist? Yes, mildly so, but more importantly it would also be boring.

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith 26 ngày trước

    Does anyone know what they are drinking by with the $62 dollar chicken? They didn’t say and it looks so good!

  • kiso키소
    kiso키소 26 ngày trước

    15:52 why was this so awkward to watch lol steven kept making eye contact and-

  • Jessica Padilla
    Jessica Padilla 27 ngày trước

    That whole family is so cute. I wish them the best

  • Menstrel
    Menstrel 28 ngày trước

    Meat reviews are boring.
    What is delicious is never the meat.

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose 28 ngày trước +1

    Best momments:
    When Andrew splashed Annie with water using scallions
    When Steven asked Ingga to give fact
    When Steven asked what happended to the begggar
    The fish kiss part
    The hammering part
    Best episode!!

  • Nicky Adams
    Nicky Adams 28 ngày trước +1

    I really want them to visit Philippines and know what they think about the food over there.

  • Michelle Persad
    Michelle Persad 29 ngày trước

    The asian girls behind the camera are annoying. Only show the guys (not adam)

  • Angel Paterson
    Angel Paterson Tháng trước

    Bock bock bish 💀💀😂

  • Pete Z
    Pete Z Tháng trước

    who's the girl? 10:26 xD

  • The Stammering Dunce
    The Stammering Dunce Tháng trước +3

    2:03 "But we also fight because we're family".

    I commend the honesty.

  • José María
    José María Tháng trước

    The last one was pure fantasy. Amazing

  • cenovio Pereira
    cenovio Pereira Tháng trước +1

    The other girl is straight hating on Inga.

  • kchiu 96
    kchiu 96 Tháng trước

    You all should do a boba episode!

  • Mayuresh Waingankar
    Mayuresh Waingankar Tháng trước +2

    I think I'm in love with Inga❤️

  • Omer Khan
    Omer Khan Tháng trước +2

    This video makes me hungry after being stuffed with food.....lol

  • Alan Bragg
    Alan Bragg Tháng trước

    You’re joking!... Steven thinks he’s Rufeo

  • REN Manalang
    REN Manalang Tháng trước

    Inga is so beautiful❤️❤️

  • Victa Nguyen
    Victa Nguyen Tháng trước

    Dit con me may

  • Sakja
    Sakja Tháng trước +1

    Still can't believe I thought Steven was white in the first three episodes.

  • Raging Entertainment
    Raging Entertainment Tháng trước

    Do a chicken nugget episode.

  • Stuff Like Wut?
    Stuff Like Wut? Tháng trước

    Totally agreeable about the congee

  • Robert Goodwin
    Robert Goodwin Tháng trước

    Inga is legit one of the most beautiful women i've seen.

  • Ponye West
    Ponye West Tháng trước +3

    I’m glad they left out the smacking of eating food cause I love food but the method of eating is very irritating to me

  • nibble coin
    nibble coin Tháng trước +4

    15:51 how can you just ignore stevens creepy face when the video gets quiet

    • SaculNoshploda
      SaculNoshploda Tháng trước

      That moment had me dying of laughter.

    • ashley muniz
      ashley muniz Tháng trước +1

      nibble coin THANK YOU I was looking for someone who noticed that

  • Tom Kao
    Tom Kao Tháng trước

    Any fellow Taiwanese here?

  • imikimi2009
    imikimi2009 Tháng trước

    Lol I wasn't ready with Steven rapping hahaha

  • Small Chic
    Small Chic Tháng trước

    am i the only one confused bc the first chicken was 3$ then the other chicken was 1.80$ but the 3$ is supposed to be the cheapest ?

  • john DiMarco
    john DiMarco Tháng trước +1

    Steven looks like Rufio from Hook

  • Mrs. Jones Camillia Jones
    Mrs. Jones Camillia Jones Tháng trước

    Umm.. idk where I’ve been that I’ve missed these two on Buzzfeed?? When I saw all the views on a previous video, I clicked and assumed it had to be an older video but now I see these guys are DEFINITELY FAN FAVORITES/TOP DOGS for Buzzfeed!! I didn’t know I could be anymore obsessed with BF content.. then I find this 💎 👏🏽 👏🏽

  • Navi Javier
    Navi Javier Tháng trước

    Inga is like a pikachu.