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You People | feat. Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill | Official Teaser | Netflix

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  • Xuất bản 04 Th12, 2022

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  • alyssa smith

    If this entire movie is Jonah and Eddie in a restaurant for an hour and a half, I'd watch it


    See this what we need more of! One scene that encapsulates the entire film and one scene permeates the entire trailer. This one scene hooked me enough that I’ll watch this without watching any other promotional material for it. This looks funny ask. Murphy & Hill are gonna create gold together.

  • Little Heck

    Genius by putting Eddie Murphy in this film. He knows how to make fun of different stereotypes while making people laugh so hard. Can’t wait to see it! Them two together is going to be hilarious 😂

  • Nefarious Kenobi

    The fact Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill are in the same movie is enough to get me on board. Can't wait for this to come out hope it's not a let down.

  • JB
    JB  +201

    I didn’t know that I needed a Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy collab in my life, and now I don’t know how I lived without it for so long.

  • erk
    erk  +61

    Eddie being all serious, in a serious role, where he's not showing his teeth, giggling and he's actually really good at it? But ofc he's still funny. It proves once again, that comedic actors are actually great actors who chose to do comedy. Serious actors cannot switch to comedy. I wish Eddie would start doing movies with serious roles. It'd be instant hits!

  • Cor Smit

    I dont know why, but if the entire movie is just them sitting there awkwardly conversing and making me laugh, I would be happy with it.

  • Shea Johnson

    I didn’t know I needed to see Eddie Murphy and Nia long as a married couple in a movie🥺

  • Doktor Nhờ

    Eddie looks so compelling in a straight role. I need to see more of him being dead ass serious. But still praise his high place in comedy.

  • S M
    S M  +47

    Eddie Murphy!! 👏👏👏We need so much more of him!!! 💙🙌

  • Little Heck

    It’s the duo that we never imagined, but after seeing this, it’s the duo that we needed.

  • bo jangles

    It makes me so happy to see Eddie Murphy in a movie again

  • Little Heck

    I love it when new interesting movies come out and I DON'T have to leave my bed to go see them. Thanks, Netflix for doing this before anyone else and before the pandemic!

  • Little Heck

    It's unfortunate that a lot of younger people don't know just how much of a BIG DEAL Eddie Murphy was back in the day.

  • Toshoshi
    Toshoshi  +12

    I love that they didn’t spoil the movie. Definitely enough to get me to watch

  • mandy moore

    I love Eddie’s face when he says “shes not pregnant!” 😒 you people is an awesome title too. Too funny it looks.

  • Allava C

    Eddie is great in his spacing out of his projects. He doesn't over expose himself making everything he comes out with a must see.

  • Lordoftheapes79

    As someone who's been in this situation with a father WAY more intimidating than Eddie Murphy, I'm gonna love this 😂

  • Little Heck

    This is reminds me so much of that dinner scene between Jonah hill and ice cube from 22 jump street. I can totally see that working out as a full comedy movie 😂

  • Peter Momanyi

    A trailer that's straight to the point. I love it😂😂