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Millyz ft. Albee Al & Leaf Ward - Risk Takers (Official Video)

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  • Xuất bản 01 Th02, 2023
  • Directed by Dom Bruno (@shotbytanj)
    Produced by Buckroll Beats
    Pre Save & Pre Order BLANCO6 here - go.perfecttimemusicgroup.com/...
    Listen to the song here - go.perfecttimemusicgroup.com/...
    Instagram - Millyz
    TikTok - www.tiktok.com/@millyzblanco?...
    Appearances & Features Email - BookMillyz@gmail.com
    #millyz #AlbeeAl #LeafWard
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  • Millyz
    Millyz  7 ngày trước +98


    • Josh Hill
      Josh Hill Ngày trước

      Man I need Millyz and Cassidy to do a song together!!! You talkin about bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Blue Oak
      Blue Oak Ngày trước

      No thanks needed, this sht cold right here 🏆

    • mrclent67
      mrclent67 Ngày trước


    • Krazykay _ movin tact
      Krazykay _ movin tact Ngày trước

      Albee al not From this 🌍 not to mention leaf ward and Millyz the different Jadakiss should be on this to tho I would 🤯🤯🤯

    • Krazykay _ movin tact
      Krazykay _ movin tact Ngày trước

      3 of the greatest but albee al is different he’s not from earth

  • Millyz
    Millyz  Tháng trước +2134


    • Sauce Gucci
      Sauce Gucci 50 phút trước

      @Chris Feliciano sheeshhhh

    • Sauce Gucci
      Sauce Gucci 50 phút trước +1

      Big goose bumps!!! ….. facts from the trap

    • Steven Brown
      Steven Brown 4 giờ trước


    • 215BigBudz215
      215BigBudz215 19 giờ trước

      Salute bro I send the 215 love ❤️ may u bless me wit philly tickets 🎟 🙏 💯 hey either way, we in the building r, thank bro ...MillyZ got that fetty flow it's dope for the ear you can't go too long without dropping another hits..they mite go threw withdrawal 💯 💶 💯 💶 💯

    • Richard Ferrer
      Richard Ferrer Ngày trước

      This what the game missing 💥💯

  • Lionhearted92
    Lionhearted92 Tháng trước +206

    Seen leaf grow from "stuck in the trenches" to being one of the hottest unsigned artists out, Bul never disappoint💯💯

    • merKo G
      merKo G 8 ngày trước

      there are many successful unsigned artists these days broski

    • Lionhearted92
      Lionhearted92 Tháng trước

      Can't speak on nun idk

    • PalmettoLockzz Yardi
      PalmettoLockzz Yardi Tháng trước +4

      @Hundo wow Philly shit🙄

  • Infinite B Legend
    Infinite B Legend Tháng trước +67

    He was outta pocket sent a blitz and left him scrambling. That shit was 🔥🔥🔥

    • Christopher Kelley
      Christopher Kelley 9 ngày trước +1

      The reason they gave everybody to chills cuz it's real life facts and all rappers don't speak. They real life. These three brothers is really living everything that came out of their mouth. I know Albee I don't know Mills or I don't know leaf but I'm sure they live in that life.I know Jada or Albee don't get on track with anyone money don't matter they pride lyrical won't allow fakeness or Below standards. Facts.💯💯

      SLENDER SOLE 21 ngày trước +1


  • Seth Jackson
    Seth Jackson 10 ngày trước +3

    🐐🐐🐐heard three goats on the track! Discovered y’all today and this stays on repeat!! #RISKTAKERS

  • Tin&Sher
    Tin&Sher Tháng trước +37

    Millyz and his crew are different. This is type of rap music I am listening to, you can hear every words clearly, without any auto tune or mumbling.

  • Millyz
    Millyz  Tháng trước +504


    • Jim Carrigan
      Jim Carrigan 3 ngày trước

      No bull shit, you been putting out that heat. While these clowns be mumbling they're way up. Rather have that hard real words delivery. Keep doing you and you'll keep these mofos on there heals.

    • Jay Stacks
      Jay Stacks 4 ngày trước

      🔥 🔥 🔥

    • Rae Roman
      Rae Roman 19 ngày trước

      444 like angel numbers💯

    • Benjamin
      Benjamin Tháng trước

      Your proud of eating microwave noodles? Hahaha I have never bought a microwave or television in my life.

    • Ladin
      Ladin Tháng trước

      Shit flames 🔥🔥♨️coming from norf Philly

  • Its J Dot Brwn aka The Blk Boi George

    All 3 of u have become some of my new favorite rappers. Thank y'all for this. I look forward to working with each of you very soon. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Duke Parks
    Duke Parks 19 ngày trước +20

    This literally the first song I play when I wake up… shit too hard!!!! I love to see these three do a mixtape together hosted by dj drama

  • TenToezDowN Movement
    TenToezDowN Movement Ngày trước +1

    All three artists Knocked it out the park Real words keep on GrindiN!-Coop #TenToezDowN #Movement

    MHB LEVI 17 ngày trước +16

    Real Rap Is Bacc, No Cap 🔥🔥🔥 Everybody Walked All Over This Beat. Shit Touched My Soul 😤

  • SGB88
    SGB88 Tháng trước +17

    3 of most underated in the game hands down. Str8🔥🔥🔥

  • Frank Camelin
    Frank Camelin Tháng trước +634

    You 3 should do more together. Maybe a whole album. Got that LOX vibe together

    • Carlton Tucker
      Carlton Tucker 16 giờ trước

      The game ain’t ready for tha trio ouch that’s a big project

    • BigBossGio
      BigBossGio 7 ngày trước

      Needs that

    • Mutale
      Mutale 13 ngày trước


    • GeeZ.x
      GeeZ.x 23 ngày trước


    • Mike Will
      Mike Will 29 ngày trước +1

      @FN-1638 everybody’s verse was hard. Forget picking the best verse I’m trying to get a whole album of this 🔥🔥

  • Robert Bennett
    Robert Bennett Ngày trước +1

    Got wet up in his head so his waves a lil different, just got home from a dime so his ways a lil different 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Leaf Ward is da truth!! Millyz always go hard!! Salute my guys!

  • MMP Movement
    MMP Movement Tháng trước +17

    Millyz NEVER disappoints 🐐✍️🔥💯

  • choreboy
    choreboy Tháng trước +30

    last dude spit straight fire for sure. raw talent

  • Chris Federico
    Chris Federico Tháng trước +13

    Millyz 🔥 stay dropping that heat! & to get Albee Al on a track is insane, this songs gonna blow!! Get millyz & Albee Al & leaf the recognition they deserve! Well done fellas! Millyz we need a show back in Boston!

    • Adrian Saucedo
      Adrian Saucedo 6 ngày trước

      It ain't hard to tell these about there's. Big Fan of Millyz and not only the level and lyrical quality can't be touched.. A calabo with Mozzy on Da remix ⛽️ ⛽️ 🔥 🔥 💥 💥 💥 💥

    • Sky
      Sky Tháng trước

      Albee is gunna be doing a show in Massachusetts next month get your ticket it's gunna be a movie period but it might get extra crazy fun you never know 😈 #risktakers

  • It you’re boy JB
    It you’re boy JB Tháng trước +21

    Leaf & Albee Al went in hard 🔥😈💯

  • Billy Taylor
    Billy Taylor Tháng trước +148

    Philly stand up leafy never disappoints !!!This the one it’s definitely about to do numbers 💪🏾💯

    • Jesse Shomo
      Jesse Shomo 29 ngày trước

      Bet only couple ppl even no who john streets is he killed this

    • Tom Money
      Tom Money Tháng trước +4

      Yea leafy bomb dis jawn no bull shit😂😂

    • Phillybul215
      Phillybul215 Tháng trước +3


    • 🦅Choppa🦅
      🦅Choppa🦅 Tháng trước +4


  • Merrill Leach
    Merrill Leach Tháng trước +12

    This what the rap game been missing . Had my respect since I seen you and Jadakiss flow together.. kept putting that work in🔥💯

  • Jason Reece
    Jason Reece 6 ngày trước

    This shit so hard bro, this the type of music you can actually feel. I'm from the south ( NOLA) so it's hard for me to like hardly any new east coast artist but yall are hard. I've been messing with you since the start, fan for life. This my therapy music

  • Epileptic Ant
    Epileptic Ant Ngày trước

    True Meaning Of Good Music Pain Makes Us Stronger Never Give Up 🙏

  • Elixio
    Elixio Tháng trước +1

    Love it keep up the work!

  • Baby Spillmusic
    Baby Spillmusic Tháng trước +8

    Need a album from these guys🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Alyssa Moran
    Alyssa Moran Tháng trước +165

    My son and I are watching along with my fiancé. He’s three months old. Your music saved my life while I was in labor I almost died and you kept me going while I was there! I had 30 blood transfusions and I was low but your music helped me your lyrics are from the soul and you surely saved mine. It’s hard to find good artists

    • msftvsn
      msftvsn Tháng trước +1

      @V If Millyz is able to help Alyssa overcome hard times, what’s the problem? You a goofy.

    • Johnny Joestar
      Johnny Joestar Tháng trước +1

      @V way to be positive chump

  • Van Nyc
    Van Nyc 7 ngày trước +1

    This is what the game is missing that real rap! Daam this is 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Dorian Davis
    Dorian Davis 24 ngày trước +3

    They destroyed this definitely on repeat keep pushing fellas

  • Michael Saunier
    Michael Saunier Tháng trước +5

    Damn what a banger! Millyz is consistent as the sun rising

  • Nikki
    Nikki Tháng trước +5

    Your music is what gets me through everyday!!! Keep doing what you do best Millyz!!! 🤍🖤❤️

  • Nick Dee
    Nick Dee 10 ngày trước

    See you Al , been fire since day one , keep killin em . Props to Milly for lookin out for talent .

    JOSH BAMO FIGUEROA Tháng trước +121


    • Zilla
      Zilla Tháng trước

      Millyz would need pain killers from all that carrying…no offense but Blanco is the best of all three just overall not this song

    • Darkside Coops
      Darkside Coops Tháng trước +1

      NH they don’t but they can collab

  • chad moslery
    chad moslery Tháng trước +6

    This is a banger. They need to make a whole album together.

  • ToXiiC zCypheR
    ToXiiC zCypheR 11 ngày trước +1

    This is real rap. Thanks, Millyz. Mad respect. 🤘🎶

  • OG Kenny P
    OG Kenny P Tháng trước +6

    Keeping rap alive! Thank you 🙏

  • Warren Peace Muzik
    Warren Peace Muzik Tháng trước +4


  • Anthony Benbow
    Anthony Benbow 16 ngày trước +2

    This shit gave me the chills man

  • Cody Goodie
    Cody Goodie Tháng trước +119

    3 of the realest spitters in the game right now... hands down... no chorus needed just bars

  • Sheila Adesina
    Sheila Adesina Tháng trước +6

    Absolutely amazing piece of work from everyone involved amazing 🔥🔥✨

  • Jack Harlowgan
    Jack Harlowgan Tháng trước +5

    Everybody bodied it! 3 way tie far as bars & delivery! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • B-LUKE (#Built4itTV)
    B-LUKE (#Built4itTV)  Tháng trước +2

    Remember Millyz personally pulled up when i copped tickets for his show. Now he out here world wide. So 🔥

  • Geeo NY
    Geeo NY Tháng trước +3

    Was waiting for this since you posted the preview on your story!!! Never disappoint, you an Gladiator need that credit you deserve! I hope this shit hits numbersssssss, let’s go followers let’s get this up!!!!!

  • TypicalWhiteb01
    TypicalWhiteb01 18 ngày trước +1

    Me n my boyz listen to this OG everyday and I can say every damn song relatable stay up BLANCO💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Scrilla Visions
    Scrilla Visions Tháng trước +18

    Millyz AlBee Al Leaf on the same track is crazy this is what the streets need 🔥🔥🔥💯

    • Victoria R
      Victoria R Tháng trước

      Word up 💯🔥🙌 shit fire 🔥

  • Dakota Lefevre
    Dakota Lefevre Tháng trước +3

    Amazing story telling as always 🔥 no one steps on millyz

  • Kevin Morgan
    Kevin Morgan Tháng trước +8

    200 times later listening and it’s still fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼

  • Above All
    Above All 26 ngày trước +6

    This song has been on repeat for mad long 🔥

    • Garrick Hattan
      Garrick Hattan 22 ngày trước

      The beat and flow of this is insane, hard to listen to anything else 🤣

  • Mario Sisam
    Mario Sisam Tháng trước +5

    I’ll never forget the first time I heard AL.. that pain in his voice is next level 🖊️

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson Tháng trước +5

    Y’all do a joint album. Every song wit all 3 of y’all would be nothing but 🔥🔥🔥 need a RiskTakers Album 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Michael Hagan
    Michael Hagan Tháng trước +55

    Whole jawn is 🔥
    Albee never disappoints
    Dirty Jersey 🔥🔥🔥

  • Lisa Mccall
    Lisa Mccall 21 ngày trước +1

    This is perfection ❤️🤩 bow down to yo king...people's..for he spitn holy water on all u ... love it
    .Keep shining 🥰

  • Rosa Negra - Urban MUSIC
    Rosa Negra - Urban MUSIC Tháng trước +2

    this joint goes hard!!
    Blessings ya'll

  • SKYNERA 2625
    SKYNERA 2625 Tháng trước +6

    You hard as fuck bro , dam 🔥🔥🔥 , keep doing this type of rap please!

  • Shont
    Shont Tháng trước +9

    Give Millyz his flowers now! He killing every track lately!

  • Shaquilleharrigan
    Shaquilleharrigan Tháng trước +7

    Love this beat give me chills 🙏🧎🏾‍♂️ look up to

  • Dennis Correia
    Dennis Correia Tháng trước +63

    So glad someone is keeping the rap game going. HIGH LEVEL RAP 🔥


    Wow 1M in 8 days! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 this a classic! Real rap no 🧢
    Was bumping this guy Albee since 2018 he is something to watch 💣💣💣💣💣

  • Angela Iacobacci
    Angela Iacobacci Tháng trước +1

    This shit go hard asf...salute to Albee Al for always coming back to Jersey showin love..u doin ur thing boo keep shinin

  • Shenaldon maharaj
    Shenaldon maharaj 2 ngày trước

    Felt this in my soul big bro .. Respect

  • Dwight Walker
    Dwight Walker Tháng trước +4

    Everybody went in vicious. 👊🏿 I grew up listening to this kind of rap.

  • DougyPoly41
    DougyPoly41 Tháng trước

    I've been busy with work a lot,. You are my favorite rapper right now.. Every time I hear your music I can feel it., Especially the beats are just crazy. Your ten times better than these other rappers out here.

  • Monique Crosby
    Monique Crosby Tháng trước +18

    Absolutely love this song and the fact that you did it with another lyrical genius is just the icing on the cake y’all keep climbing

  • Knowledge
    Knowledge Tháng trước

    Song fire keep inspiring man do your thing.

  • micslinger19782008
    micslinger19782008 Tháng trước +2

    This should've been at a ticket the first or second day, this goes too hard 💪💪💪😈😈😈

  • Rio Davis
    Rio Davis Tháng trước +3

    Now this real pressure 💯 this what the streets thirsty for real FACTS 🗣️🔥

  • Wayne Wilson
    Wayne Wilson Tháng trước +8

    Love to see Albee Al still doing his Thang so many still sleep on em 😴

    • Angela Iacobacci
      Angela Iacobacci Tháng trước +1

      He da realest...he goin to continue to do big things..he always comes around the way to show love..much love and respect to him

    NORTH TRENTON. BLVD Tháng trước +3

    This is a great team all 3 of them 🔥 do a album fr

    OFFICIAL ETS DINERO Tháng trước +48

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 both of my favorite rappers on one track Albee al and Leaf and no lie I give props to Millyz too because wtf this is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Shantell Johnson
      Shantell Johnson Tháng trước


    • FN-1638
      FN-1638 Tháng trước


    • Dae Dae
      Dae Dae Tháng trước


    • Ray
      Ray Tháng trước +4

      U sleep Millyz is tuff

  • Richie Real
    Richie Real Tháng trước +4

    Millyz is one of my inspirations to this rap shit 💪🐐🏆

  • King Sosa Guwop
    King Sosa Guwop 6 ngày trước


  • Troy Mullen
    Troy Mullen Tháng trước +1

    🔥🔥🔥 classic shit everybody ran dis joint Leaf def standing on business

  • Cisco SZR
    Cisco SZR Tháng trước +3

    They went in!!! 🔥🔥

  • Wayne Wilson
    Wayne Wilson Tháng trước +14


  • Michelle Watkins
    Michelle Watkins Tháng trước +17

    So damn happy to hear you & Albee Al together stepping on everything!! 🔥🔥

    • Josh Hammon
      Josh Hammon Tháng trước +2

      Can’t leave out leafy he the hardest

  • Bobby Towne
    Bobby Towne Tháng trước

    Can't get enough of this track shit hits home felt this 💯 🔥🔥 only way is up Brodie.. keep doing your thing fuck with your music heavy #realest nigga in this shit hope that ain't my downfall this track is some different 💪

  • Baxter Ndeke Sialumwe
    Baxter Ndeke Sialumwe Tháng trước +2

    It's really different when it's extracted from real situations, it hits different. I respect Millyz

  • Sha-king Robinson
    Sha-king Robinson Tháng trước +3

    Definitely touch the soul 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Icekingin TheFlatt
    Icekingin TheFlatt Tháng trước

    Keep going yall gon get to the top

  • Will Da Ahki Way _30
    Will Da Ahki Way _30 16 ngày trước

    Deep soul 🙏🏽 he speaking 🗣️ facts 🔥💯

  • Gene Radford
    Gene Radford Tháng trước +30

    One of the hardest rappers in the game never disappoints when a song drops💪

    TENTOESDOWN 24 ngày trước +3

    Yall own the streets real RAP...RIP TO ALL THE REST!!!!!

  • Good Life
    Good Life Tháng trước +1

    This what we need real rap is back I salute yell boys 🙏 🙌

  • dawndawn
    dawndawn 6 ngày trước

    I love the way you rap it's better than anyone else I have ever heard

    HOLY SMOKE Tháng trước +1

    This gave me chills, good job boyz

    S3RIOUS JOK3R$ Tháng trước +6

    Bruh every hook in your jams is banging bro really love your music...love from new Zealand

  • Jake Sprague
    Jake Sprague Tháng trước +26

    Keep bringing that real music to these streets just like the LOX 🔥🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼💯💯💯

  • Alex Soncrant
    Alex Soncrant Tháng trước +1

    Had to listen 2 tht Again ! Always good music Millyz !!! Straight 🔥!

  • Robert Washington
    Robert Washington Tháng trước +4

    Beat dropped & TOOK ME THERE😢🙏🏾💪🏾💯

  • Kamryon Thompson
    Kamryon Thompson Tháng trước +7

    I ain't heard of these guys til now they should definitely do a whole tape together

    • Jay Makk
      Jay Makk 16 ngày trước

      @Wayne Wilson leaf big In Philly

    • Wayne Wilson
      Wayne Wilson 19 ngày trước +1

      I've heard of the first 2 but I definitely agree this track was so fire 🔥 it would be wrong not to get atleast 1 more track out of these 3 alone 💯

  • Anthony Reyes
    Anthony Reyes Tháng trước +1

    Been following since the song you did with Cruch you killing em bro especially this you went Dumb keep at it lovin this 💯

  • Joseph Hermanson
    Joseph Hermanson Tháng trước +1

    3 heavy hitters on one track. Needed this

  • blizzy dude
    blizzy dude Tháng trước +52

    Make Rap Thurl again !!!! This is what the streets needed Millyz Albee and Leaf on the same track damn free Tsu Surf I’m knowing he woulda ate too 🔥💯

    TENTOESDOWN 22 ngày trước

    Yo I feel this song in my bones ,I close my eyes and just vibe...

  • heatholder INC
    heatholder INC Tháng trước +5

    This shits incredible. I hear it every where so I know it ain't just me.

  • TMan5100 KCMO
    TMan5100 KCMO Tháng trước

    @Millyz I swear yo music get me thru some shit bro 💪🏽 definitely relatable man 🫡💯

    TALITHA BARROS Tháng trước +1

    You done it again, another banger!! Millyz is a lyricist.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 25 ngày trước

    This shit on repeat all day. Wow

  • Doubtedmusic
    Doubtedmusic Tháng trước +24

    Whenever I feel down or just feeling a sad vibe, I put on millyz music!!! helps to get thou the pain when your at your lowest... High Level Rap

  • Jamison Davis
    Jamison Davis Tháng trước

    Just keep dropping music frfr fam that’s next level 💯

  • Melvin Smith
    Melvin Smith Tháng trước +3

    Seen you trending on VNclip @millyz been rocking with you two years. You deserve it

  • Young Taz
    Young Taz 9 ngày trước +1

    I ain’t gonna lie this shit hard but I expect bro at the end to go as hard as he did 🔥🔥