MINO(송민호) - ‘아낙네 (FIANCÉ)’ M/V

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  • Xuất bản 26 Th11, 2018
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    a masterpiece

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    여기 한국인 나만있나
    Is there only Korean here?

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    a masterpiece

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    크 역시 민호

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    한국인이 안보여서 댓들남깁니다 구걸 생각도 없고 그냥 적고갑니다

  • Leslie T. Matías
    Leslie T. Matías 16 giờ trước

    I'm very proud of my son, let's work harder.

  • Jeon soyeon
    Jeon soyeon 20 giờ trước

    My fav song still now

  • L S
    L S 22 giờ trước +2

    This came up in my Spotify discover weekly and I’m literally obsessed

    • Irah Dawn
      Irah Dawn 21 giờ trước +1

      Thank God for Spotify you have found yourself a masterpiece 💙
      We hope you can listen to his music more 😊

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  • 연신내역TV
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    소양강처녀 있음

  • Rai Tan
    Rai Tan Ngày trước +3

    THIS IS THE MAN who was an underground rapper at a young age then made a decision to become an idol, trained with block b but didn't make it and debut with another group but failed after a year, then became a trainee again. He needs to compete for a survival show in order to debut. Participated in SMTM to prove himself then their group lose a member. It's been a long journey for you idol but LOOK AT HIM NOW. Slaying his whole country into his music. 😊😍

  • Gay Gayoonya
    Gay Gayoonya Ngày trước

    gang :)

  • Belén Felix-Sillo
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    341k for 1 million likes
    Inner circle
    Go go go go

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    ARIANA FAN Ngày trước

    3:03 was he drunk?

  • DNL TM
    DNL TM Ngày trước

    Elles sont où les fans françaises là ?! Nieh 😂♡♡

  • It's Asian Flow
    It's Asian Flow Ngày trước

    u r doing amazing , sweety ♥

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    OGNOT001 Ngày trước

    Mino you’re a GE-NI-US!

  • Ayşe Gültekin
    Ayşe Gültekin Ngày trước

    Woaavv song is very good.Turkish fan love you mino💙

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    MINO I love you 💙💙💙

  • Rima Ben
    Rima Ben Ngày trước +1

    I think I found the best 2018 song

    • Irah Dawn
      Irah Dawn 21 giờ trước

      Song Minho? 😂

  • jazmin 98
    jazmin 98 Ngày trước

    1;28min sing p.o?!!!?!?

  • Luna Martin
    Luna Martin Ngày trước +2

    I still don’t get how he could make this sick beat, it really amazes me. He’s a whole package isn’t he damn

    • cherry
      cherry 8 giờ trước

      ikr..after repeating the songs a lot of times i took time to listen to the beat and there's a lot of instrumentals going on but it doesn't sound a mess...they all complement together..

    • Irah Dawn
      Irah Dawn 21 giờ trước

      YG made them spent 2 years in the dungeon and he was probably bored so he had a lot of time to harness that already glowing potential 😂

  • Juhi Mandhare
    Juhi Mandhare Ngày trước

    india here!

  • Juhi Mandhare
    Juhi Mandhare Ngày trước +2

    one of my favourite songs of this lifetime

  • Café _Osh
    Café _Osh Ngày trước +1

    Mino is one of a kind

  • V-tae-mins are GUCCI 4 ur health

    Bruh *this will forever be a bop*

  • Kate T
    Kate T Ngày trước +3

    This gives me indeed strong old kpop vibes, I really can't stop loving this song.

  • 이벤트당첨자
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  • Jules B
    Jules B Ngày trước +3

    This bubu can rock any hairstyle 👑👑👑

  • not one of those hoes loyal to their biases

    Dear incles, please check out loca by favorite

  • iKonWinnerBlackpink BigBang/YGStan

    2019 ??

  • Faeze
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    Love this

  • balqish Umairah
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    omg... this is soo addicting... have play for 5x times already

    • Irah Dawn
      Irah Dawn 21 giờ trước

      It is. It's like Wine.
      If ever you have more time, perhaps you would like to check his group's music too? Their songs are all Bops. I recommend Really Really, Island and Millions 😊💙

  • 김민호
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    한국인들은 좋아요

  • Irah Dawn
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    36, 356, 615

  • Vytquynhanh
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    I've done a short cover for this amazing song, please check it out here vnclip.net/video/ype6jzdtbcc/video.html . Thank you and have a nice day

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  • LlamaFaceBish
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    that lip piercing rlly suits him

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  • DoramasAsia
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  • DoramasAsia
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  • Alfonso EJC
    Alfonso EJC 2 ngày trước +2

    Both Mino and the song are so underrated...

    • Alfonso EJC
      Alfonso EJC Ngày trước

      shnndywhd I mean views, Mino has fewer views than others. I know views is not the most important thing but you know...

    • shnndywhd
      shnndywhd Ngày trước +2

      and mino is not underrated in korea :)

    • shnndywhd
      shnndywhd Ngày trước

      what do you mean underrated? this song is wildly popular in south korea

  • Kia kia
    Kia kia 2 ngày trước +8

    I need to see mino in a Joseon drama as a king!

    • cherry
      cherry 8 giờ trước

      with blonde hair

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r Ngày trước +1

      Yes plzz😍😍

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  • Isa Bangtan
    Isa Bangtan 2 ngày trước +8

    *God Was Not Playing When He*
    *Made This Man*

  • bjvip ICikonic
    bjvip ICikonic 2 ngày trước +11

    When YG artists are a proof of kpop not just a standard type of music but experimental and a new genre of music

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  • 짱밍모!해성사랑
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    야이 새키들아ㅋㅋ 재밌잖아ㅋㅋ

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    김승배가 이영상을 좋아한다

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    i wanna be his fiance😅😆

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      Ok get in line ,you are no.3257643775 🧚🏻‍♀️

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      Get in line sweetie😂😂

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    댓글은 온갖 영어뿐......내가 못하는 영어찡...

    OVERCOOKED CHICKEN 3 ngày trước +19

    come here to play but fall deep into the song instead.

  • Park Alix ahr
    Park Alix ahr 3 ngày trước +17

    OMG...Stop saying that this song is to Jennie

  • sadiya r
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  • ᄂᄃᄅ구빈
    ᄂᄃᄅ구빈 3 ngày trước +1

    미노 노래 잘부르네

    • 김인숟
      김인숟 21 giờ trước

      한국인 ㅠㅠ

  • Alexandra Ioana Panait
    Alexandra Ioana Panait 3 ngày trước +1

    I love this sooooong😍😍❗❗🤤💓

  • Shippermatic
    Shippermatic 3 ngày trước +8

    Why did i find this so late? Its pure bop!

    • Irah Dawn
      Irah Dawn Ngày trước

      Glad you finally found this masterpiece 😊
      Mino is in a group called WINNER. Maybe you can check their music too? They never dissapoint

  • 김수한무의미친유튜브
    김수한무의미친유튜브 3 ngày trước +4

    SONG MIN HO BRING ME HERE♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  • Valerie
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    Mino I love you so much baby❤❤❤😚😚😍😍💍😚

  • maximillanMus Xx
    maximillanMus Xx 3 ngày trước +5

    OOF OMLLLL istg ive had enough of his disrespecc how tf did he rock EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT

  • 美波_5
    美波_5 3 ngày trước +22

    No regrets on clicking this video

  • Sara Mendez Ailon
    Sara Mendez Ailon 3 ngày trước +2

    Go check out brave girls please show your love for them😍😍😍

  • KooKiE JK
    KooKiE JK 3 ngày trước +5

    Am i the only one who hear that nananana in 0:12 ?? Or i just noticed it rn?

    • cherry
      cherry 8 giờ trước +1

      there is indeed a nananana

  • AIS Chennai
    AIS Chennai 3 ngày trước

    ฟังทุกวัน ต่อให้ฟังไม่ออก รักนะ MiNO

  • 『팽돌』 PENGDOL
    『팽돌』 PENGDOL 3 ngày trước

    1:01 I like chant
    제가 좋아하는 부분🐧🐧👍

  • urnøphün
    urnøphün 3 ngày trước +1

    These lyrics seemed to pertain to something familiar to me... if you know the full story of Romeo & Juliet, keep that in mind as you listen to the lyrics...

    • ikkie16
      ikkie16 2 ngày trước +1

      Yeah the storyline is very universal so it can apply to tons of forbidden love stories out there. 😃

  • Noodle
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  • Mary Abello
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  • Mary Abello
    Mary Abello 3 ngày trước +2


  • Mary Abello
    Mary Abello 3 ngày trước +2


  • Mary Abello
    Mary Abello 3 ngày trước +2


  • 파코
    파코 3 ngày trước +1

    어차피 차트1위는 송민호!

  • coffe haru
    coffe haru 3 ngày trước +4

    So unique 👏👏

    CÁPÔPÊRO 4EVER따 봉! 3 ngày trước

    Qué isso fie?

  • Maryan 510
    Maryan 510 3 ngày trước +9

    The beat is my taste of music👏

  • 새우먹는새우
    새우먹는새우 3 ngày trước

    신기한게 한국인은 없네

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    I’m still here

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    잘생겼다 행님

  • hafeF Nonsei
    hafeF Nonsei 3 ngày trước +1

    *while doing the composition test*
    We need to respect old people because-
    (It makes nonsense)

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r 3 ngày trước

      +hafeF Nonsei thank you 😅

    • hafeF Nonsei
      hafeF Nonsei 3 ngày trước +1

      +sadiya r it's okay don't worry

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r 3 ngày trước +1

      +hafeF Nonsei oh sorry my bad😂😂 I completely misunderstood your comment 😂😂

    • hafeF Nonsei
      hafeF Nonsei 3 ngày trước

      +sadiya r i wasnt complaining sweetie, i was just saying that the song came to my mind during the test, because the classrom was silence and i was bored

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r 3 ngày trước +2

      Are you aware that Mino is pretty popular in Korea?? Like the general public loves Mino, he's currently Korea's "it" boy and people from all the ages are crazy about him even old aged people that's why this song is so popular right now even after 3 months after it's release it's still charting with 1M str3ams in Melon, and speaking of old aged people they have no problem with that line or this song in general, recently last month there was this video out where Mino was shooting something on the streets and all the public surrounded Mino and there were 2 people one man and one old grandpa who were also amongst the crowd and this former person was taking Mino's video and that grandpa asked him "who is that person (referring to Mino)??" To which that man replied "He's song Minho" and grandpa was still clueless, then again that first man replied " he's anagknae(fiancé)" and then the grandpa recognised him immediately and he started shouting "oh anagknae anagknae" excitedly!!😂😂.....so the moral of this story is 😂😂😂 even though this song is sensual and it's for mature audiences, the general public love it so much 😂 hell even small kids are obsessed with this song there are so many videos of parents who've shared where their small babies really enjoy listening and dancing to this song 😊 so it's not a problem if Mino uses that line

    DONG YEUN KIM 3 ngày trước +1

    연산군 느낌 물씬나네 ㄷㄷ

    • 김인숟
      김인숟 21 giờ trước

      한국인 이다!

  • 캌퉤
    캌퉤 3 ngày trước

    이게 힙합이냐?

    • 김인숟
      김인숟 21 giờ trước


    • ikkie16
      ikkie16 2 ngày trước

      트롯힙합이라 함

  • Semi lunar
    Semi lunar 3 ngày trước +4

    WOW next 40M ->50M ->60M .....🙏🏻💙💙💙💙

  • Nguyệt Dương Minh
    Nguyệt Dương Minh 3 ngày trước +4

    this song is so good

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r 3 ngày trước +1

      Your probably the first Vietnamese who's saying that 😂 but seriously thanks for respecting Mino and thanks for appreciating the song😊💙🙏

  • 게임세상
    게임세상 3 ngày trước +2

    한국인 찾아요!!!

  • Kia kia
    Kia kia 3 ngày trước +3

    Omg I have been coming in here Everyday!! I just cannot stop from listening to this song!

  • purple kpop
    purple kpop 3 ngày trước +8

    2019 but this song is still a bop 💗💗💗💗

  • Mira 96
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  • Mobbuyt Mobb
    Mobbuyt Mobb 3 ngày trước +48

    36 M 🔓
    40 M 🔒
    45 M 🔒
    Go go IC 💪

  • 류블{LAND}
    류블{LAND} 3 ngày trước +1

    오늘 입덕😍

    • ikkie16
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    support you💙

  • sadiya r
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  • Joshua Shin
    Joshua Shin 3 ngày trước +1

    I don’t know why this isn’t as popular Blackpink. Tbh i feel like Yg treat ikon and winner like shit and blackpink like princesses

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r 3 ngày trước

      +ikkie16 yup true!!😊💙

    • ikkie16
      ikkie16 3 ngày trước +6

      It's all about marketing, dear. Anyway Mino and WINNER will last long after their military duties as they can make their own songs.

  • Swagger Haidz
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