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People Order Pizza and I Deliver Torment - Cooking Simulator - Pizza

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  • Xuất bản 28 Th11, 2020
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    People Order Pizza and I Deliver Torment - Cooking Simulator - Pizza
    Check it out on Steam ► store.steampowered.com/app/14...
    More about Cooking Simulator (from Steam):
    Become the ultimate chef! Take control of a highly polished, realistic kitchen equipped with all kinds of utensils and stands. Unlock and master over 80 recipes or use dozens of lifelike ingredients to cook everything you like. A simulator spiced up with a dash of real-life physics!
    Key Features:
    Career and Sandbox modes
    80+ recipes
    140+ lifelike ingredients
    Perks and skills to unlock
    Advanced cooking mechanics
    Realistic physics
    Your kitchen’s got all the gear a chef might need. Griddles, cookers, gas stands, ovens and tons of utensils like pots, pans, plates, knives, spatulas and blenders! On top of that there are over 140 ingredients available in the pantry: meat and fish, fruit and veggies, dairy products and various liquids. There’s also a full set of spices and herbs for adding that extra flavour!
    Lifelike cooking experience! All the ingredients respond to your actions by changing temperature, appearance and taste. Every time you’re slicing potatoes, flipping steaks or boiling a soup, there are some real-life physics applied to it. Once you learn the cooking mechanics and start serving dishes, you’ll see yourself becoming a better chef with every new plate on the checkout.
    Career mode is a culinary journey zero-to-hero style and your task is to gain fame for you and your restaurant. You’ll start from the basics and progressively unlock new more complex dishes and start serving more customers as your fame and experience grow. Once you master the recipes and workflow, you’ll be able to unlock various perks and skills.
    However, if you’re not interested in playing by the rules, you’re going to love the Sandbox mode. Access all the recipes and ingredients and prepare whatever you like without any pressure. You don’t even have to cook anything! Game physics gives you unlimited opportunities. Throw knives like darts, set up cutting boards like dominoes, set the whole kitchen on fire, blow up the oven and save the day using a fire extinguisher!
    Make pizza in the best cooking game! Learn how to bake authentic pizza and run your own Italian pizzeria!
    Key features:
    Pizza! New customizable recipes and dozens of fresh ingredients will allow you to make the best, most authentic pizza!
    New career mode based on a brand-new quest system and new mechanics for accepting flexible orders.
    Sandbox mode.
    Cozy Italian pizzeria. New scenery featuring 3 working areas!
    Make delicious pizza!
    Prepare dough and sauces using authentic recipes, or mix various ingredients to come up with your own homemade concoctions. Bake 3 different sizes of pizza using a brick oven, and add a personal touch to every order with dozens of realistic ingredients!
    Career and Sandbox modes
    Experience a new career mode that offers a much more relaxed and personalized experience. Decide which orders you want to fill and take your time to prepare the most delicious pizzas. Unlock new perks and ingredients and complete various quests focusing on different aspects of baking and serving pizza.
    Italian pizzeria
    Move to a brand-new, cozy Italian pizzeria consisting of 3 new working areas: a fully-stocked pantry, a prep kitchen, and an oven area. The new location looks stylish and has all the utensils and workspace you’ll need to master the art of crafting top-quality, authentic pizza!
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  • Woulve 666
    Woulve 666 Năm trước +2283

    Imagine waiting 1:40 hours to receive an empty plate, all the while hearing endless amounts of glass break in the kitchen

    • TheEnderDragon
      TheEnderDragon 4 ngày trước

      If that happened to be I’ll be terrified 😅

    • Flash Point
      Flash Point 20 ngày trước

      I would have sue Ed them instantly or killed him

    • Pablo Legaza
      Pablo Legaza Tháng trước

      The glass sounds come from the pizza

    • Bazcakes
      Bazcakes Tháng trước

      Oh no my mouth!

    • Myatny Krolik
      Myatny Krolik 4 tháng trước +3

      "1:40 hours"?

  • Dead House Mouse
    Dead House Mouse 7 tháng trước +327

    I feel like he either has no idea how horrifying “but it’s Josh’s arts & crafts time now” is, or he knows EXACTLY how horrifying it it

    • TheLöcalMöthLörd
      TheLöcalMöthLörd 15 giờ trước

      It's Josh. Of course he knows 😂😅

    • Tortle
      Tortle Tháng trước +8

      He totally knows how horrifying it is

  • Painful_Crumbs_On_Ur_Bed -
    Painful_Crumbs_On_Ur_Bed - 8 tháng trước +638

    Josh has mastered the secret arts of spelling out the word “help” with any existing material this universe has to offer.

  • Fusion
    Fusion Tháng trước +61

    if i had a nickel for every time i've seen Josh make a weird tornado thing, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

    • Sam Barrand
      Sam Barrand Ngày trước

      I get the refernce, very funny

    • Planet Rida
      Planet Rida 17 ngày trước +1

      It's only the beginning

    • GreatAunt Cassilda
      GreatAunt Cassilda 21 ngày trước +1

      @First Last By now it's actually a double tornado in factory with conveyor belts inside and pipes outside 😀

    • First Last
      First Last 23 ngày trước +1

      @Trevor's stuff
      Valheim(?) Roof tiles house with tree as a support beam.

    • Trevor's stuff
      Trevor's stuff 23 ngày trước

      So 4?

  • Sawysause
    Sawysause 9 tháng trước +73

    Josh: "and our cooler where we definitely don't keep bodies"
    Josh: opens the cooler and realizes want the game actually is

  • Armin Haba
    Armin Haba Năm trước +3047

    imagine you're waiting over 100 minutes for your pizza, and when it's finally finished you get an empty plate

  • Counselor Quinn
    Counselor Quinn 2 tháng trước +25

    I love have progressively josh just gets more and more chaotic....

  • ghos7
    ghos7 4 tháng trước +10

    You know your business is in trouble when a one star review is shockingly good

  • Sabrina Elisa
    Sabrina Elisa 4 tháng trước +6

    Josh gasping in horror is the pinnacle of my joy

  • Eli Melin
    Eli Melin 3 tháng trước +11

    The genuine surprise when he says “Oh, we don’t keep bodies!” is priceless.

  • Old man Jankov
    Old man Jankov Năm trước +1767

    Could you imagine the gastric terror you would feel if you were at a restaurant and from the kitchen you heard "nummy nummy num".

    • adrift
      adrift 13 giờ trước

      i would take a gun and...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................throw it at him

    • Igorjosue
      Igorjosue 28 ngày trước

      *Door to The exit randomly disappears*

    • CyyberAiik0
      CyyberAiik0 Tháng trước

      @Jordan Ramsay Gordon Ramsay?

    • CyyberAiik0
      CyyberAiik0 Tháng trước

      mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nummmmy nummmmmy nummm 😘😘

    • A Human
      A Human Tháng trước +4

      @EndGamerPlays no, that’s how you get his attention. You slowly walk away, and hide under and in everything you possibly can to get out.

  • Wolfy Piggy Channel
    Wolfy Piggy Channel 9 tháng trước +15

    For how good this chef is, he deserves the subscribers he has.

  • Phoebe The ArtAddict
    Phoebe The ArtAddict 29 ngày trước +3

    Imagine just being a customer who just wants a simple pizza and josh was the person baking it

  • Cat Loving Trio
    Cat Loving Trio 4 tháng trước +7

    Gordon Ramsay would probably have a heart attack if he saw Josh playing cooking simulator.

    • Roy
      Roy 2 tháng trước +2


  • Kevin Padilla
    Kevin Padilla 2 tháng trước +4

    I like how they said they don't think of one type of meat when they hear beef, that explains everything they do.

  • Maouw
    Maouw Năm trước +1487

    Josh: "What's for dinner, honey?"
    Wife: "I haven't decided yet."
    Josh: "Oh. Howabout I make pizzas tonig-"
    Wife: "NO."

  • Irondragon_573
    Irondragon_573 4 tháng trước +5

    Whenever he says “in a totally sane and normal way” I just whisper to myself “doubtful”

  • The Leviathan
    The Leviathan 3 tháng trước +1

    This man would be a perfect beta tester. He'd eventually find and exploit every possible bug in the game, and he'd teach you what not to let players do in your game. Example? This video.

  • Radioactive
    Radioactive 7 tháng trước +2

    To this day people say you can see josh floating in mid air with a pizza that has a funnel of broccoli on it.

  • nexonix
    nexonix 8 tháng trước +9

    12:29 that pizza actualy looks yummy ;-;

  • John Koutlas
    John Koutlas 7 tháng trước +2

    “You’ve got your parmesan, your pecorino, what ever the hell this is” made me laugh so hard😂😂

  • BunBunGirlie
    BunBunGirlie 2 tháng trước +1

    “Cooking things in a normal, sane way.” I’m pretty sure he had an undo reverse card on him at the time, and used it after he said that statement.

  • CalculusFalcoNerd
    CalculusFalcoNerd 8 tháng trước +3

    I laughed so freaking hard when you served that insane cheese pizza with 60 pounds of cheese on that pizza. 🤣

  • TheTofiGamer
    TheTofiGamer 4 tháng trước +1

    The Italian people are going to slap you when they see the start 😂

  • Joseph Danforth
    Joseph Danforth Năm trước +1567

    My day instantly gets 1000% better when I hear: "Hey there it's Josh"

  • William Rousseeuw Aerts
    William Rousseeuw Aerts 2 tháng trước +1

    Josh: *yells the whole video*
    Wife: *walk in*
    Wife: "Hey honey, could you not scream? I'm trying to work."
    Josh: "Me too so, SHUT UP!"

  • Heartwell Roots
    Heartwell Roots 4 tháng trước

    This has to be my favorite of all your videos. You are the best kind of chaotic agent, and I appreciate the amount of time you take for a good mess.

  • {[MonPop]}
    {[MonPop]} Tháng trước

    I've only watched his videos for a day and all I can think is how in the hell is this guy perfectly sane yet insane at the same time

  • Pearl
    Pearl 25 ngày trước +1

    “The best pizza comes out of little cylindrical jars and cans slowly pulsing in a picnic basket.”
    -Gordon Ramsey, apparently.

  • Mezzy
    Mezzy Năm trước +3408

    Imagine being in a pizza restaurant, looking through the window to the kitchen, and just seeing a man nonchalantly chucking bottles of booze against every single wall.

  • AnomalyRoleplays
    AnomalyRoleplays 7 tháng trước

    I love how chaotic this is🙃

  • KoasterKing 205
    KoasterKing 205 8 tháng trước

    I like how at the start of the video, everything all clean & organised yet by the end of the video it looks like an aftermath of a tornado chaos & destruction! Love it!

  • axyteriq
    axyteriq 3 tháng trước +1

    everytime i hear josh say "nummy nummy num" I DIE OF LAUGHTER. its too funny. way too funny.

  • OnlySasori98
    OnlySasori98 3 ngày trước

    When the pizza hops off the plate and back into the kitchen, sending out an empty plate. That was fantastic 👌

  • The Defenestrator
    The Defenestrator Năm trước +3289

    “Give people not what they ask for, but what I think they want.”
    I would pay to visit a pizzeria which actually operated like that. Sounds like a blast.

    • RadicalFishsticksTM
      RadicalFishsticksTM Tháng trước

      I’m like 90% certain this already exists. But it’s either horribly overpriced or underpriced enough that you fear it.

    • Final Boss of School
      Final Boss of School Tháng trước

      Like a literal blast (kaboom) sehen run by Josh.

    • BuffGamer 101
      BuffGamer 101 2 tháng trước

      I would put peanut butter hidden under cheese in meat. Just in case 😉

    • Arric
      Arric 4 tháng trước

      I cant tell if anything is serious or not but I assume that it is sarcasm

    • Cr00kshanks O.G
      Cr00kshanks O.G 4 tháng trước

      @Codefi Bruh

  • Isaac Frand
    Isaac Frand Tháng trước

    This both gives and removes my appetite simultaneously.
    I love it and I can’t explain it.

  • Oof the bacon
    Oof the bacon 2 tháng trước

    "I loved my pizza, the imagination it took to actually eat the pizza was none. 10/10!"

  • CoolDoge
    CoolDoge 2 tháng trước +1

    Great Video! *Cooking Simulator + Josh = Pure Comedy Gold*

  • marq _
    marq _ 2 tháng trước

    The ending was both inspiring and beautiful.

  • K L Bhanu Moorthy
    K L Bhanu Moorthy Năm trước +5904

    The ending was probably the starting for raft

  • Alyssa Davidson
    Alyssa Davidson 4 tháng trước

    These kind of chaotic goblin playthroughs really encourage me to buy the game in question, much moreso than people who just legitimately playing the game. I really want to try both this and that zoo game, now. I hope other devs take note from the ones who gifted you this key, because your content is -- in my opinion -- exactly the sort that best advertises a game.

  • domagoj puksec
    domagoj puksec Tháng trước

    Your humour and your satire combined with making fun of famous stereotypes is genius, your videos have a huge replay value and it always makes my day when i see a video of yours

  • Ken Higgins
    Ken Higgins 7 tháng trước +1

    I love how he thinks that the dough waved to him at part of the video

  • Ophelia Frost
    Ophelia Frost Tháng trước

    You know you’re in trouble when you hear the smile in his voice💀

  • Louis Verhulst
    Louis Verhulst Năm trước +1051

    This man possesses a higher level of comedy than most stand-ups I know.

    • Red Eye Loon
      Red Eye Loon Năm trước

      υεαη λολ

    • Hennebach
      Hennebach Năm trước +4

      True! It's all in his perfect storytelling and editing. Other funny gamer channels make you watch every moment and try to help you laugh along the way. His cut-aways and chopping of superfluous scenes means every pixel is point-blank punchlines (explosive, can't miss laughs). Comedians edit heavily, but they still have to build the setup to the punchline. Harder to get LGIO's laughs that way. He's like the uncut cocaine of comedy.

    • Dan McCarthy
      Dan McCarthy Năm trước +4

      Like 90% of my friends are professional touring comedians and very few of them have made me laugh like this channel has.

    • Kentanto
      Kentanto Năm trước +2

      Yes XD, i cant stop laughing at all in his videos 🤣😂

    • Melissa Lonla
      Melissa Lonla Năm trước +1

      Probably because he's sitting

  • Octo Gorb
    Octo Gorb Tháng trước

    18:43 the pizza wanted to stay with you knowing only you appreciate it for what it is.

  • Ophelia Frost
    Ophelia Frost Tháng trước

    Two minutes in and my Italian heart has been grabbed by the hands of Josh and thrown to the sea

  • EspressoStreams
    EspressoStreams 4 ngày trước

    The legitimate gasp of horror had me actually sobbing-laughing.

  • Collin Ashley
    Collin Ashley 8 tháng trước

    "The dough was burnt and the cheese was bunt and apparently the time was burnt" Josh from lets game it out 2020.

  • Adam Boyd
    Adam Boyd Năm trước +1153

    I fell like if you ever arrested Josh, he would spend 20 minutes decorating his cell in the strangest way and at the end reveal he could have gotten out the whole time only to float off into the sky.

    • CopperHead
      CopperHead 9 tháng trước

      I would have let him out immediately cause he deserves it

    • Henry's Anecdotes
      Henry's Anecdotes 9 tháng trước

      Before that he would try to have the same conversation with the police officers but change it a little every time to see what will get him free

    • Cr00kshanks O.G
      Cr00kshanks O.G 9 tháng trước

      ya LOL

    • Zydnee Sachs
      Zydnee Sachs Năm trước

      @Dale Pearce idk

    • Kel
      Kel Năm trước +1

      @Pickel Boi ye

  • Whammytap
    Whammytap 5 tháng trước

    I've been bingeing these and have concluded that Josh is a pyromaniac.

  • Alekseï
    Alekseï 22 ngày trước

    I love how he starts trying to play normally, the break his water pot and completely descends in hell

  • artchic528
    artchic528 4 tháng trước +1

    Wow. I don’t even know time could be cooked, let alone become extremely burnt. The more you know.

  • Pinecone 308
    Pinecone 308 8 tháng trước

    It’s amazing how you can ‘decide’ what they want

  • Tupolev Tu-4
    Tupolev Tu-4 Năm trước +531

    Josh is the human embodiment of the "why can't you just be normal" meme

    • Red Eye Loon
      Red Eye Loon Năm trước

      @Spheric-sama υεαη

    • Endergamer
      Endergamer Năm trước

      And the wait this isn’t how your supposed to play the game

    • IRAES Cash
      IRAES Cash Năm trước

      OOH- *AND,* the ‘RuN’ Meme...!! ~ 😅

    • Audrey Plays Nice
      Audrey Plays Nice Năm trước +8

      And far behind that meme you mention: "Play a game like the programmer meant? Wait that's illegal!"

    • Spheric-sama
      Spheric-sama Năm trước


  • Miranda Collins
    Miranda Collins 6 tháng trước

    I love how he sounds so calm while making me laugh so hard😂😂

  • wreakertale sans
    wreakertale sans Tháng trước

    As a man who loves pizza I would need to order 3 large pizzas if I was to play this just to keep my hunger at bay 😂

  • v8wr
    v8wr 8 tháng trước

    i love how he just....makes fun of every game and they still sponser him for the games he's making fun of XD

  • IAmElsonRobloxYT
    IAmElsonRobloxYT Tháng trước

    "Lets give it a nice big MMMMMM"
    Y'know, I've wanna eat this when it's baked and it's gonna be funny when I eat it it looks like a blast

  • Bimbo Laggins
    Bimbo Laggins 11 tháng trước +739

    Imagine how badly it would mess with his viewers if he actually played a game normally

    • Bubbsterr
      Bubbsterr 20 ngày trước +1

      He's done it before, and honestly I really like the videos where he does. It's a nice break from the usual torment

    • Annapotat098
      Annapotat098 Tháng trước +3

      "wait is this the wrong channel"

    • Jmody13
      Jmody13 Tháng trước

      @Fastpast93 Zzari Io oh cool ill look maybe saw it before

    • Fastpast93 Zzari Io
      Fastpast93 Zzari Io Tháng trước

      He did in satisfactory.

    • Jmody13
      Jmody13 3 tháng trước +1

      If he played it like it was maybe ment to be played I’d think I clicked on the wrong video

  • ☆Purple_Blob☆
    ☆Purple_Blob☆ Tháng trước

    "Where we definitely don't keep bodies- Oh! We DON'T keep bodies" by far my favourite part

  • Solimanius
    Solimanius 4 tháng trước

    That cheese pizza, I'd eat the hell out of that. Constipation be damned!

  • Maverick Chen
    Maverick Chen 7 tháng trước +5

    "uhh sir im lactose intolerant"

  • CalidingoVIII
    CalidingoVIII 4 tháng trước

    When you sit back and think about it, all these crazy pizza preperations is a Ninja Turtle's dream come true lol

  • algernon99
    algernon99 Năm trước +298

    As an Italian i literally had a mental breakdown while watching you prepare pizza.

    • Red Eye Loon
      Red Eye Loon Năm trước

      οοφ άρε υοθ οκαυ?

    • Axy
      Axy Năm trước

      @Furkan Zorbey every italian would comment this

    • Furkan Zorbey
      Furkan Zorbey Năm trước

      stolen comment

    • Kristen Lum
      Kristen Lum Năm trước +3

      @Axy I’ll bring the stale baguettes, no one will stop him

    • Axy
      Axy Năm trước +3

      @Kristen Lum i'll defend him with weapons made of parsley

  • Aspin The Snake
    Aspin The Snake 8 tháng trước

    Right after this vid, I got an ad for pizza. It was a perfect pizza, with lush mountains of golden cheese speckled evenly with vibrant pepperoni. That being said, it was absolutely hideous compared to this last masterpiece. I hope you and pizza are living your best, content lives within the walls of physics-defying herbs, while glitching gracefully through the waters of lag!

  • An_Annoying_Cat
    An_Annoying_Cat Tháng trước +1

    i work at a pizza place and am definitely getting inspiration from these pizzas

  • Catherine Conroy
    Catherine Conroy 5 tháng trước

    This video made me laugh out loud the entire time. My only complaint is that banana was never used. 4.5/5 stars.

  • Just shocked
    Just shocked Tháng trước

    Note to self: don't let Josh work in a restaurant

  • Renny Lu
    Renny Lu Năm trước +510

    The most impressive thing was i watched the whole ad without skipping, that's how entertaining you are

  • Minties51
    Minties51 5 tháng trước

    “pain. agony. suffering. an hour for an empty plate.” -that one customer at the end

  • Pinstripe
    Pinstripe 3 tháng trước

    That first pizza looked like some actual new recipe

  • Gregory Heffley
    Gregory Heffley 4 tháng trước +2

    There is a restaurant in Utah called the Heart Attack Grill, and like the name suggests, one person had a hart attack there. I think you inspired them.

  • Xitrial
    Xitrial 2 tháng trước

    I'm actually surprised he didn't try to find a limit on how much dough he could produce

  • Kevin Pilotti
    Kevin Pilotti Năm trước +1948

    Other gamers: "nothing less than 100 fps"
    Josh: "seconds per frame"

    • toastedbread
      toastedbread Năm trước

      my dream is a stable 60fps but i get no more than 1,000,000 seconds per frame

    • Aaron Orsolini
      Aaron Orsolini Năm trước

      I play in fph

    • ben
      ben Năm trước

      I play in century per frame

    • Thank You Notes
      Thank You Notes Năm trước +1

      I dont think that anyone noticed this but "nothing less than 100 fps" rhymes

    • •Leroy•
      •Leroy• Năm trước +1

      Spf ;)

  • Drest Drestlin
    Drest Drestlin 6 tháng trước

    see him using a roller to flatten the dough killed me inside

  • COMaC47
    COMaC47 2 tháng trước

    person: orders a beefhouse.
    josh: builds a house of meat on the pizza.
    just imagine that persons face when they get a literal house of meat

  • SuitsFurU
    SuitsFurU 2 tháng trước

    Imagine going to a fancy restaurant and your waiter approached you and said “Hello it’s Josh and welcome back to Let’s Game It Out”

  • 0351Marine
    0351Marine 2 tháng trước

    12:44 I can't imagine how burnt that crust must be

  • Mocha Berry
    Mocha Berry Năm trước +1024

    “Oh! We don’t keep bodies here! Well colour me surprised.”
    Best line

    • Hiro Em
      Hiro Em 4 tháng trước +3

      He would've been much more surprised if there was indeed a dead body there

    • Sarah
      Sarah 6 tháng trước +5

      “00Flour license to MILL.”

    • Nina Snow
      Nina Snow 8 tháng trước +1


    • crash code
      crash code 9 tháng trước +2

      I died laughing!!!

    • Sons of Gaming
      Sons of Gaming 9 tháng trước +1

      Oh theirs still bodies in their its just cut up and packaged to fool us.

  • Mr Yakgo plays
    Mr Yakgo plays 17 ngày trước

    I was listening to the sponsor (for once) this sounds like a great game to mess with!

  • orindoes_things
    orindoes_things Tháng trước +1

    Imagine going to a pizza restaurant expecting the best then you just hear... "Hey there it's Josh welcome back to let's game it out." THE fear in your body must be at the max.

  • Seven Foxy Afton
    Seven Foxy Afton 5 tháng trước

    "Welcome back to cooking simulator" the game of chaos and cooking . . . oh wait that's just Josh . . . Well uh fun video, thanks Josh!

  • Izzyxxwoah
    Izzyxxwoah 5 tháng trước

    He has the type of humour that makes me laugh

  • Jakk
    Jakk Năm trước +3732

    “Incredible food, the shattered plate added a unique crunch. 10/10 would recommend”

    • ѧʏȗṅѧ-ṡѧṅ
      ѧʏȗṅѧ-ṡѧṅ Năm trước

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      The amount of cheese has blinded my taste 10/10

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      SynthoCaffeine Năm trước


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