Falcons vs. Panthers Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2019

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  • Xuất bản 17 Th11, 2019
  • The Atlanta Falcons take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 11 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • David Williams
    David Williams 11 ngày trước

    I'm not tryna hate on the falcons but the reason why they won the last two games bc they were overlooked tbh

  • ༒☬AŇgeℓofdeสth☬༒
    ༒☬AŇgeℓofdeสth☬༒ 12 ngày trước

    Panthers got owned by a 2-7 team 😂😂😂 pathetic team

  • Arlan Abenojar
    Arlan Abenojar 13 ngày trước

    Kyle didn’t drink his monster before the game..

  • JimBobWay
    JimBobWay 13 ngày trước

    Falcons going 7-9 and 6-0 in the division.

  • RaZe FrostyZz
    RaZe FrostyZz 14 ngày trước

    Bruh i dunno i feel panthers o-line got 5x worse after cutting matt. And I think we need to start will and see how he holds up, so we’ll know what to do in the draft. Kyle ain’t gonna cut it I can’t see us beating the saints man.

  • Tristan Williams
    Tristan Williams 14 ngày trước

    Where was this ALL YEAR!!!!!

  • Ducky
    Ducky 14 ngày trước

    Looks like Panthers offensive line is struggling for real.

    ABLE ARROW 14 ngày trước

    Falcons fans: so are you just gonna tank?
    Atlanta: *well yes but actually no*

  • Sterling Olson
    Sterling Olson 14 ngày trước

    Dan quinn : how can we be better Falcons: I have a vaguely exact idea

  • Big Slimm
    Big Slimm 15 ngày trước

    Panthers needed Cam badly 😅

  • Giovacaesar yggdrasihl
    Giovacaesar yggdrasihl 15 ngày trước

    Carolina has a jelly O.L.

  • Caleb Mayo
    Caleb Mayo 15 ngày trước

    Kyle Allen is trash

  • 3 dsa0612
    3 dsa0612 15 ngày trước

    I love you koo!!!

  • Trevion Johnson
    Trevion Johnson 15 ngày trước

    Nobody notice Luke speed

  • JusAnothaCritiK
    JusAnothaCritiK 15 ngày trước

    Now I really hope Cam Newton leaves CAR.

  • Derek Savage
    Derek Savage 15 ngày trước

    Being an Eagles fan I know how hard Kenjon Barner has worked to be where he is today. He played behind Lamichael James and De'Anthony Thomas in Oregon, always getting outshined. He only got a shot with the Eagles because of Chip Kelly, and he got cut multiple times by the Panthers and Eagles.

    But he kept working! The Eagles brought him back, he won a super bowl with them. The next year the Pats brought him in and he got his second ring! Now he's out here running his own punts back for touchdowns and Lamichael James and De'Anthony Thomas are doing jack these days with no rings.

    Go back and watch the Lombardi Trophy presentation on Super Bowl 52. he's the first Eagle to touch that trophy, and he is balling his eyes out. You have any idea how much that meant to him? One of my favorite players, ever.

  • chikiguites
    chikiguites 15 ngày trước


  • Sam Andritz
    Sam Andritz 15 ngày trước

    Anyone notice that kickers get good when they get away from the Chargers? Josh Lambo gave the Browns their only win of 2016, now he's darn great with the Jags. Looking like the same thing with Koo!!

  • Inyoface
    Inyoface 15 ngày trước

    And they said trade cam newton 😂

  • TcS_ FruitCake
    TcS_ FruitCake 15 ngày trước


  • picco call
    picco call 15 ngày trước

    I'm not mad I don't think I blame Kyle Allen for the l if you look he threw a whole bunch of yards in most of his interceptions we're under pressure you think cam would have done the same thing I still believe in Kyle but I think if this happens if the same thing happens against the saints I don't think I can defend him

  • Marcus Dublin
    Marcus Dublin 16 ngày trước

    I’ve been waiting all season for y’all to shut these people up

  • Ben Edmondson
    Ben Edmondson 16 ngày trước

    I miss Matt Bryant but Younghoe Koo has done really good so far

  • Tales SF
    Tales SF 16 ngày trước

    Torço para os Panthers, MAS QUE TIME MERDA E APÁTICO de se ver, puta que pariu, da raiva ver jogar

  • DillonDank
    DillonDank 16 ngày trước

    1:56 Kenjon the Barner burner!

  • Ty E
    Ty E 16 ngày trước

    i love to see teamates make blocks for the TD

  • Veggie
    Veggie 16 ngày trước

    I love how the Falcons don’t give a damn in the start of the season but now they do when it doesn’t even matter that much any more but hey #RiseUp

  • Matthew Nelson
    Matthew Nelson 16 ngày trước

    Lets go falcons RISE UP!!

  • Lamar Davis
    Lamar Davis 16 ngày trước

    Dear Panthers' fans,

    Your team sucks.

    Sincerely, the comment section.

  • William Purvis
    William Purvis 16 ngày trước

    Falcons are finally playing like the God damn falcons

  • Travis Hoover
    Travis Hoover 16 ngày trước

    Panthers O-line is as bad as the Texans O-line.

  • Ralph Mcbride
    Ralph Mcbride 16 ngày trước

    Good game atl good Try Panthers

  • Ralph Mcbride
    Ralph Mcbride 16 ngày trước

    Good run back barner,,,, lighting

  • Cha Due
    Cha Due 16 ngày trước

    Damn the Falcons looked great!!! Where in the Hell were they the first 7 games???

  • dizzyXquincy
    dizzyXquincy 16 ngày trước

    Panthers need Cam back 😂😴

  • Justin Kuhn
    Justin Kuhn 16 ngày trước

    I am so distracted by how bland this announcer is about everything. He sounded confused by every play.

  • Marcelo Simon
    Marcelo Simon 16 ngày trước


  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 16 ngày trước

    Panthers O line just didn't show up.

  • Andre Lucas
    Andre Lucas 16 ngày trước +1

    Go Falcons

  • cro crodie
    cro crodie 16 ngày trước +1

    I’ll take kapernicc over Matt Ryan any day

    • Musicrecords10
      Musicrecords10 13 ngày trước

      Why? He has 1 superbowl appearance and the refs screwed the Falcons for him to reach that

  • flscott
    flscott 16 ngày trước

    Sign Colin Kaepernick To QB for Carolina It Will be a FootBall Decision .

  • marcel hamilton
    marcel hamilton 16 ngày trước

    dey got the bucks on the 24th should do well again, falcons done made adjustments

  • Brennan H
    Brennan H 16 ngày trước

    Imagine the falcons going 9-7 and a wildcard birth

  • 2Slick Jordan
    2Slick Jordan 16 ngày trước

    Falcons making a late season playoff push ?

  • Lil Mustard Squirt Squirt
    Lil Mustard Squirt Squirt 16 ngày trước

    Falcons fans: omfg where was this team all season
    Me and the rest of the Panthers fans: wtf happened

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson 16 ngày trước

    Stop the 4 down and conversation punt damn

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson 16 ngày trước

    Why is Carolina looking like satting ducks

  • Michael Farmer
    Michael Farmer 16 ngày trước +1

    Dont mind me I just here for the comments

  • Hike82_Jr
    Hike82_Jr 16 ngày trước

    Light work sway

  • Denkfehler
    Denkfehler 16 ngày trước +1

    Kyler Murray was his Backup in College, cant believe how many dicks he sucks to make him the franchise QB

  • Terrie Cruise
    Terrie Cruise 16 ngày trước

    What took them so long to start playing like this

    ATL LEO 16 ngày trước


  • Ceaz Graham
    Ceaz Graham 17 ngày trước

    Hey falcons fans
    Every since Jeff ulbrich became def coordinator everything has changed.
    Remember Ulbrich was a very good linebacker

  • Mich a god
    Mich a god 17 ngày trước

    Why aren't they running with caffery

    CONTENT DELETED 2 17 ngày trước

    Too late falcons teams already winning

  • Dawson Bristow
    Dawson Bristow 17 ngày trước

    The panthers might actually need keapernick lmao

  • Emmanuel Oni
    Emmanuel Oni 17 ngày trước

    The announcers were so nonchalant at the most exiting parts of the game.

  • Mcdonald helel
    Mcdonald helel 17 ngày trước

    Falcons decided to choke early so the don't do it post season if they make it there

  • Abdul Abdullahi
    Abdul Abdullahi 17 ngày trước

    Chargers most confusing team ever!!!
    Falcons: Hold my Beer!!!

  • Cold ETernal
    Cold ETernal 17 ngày trước

    Gg he bck