A NETFLIX TV?! Sony Master Series OLED A9F!

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  • Xuất bản 05 Th10, 2018
  • Thanks to Sony for partnering with me on this video. More info on the Sony OLED A9F: www.sony.com/electronics/master-series
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  • iJustine
    iJustine  Tháng trước +943

    Anyone need help with their TV installations? Jenna and I are ready and available to work! haha!

      JAYDATT MEHTA 8 ngày trước

      iJustine Which tv should I buy?? Sony KD-55X8500F or LG OLED C8PTA?? I’m from India going to buy 55 inch TV for my home.. please suggest me

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      hajjaji mohamed 12 ngày trước

      iJustine I’m Morocco

    • hajjaji mohamed
      hajjaji mohamed 12 ngày trước

      iJustine hi Justin how are you my friend please tell me how much this tv in dirham Morocco or dollars think you

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    You sold me on that TV i was always looking into the LG’s

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    This room with such beautiful lighting and amazing TV feels like a dream. Feels like to never leave it and sit there for eternity. Just joking.

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    Zachary Law 8 ngày trước

    Just let the professionals TV calibrators stick to the technicals, who know what they are talking about, and let the basic dumb broads stick to unboxing their basic iphones. Pls.

  • Evan Clifton
    Evan Clifton 8 ngày trước

    Justine you should watch hill house on netflix

    JAYDATT MEHTA 8 ngày trước

    Which tv should I buy?? Sony KD-55X8500F or LG OLED C8PTA?? I’m from India going to buy 55 inch TV for my home.. please suggest me

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    Close your eyes and listen from 2:47 to 3:00

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    Hi Justine,
    Please advise if I should buy a soundbar with this TV?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Deivy H 10 ngày trước

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    Chromezee 11 ngày trước

    OLED display is only made by LG. Sony bought the OLED component from LG

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  • Tejas H.
    Tejas H. 12 ngày trước

    To everyone saying LG supplied the Panel to Sony: the final display calibration was done by Sony(so all the vibrancy and sharpness calibration was ultimately done by Sony to bring out the best of the images on the screen), as is done by Apple on their iPhones. And of course, the Acoustic surface is an innovation by Sony, which no other company has done, and that's MAINLY what the HYPE is about, NOT THE SCREEN ALONE...so it's absolutely unnecessary to keep repeating that LG supplied the panels, we get it that you're a LG fan.

    • Sam Jones
      Sam Jones 10 ngày trước

      Tejas H. You know LG actually has the patent for the acoustic surface tech? They were going to release it in 17 but instead chose to back DA from the speakers

  • Hari Haran
    Hari Haran 12 ngày trước

    Can you please play fortnite on it please !!!😊

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    ....and when u set alone .... looking around & find Sony Camera, Sony TV ,Sony Home theatre ,Sony Mobile, Sony Playstation sharing with u all the beautiful moments of ur life... then u will understand what i mean .... its like a family been around u all the time ...1st things always remains in heart n soul .. Excellent Job Sony Please lead the future :)

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    Sony bought OLED panels from Universal Display Corporations instead of LG Display

    • Sam Jones
      Sam Jones 4 ngày trước

      Vong Taing didn’t read my answer did you 😂😂😂 all oled panels in TVs are made by LG display

    • Vong Taing
      Vong Taing 4 ngày trước

      +Sam Jones
      In 2008 ,the Sony XEL-1 is the world's first OLED TV, It was also the world's thinnest thinnest television during its production

    • Sam Jones
      Sam Jones 10 ngày trước

      All oled panels that Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Loewe use are from LG display.

      ‘It’s no surprise to find that the AF9 is using the latest 2018 WRGB OLED panel from LG Display’

    • kain geno
      kain geno 13 ngày trước

      Lol prove with what an invoice lol. Samsung disent buy oled they do qled not oled. Check some review about the af9 sony you will see lg met sony touched their panel.

    • Vong Taing
      Vong Taing 13 ngày trước

      +kain geno
      Can you prove it ? I've heard that all companies like Samsung,LG,Sony and Sharp are buying OLED Panels from Universal Display Corporation, according to Google Search. Samsung and LG did not own Universal Display.

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    Not worth the purchase.

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