William Osman Visits Japan

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  • Xuất bản 17 Th04, 2019
  • Special thanks to Japan for letting me into Japan
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  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith Ngày trước

    It is kinda adorable to see how happy everyone was to see his little machine.

  • kaw kaw
    kaw kaw Ngày trước

    China looks nice

  • Gflesch Gaming
    Gflesch Gaming Ngày trước

    Unironically could help older people with dexterity problems. Round of applause for Will everyone

  • Lightning ZedRies
    Lightning ZedRies Ngày trước

    But I like to smoke carrots

  • happyerin1997
    happyerin1997 Ngày trước

    ahh you eat spacecake i get you fam

  • NothingXemnas
    NothingXemnas Ngày trước

    The way i learned how to hold chopsticks was to hold one as a pen. The thumb and index finger form a circle (like in an OK sign), in which the second stick comes in. With the second stick halfway through, support it on the ring finger. From there, find a way to fix the second stick (either by gripping it between middle and ring fingers, or pressing it with the ring finger against the thumb... whatever), and flex the index+thumb to move the first stick. Tweak the positions to better fit your style, only making it sure the sticks are always "parallel" (it is obvious, but keep the sticks' tips at the same length).
    Pretty simple and while it does have more limitations than knife+fork, its is unmatched in gripping stuff. If you are brave enough, it can even replace knife+fork completely. Cutting stuff? Nah, using the same gripping motion, keep applying pressure until the food is "cut", or use your teeth.

  • Heather McC
    Heather McC Ngày trước

    I love your kitten ramen shirt!

  • Nick Maerz
    Nick Maerz Ngày trước

    aam I the only one who clapped when he asked us to

  • Pikachuonacid
    Pikachuonacid Ngày trước +1

    american crab hat man has blessed japan with his 2077 tech.

  • wouter bos
    wouter bos Ngày trước

    This was absolutely amazing to watch, seeing all the native people look at your invention with wonder in their eyes was priceless. Get a patent on this because this will really be able to become a thing man!

  • Luvythicus
    Luvythicus 2 ngày trước

    My life has gotten considerably better ever since I found this channel. Absolutely awesome hahaha

  • avinash prasad
    avinash prasad 2 ngày trước

    You are High 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂, just kidding

  • InfiniteChaos
    InfiniteChaos 2 ngày trước

    Where is the kickstarter? I legit was a set of those chopsticks... Can I win them Osman-sama?

  • OfficialMemeSquad
    OfficialMemeSquad 2 ngày trước

    William is an was the guy who threw the crab at hungry box after all

  • Dankus Mememicus
    Dankus Mememicus 2 ngày trước

    Mass produce it. *please*

  • MyName IsRyAnn
    MyName IsRyAnn 2 ngày trước

    Either people where impressed or confused and impressed. Which was great

  • The Hidden PoTaTo
    The Hidden PoTaTo 2 ngày trước

    How many of you actually clapped ? haha

  • Doug F
    Doug F 2 ngày trước

    This should be merch

  • kiwi kun
    kiwi kun 2 ngày trước


  • Kalvin Sancho
    Kalvin Sancho 2 ngày trước

    Sell that

  • IHaventCare Perkins
    IHaventCare Perkins 2 ngày trước

    Idea with the spring to solve asshole motor problems was likely the most efficient execution of a solution to a problem I've ever seen from you. Good job my guy.

  • The Doofus Channel
    The Doofus Channel 2 ngày trước

    Cameraman John is literally How To Basic

  • Connor David
    Connor David 2 ngày trước

    Lol u could actually make loads of that

  • Sung Jin
    Sung Jin 2 ngày trước

    i clapped

  • Viktor Öhlund
    Viktor Öhlund 2 ngày trước

    Im so fucking alone and stupid, I actually clapped when the screen said so

  • Bob The Bone Boy
    Bob The Bone Boy 2 ngày trước

    I actually clapped.

  • zamaszysty
    zamaszysty 2 ngày trước

    7:21 that's the most hardcore stoned guy in Japan :D

  • rinzlersdisks
    rinzlersdisks 3 ngày trước

    I wish I could ever be as proud of something I made as Will is at 4:06 lmao

  • Shailesh Rana
    Shailesh Rana 3 ngày trước +1

    Brooo I legit clapped

  • Nick Grove
    Nick Grove 3 ngày trước

    Damn it William now I’m hungry

  • Nick Grove
    Nick Grove 3 ngày trước

    The Japanese restaurant workers really loved his invention

  • Ernest Pierce
    Ernest Pierce 3 ngày trước

    I think what he ate was sea urchin.

  • Deathrider365
    Deathrider365 3 ngày trước

    “You should eat your vegetables not smoke them” wow this needs to be on bill boards all around the world (and my high school)

  • Deathrider365
    Deathrider365 3 ngày trước

    What is the music at: 2:03, or more specifically, where can I get it?

  • J&K
    J&K 4 ngày trước

    Yeah right you fucking liar, you're stoned as hell. hahahaha

  • BMSO
    BMSO 4 ngày trước +1

    I would no joke buy this

  • pensive
    pensive 4 ngày trước

    Or you could learn how to use them... Just hold them like how you hold a pen

  • Cooper DF
    Cooper DF 4 ngày trước

    Where can I order this for my sister?

  • the dorkz
    the dorkz 4 ngày trước

    how much for one????

  • Big Bro
    Big Bro 4 ngày trước

    Start a business before your idea is stolen money time babay

  • theparadoxdoge
    theparadoxdoge 4 ngày trước

    what 3d printer dose he have

  • Aori
    Aori 4 ngày trước

    Chopsticks are basically like trying to operate two pencils at the same time in the same hand, except instead of writing, you're making sure you won't starve to death.

  • Roberta Sprenger
    Roberta Sprenger 4 ngày trước +4

    8:21 is the food moving or is just me??

  • tryAGAIN 1987
    tryAGAIN 1987 4 ngày trước

    4:05 Who else sees Reeves' Bewilderment turn to jealousy in one second here?

  • I’m Curious
    I’m Curious 4 ngày trước

    Where can I find the files to print these?

  • blank
    blank 4 ngày trước +3

    I loved the video and how all Japanese people seem so friendly and welcoming :)
    Great job Will!
    ALSO, this product you made could be pretty cool for those who have arthritis or trouble moving their fingers to operate chopsticks!

  • blahcahslavves
    blahcahslavves 4 ngày trước +1

    I legitimately want one of those chopsticks so much.

  • BulletBeats
    BulletBeats 4 ngày trước

    When they said clap, I did

  • A Wild Rabbit
    A Wild Rabbit 5 ngày trước


  • TheIncredibleSiobhan
    TheIncredibleSiobhan 5 ngày trước

    I would so buy a pair

  • WaynesWorkVlog
    WaynesWorkVlog 5 ngày trước +1

    The people that hate 7Eleven food but eat at McDonalds... BWAHAHAHA

  • IndyGamer317
    IndyGamer317 5 ngày trước

    Seriously you need to patient it for people like me who can't use chop sticks

  • NoekieGames
    NoekieGames 5 ngày trước +1

    I want one!

  • Anonymous Bacon
    Anonymous Bacon 5 ngày trước

    William says good morning to everyone at night

  • Bob Sheepbob
    Bob Sheepbob 5 ngày trước

    Holy shit illymation

  • Jinx Redfox
    Jinx Redfox 5 ngày trước

    Please do a video stoned

  • Peachy Potato
    Peachy Potato 5 ngày trước +11

    "You should eat your vegetables, don't smoke them"
    -William Osman

  • J No
    J No 5 ngày trước

    These seem like they might be useful for disabled individuals!

  • Violet Scarelli
    Violet Scarelli 5 ngày trước

    I need to buy some of these. Files please?

  • Adam Aaron
    Adam Aaron 5 ngày trước


  • MiniatureLabyrinth
    MiniatureLabyrinth 6 ngày trước

    Im kinda sad that you didnt make a kickstarter for it.

  • 8unnylover
    8unnylover 6 ngày trước


  • M C
    M C 6 ngày trước

    #williamosman patent this and you’ll be well off 👌

  • Kane The Unsettled
    Kane The Unsettled 6 ngày trước

    caretaker should be careful, those girls were all over william and his chopsticks

  • Anthony KRAKEN
    Anthony KRAKEN 6 ngày trước

    That fork has been modified to live in Japan

  • Rowley Jefferson
    Rowley Jefferson 6 ngày trước +1

    Zoo wee mama!

  • God Yoshida
    God Yoshida 6 ngày trước

    Welcome to Russia sushi

  • Klab
    Klab 6 ngày trước

    CONECHUA? no wait

  • This Day and Age
    This Day and Age 6 ngày trước

    Okay that's good. I can eat my salmon belly sushi now. I know how to use chopsticks but I dont have the index to thumb muscle power.

  • Nate Huskey
    Nate Huskey 6 ngày trước +1

    Please don't tell me you actually were walking around Japan randomly saying konnichiwa

  • Nate Huskey
    Nate Huskey 6 ngày trước

    Come on dude, they're not that hard to use I am American by the way from Tennessee specifically

    • Nate Huskey
      Nate Huskey 6 ngày trước

      * realizes Contraption is a joke *

  • Deutscher_Gamer HD
    Deutscher_Gamer HD 6 ngày trước

    Can someone tell me what that "music" is at 2:03? I want it on my phone...

  • Bogdan's Story
    Bogdan's Story 6 ngày trước

    Sell them and call them "fork Sticks"

  • FloppyTaco 6969
    FloppyTaco 6969 6 ngày trước

    "Better than expected"!
    Nice job William lol

  • Squiidddy
    Squiidddy 6 ngày trước

    2:37 he says penis peicing this thing together

  • Reklaw
    Reklaw 6 ngày trước

    good job. it actually looks usable. a first for your machines.

  • Patty Patty
    Patty Patty 6 ngày trước

    Who actuly clapped... I did.

  • Rayne Swicz
    Rayne Swicz 6 ngày trước

    It makes me smile knowing my favorite youtubers are hanging out in japan

  • Faber Neifer
    Faber Neifer 7 ngày trước

    "Siri, show me the whitest thing ever".

  • The DLL
    The DLL 7 ngày trước

    4:09 mike goes for a failed hi five

  • Robert Rosenberger
    Robert Rosenberger 7 ngày trước

    Sadly this is probably the most useful thing you have built

  • hello there
    hello there 7 ngày trước

    8:23 why are you saying hi to everyone you see

  • martin simmons
    martin simmons 7 ngày trước

    But I have to smoke me vegetables or I get all paranoid and sweaty

  • More Silence More Gaming
    More Silence More Gaming 7 ngày trước

    I like how he just said "Thank you" To some random girl, I know just a bit of Japanese, Mizu/Misu(Idk how to spell it) = Water Konichiwa = Hello Anddddd
    Aigato (Idk how to spell it again) = Thank you.
    This was written by a 8 year old that broke a thick board of wood WITH HER BARE -HANDS- when she was seven. :>

  • Brandon Donnelly
    Brandon Donnelly 7 ngày trước

    An invention that actually works

  • 8-Bit Raptor
    8-Bit Raptor 7 ngày trước

    *does huge **-blunt-** vegetable*
    what if

  • papajon. png
    papajon. png 7 ngày trước


  • Sonicbolt
    Sonicbolt 7 ngày trước

    While every country is on an island. Not every country is an island.

  • Rayman34128
    Rayman34128 7 ngày trước

    Me watching him dip the rice part of the sushi in the soy sauce:
    Edit: Oh my gawd he ate the chicken nuggets while walking, my weeb senses are crying out in horror

  • JDM er
    JDM er 7 ngày trước +1

    *_IT WORKED_*

  • Ricardo Montes
    Ricardo Montes 7 ngày trước

    I dont want to sound like a dick but its irrespectful to eat food while walking on Japan. :*

  • Mr'Mattric Elixe
    Mr'Mattric Elixe 7 ngày trước

    Today, I know that the answer to a successful invention is a 3D printer, not a laser cutter.

  • Quality Username
    Quality Username 7 ngày trước

    I wish I knew these existed before I want to China

  • Dougie26200 2
    Dougie26200 2 7 ngày trước

    0:05 Rhett wants to know your location.

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 7 ngày trước

    Wow, his house didn’t burn down

  • Arran Greig
    Arran Greig 7 ngày trước

    Love this, reminds me of the good old days... You know, when you made cool stuff that sometimes worked.

  • Cyb3rsandgaminG
    Cyb3rsandgaminG 7 ngày trước

    Anyone know what the toilet in the floor was?

  • Cardon
    Cardon 7 ngày trước

    Its useful!
    You feeling ok?

  • Brian Pepin
    Brian Pepin 7 ngày trước

    Hahaha, I loved this video so much. Reminds me of the videos from before the fire.

  • StamyArtist
    StamyArtist 7 ngày trước

    But there are already simple and cheaper ver of chopstick helpers.....