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Pouring 50 Yards of Concrete for my Dream Shop Floor!!

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  • Xuất bản 04 Th12, 2022

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    whew that concrete really gives the shop a smooth look 🤩 12 months later and the progress is amazing, can't wait to see all the content you create in there!

  • Bobsun Dugnutt

    That gutter forming machine is genius!

  • DY Concrete Pumps Inc.

    That's a DY Concrete Pump! Awesome to see our machine getting the job done for you. We can't wait to see you restore one in 20 years! Congratulations on the new shop.

  • Eddie Patterson

    It’s not just a concrete floor this is a milestone for you Matt. You saved your hard earned money for 10+ years and you should be proud of yourself for doing this. This is a game changer for you no more working on dirt for the majority of your projects and content for your channel.

  • Carstuff111

    Seems that every company that has been out to work on the shop, first thing I noticed is all their equipment is clean and well maintained. And then to see the beautiful work they are all doing, too? Plus the work you have put in as well.... this channel is epic, I am so glad I found your channel back when you got the green Autocar. I think the first video was a few days old. It is nice to see how far things have come!

  • Randy Adams

    I've seen so many slabs where they walk down the rebar or mesh and pour right over it without pulling it up into the mud. Pedestals/ highchairs are a cheap investment to keep the steel up in the slab but I'm amazed how many crews don't use them. These guys did you right and you made damn sure by going out there and personally pulling the mesh up into the slab. Excellent channel.

  • AnimeJ2
    AnimeJ2  +262

    "Just a concrete floor" may as well be paradise on earth after spending so many years working in the dirt, rock and mud. It looks absolutely amazing, and like the rest of us am just so incredibly stoked to see it all come together for you. Hats off to the crews who did an amazing job for ya.

  • Banatar
    Banatar  +13

    They did an awesome job. Congratulations Matt. You’ve earned it many many times over.

  • Steven Hogan

    I know the feeling your experiencing in building your dream shop. I started mine about 4 years ago and it now complete. Your way ahead of me in completing yours and yours is so much larger, your really going to enjoy the large space. I’ve found I should have gone bigger! Great job! Looking forward to seeing more videos.

  • jax rammus
    jax rammus 14 ngày trước +1

    you can tell that guy is a good boss, his whole crew smiles around him, and he puts himself into the thick of the work, even if everyone else is on standby

  • Ryan Shadders

    I'm so happy for you Matt! I can't wait to see the finished product and all of the fun projects that will follow. You deserve it brother. You've worked very hard to get here and it's great to see things coming together for you.

  • steve Nelson

    Hi Matt, this is absolutely amazing. I know that the temperature where you are can get low when the snow falls (I live in Melbourne Australia where no snow falls) and I know that for many years you have suffered so much in the cold working on projects in terrible weather conditions, so I feel so much for you over those years. I cannot wait to see the ends of the shop enclosed and the floor heating finished so you can work in the shop in conditions that are sooooo much better than you have had before. You have worked so hard for this to happen. Well done. I really feel that this is a major step forward for future projects. Thanks for all your videos. Cheers Steve

  • TSant
    TSant  +280

    30 years in concrete and public sector construction, I must say you're doing a great job, and so are the contractors. They did an amazing job on that floor. The slump was perfect, screed work, bull floating and finish work top notch. Congrats Matt!

  • Snufl
    Snufl  +2

    I'd recommend looking into floor epoxies. It'll last you longer than a wax or sealer and also look nice.

  • Chuck Heinbaugh

    I am always amazed how hard these people work and they don’t stop till it’s done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Dave Corbin

    Super proud of you Matt. Its awesome to see you come this far and get your dream shop going. Can totally hear how happy you are in your voice :)

  • Charles King

    I’ve watched a lot of VNclip videos since I retired in 2015 but Matt’s was the first channel I saw. I’m so happy for Matt in his success and achievement! Well done sir!

  • Edgar Keck

    Congratulations, Matt! Patience and perseverance pays off! Couldn't happen for a more deserving soul.

  • James Hurlbut

    I haven't comment in a long time Matt, I want to thank you for what you do , so many people eat and take care of their families by going to work long and hard days, and for this day you have provided for them and that is the way it is supposed to be, dozens of people were employed on this pour that were never seen, yet seen or unseen each a valuable cog in a well tuned machine.

  • escapenguin

    Awesome to see this turn out so well. Didn't mind the gushing, can't blame you at all, I would be too. This has become one of my favorite channels alongside Vice Grip Garage.