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[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] I don't want to see my past... Let me be alone...🤦‍♂️(ENG SUB)

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  • Xuất bản 23 Th02, 2021

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  • Sumz
    Sumz Năm trước +1

    Embarrassed Seungi is literally the cutest thing ever 😂😂

  • Tina-Marie 1980

    The older Seung Gi got the better looking he became. Too cute now! 😆

  • e.
    e. Năm trước +4

    the way he didn't forget to promote ASTRO even when he's dying out of embarrassment already LMAOOO THIS AMOUNT OF LOYALTY

  • melk
    melk Năm trước +4

    Some people always say that Eunwoo overshadow his group members and that he only cares about his solo activities but he is always promoting Astro on every show💖💖

  • eunwoo_cnunu
    eunwoo_cnunu Năm trước +2

    Eunwoo who always says cringy/cheesy lines for arohas still lives in my mind rent free 😂🖐️ I really missed his jotm vlive 😭

  • Mango Fish
    Mango Fish Năm trước +2


  • Olivia L
    Olivia L Năm trước +3

    "Can we not talk about what I say to my fans?" lol, he remembers all those cheesy lines haha (I mean, I'm not complaining)

  • moon river
    moon river Năm trước +9

    No matter how embarassed he is, he still doesn't forget to promote ASTRO

  • Lisa Jarvis

    I wish I can speak Korean so I understand what Eun Woo did 😅 Lee Seungi is so cute & funny at the same time hiding under his hoodie😄😂

  • Linh C Mauer
    Linh C Mauer Năm trước +226

    Eun Woo‘s moment was cringeworthy and all but nothing beats Seung Gi‘s interpretation of Ricky Martin and that dance move with the female dancer and his reaction is just priceless 😂

  • Siddhi Sawant
    Siddhi Sawant Năm trước +3

    the fan who commented that time, she/he must have had an heart attack if she/he watched this video...

  • AhgaRoha 77
    AhgaRoha 77 Năm trước +1


  • Bee GDL
    Bee GDL Năm trước +335

    Seung Gi’s “oh my gosh” and then covering his face like a baby is so cute.

  • Erika Jane Andres
    Erika Jane Andres Năm trước +129

    Seunggiyaaaaaaa! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Laughing out loud because of how you reacted on this throwback and not because of your performance. You did great! Our Seunggiyaa, you're so brave considering that you performed this during your debut. Respect! Right from the start of your career, you gave your all and never settle for things within your comfort zone. You're an inspiration, Lee Seunggi. Indeed an all rounder. We'll support you always our Seunggiya. saranghaeeee oppa.💖

  • Lady Stark
    Lady Stark Năm trước +819

    Seung Gi is me when Facebook or Google reminds me of stupidity and silliness that I did in the past 😂😂 it's okay Seung Gi yyaaa, you did well! It shows us how determined you were back then on your debut time and how successful you are now because of your crazy hard work 💜

  • Nicole Ha
    Nicole Ha Năm trước +29

    "this is how I felt about the Ricky Martin one" - what a way of seungi telling people that taste of embarrassment 👏👏👏

  • sentinel::0419
    sentinel::0419 Năm trước +3

    This reminds me of myself when looking at my old yearbook photos, my past Facebook status posts, etc. SO CRINGETASTIC

  • Shuhana Rahman
    Shuhana Rahman Năm trước +37

    "My family loves everything about me but,even they struggled to watch this!!"😂😂😂

  • Yours Truly

    Lee Seungi turn into a squooshy jellybean is living rent free in my brain.. the way he squirmed of embarrassment is sooo cute!

  • ZyNdy
    ZyNdy Năm trước +110

    I'm just laughing so hard on SeungGi's reaction! I've seen this many times but still so funny. He's such a baby😂😂😂🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤